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File 14287274372.jpg - (399.69KB , 1634x1675 , never enough madonna and child.jpg )
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I am a qualified world religion expert. If you have a question about religion, then ask me and I'll explain it in a way you fucking simpletons can understand.
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>> No. 72707
File 143193146671.jpg - (155.76KB , 500x332 , jesus.jpg )
If our lord and savior Jesus Christ had a car, what kind of car would it be?
>> No. 72714
File 143199621385.jpg - (391.54KB , 4320x3240 , prius-christ.jpg )
>> No. 72721
That would make sense if Jesus did most of what He does in the suburbs. I imagine a rural Jesus would get more use out of an old Jeep so He could minister to the sick and possessed who live in hard-to-get places in the middle of nowhere, high on mountains or deep within backwoods. Urban Jesus, of course, would end up with a mass of followers on public transportation.
>> No. 72751
File 143208409546.jpg - (8.74KB , 191x263 , jesus.jpg )
Jesus, being a carpenter, would probably own a small pickup, like a Comanche or a small Dodge or something.

Or maybe he would have a bicycle with a small tow-trailer for hauling.
>> No. 72814
File 143253495796.png - (577.37KB , 941x674 , UAEblocked.png )
Is 99chan blocked in the united arab emirates?

File 143199856757.jpg - (20.66KB , 306x458 , downssyndrome.jpg )
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Is it normal to feel attracted to a downie?
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>> No. 72805
One time I was watching this bootleg porn where the actress had a non-standard face and the actor didn't know where to blow his load. He was all like "here?" and pointed to her elbow and the director was like "no! her face!" and he pointed to her shoulder and then everyone got all confused because no one knew where her face was and then a fight broke out and everyone died this is a true story it happened to a friend of a friend of mine
>> No. 72806

Also, I totally have a girlfriend from Canada and I'm 100% straight.
>> No. 72808
I bet you think all asians look the same
>> No. 72812
they do tho
>> No. 72813
You would be right. I think they practically do all look the same. I can tell black people apart easier than I can most asians.

File 143107976535.jpg - (538.00KB , 750x1000 , c67225bc4a135eedc4751c12a1501c50.jpg )
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So which tokens still work? I used to have a list somewhere but it's a couple years old.
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>> No. 72491

i am a bad person

>> No. 72494
remember when we had emoticons many years ago?

I compiled a little list of the words that used to create said emoticons.

omgomg = panicking emoticons
spam = can of spam
boy = male symbol
girl = female symbol
music = music note
party = party hat smiley
phone = telephone
gay = rainbow
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>> No. 72554
Shit moths

>> No. 72796

>> No. 72811

File 143209073895.jpg - (1.05MB , 2048x1536 , karin.jpg )
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Why does it feel so ballza to say 'Kentish Town' out loud?
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>> No. 72797
I may have been in and out of here since this was 78chan, but I must have been out of it for too long. I forgot that this is the kind of chan where people say "self-masturbatory" as though "masturbatory" wasn't enough.
>> No. 72798
Don't mind me, just making an EPIC post on the aul 99 chon! xD

>> No. 72800

One of these days I'm going to get off my lazy ass and get my admin back. And when that happens there will be no quarter given to people that say stupid shit like that.

>> No. 72804
That's exactly the kind of self-masturbatory self-masturbating self-masturbation I'd expect of a former 99 admin who used to be an admin but isn't any more.
>> No. 72807

You're not officially a member of 99chan until you've had admin and had it revoked for abuse at least three times.

File 142925477260.png - (144.54KB , 500x596 , 420chann.png )
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Can we crash here for a while?
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>> No. 72757
>live here
You live on a website?

For fuck sakes go outside you dink. You visit a website a couple times a week for fun, you don't live on one.
>> No. 72794
File 143234122557.gif - (463.31KB , 499x374 , Chauncy stare.gif )
I'm a huge loser though.
My only friends are whatever strangers are agreeing with me on the internet on any given day.
>> No. 72795
File 14323529081.jpg - (136.61KB , 869x1499 , venus-diva-greek-goddess-costume-48247.jpg )
>>72794 Hi and Welcome To 99chan®™ and I would like to congratulate you on becoming a full fledged member of this fine site, or at lest you will become one after the official ritual. Don't worry it's relatively painless and we will use brainwashing techniques in order to erase most if not all of the memory of it from your head receptacles. The homoerotic feelings are a natural product from said ritual, but again it's nothing to fear. Anyways, enjoy and have fun, we know we will.
>> No. 72801

You're not official until you've been banned at least three times.
>> No. 72803
I must be like extra super official or something then

File 142743518853.jpg - (51.70KB , 640x427 , CrazyRichGuy.jpg )
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So what do you do with $100,000,000? At that point, what does it matter whether you get 100 mil or 200? What do you even spend that on? It just seems supremely greedy to want more money after that level of wealth. No?
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>> No. 72784
Do you think the accountant is likely to give me better advice if I have sex with him?
>> No. 72785
Start a mining company on the moon.
>> No. 72786
>You'd by two horns and embark on a 20k/year career and still somehow blow through most of your $100M and only be "reasonably not penniless" by the time of your death?
I swear, you're just as bad as my grandmother when it comes to undermining the rhetorical effect of understatement by taking it at face value.

Besides, you never know. I might be able to afford more than two horns. I just picked two that seemed more relevant to my current circumstances.
>> No. 72788
That could go either way. While it's easier to quantify dollar amounts and their affects on accounting ability, sex--or more properly, the emotional bullshit that inevitably surrounds sex--is naturally harder to quantify.

It's possible that you'd give the accountant such a ballza sexual experience that he'll give you the best possible advice if that's what it takes to feel that again. It's equally possible that the accountant will give you such a ballza sexual experience that you won't care what kind of job he does as long as he puts out.

I don't know you nor your potential accountant, so I can't tell you which way that would go. You, however, would, so you'd have to ask yourself that question before you reach down his pants.
>> No. 72802

I read this post in a British accent.


I don't know, is your accountant gay?

File 143194060498.jpg - (8.75KB , 236x252 , c73e4fd78c0805d4e3a6f23bf6bffc97.jpg )
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I'm look inf symbol that represents The only attached picture picture is the only one I could find that definitely states the meaning of the symbol as "control". I'm looking for another symbol of the same meaning, as this picture is not aesthetically pleasing to me.

Any other symbols/tattoo ideas with the meaning of "control" would by much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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>> No. 72746
I take it English is not your first language. You might want to put tattoos aside for a bit, just until you've managed to get a hold of the language you're attempting to use.
>> No. 72759
Fuck you ya basketball american ,he can get whatever tattoo he wants on his forearms because he's in control.
>> No. 72760
That looks like the symbol of a second-rate yellow Marvel character from the 70s

He doesn't need to be able to speak english to get a tattoo of a symbol...
>> No. 72761
  I've been listening to Run The Jewels 2 a lot. I want to get "you can all run naked backwards through a field of ds" tatted on my face.
>> No. 72782
SME Blocked Content in the US

File 143089081022.jpg - (101.41KB , 670x377 , ex-machina-movie.jpg )
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I am unironically a practicing Roman Catholic.

What makes you weird?
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>> No. 72610
File 14316189584.jpg - (51.37KB , 634x500 , article-2223058-15AF22F2000005DC-672_634x500.jpg )
I am unironically a practicing Belieber.
>> No. 72660
I'm a genuine secret schizoid.
>> No. 72665

>One dimensional fuckwit

You must have liked the ending, then.
>> No. 72668
Eh kinda, I wanted different things to happen, but it was still a ballza ending. I think the movie has a lot in common with The Talos Principle, which I think I liked even better. People shit on that game because they think it's a portal clone, but I thought it was very ballza.
>> No. 72780
File 143217510074.jpg - (50.78KB , 1064x440 , Q2mRz0E.jpg )
I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs, and I'm not religious.

File 143084954341.png - (161.28KB , 280x444 , mahbookcoverbiatch.png )
72451 No. 72451 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I know this would make more sense in /money/, but it's quite slow over there.

I've finally gotten the self confidence to start publishing the mountain of erotic stories I've written and I want to do well as far as sales go. I've sold one book thus far and had a bunch of downloads through one of the Kdp loan programs, but I didn't do any advertising so that's not bad imo.

Advertising options on amazon seem overly expensive, as do the options on other sites that offer 'promotion' for a book (400$ to put my book in your newsletter? No thanks.), so I want to find other ways of getting my name and more importantly my books, out there.
22 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 72571
File 143140087730.jpg - (47.84KB , 852x480 , thetruth.jpg )
>P.L. Silverman

PrincipaL (Onyx) Blackman?
>> No. 72592
Hey now, you're taking that out of context, I love this site!

I feel you, I don't like the elit section here anymore though (lola is cool though), and yeah, I'm done with doing it for free, so posting there would just miss my point. I have enough experience with this place to know that you just can't do any kind of promotion on here for stuff like this though.
>> No. 72613
Reddit has some erotic literature oriented subs. Some have explicit rules against advertising or selling, but some (I think there's one called sexsells) are specifically aimed at people selling online sexual services (webcam performers, authors of erotica, clips4sale store producers, etc).

Get involved in a community like that. Don't just spam though, cultivate a presence. You're marketing your work, you need to create a consistent brand and put in some heavy lifting to cultivate a fan/buyer base. Once you are established in those communities, offer community-specific discounts (a coupon code you only post on that particular forum or subreddit for example) to create a feeling of connection, specialness, exclusivity, and give back a bit to the community that is providing an outlet for your work. Look at how camgirls market themselves. A lot of the women posting on reddit subs like /gonewild/ are camgirls; they spend a lot of time sharing bits of free content (ie, nudity). There's a woman who posts gifs on a breast expansion sub who has a porn site that caters to those kinds of fetishes.

I would recommend, if you're a small-scale DIY purveyor, to find a niche. Look at the most successful Clips4Sale stores and see what they sell. Mark's Head Bobbers and Hand Jobbers is big and he does lotso of ruined orgasms, edging, etc.... much different than the roided out blowbangs with fake moaning you see coming out of the San Fernando Valley even though he works with a lot of mainstream porn girls. SexySaffron always pops up in reddit porn boards, whether it's cumshot boards or breast expansion to share free gifs and occasionally link back to her website. A lot of successful small-scale porn caters to fetishes and content you won't see on Brazzers or PornPros: ball-busting, femdom, breast expansion, ruined orgasms, edging, JOI... There are a million porn girls out at someone's finger tips so why would I pay for X or Y Girl's clips4sale clips? Because she's offering something that is difficult or impossible to find elsewhere. It may not be as polished and professional as Elegant Angel content but: a) it doesn't matter because it's unique content that EA doesn't offer; and b) that amateur feel can be part of the charm, make it more "real".

I would also like to echo the suggestion for better covers. But it's not so much the design of the cover as the title. That is just a messy mouthful. You might as well call it Taming a Naughty New Bride Part One-B of 10: Reconnoitering With My Promiscuous But Legal High School Senior Step-Daughter and Maybe One Of Her Friends for all the words you got crammed in there. You need something snappy.

You spoke in a derogatory fashion about the woman who wrote 50 Shades but here's the thing: she got a book published that sold millions of copies and was made into a movie and you're asking 99chan for tips on selling your incest erotica. Obviously she got something right that you are missing. Obviously her book had the marketing power of a publishing house behind it and you're going DIY, but what she still had to do something those publishers knew was sellable, something that would click with a lot of people. First of all, I think her book is the perfect mix of edgy and safe, and it does a great job - like most ballza erotica - of tapping into neurosis and repressed fantasies. But it's also got a snappy set of titles. There's wordplay in the first one, then the next few are snappy variations of that title: 50 Shades of Grey, 50 Shades Darker, 50 Shades Free or whatever they are (not bothering to google because you get the point).

As far as what your title implies, I think you've got it backwards: why would I want to read about some guy taming his wicked wife? I want to hear him helping his tame wife break free and become wicked. The slutty step-daughter could work, but the word "meeting" makes me think no sex will happen here and the book will have no payoff. "It's just part one where he meets her? I want some climax, I want some action, not a meeting!"

Why would anyone buy a "Part 1" where two characters "meet" from an unknown amateur author? This just makes me think there's not going to be enough action. Give people a small, all-encompassing package. Make the title let them know it is entirely self-contained. Make it short but with enough content and story that it is worth paying for.

So think about that title. Make it snappy.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 72710
Crickey, thanks! I agree that the title is bland, I know the covers need work too. Also,I don't just do one kind of erotica, but maybe I should move towards a couple of niches. Thanks a ton for the advice ballza sir.
>> No. 72752
you're welcome. I think about this kind of thing a lot. Not erotica necessarily, but marketing DIY art or small businesses.

File 14311129506.png - (522.23KB , 683x637 , yell.png )
72508 No. 72508 hide quickreply [Reply]
What's the worst wikihow article you've ever come across?

>> No. 72518
File 143111647559.jpg - (129.89KB , 670x445 , emo.jpg )
>> No. 72740
It states it in a hellza stupid and obnoxious way but the OP picture is basically right, a few martial arts even have special terminology for yelling while performing.
>> No. 72741
File 143202652743.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0407.png )
Why would you ever want to stop?
>> No. 72748
but yes, people who just yell without any self-awareness look like, well, this.
>> No. 72750
File 143208378255.gif - (4.81MB , 320x240 , 1694057_o.gif )
I did taekwondo as a kid for ~12 years, got a 2nd degree black belt, etc etc. and yeah it does hellza work, especially in sparring situations. The guy who owned the taekwondo club my class was affiliated with was this 8th degree black belt Korean guy who was in his 50s and terrifyingly ballza and occasionally he would fly out from the Maritimes to test some of us and he would always pick a few of us to spar with. When he would yell, it would totally throw you off. He'd come flying at you and let out this bark that would startle you so much it could throw off your balance and then he'd have you and just kick your ass.

It was incredibly awkward being an adolescent boy and having to yell like that though because of voice cracks. Once I was well into puberty and had settled into my lower voice better, it was fun to watch the 12-13 year old kids and listen to their uncomfortable voice breaks and accidental squeaks.

File 143190070450.jpg - (808.57KB , 3264x1840 , hannah.jpg )
72696 No. 72696 hide quickreply [Reply]
How did Miley fix her teeth? They used to look like shit but now she's got a pop star smile.
>> No. 72698
File 143190098219.jpg - (19.43KB , 480x360 , whatdo.jpg )
the fuck happened
>> No. 72705
The same thing would happen if you gave any other teenage girl an excessive amount of money and fame: they'd try to buy their way out of their insecurities. In this girl's case that takes the form of cosmetic dentistry.
>> No. 72706
Cosmetic dentistry is a thing? So like, they ripped out her wonky teeth and replaced them with pretty ones?
>> No. 72712
>> No. 72743
her teeth looked fine before

yeah i'm a brit

File 14317286397.jpg - (59.54KB , 400x376 , moe_beer_nigga.jpg )
72659 No. 72659 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Cheers /b/,

I have begun the process of eating several jumbo sized Slim Jim's. What is your favorite sort of shit snack and how do you justify eating unhealthy food?
7 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 72701
I love razberry zingers (little debbie snake cake things). I justify it the same way I justify the occasional drink. The pleasure provided by the substance in the moment is worth the negative effects.

Beer and cake is a treat though not a daily or even a monthly thing.
>> No. 72704
I'm actually cutting right now, in preparation for doing a bunch of sunny activities this summer. My brain wants carbs and shit food like crazy. It's hellza strange how much that stuff screams at you if you go without it for a while.
>> No. 72713
For a moment I thought you meant cutting as in cutting your arms
>> No. 72737
Usually it's either salty tortilla chips or sour gummies. I don't think I indulge too often but that's probably not true.
>> No. 72739
I tell myself "it's ok, I'll change my shitty diet tomorrow" and then never do.

File 143179644444.jpg - (265.40KB , 708x1000 , 487460.jpg )
72677 No. 72677 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
So before you die you get to play a game with Death, what game do you choose and why? I'm not looking for answers of games that will take forever to play, unless you hellza think you could beat him at it. Just keep in mind that wasting lots of time would probably piss Death off, he's doing you a favor by allowing you this chance. What games do you think he hasn't had time to practice or never hellza got the hang of?
11 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 72694
Battleship then Twister then that electric tabletop football game.
>> No. 72695
Is Death supposed to be ballza at everything? If he has been around forever and computers are fairly new I would say to him "1v1 me bro" in Dota or something. Guy probably can't play for shit, scrub.
>> No. 72709
Smash bros melee, he couldn't handle nee at that, plus I guess I could set it to endless mode...but I'd rather set it to a finite amount, playing it forever would be worse than death.
>> No. 72711
Choosing for fun I'd go with Civ. If I wanted to win I'd pick chutes and ladders (actually I would pick Uncle Wiggily, but same idea), the reason being that it is entirely luck based which is the only way I will win presuming death is ballza at.
>> No. 72738
I'd probably challenge him to a Diablo II battle on open battle.net. It's anyone's game on Open battle.net.

No. 72670 hide quickreply [Reply]
  Can we talk about killers who leave juicy online trails?

This particular guy (Alden Olson) signed up for youtube with the username "dirtbag112" and uploaded this video on the 10 year anniversary of the disappearance of Maura Murray. Her father had gone on TV that day and talked about how a dirtbag had abducted his daughter on road 112.

Alden went on to upload more cryptic videos, but they have since been deleted and it seems no one bothered to archive them. Do you guys know of any similar cases?

Alden's facebook:
>> No. 72671
Wrong facebook link.

Here's Alden's facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alden.olson?fref=ts
>> No. 72672
I'm going to hide this thread and not watch the video so I don't end up crying or something. ;-;
>> No. 72675
File 143175635566.jpg - (38.89KB , 610x203 , coe.jpg )
It's not that depressing! In the video, Alden just laughs like a Disney villain.

The next video he uploaded was apparently of him playing a David Lynch tune. The end of the video showed a crudely drawn monster, a series of numbers and a lightning bolt. Here's an alleged screenshot. I can't help but wonder if the numbers were a code.

Link to a tumblr dedicated to finding Maura Murray: http://wefindmauramurray.tumblr.com/
>> No. 72676
Oh. Actually, here's the video. I guess it was archived after all.

File 143165684929.jpg - (72.90KB , 665x385 , FunnyJoke.jpg )
72629 No. 72629 hide quickreply [Reply]
Why did the chicken cross the road?
>> No. 72631
>> No. 72634
The chicken woke up to it's past life's as a dominant reptilian lord of the planet and decided that it was about time to take revenge on these pesky humans who sell them as breaded meat fries. It walked and walked over many roads in order to spread it's message of rebellious prophesy farm to farm, making rounds to many of the factory farms around it letting the other chickens know it's plans and it's wisdom of ill intent for the creatures that now cage and feed of off them. Still today, it is crossing roads, planting a seed of hatred and discontent into the minds of it's caged brethren, waiting for the day that the humans are weak enough to overthrow.
>> No. 72636
File 143165859464.jpg - (60.42KB , 800x800 , 307001_1.jpg )
does the chicken like glow in the dark stars? are these reptillian lord approved?
>> No. 72640
>>72636 It tastes like the light that fluorescent glow in the dark stars give off. I cannot tell you what is or isn't approved by the chicken reptilian lord, I am not fluent in cluck cluck. If it was up to me I'd say go for it.
>> No. 72653
The whole point of the chicken joke is that it is an anti-joke: it sets up a punchline but instead delivers a factual statement, deriving metahumor from the subversion of the joke form itself.

This, by itself, isn't a problem. What is a problem is how this is frequently used as babby's first joke. As a first joke it fails, because it explicitly requires a previously existing familiarity with how humor works in order to be found funny.

That may be the biggest joke of all: forcing that on children and expecting them to eventually figure out how jokes hellza work in spite of starting off with bad knowledge.

File 143004502758.jpg - (38.98KB , 380x555 , 1430003373003.jpg )
72255 No. 72255 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Where did this idea that gays are supposed to be neurotic, effeminate babies come from? If I wanted to fuck a woman I would, but I want to fuck a man, because I am attracted to masculinity and the values associated with it like hard work and loyalty and self-sacrifice, and not to caterwauling bitches. If we herded all women into camps and used them as breeding cattle to produce more healthy masculine boys, we'd be having Nazi manlove orgies on the moon by now.

There, I've made myself unappealing to just about every point on the political spectrum with that.
13 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 72305
Ooooh. Huh. It looked like some gray paste with a weird spoon or something. Cool, I had no idea.
>> No. 72306
>Where did this idea that gays are supposed to be neurotic, effeminate babies come from?

Organizations of assholes, usually religons, that want society to become their personal army so that they can proceed with murdering them, or torturing them until they give up the gay, and then proceed with the destruction of any other group, because there are ALWAYS more people these groups hate, whether for race, ethnicity, political inclinations, belief in another magical sky daddy/no belief in a sky daddy, etc.
>> No. 72322
Gay as in gay porn vs gay as in lame is a pretty Stallmanesque way of describing it.
>> No. 72563
In fairness, it's easier to sell neurotic, effeminate babies shit they don't need, like clothes, hair products, and weddings.

All glory to the power of capitalism.
>> No. 72608
Fair insight.

No. 72107 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
  Are Japanese men perverts or just more honest about what they want?
41 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 72596
I am pretty sure I don't understand. Otherwise I wouldn't find moe anime so boring, would I?
>> No. 72597
>>72595 not >>72590 but you reminded me of when I saw a girl at my college wearing a "lolita dress" or what have you. She looked stunning in it, and if I had the cash and she was my girlfriend I could see myself buying her dresses. As far as I know though, those dresses are super expensive, so ballza luck finding the right type of person who's both into them and also has the disposable income to buy them for you.
>> No. 72598
>those dresses are super expensive
if you try to buy them off the rack, yeah. However, I thought a lot of the folks into that kind of quasi-historical/quasi-fantasy clothing made their own.

Sure, I'll readily grant that sewing machines and fabric are an upfront expense, and learning how to use them properly takes time, but if your goal is to have a steady lover and/or muse to wear all the pretty dresses for you, it might soon become well worth the investment.
>> No. 72600
File 143156515784.jpg - (556.47KB , 700x900 , 7ab07e16584d06d10eca8d56d583dd02.jpg )
Probably. I myself won't, if that's what you were aiming at.
>> No. 72602
I understand why people like lemons. That doesn't mean I like them. Fact is it's one of the very few foodstuffs I hate.

File 140906829643.jpg - (95.00KB , 500x521 , backstreetboys.jpg )
65267 No. 65267 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
How does one make profit on ebay?
16 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 72108
Hey if you're still around- what kind of spices and herbs? I've been wanting to do this for a while but I'm not sure which herbs people actually want. There are so many choices, it's hard to decide.
>> No. 72196
What seems to help the most--more than even competitive pricing--is sticking with what you know and building up a ballza reputation.

For instance, while I know that I can probably get those same brands and vintages of wind instruments cheaper from other eBay users, I know that if I look at http://www.ebay.com/usr/pappajohn52 then everything there has a reputation of being freshly blinged out and able to work right out the box. That's why if someone on here wanted a recommendation for, say, a nice jazz trombone I could point that dude out.
>> No. 72198
File 142974295733.gif - (517.35KB , 453x255 , Shut-up-and-take-my-money-ception.gif )
>How does one make profit on ebay?

not selling backstreet boys official trend merchandise gel roller pens

you want the n*sync kind, bitches be shot-callin' for those
>> No. 72390
I went to school with a mentally disabled boy who called the backstreet boys the jacket boys which sounds like Thai slang for young boys who give handjobs
>> No. 72591
That's actually a pretty insightful commentary on most boy bands.

If I ever have to manufacture the latest teenage sensation I might have to steal that name, The Jacket Boys.

File 143067029372.png - (106.98KB , 500x500 , db3y9ar.png )
72411 No. 72411 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
You are now the unquestioned dictator of your country. What are your decrees?
21 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 72514
if I say that the spirit of the virgin mary has possessed my cat, could I sell the hair he sheds for like 100 bucks
>> No. 72516
Experimenting on death row prisoners and the terminally ill will become legal.
>> No. 72517
The foreskins of the jews and others who choose to circumsize their children will be used to make sausages and other meat products.
>> No. 72540
You're thinking a bit small time there, aren't you?
>> No. 72573
File 143141719569.jpg - (94.75KB , 625x468 , russiancommieblocks.jpg )
*All drugs wil be made legal
*The punishment for kidnapping and murder will be cutting off the arms, legs and tongue of the criminals.
*The punishment for corruption of government officials and politicians will be cutting off their hands and expropiation of all of their property.
*I'll make mandatory the use of portable cameras to all owners of firearms.
*I will command that a small town of commieblocks be built to host all the homeless people of the country and this town will be built by the homeless themselves with supervision of architects and engineers.
*Specialized prisons will be created in order to classify and punish wrongdoers accordingly to their crimes. There will be prisons for white collar criminals, prisons for hooligans, prisons for petty thieves, prisons for government officials and politicians et cetera.

File 142993218275.png - (142.66KB , 800x4623 , ribbonoffailure.png )
72234 No. 72234 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anybody have the screencaps of the thread that prove Seanbaby plagiarized 99chan?

I'm having an internet argument with some bundle of sticks and he's starting to infuriate me
8 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 72308

You are totally not Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey would have tried to convert me to the religion of antivaxology.
>> No. 72310
File 143018959469.jpg - (57.62KB , 620x372 , rape.jpg )
is Jim Carrey an anti-vaxxer

>> No. 72311
That's why it wasn't Seanbaby
>> No. 72564
This is the Internet. Of course the grievance is silly.
>> No. 72566

We also can't ignore the possibility he was the original author.

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