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File 137392732999.jpg - (1.66MB , 2592x1936 , photo.jpg )
545 No. 545 Locked Stickied hide quickreply [Reply]
cats cats cats cats cats cats cats.. A place where we can love and learn to love the cats on Earth.

1. No spam.
2. No dogs, unless accompanied by cats.
3. No gore kitties(cats squashed by trucks with a r.i.p. sign).

p.s. Tiger is missing. I can't find him. ;-;

File 139575933547.jpg - (44.32KB , 480x406 , Ocicat.jpg )
626 No. 626 hide quickreply [Reply]
This is an ocicat. They are bred to look like a wild animal, and yet they are just a cat. I think that's pretty cool.
>> No. 627
File 139627303131.jpg - (36.51KB , 448x310 , Amber-lion-cut-2011-1.jpg )
It's always funny when people use the clippers on their Maine coon to make them look like a lion. How offended the cat always seems to look at not being taken seriously is part of the fun really.
>> No. 629
File 139690012521.jpg - (48.34KB , 560x444 , manul1.jpg )
I know it's a cliché, but holy shit, have I always wanted a manul. unfortunately, they're apparently prone to infection and stuff because, y'know, wild animal and all.
>> No. 630
I was sure I could find a domestic cat that looked like this and I tried looking everywhere, but I could not :(

File 132506438115.gif - (539.55KB , 254x212 , 95ofl.gif )
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>> No. 550
File 137756241188.gif - (971.53KB , 470x248 , sup.gif )
>> No. 622
File 139285404819.gif - (1.99MB , 463x330 , 12807723896.gif )
This is how i feel right now.
>> No. 623
File 139386441459.gif - (499.37KB , 479x251 , 4650012.gif )

Oh no! Please feel better soon.

>> No. 625

I cannot believe how calm and collected that cat is. Owls are usually mean motherfuckers when they're pissed off, too.
>> No. 628
By bet is on a dog. I wonder if the dog chased it.

File 133651925629.gif - (1.27MB , 320x240 , purebliss.gif )
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Post your cat videos.
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>> No. 547
  Play this video to your cats to make them freak out.
>> No. 548
Dat bitch has a NICE pusssy.
>> No. 549
I wonder how she got her cat to just stand between her legs. When my cat goes between my legs, he falls asleep.
>> No. 618
it works... the look he gives you at the end
>> No. 624
I vote your cat for moderator.

File 139127996096.jpg - (40.91KB , 400x266 , cry the fuck more.jpg )
621 No. 621 hide quickreply [Reply]
I hate cats.


File 132745323263.jpg - (471.48KB , 926x614 , 54200003.jpg )
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For all of you old school 99chan cat board fans, I wanted to let you all know that my special girl Bean is going to be put down later in the week.

She stopped using the catbox about 6 months ago and we've exhausted all known remedies and options. She's been to the vet 4 times, we've talked to the SPCA and to local cat organizations here and we've tried medications and even cat Prozac.

You were all so supportive when I posted pics of Hot Karl, Kitten Oedipuss and Bean, I just thought you should know.

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>> No. 257
My cat pisses where ever it likes now days.
A week or so ago she pissed on my work clothes that I'd layed on my bed, about to change in to. That didn't go down well, being my only clean work clothes.

She has a very annoying meow and my brothers always kicking, yelling and generally annoying it.
Even now as I lay in bed typing away on my netbook I can smell cat urine.

Having a giant-ass computer generates a lot of heat making my room the warmest in the house, so she's always on my bed which makes me feel all the more emotionally attached to her as I've always been there when she wakes up from her slumber. That aside, I'm really beginning to think it would be best if we just put her down.

RIP, Bean <3
>> No. 274
cats are fine in cold weather, especially if you only leave them outside for a few hours. Just buy a dog house or something to shield kitty from the snow if you're worried.
>> No. 612
File 138223100996.jpg - (212.01KB , 720x514 , DSC04420.jpg )
I like how I can create a thread in January 2012, check back and see it is still here. Bean may be gone, but we've achieved Triad status again with the addition of.....Mercury.
>> No. 613
Oh bugger it all to hell, I should never have come back.
>> No. 615

Well that's bizarre, my posts in this thread were pretty much the last time I came to 99chan, I get the idea to give it another look after all this time just a few days after you do the same. Mercury looks mischievous.

File 132693938775.jpg - (94.42KB , 500x375 , ozzmo4.jpg )
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This was my cat. I miss him.
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>> No. 211
Nothing like a good lioncat. He looks like he was a wonderful cat.
>> No. 242
We had a cat like that when I was little. We found it in our neighborhood and adopted it. There wasn't anything down there so we named it Lola but when we went to go have her fixed it turned out Lola was a Lolie
>> No. 529
Cats are very special creatures. I own a cat and it's made our house a home and enriched our lives. Despite what people think, cats are very loving, intelligent and caring. Those who don't believe that have never experienced what it is to have a cat they've bonded with, then feel the pain of not having it. You can't describe that bond but it's one that stays in your heart forever.
>> No. 609
Perth-based cat? I liked him :(
>> No. 614
Your cat had an amazingly poofy tail

File 137818872669.jpg - (1.73MB , 1606x2102 , MorrisReport.jpg )
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Hey /cat/, here's a blast from the near-past which I thought you'd enjoy. Back in the day, if you had a hobby or interest - there was probably a magazine about it! Here's an old magazine for cat lovers put out by the cat-food giant 9 Lives. Their spokescat, Morris, was a handsome, orange, feline beast (he has a glorious centerfold) - and, reputedly, extremely finicky about what he ate (so you should totally buy their food because it's Morris-approved).

Anyhow, sit back in your time-travel chair, pretend you're in a warm waiting room in the winter of 1990, and flip through the pages of The Morris Report.
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>> No. 600
File 13781901627.jpg - (1.79MB , 1611x2107 , MorrisReport-48.jpg )
>> No. 601
File 137819019342.jpg - (1.82MB , 1599x2105 , MorrisReport-49.jpg )
>> No. 608

Thank you, OP :3
>> No. 610
Oh my goodness, this is what DTA was invented for. You, sir, are a gentleman of the highest order. Thank you.
>> No. 611
You're most welcome! Glad to share, and see it enjoyed.

File 137881480130.jpg - (1.42MB , 2592x1944 , 2013-08-29 15_04_25.jpg )
602 No. 602 hide quickreply [Reply]
I need some help

> 1 year old cat
> Had for 4 months
> Litter Trained

Suddenly decides that she is too good for the litter box and the best place to go is on my bed, while I am asleep. So now I have her locked in the laundry room and she, like always, is squatting on her litter pretending to pee.

She will sit there for 5 minutes, leave and piss/shit on my bed.

I don't know if she is sick, or being a complete fucking asshole, 4chan was thinking it could possibly be an infection. What do you guys think?
>> No. 607
Bladder infection, bladder stones (pretty fucking likely) which are blocking the urethra to some extent.
You've got a very very short window to get her to a vet. Get off the web!
When cats avoid their usual litter spot it's because they associate it with pain and/or failure. And once kidneys go on a cat it's bye bye kitty time.

I know what I'm talking about since I've had one die from kidney failure and one saved in the nick of time when exhibiting symptoms just like yours.

Actually I just looked at the date of your post and it's probably too late for you. But for others? If your cat does this?


File 136337766542.jpg - (1.11MB , 1944x2592 , Jake on Sleepingbag.jpg )
533 No. 533 hide quickreply [Reply]
Post 'em if you got 'em.
>> No. 536
File 136392846729.jpg - (123.72KB , 720x540 , DSCN2953.jpg )
>> No. 540
Did you touch its butt?

File 135375890160.jpg - (2.15MB , 1536x2048 , photo.jpg )
473 No. 473 hide quickreply [Reply]
Does /cat/ like my cat?
>> No. 474

Just kidding, of course. Post more of this fine specimen.
>> No. 515
Show me some more of that fine pussy.
>> No. 539
Yurrrs, purdy c: I bet kitty is loud rofl

File 136121660239.jpg - (861.51KB , 1200x1600 , P1010707.jpg )
528 No. 528 hide quickreply [Reply]
This is Teddy. He is capable of operating doorhandles.

We are doomed.
>> No. 530
My cat would also open doors. Hell he could even open locked doors by biting the lock handle (if I had locked myself in my room and he wanted out but I had my headphones on or something) AND he would even open up my window shutters (pic related) whenever he wanted to bask in sunlight (which was frequently), often blinding me since I would be sitting in a dark room. Sometimes he would even wake me up this way.

Cats are scary smart, they just aren't obedient.
>> No. 531
File 13618342524.jpg - (303.46KB , 2294x1721 , Shutters different Louver sizes.jpg )
forgot my pic, my shutters were pretty much exactly like the third one

File 135646309458.jpg - (676.06KB , 2860x1888 , Kitteh01.jpg )
492 No. 492 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Merry Catmas /cat/! I got a new camera; can you guess what that makes your present? :3

Rusty on my /cat/iquette as far as image sizes go, so my apologies if the photo is a bit big.
15 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 517
File 135932188799.jpg - (227.73KB , 1680x1120 , kitteh12.jpg )
"Fuck off!"
>> No. 518
File 135943657218.jpg - (283.02KB , 1680x1120 , Kitteh13.jpg )
Obnoxiously snoring away on the couch beside me while I try to watch the hockey game.
>> No. 519
File 135943703883.jpg - (370.92KB , 1120x1680 , KittehFLASH.jpg )
EARLIER THAT DAY: Kitty HATES flash photography.
>> No. 526
File 135985875993.jpg - (177.64KB , 1680x1120 , Puppeh01.jpg )
So I got a new puppy today...
>> No. 527
File 13598589609.jpg - (318.32KB , 1680x1120 , KittehSCARED.jpg )
...and my kitty is not so happy about it right now. Sadly I put my camera away by the time she came out of hiding to (tentatively) investigate, but there was some hissing, a kitty smack (I don't think she used her claws), and puppy running away yelping.

File 134896010726.jpg - (291.42KB , 973x1200 , frowny.jpg )
439 No. 439 hide expand quickreply [Reply]

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>> No. 475
I think guys with Down Syndrome are adorable. They're always such sweethearts.
>> No. 500
File 135733848929.jpg - (60.13KB , 348x433 , image.jpg )
There really is someone for everyone!
>> No. 513
she never said she would fuck a guy with down syndrom

however, some girls with down syndrom on the other hand...
>> No. 520
yea what about them?
>> No. 521
They will fuck anything. They will fuck anything ever.

File 135562691370.jpg - (702.15KB , 960x1280 , Fotosh0404.jpg )
485 No. 485 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
What's your opinion on my cat?

He's a rebel without a cause.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 487
File 135602790866.jpg - (125.70KB , 960x1280 , Fotosh0308.jpg )
when he was younger he used to sleep next to my keyboard <3
>> No. 488
File 135602795495.jpg - (53.55KB , 372x326 , nube.jpg )
and here's and artsy picture
>> No. 489
Daww. My cat decided the computer table was a suitable throne in his olden days (previously he wasn't allowed on furniture and knew it), and he would curl up on all the important papers strewn about unless you were quick to move them from beneath him before he got into position.

How did you do that? Is it just a digital filter?
>> No. 490
I have an analogue camera and I scanned the exposed film, then I used some photoshop to add some brightness and whatnot
>> No. 491
Oh, gotcha. That's a neat technique.

File 134972155457.jpg - (150.04KB , 960x720 , 150388_10152185292680512_2140469488_n.jpg )
448 No. 448 hide quickreply [Reply]
This was in the local paper. What a tough kitty.

One time when I was a kid, our big tom cat was gone for 4 or 5 days (he was kind of the king of the town and it was not unusual for him to be gone for 2 or 3 days, but beyond that we got a little worried) and when he came back his face was all swollen and bloody. The whole front of his face was puffed waaay up. We had no idea what happened, though the general consensus was that he got into somebody's shed or barn or maybe an abandoned house and something fell on his head.

He spent the next 2 weeks hiding in the basement all day until my dad got home from work, at which point he would sit on my dad's lap, and sleep while my dad gently stroked him.

Upon recovery, he was back out on the town, and less than a year later, after being missing for over a week, we found him almost 2 kilometers out of town by the highway, dead.

This thread is a tribute to business cats who don't let injury put an end to their cat business.
>> No. 471
Damn right. My parents' cat would often wander their small town, and one day they found the cat in bed with them covered in blood with two broken legs. They followed the blood smear halfway across town to where she's been hit. The fat old bitch dragged herself on two broken legs across town, up a flight of stairs and up onto their bed.
They spent like 3 grand getting pins in her spine and legs, and today she's just as fat and bitchy as ever, and can run/jump fine. My dad built her a little cat gymnasium under the deck for when she wants to go outside
>> No. 472
>> No. 476
>and today she's just as fat and bitchy as ever
I'm laughing pretty hard at this. Cats are so wonderfully ungrateful for everything.
>> No. 477
My first family cat (from before I was born through to when I was 4 or 5) used to always go out and do her thing in much the same way. She'd be gone for 2-3 days, then be back for a week before disappearing again for 2-3 days. She was spayed, and never came back with injuries so no big deal on those fronts, but fuck I suspect she killed a lot of shit. Most notable was when she maimed a jack rabbit and dragged it back to the house in the middle of the night. It was stupidly hot at the time, so all the windows in the house were open with it being way too unbearable to close them. We all had to listen to the rabbit screaming from under the deck for quite some time while it bled out (my folks couldn't find it/didn't want to go looking under the deck when they went to try to silence it). If you've ever heard a rabbit screaming you know it isn't a pleasant thing to listen to, especially not for a long time while you're trying to sleep. Cat didn't care though, she was boss. Standard proud to bring something back cat attitude. Similar shit with mice and birds, but damn that rabbit was something.

Her luck ran out eventually though. Went off one day and never came back. We suspect the coyotes got her (new development on the very edge of the city; so some coyotes still in the area when we lived there and relatively few people). It was a pity; she was a love when she was in the house. All my kitties are house kitties after that one.
>> No. 478
>proud to bring something back cat attitude
>cat attitude
I believe the proper term is "cattitude, though I can let this minor error of etiquette slide just this once.

>We suspect the coyotes got her
OP here. We were always surprised that the cat I wrote about in my first post managed to evade death by coyotes, as there was a pack of them howling away about 3 or 4 kilometers to the north west of town for virtually my whole childhood. A lot of people on farms surrounding the town lost cats and chickens and small dogs to coyotes and foxes.

That's pretty impressive that your kitty managed to wrangle a rabbit!

>All my kitties are house kitties after that one.
It's always sad losing a cat, but I try not to let that make me shelter them too much. I just think if I was a kitty, I'd rather live 4 or 5 years romping around outdoors getting into fights and stalking prey and generally skulking around than 12-15 years of indoor life. As a loving owner, it's a tough decision to make, though, and one that I don't judge people about; it's up to your discretion to decide what you think is best for your cat and if the decision is made out of love and concern for the cat's well-being then it's a good decision.

File 135127511743.jpg - (1.19MB , 2592x1936 , IMG_20121026_125750.jpg )
464 No. 464 hide quickreply [Reply]
Hey guys, >>247 here.

Tommy was actually my roommate's cat so when I moved I had to leave her there. But, since I moved back home with my mom like a big loser, I got reunited with my mom's kitty.

Her name is Isis.

File 132545935465.png - (518.68KB , 640x480 , StraysKtns08.png )
171 No. 171 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
A few strays hanging around the hood.
This one is called Casper.
2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 176
File 132553520588.png - (581.62KB , 640x480 , wiggleRope-000058.png )
Simon in the back, Marla in combat and Casper scouting the point.
>> No. 202
These are the cutest strays I've ever seen.

Quality cats, sir. I didn't want you to think your thread has been ignored. More of these kitties?
>> No. 288
ridiculously adorable
>> No. 398
I second this notion
>> No. 463

Yes, give us more.

File 13401239776.jpg - (163.46KB , 320x480 , photo.jpg )
361 No. 361 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Hay /cat/! What do you think of my kitty?
3 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 365
i didn't type rude. Wtf?
>> No. 384
It's the default text when you don't put a message.

Also your cat is pretty cute. Female calico, I assume?

SAGE has been used.
>> No. 397
TF2 Cat edition
>> No. 450
File 134976260071.jpg - (0.98MB , 2048x1536 , photo.jpg )
Cute, here is mine
>> No. 460
I love those big dilated cateyes.

File 134976586228.jpg - (149.92KB , 600x797 , image.jpg )
451 No. 451 hide quickreply [Reply]
Hey /cat does anyone know what type of cat this is because it looks like so incredibly cute. I really want one.
>> No. 459
Looks like a Siamese (his fur is just all puffed up because he's scared of the bath water)

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