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File 14721491319.jpg - (116.72KB , 1000x750 , bookshelf.jpg )
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r8 my bookshelf.

(its gr8 m8 id r8 8/8)

File 147209671187.jpg - (116.81KB , 815x538 , tumblr_neavb6ybdP1r9zrzgo1_1280.jpg )
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What do you think of skinheads?
>> No. 79198
They used to be cool when they were just the sons of the first wave of jamaican immigrants and those who grew up with them.

They went to shit when some of them turned to right-wing-ish politics and eventually appropriated the whole movement as a means of spreading their racist and violent points of view, which is a shit thing to do.

Overall I'd say it doesn't affect my life enough to care. Some of them either did or were the inspiration behind great music and the aesthetic is not bad, though.

Next inane question?
>> No. 79199
White skinheads were the first wiggers

File 146670841734.jpg - (202.94KB , 900x1200 , cheesestickbellybutton.jpg )
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What's yer biggest claim to fame?

In elementary school, I was valedictorian. I also made a yetube video that got 10k views and one time I shook hands with Michael Jackson.
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>> No. 79064
I met Adam West as batman when I was 3 years old. I don't remember it but apparently I chose to wear black shirts as often as possible for about a year. Later during gradeschool I met Steve Buscemi. At a local bar when I was 7 or 8, I recall him walking in and sitting down at the Golden Tee end of the L-shaped counter, and beginning to roll a coin along his knuckles. Without meeting eyes with the bartender, he produced a crisp 50 dollar bill and hands it to him, a gloomy, slightly turned-off expression showing as in a lot of his roles. The bartender brings back a stout whiskey glass half filled with some of light brown liquor, having never received any instruction or verbal exchange from Steve. He finished about half of his glass, whereupon he stood up and tossed the coin to me, remarking "Merry Christmas, kid" as he exited the bar, into the chirping haze of thousands of cicadas, during the peak of July's heat.
>> No. 79089
I used to think cool kids didn't brush their teeth so my breath smelled like shit in middle school.
>> No. 79149

>> No. 79150
>> No. 79195
Yes, in (almost) perfect conditions.

File 147133262977.jpg - (297.83KB , 1920x1200 , tumblr-hd-wallpapers-black.jpg )
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Do you sleep, /b/? How do you sleep, well? Do you wake up in the middle of the night feeling chills, not because of your dream but rather from a response to the natural feel of vulnerability which comes from being alone in the dark? Do you? What do you think about dreams, /b/? Why can't I ever control mine when it's apparently so possible. I am yet an actor within them, sometimes watching and sometimes playing along. DO you think the truth is worth it?

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>> No. 79153
150 mg seroquel. But I will keep awake for 3 days without. I am glad to be treated.

>> No. 79162

Because shitposting on b is the only posting on b.
>> No. 79168
Since when does one need a drunk-posting license on 99chan? You've gone too far this time, Obama!
>> No. 79172
>> No. 79193
I fail to see what race has to do with it.

File 147199940798.jpg - (27.34KB , 400x291 , dumb cunt.jpg )
79176 No. 79176 hide quickreply [Reply]
Why are women so annoying?

Could they have actually evolved to provoke men into giving them a slapping?
>> No. 79179
File 147203886445.png - (511.75KB , 640x609 , 1470198694816.png )
On the contrary, if you can't handle not acting like a cunt, then you don't deserve companionship.
>> No. 79180
Begging the question
Appeal to tradition
>> No. 79192
>provoke men into giving them a slapping
You might be on to something. Slapping the bitch means that she's emotionally close enough to you to slap. Strangers don't get slapped; they get ignored.

That quote has endured as a great warning sign that you're dealing with the kinds that they're talking about when they say "don't stick your dick in crazy." I reckon it'll still serve that function long after silly hair colors and goofy pronouns go out of fashion.

File 14091480947.jpg - (23.92KB , 200x418 , 2014-07-07_02_44_28.jpg )
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post pics of your local prostitutes
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>> No. 77344
I wish this thread would die because I want to fuck OP's local prostitute every time I see it.
>> No. 77412
what's her site anon?
>> No. 77413
what's her site anon?
>> No. 77435
what's her site anon?
>> No. 77476
what's her site anon?

File 140533810640.png - (11.24KB , 300x300 , unnamed.png )
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YouTube thread. Post the last video you watched. Can't remember? Go to your recent videos.

Pic related.
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>> No. 79158
  oh cool i finally figured it out
>> No. 79169
>> No. 79170
>> No. 79174
>> No. 79181
My stupid youtube account doesn't organise my recent videos in chronological order (which, you'd think, is pretty much the point of having a watched history). Is there a way around this?

File 146032417330.jpg - (93.02KB , 675x747 , bum bike.jpg )
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What's the worst smell you've ever smelled?
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>> No. 79113
A human corpse that had been sitting in ~90 degree fahrenheit heat for about a week and a half. Last summer the woman in the apartment below mine died of a drug overdose while her roommate was out of town and she wasn't found until he came back.
>> No. 79119
And you didn't think to call someone to get rid of the stink?
>> No. 79121
My cat got attacked by another cat and was leaking some really foul smelling pus from her wound. That was probably the worst smell I can remember.
>> No. 79134
My first thought when smelling it was definitely not "yep that's a decaying body". It doesn't smell like you'd expect, like rotten meat or something, it's a hard to describe smell. I thought it smelled like a dirty fish tank or maybe a hamster cage, my other neighbor thought it was burnt potatoes. They did send someone eventually to clean it up though.
>> No. 79173

File 146862777181.jpg - (86.25KB , 1679x1259 , solitary-confinement-cell.jpg )
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You are in solitary confinement. What do you do to keep yourself entertained?

I would keep little bits of food from every meal to doodle on the walls and to attract friendly insects to play with.
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>> No. 78937
The food would still suck--probably even more because they can't use bacon and lard to give the canned vegetables some flavor--and now everyone will assume you're a terrorist, which means they'll look the other way as you get shanked before you can bomb something.
>> No. 78949
Meditate. Stretch. Masturbate.

>> No. 79164
Went to prison for 3 1/2 years, AMA.
>> No. 79165
Can I take my kobo in there?
>> No. 79171
I know a guy who spent 6 years on 23 hour solitary lockdown. Eventually they gave him art supplies and now he's very very good at drawing

File 147037117077.png - (152.95KB , 352x354 , re just fuck my life up fam zero.png )
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I am so fucking tired.
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>> No. 79107

>> No. 79110
I got some cunt lust but I ain't no homo.
>> No. 79118
To know whether it is a half poo or a doublepoo, one would have to know what the original poo was like. I think I found a poo inside a poo but I'm not sure.
>> No. 79129
File 14710480729.jpg - (149.78KB , 1000x1000 , a0945079583_10.jpg )
if you're so fucking tired, why aren't you in the fucking ground?
>> No. 79163

Based on my interviews of people in possession of vaginas, even if you're coated in them 24 hours a day, chances are pretty high you're still gay.

File 147149638568.jpg - (87.31KB , 587x960 , 13937869_993102957468559_7496638150470597306_o.jpg )
79152 No. 79152 hide quickreply [Reply]
people who tlk about the friend zone are so annoying and stupid i especially hate how all the stories contain some version "i let her complain about all these guys shes fucks to me...".bitch you are LITERALLY complaining about the nature of your relationship with a member of the opposite sex AT THIS VERY MOMENT YOU FUCKING HYPOCRITE.why?because its a part of your life in some way?weird how someone might want to talk about that with people they consider friends.
>> No. 79154
Yeah people who bitch about the friend zone are idiots, but you know what? You should check out zerochan on zeronet because it's totally distributed and I'm posting from a vpn so before you ban me consider that 99chan could rely on decentralized hosting à la zeronet, ipfs, and/or ethereum to dramatically reduce hosting costs and legal liability without losing control over moderation.
>> No. 79155
You're very sharp, observant and original, op. You've tackled an oft-ignored yet deeply worrisome topic with grace and thoroughness. I look forward to reading more of your work.
>> No. 79156
File 1462336516884.webm - (1.03MB )
Is English like your 4th language?

File 146833113382.jpg - (22.38KB , 460x259 , enrique.jpg )
78819 No. 78819 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
What do you think gman is up to these days?
19 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 79060
My entire schtick here was that I was a terrorist and he never asked me about no islams :(
>> No. 79070
I think no one knows who you are, bro. I've been on 99 for quite a while and I don't remember any pseudo terrorists.
>> No. 79079
File 147039378079.jpg - (154.89KB , 1089x1600 , Dora-the-explorer.jpg )

Dora the explorer has the same last name as gman. Coincidence?
>> No. 79091
File 14704500884.jpg - (114.67KB , 687x940 , 125646 - Boots_(Dora_the_Explorer) Dora_Marquez Do.jpg )
Probably. I only wanna fuck one of them.
>> No. 79147

File 147054143217.jpg - (91.01KB , 600x660 , getDynamicImage_aspx.jpg )
79102 No. 79102 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Would you sleep with a bear?
3 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 79108
>> No. 79109
File 147059989063.png - (1.05MB , 1272x714 , Prepare.png )
I'm looking for a bear I haven't seen in a while.

Have you seen a bear around here?
>> No. 79111
Everyone here is a bear. 99chan is for bears only.
>> No. 79112
There should be one in my house but it wandered off.

I'm trying to get it back.
>> No. 79146
File 147146202393.png - (39.46KB , 633x973 , 1452839751200.png )
No luck yet

File 147032800923.jpg - (558.17KB , 1452x1080 , house.jpg )
79069 No. 79069 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
What do you think the world would be like if lying was impossible?

The societal changes would be huge. Almost everyone who holds some kind of power today got where they are thanks to lies.
8 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 79131
You're just being difficult now. This is silly.
>> No. 79133
File 147120666421.jpg - (36.57KB , 601x625 , let me tell you why that's bullshit.jpg )
"Hey Rico, what's the answer to life, the universe, and everything? Is there truly a God(s)? Who REALLY killed JFK?"

Rico, not having the information you seek but also being unable to tell a lie, answers with the frank truth: "i dunno lol".
>> No. 79135
But this does raise a further issue, that if one is limited to stating the absolute objective truth, the only question possible to answer with anything other than "I don't know" is "Do you exist?".
>> No. 79136
With enough skepticism and selective definitions of what it means to exist, you could end up with "cogito ergo iunnolol."
>> No. 79137
wait wasn't this a movie with that guy who now does the price is right?

File 147067529487.jpg - (17.77KB , 400x308 , memes.jpg )
79114 No. 79114 hide quickreply [Reply]

>>Memeoid – is a neologism for people who have been taken over by a meme to the extent that their own survival becomes inconsequential. Examples include kamikazes, suicide bombers and cult members who commit mass suicide. The term was apparently coined by H. Keith Henson in "Memes, L5 and the Religion of the Space Colonies," L5 News,September 1985 pp. 5–8,[43] and referenced in the expanded second edition of Richard Dawkins' book The Selfish Gene (p. 330). But in the strict sense all people are essentially memeoid, since no distinction can be made if one uses language, or memes use their host. In The Electronic Revolution William S. Burroughs writes: "the word has not been recognised as a virus because it has achieved a state of stable symbiosis with the host."

>people who have been taken over by a meme to the extent that their own survival becomes inconsequential

>taken over by a meme

>> No. 79116
My point is, you guys are a bunch of memeoids who have been taken over with the ''we're too intellectual for memes'' meme. Don't you see? You ARE the meme, Bronlonius.


File 147016966141.png - (14.35KB , 962x370 , shittingthebed.png )
79031 No. 79031 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
lol bitcoin shat the bed
18 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 79088
The drama and autism surrounding cryptocurrency are pretty juicy though. It's fun to watch.
>> No. 79092
So is porn, but I'm not gonna put 100K into it.
>> No. 79095

You couldn't be more right about the paper/plastic thing. That is, until they started putting in those goddamned chip readers.
>> No. 79096
Maybe you should. Imagine porn that perfectly caters to your taste because you commissioned it. Besides, if you throw enough money at them bitches and hoes magically transform from intangible benefits to tangible ones.
>> No. 79115
>well all of your objections are just to current thing. Please try to consider my fishy suggestions about the future of that thing, based on nothing.

Oh wow, okay. I didn't think about that bullshit, thanks.

File 147048832230.jpg - (27.88KB , 447x480 , callahan cartoon rectal exam.jpg )
79097 No. 79097 hide quickreply [Reply]
I a a worthless peice of shit mods please delete all posts by ip and ban me

File 146915087112.jpg - (30.82KB , 530x353 , elliot-rodger-530x353.jpg )
78892 No. 78892 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
What do you guys think about Elliot Rodger??.
14 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 79023
I just live by a single sentence when it comes to these things: "the internet is not the world". If you spend a lot of time on the internet just because you want some companionship on a forum like this one. It's easy to get caught up in thinking that the partisan and extreme losers are the only people who exist because they're the only ones who are willing to argue about shit forever.

Also, what the fuck is going on, how is calling someone a virgin a liberal thing? Is it like how calling people a cuck is a Trumpster/alt-right thing? I don't understand thing anymore.
>> No. 79066
I agree 95%. Very recently, the number of people who have this sort of semindelusional "internet vision" has skyrocketed, but largely or even almost exclusively among younger people where the internet is very accessible. You know that it's not real life, and your parents know it's not real life, but in the wake of media transforming and digital communication being set ablaze, heaps of people have leapt into it head-first like it is what discos were to the 70's, and in the process of this huge influx to the internet like it's something that's going out of style, it has simultaneously confused the shit out of the curious and new-blooded and set a precedent from then on about how they, their friends, and their future children are going to assume and think about it going in. Places such as colleges and to a lesser extent professional workplaces tend to be hotspots in recent years for this type of hopeful, curious, well-meaning initiate, and it's beginning to circulate among them that the internet has not only changed how we think about things, but that this prickly, nasty microcosm of the real world has in fact imposed itself on reality and now essentially acts as its nucleus. In one sentence to describe that mindset: Video killed the radio store and the internet killed MTV. But I think it's probable thatin a few years ago this whole twitter imageboard internet thing as it is now will be just another thing that's "so five minutes ago."
>> No. 79071
File 147034088955.png - (900.03KB , 900x660 , trh.png )
I'm not sure where the 5% disagreement is, I do think that the internet plays a big role in shaping reality in many cases. Like the attached comic, this thing seemed to happen so quickly on both the right and the left, and there's no doubt that right/left-wing internet media sources were the catalyst.

In the period of a few months, the same people who sniffed Obama's fumes in 2008 were endlessly maligning the NEOLIBERALS, which became the left's version of "SJW" or some other blanket "I don't like what you have to say so I'm going to ignore it" label. It happened on the right much more successfully, with people going from "free market" "Reaganesque" conservative ideologues like Ted Cruz as an answer to their electoral woes, but they were quickly turned from that to the same sort of political messianic ideology that elected Obama, that this guy is gonna fix everything and the debt/deficit/size/power of government be damned.

But it should also be noted that the internet is not fully the world, which is why Hillary still won despite having less "enthusiasm" in rallies/online/on college campuses. The internet is a reflection of a certain portion of the world, but not the world in its totality.
>> No. 79073
In most cases "neoliberal" involves advocating for the global free market and government cutbacks, pissing off the "DEY TUK ER JERBS" crowd and welfare queens in equal measure. Here, though, I wonder if there's also a hint of "basically as icky as a neoconservative but playing for the other team."
>> No. 79074
The cartoon version of Clinton/neoliberals is basically "Pro-choice Dubya" but that ignores a lot of nuance. Democrats lost three elections in a row running on more government programs and normal lefty stuff, and neoliberalism was a natural compromise towards Reaganism so they could become relevant again. Still believe in raising taxes on the rich and safety nets but not welfare states and soft-on-crime stuff. The Bernistas and their legion of college students who barely remember anything before 2006 constructed a narrative that the Democrats "sold out" like their favorite indie band and Americans will love welfare states and socialism if they just gave it a chance!

File 146989128547.png - (385.58KB , 523x625 , jenkem.png )
78992 No. 78992 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Fess up. How many of you are addicted to Jenkem?

21 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 79041
There's usually not enough sugar in those things to make fermentation easy, but you can add it. Certain things can prevent the fermentation process and some of those things might be in blood, but I'm not a chemist. But barring that, yes, those three things could be made alcoholic if you added sugar, yeast, and leave it out for a few days.
>> No. 79043

Just going to leave this in this thread...
>> No. 79050
Where's the dude who brewed a beverage from his own urine?
>> No. 79051
I had a screenshot of that thread but I lost it.

That dude got a free PISSDRINKING CHAMPION token, didn't he? But he never used it. :(
>> No. 79052
Did you see the ginger kid who made a pancake from his vomit?

File 146760205621.png - (625.43KB , 1280x824 , Mary_SS_SR+.png )
78762 No. 78762 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I have an encyclopedic knowledge of [email protected] This is Mary Cochran, the most American of idol girls. She's from San Fransisco. You should strive to be like her and imitate her style, if you like freedom. Happy Independence Day, probably gonna be the last one with fifty states.

I also have a lot of pictures of anime girls getting hanged.
26 posts and 16 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 78999
File 146991170346.png - (0.98MB , 1017x634 , deaddrop.png )
your local dead drop usb
>> No. 79001
All the normal places. Exhentai, sankaku complex.
>> No. 79006
gurochan of course
>> No. 79020
Greatest selection with also the cleanest format id say has to be danbooru. Loli is only a small part of it, and it has miles and miles of specific up-and-coming wishfully soon-to-be fetish fads such as the hanging girl idol thing. If you're averse go paying online or otherwise don't want to spend any money, try out overbooru. Just google it. These only have pictures typically, though there are gifs and fancier files such as webms hosted. Do a little digging around and you can find a maelstrom of underground sites related to just about anything someone might have an interest in. You're probably a chantard, so you shouldn't have much trouble
>> No. 79027
Honestly I hoped for something where OP would share more of his opinions about each picture rather than a generic source for pictures. These are the kind of things I don't usually talk about IRL in front of people who may or may not appreciate them, so it's fun to have the Internet to discuss them.

However, I can't complain about the wide variety of extra things to check out. It all looks interesting.

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