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File 130455930728.jpg - (37.37KB , 526x276 , 1301347733541.jpg )
9065 No. 9065
Before you conclude....

so recently I've been looking into the creepypasta about Pokemon Green's Original Lavender Town Track. It was know to cause convulsions and all that shit, and i read about that, and i'm convinced it isn't true... but i just finished listening to the track again and i've suddenly been feeling cold chills and all itchy and junk. but it went away almost as fast as it arrived. what i wanna know is...
is there an actual frequency in that song that can cause those effects to happen, even if this is just creepypasta, this is the only one that has really gotten to me... mostly cuz it's my childhood... hahaa

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state of the mind
nothing more
>> No. 9071
its all fake I made a similar thread on 151chan asking and was told it was fake.
>> No. 9072
It's not: the original was a short creepypasta by an anon (who made mention of some dude named "Rejiro"), and I was taken with it enough to write more for it to make it seem more legit -- the supposed "web essay" has the line "ライサンダー・ゴエトとレジロ" in the header, which reads "Raisandaa Goet to Rejiro" - "Lyszander Goet & Rejiro" - and the line "この物語はフィクションです。" - "This story is fiction". After I posted that, someone else posted "Page Two" of the web essay, which goes and expands on some of the things I wanted to just hint at for wtf purposes (white hand sprite, buried alive model).

People have debated back and forth as to whether binaural beats could even be used in a Game Boy classic cartridge, and the consensus seems to be that they can't - certainly not in any way that the Lavender Town Tone creepypasta seems to suggest.
>> No. 9086
Wouldn't Binuaural beats require two speakers? The Game Boy only had one. So you'd have to be using headphones and go to the options and switch it to Stereo for it to work.
>> No. 9087
That's the assumption I was working on - most of the binaural beat programs I've seen tell you to use headphones anyway, so I took it as a given.
>> No. 9100
When I was a kid, the unown song from the ruins of alphs scared the shit out of me. The weirdest thing is, the song has no point. There's no reason for it to be in the game. It's just there, and it's creepy as fuck.

>> No. 9101
Speakers wouldn't work either. Binaural beats depend on different frequencies being delivered to each ear without any cross contamination.
>> No. 9111
That reminds me of some of the music from the original Metroid. My little brother couldn't even stand to be in the room when I was playing in certain parts.
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