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On a scale from one to 10 how autistic is this board?
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Seriously, are they trying to create a class war on purpose? Did they think that they could flaunt their wealth, power, greed and their enormous selfishness without at least a small chunk of the population becoming awake and aware?

Some of you may be pessimistic when it comes to our future but 'the people' can't, won't and shouldn't take another flagrant decrease in an already horrible economy, society and life - et al,. Fuck them. I'll snipe their asses from the fucking space station if I have to.

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plz id.

File: 1532880217069.png (1.94 MB, 8639x3431, we_know.png)


are you about to fart?

i know it hurts. I'm not even talking about fumes.

Everyone knows what the pain is about.

Has the time come?
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I'm a 20-something atheist who's into theology. Who wants to discuss Kierkegaard?


All I hear from you people is fucking Kierkegaard. No one wants to talk about Augustine of Hippo's City of God with me and that makes me want to drink exactly the same amount I do every day.




This is 99chan, all dicks are required to be in admin butts. Self dickbutting is not allowed.


Everyone enjoys dicking their own butt every now and again, it's a real shame.

Don't make me get out the frilly panties.

File: 1532309443944.jpeg (443.97 KB, 2365x2365, yum.jpeg)


I think this is delicious, what do you think?
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The same reason you subject your mouth to cocks


Ah, to be young and in love again. And feeling bitterness in the mouth.


initially i thought that apple slice was avocado and that fuckin pissed me off


It's still retarded. Like those apples on a stick with sugar all over them. Apples aren't meant to be mixed with sugar and chocolate and shit like that. Most vegetables, in fact.



If it's bitter your man should see a doctor or change his diet or something. It should be salty sweet, like caramel.

File: 1533711826159.jpg (496.32 KB, 2000x1000, dog_listens_.jpg)


What does she say?
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"To learn who rules over you, first learn who it is you are not allowed to criticize"


"hellza ballza"


"You merely adopted the darkness. I was born in it, molded by it."


"down with the patriarchy"


"Sorry about the smell."


Whitney's elbow's better now. I'm so proud of her.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


you should stop beating your wife's daughter.


Should he really? Or take it to a romantic level?


He should be looking to marry her off as soon as possible, preferably to someone lesser so the dowry won't be too bad, so he can start a new brood. Chances are she makes more than he does though and fucks everyone but him, so the battle was lost long ago.

File: 1531601130986.jpg (879.9 KB, 1198x1600, me irl.jpg)


How old was Io when Zeus raped her?
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And cut it out with calling people 12 year olds, or teenagers, or talking about yourself as if you're some kind of wizened old sage. You're like 25, it just makes you look like a cringe dumbass.


File: 1531948621384.gif (96.37 KB, 700x700, Ed.gif)

>Circlejerking about a multi-thousand year old pointless conflict
>When we could be going over the juicy details of zeus' stealing mad puss


Well, I do see some of those types using the whole "bringing light to darkness" thing to to describe crusaders massacring Muslims and Jews, so I suppose some confusion is understandable.


File: 1533816372645.jpg (18.87 KB, 385x383, babby.jpg)

>Now imagine some kindly-looking dude comes along and tells you that you don't have to feel afraid, that there's only one god and he's no longer mad at you because his only son died to forgive you. That's how Christianity spread (also Islam too kinda blah blah whatever).

>That's a nice image and all, but the reality is a lot more cynical. You'll win a few converts here and there by handing out bread and alms, sure, but there's a strong tradition among Germanic peoples of the ruler being not just a political leader but a spiritual one as well(cf the peace of Augsburg, which codified the right of lords of the HRE to choose the religion of their domains, and thus of their subjects; the fact that even today the Queen/King of England is also head of the Anglican Church, etc). Conversion mostly happened from the top-down, the rulers of the newly founded so-called Barbarian kingdoms were looking for something to give them legitimacy as something more than mere conquering warlords, and what better way to do that than to tie themselves to the glory and prestige of the Roman Empire via adopting its religion?

>I still stand by my statement and you've done nothing to refute it.

I never believed these levels of denial were even possible to achieve.


Except that stuff isn't really true. It's not accurate to say that Christianity spread (in the Roman Empire or elsewhere) purely top-down or bottom-up. While Germanic/Nordic leaders did convert and help spread Christianity, that was largely because large swaths of their own population were now Christian. But that was partially because many of them were formerly Roman, and were brought up under it as a largely state religion by that point. The point is, during this time, Christianity was in open competition with traditional religions, and for a long list of reasons it held appeal and won over people from the lowest rungs of society to the top. During this 400 or so years of open competition, Christianity was pretty "chill" as you might say, they weren't going around torturing infidels, running chattel slavery schemes as a way to increase profits, or obsessing over sexual morality as some kind of foundation of their religion. If they did, Christianity would have died quickly.

The problem later on came when Christianity stopped being a revolutionizing force that was focused on proving it was more fulfilling than the old ones, and became an institutional religion that was concerned only with holding onto its own power and propping up a system of feudal land ownership. It's hard to say if this was a result purely of top-down impositions by evolved Germanic and Nordic tribes, or if it was inevitable regardless of who became the institution. Institutional ideas that aren't challenged are destined to grow corrupt and cruel and "dark".

File: 1531765373531.jpg (836.76 KB, 2992x2328, 525.jpg)


I feel like things are moving too fast and great art never moves fast and thus everything can go fuck itself up its own as as always.

Go fuck yourselves.
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postmodernism ended like 25 years ago


Your mom ended 25 years ago.

In the sense that I sullied her maidenhood.


does that mean I'm Jesus?


I named you Jesus because I wanted you to be a good hombre but your mom picked something else silly I think.

File: 1532495496638.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.06 KB, 960x688, 83qo0dg4eja11.jpg)


Why can't I have a great g spot orgasm without feeling gay?
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Queers dont have any feelings or llegitimate emotions because of all the drugs.

Have you tried drugs?


Everything is okay if you dance.


just accept the gayness


nice people in this thread


File: 1533425373252.png (149.84 KB, 430x466, 1517265397777.png)

File: 1531895581184.jpg (75.47 KB, 960x686, edm.jpg)


It's nice to see you lads back/still here. This feels like the end of the internet and I like it here.

Keep it up.

Also I realise this is a pointless post but well, it's not like there's a lot of traffic at the moment. I've added what I believe they call a meme to make up for it.
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The whole country isn't the mastermind of the conspiracy, though. The people are easily manipulated it's true, so why say it's 15 Saudis backed by a Saudi terrorist group with a Saudi leader if you want to invade a country who is not Saudi Arabia? Why not just say it was Iraqis, or whoever else you want to invade? The conspiracy requires the government to be simultaneously criminal masterminds and retarded incompetents. That's saying nothing about the general population.



Um, the invasion of Iraq was justified by possible WMDs, not 9/11. 9/11 was the casus belli for Afghanistan.


Yeah but the WMD shit never would have flown without 9/11. The conspiracy version usually goes something like "they false-flagged 9/11 to justify the invasion of Iraq for oil" which seems much more stupid 10+ years later because I'm fairly certain we never got any oil from them and Iraq was a disaster on every level.


yall are missing the point w the oil shit in regards to iraq

we didnt invade them to GET oil, or to take it from them or whatever. we invaded to eliminate oil competition for the saudis. both fucking times we invaded iraq (HWs run and Ws run) were because iraqs oil production (w their wells that are the 3rd largest in the world behind saudi arabia and then *cough cough* syria) had suddenly overtaken the saudis. US cant have that, as no one else in the ME is willing to take the deal of trading oil on U$D (which is the only thing keeping it alive right now), and saudis cant have their enemies outpacing them and undercutting them on their ONLY business/export that they have (also, the oil price manipulation they can do is a valuable weapon)

same exact shit that happened in syria not that long ago (tho this is mostly over the oil in golan, which may or may not be the new biggest field). KSA sends in some wahabbist extremists, ruffles people up, the fucking CIA comes in a pushes on fracture points, and BOOM we got a civil war

ill give em one thing tho, theyve been a lot sneakier this time around 99% of people think we are not only not in a proxy war w russia/iran, but that we have decreased our violent actions in the ME. this couldnt be further from the truth



Even then, if we were just doing the bidding of the Saudis, then we would never have let Iraq become Shia-controlled and more aligned with Iran.

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