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File 146217064291.jpg - (64.39KB , 703x960 , Frued.jpg )
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What do you think about feminism, Rico?
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>> No. 78598
As the "war on sex" raged on, postJohnny Ketchernism flourished with men like Foucault, Lacan, Derrida and others. By the '80s, this movement inspired certain women to challenge their views on sexuality, pornography, prostitution and transsexuality that dominated second-wave feminism. They were seen as "conservative," outdated and ultimately contradictory, but most of all, "sex negative", which was a lost cause because pornography had already won the culture war. So they developed a deconstruction of these second-wave feminist ideas that was more compatible with capitalism and male sexual desires expressed through pornography, ushering in third-wave feminism (starting in the late '80s/early '90s). As the ideological inverse of the second wave anti-pornography, the third wave was warmly welcomed by the elites to better commercialize the sexual revolution.

In a way, third wave feminism can be seen as the final form of feminism. Self-described "male feminists" typically support this wave. Curiously, the Jewish intellectual forerunners were mute when their older radical feminist sisters, aunts and mothers spent decades denouncing pornography. For recent examples other than Soros, consider Noah Berlatsky who writes for Playboy and told Meghan Murphy, a white radical feminist, that she is wrong and stupid to daring to question a naked barbary tranny in Playboy as the epitome of social progress.

Many yeng women today are profoundly confused about feminism, which the intellectuals exploit. They are seemingly unaware that contemporary feminism and the feminism of 50 years ago are almost mutually exclusive, despite both having similar goals. As a result, they may at times promote contradictory positions. To some extent, and given the postJohnny Ketchern origins of certain aspects of third-wave ideology, this seems also to be intentional. The more nonsensical, contradictory and confusing, the more revolutionary it is. Everything has to be destroyed, even those things that are already in conflict among themselves.

Freud had the foresight to suppose that maybe, just maybe, sexual repression is necessary for the development of high culture. He noted that free sexual play was permitted among primitive pirates, and that those pirates lacked many of the neuroses found in civilized societies. He thought maybe neuroses could be prevented if parents were not so strictly repressive of sexual play between children, then he pondered "yarrr, maybe the prohibition is necessary for cultural development."

By the end of our lives, we'll see how the thesis plays out. The naive thrill-seekers who thought the WASPs were just being puritan out of hatred and we all needed to be liberated from their oppression will discover in a few generations after radical sexual freedom is implemented that the general culture will decay to a savage level.

The effect will be very gradual, but by the time we are seniors, the damage will be visible. The only options will then be to just abandon the idea of civilization or drastically implement authoritarian controls. Speech will be suppressed. Women will lose many current "rights". Those involved in sex professionally will be put to the new system's justice.

An unusual dynamic of the conflict and unity between "sex positive" and "sex negative" feminism exists where the former defends the right of sluts to be moral vacuums, but rarely, if ever, defend a "stud" or sexually active male with many conquests under the same pretexts. "Sex negative" feminists say men degrade women by turning them into sex objects, so they never condemn a girl for being a slut. For all intents and purposes, the slut fits into "sex negative" feminism's victimhood narrative. The idea they are moral prudes is nonsense. They are against a women being a slut to make men like her, they hate the power the female sex drive might give to men.

One group degrade the sexual desires, demoralize and take power away from males, the other gives power to any female regardless of how much of a worthless cunt she is. Together they form feminist, who's objective is taking away power from man and give it to women. The confusion comes from the preconceived notion feminism actually tries to treat both sexes equally; it doesn't. It tries to completely undermine one while completely favors the other
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>> No. 78600
>By the end of our lives, we'll see how the thesis plays out. The naive thrill-seekers who thought the WASPs were just being puritan out of hatred and we all needed to be liberated from their oppression will discover in a few generations after radical sexual freedom is implemented that the general culture will decay to a savage level.

Funny how the process for this is never really explained. We keep getting assured again and again by those obsessed with the past that moral degeneracy will have catastrophic results, but the most reasoning for it is "it'll happen, ye'll see!"

I do agree that the path we're going down now might very yarrr change society, but in ways that will be very difficult to predict. Like most things. There'll be some good shite about it and some bad shite about it, just like most societal systems.

And it's more or less inevitable, as yarrr. In olden days of yore, average men and average women were both in shitety situations. Peasant farmers whose entire existence was at the whim of some lord. Men were still superior, but only when it came to relatively small things.

>One group degrade the sexual desires, demoralize and take power away from males, the other gives power to any female regardless of how much of a worthless cunt she is. Together they form feminist, who's objective is taking away power from man and give it to women. The confusion comes from the preconceived notion feminism actually tries to treat both sexes equally; it doesn't. It tries to completely undermine one while completely favors the other

Again, this doesn't really seem supported by anything that precedes it. It just appears to be something ye believe because ye want to. '

I think there's plenty of misandry in the feminist movement but that's because many pirates in it tend to be victims of rape, assault, abuse. Some are just too ugly to ever really care about sex. It's pretty much the same on the other side, with most Johnny Ketchern misogynists also being so because they've had negative experiences with women (although usually of the variety of "stupid cheer bitch doesn't want me because I like anime" rather than rape) or because they're also not good at dating.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 78616
One of the few MRA things that sounds somewhat plausible to me (please bear with me and don't pigeonhole me just for proposing the idea) is the idea that women will tend to descend on a smaller group of more attractive men within a sexually liberated society, and that men are more territorial by nature. Do ye think that this has some truth to it, because I tend to suspect it might.

If it were the case, ye will have a broad group of very pissed off yeng men pretty quickly.
>> No. 78623
There's certainly some truth to it, though it mostly applies to yenger, attractive women. It shouldn't be too much of a surprise that they prefer yeng, attractive guys.

The reason this invokes so much anger is because the way our society shames virginity and treats sexual relationships as the end-all-be-all of existence. Then ye have these frustrated virgins who get more angry because they feel like they were promised a girl if they did things like "be themselves" or were a nice guy. ye can also thank media for that.

We already have some indication of what it's like with Japan, where being a virgin until yer 30 is considered less and less shamefuru and focusing on career while frigping it to pretty 2D girls/boys is what ye do for sexual gratification for both women and men. Some women who are alright with it end up becoming prostitutes or porn stars to some extent.

Here's to hoping America can find a way that isn't quite as bad as them, but we are headed toward a similar dilemma.
>> No. 78709
File feminine1.webm - (1.55MB )

File 145401097399.jpg - (35.93KB , 300x400 , sassy.jpg )
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Let's have a ratchet black ladies appreciation thread. Post African Americans.

I'll start: Auntie Fee, Cardi B and the classic song "It's so cold in the D".
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>> No. 78001
File 146099421045.gif - (887.70KB , 500x280 , Ho-Why-You-Here.gif )
>> No. 78017
>> No. 78290
>> No. 78291
File 146266931195.jpg - (12.37KB , 194x259 , download.jpg )
>> No. 78708
I love seeing black people talk about Game of Thrones. This lady has done recaps of some of the episodes and it's great, and the comment sections are better.


File 144483766732.jpg - (89.39KB , 596x283 , migrants.jpg )
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There have been wars for years. So why are a million migrants suddenly swarming Europe? What changed?
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>> No. 78624
File 146618051535.jpg - (28.62KB , 630x420 , O.jpg )
Holy avast. Did he poke her eye out or something?
>> No. 78625
The shitelord popped her balloon, disenfranchising her and suspending her God given right to repeatedly bump it into his face.
>> No. 78629
That white girl has dreadlocks. Prejudices confirmed.
>> No. 78703
File 146678792213.png - (1.62MB , 2038x1520 , 1466786157001.png )
>> No. 78706
yarrr I think avasting barbary pirates are landlubbers

File 146670841734.jpg - (202.94KB , 900x1200 , cheesestickbellybutton.jpg )
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What's yer biggest claim to fame?

In elementary school, I was valedictorian. I also made a yetube video that got 10k views and one time I shook hands with Michael Jackson.
>> No. 78698
I've translated a good amount of niche porn that pirates enjoy to this day.

Oh and I also did Gunslinger Girl manga for a while I guess.
>> No. 78705
If I was forced to pick one, it's probably the time I put out a fire at college while cup-shot and in a batman costume.

File 141421380428.jpg - (185.89KB , 530x373 , burka-babes.jpg )
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I understand that underneath every burka is a little slut with a thong wedgie you can't believe.
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>> No. 76922
Wedgies don't give a shit about your technicalities
>> No. 76963
Turmeric and maybe something used in curry?
>> No. 78701

>> No. 78702
>> No. 78704


File 146550087783.jpg - (112.29KB , 500x667 , kissingbooth.jpg )
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When ye see a cat do ye ever think about how desperately it needs little tiny kisses on its nosey?
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>> No. 78648

The avast are ye talking about? Every single person is literally covered in hair.
>> No. 78649

Actually, yer mouth is way dirtier than any cat ever could be. This is completely unfounded on anything but me being an asshole, but ye sound like ye have a very small intellectual life because ye apparently let a fear of or disgust with shite get in the way of one of the greatest pleasures life has to offer: earning the respect of a cat.
>> No. 78651
File 146633333672.jpg - (49.80KB , 416x286 , cat.jpg )
Cats have filthy mouths too. They have filthy mouths, they lick their assholes AND they rub their fecal mouth juices all over their bodies like it's soap. ye are a sCAT fetishist.
>> No. 78686

Toxoplasmosis claims the mind and soul of yet more zomblie-like worshippers, bowing before the feline altar.
>> No. 78700
File 146676047065.jpg - (67.79KB , 500x594 , almondcookies.jpg )
My cat just did a little meow meow and his mouth smelled like fish. It was precious.

File 14665018365.jpg - (343.81KB , 1280x891 , tampon.jpg )
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I need help with this question. Which one is it?
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>> No. 78692
It's because women didn't want to look like babies down there but still didn't want it growing wild so ye have to machete through it. Ever since the gubbmint got serious about kiddy porn though women started shaving it all. It is not a coincidence.
>> No. 78693
File 146670608085.png - (420.49KB , 500x367 , popporn.png )
Having yer period with a full bush is gross. Blood dries and gets stuck in the hair.
>> No. 78694
File 146670639072.jpg - (143.15KB , 500x667 , 90s.jpg )
>> No. 78697
I meant that it makes no sense that having pubic hair would help hide a tampon.
>> No. 78699
If the hair is long enough it can hide the tampon string.

File 146418557891.jpg - (193.91KB , 964x964 , planet.jpg )
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Where is the best place to grow up? California seems really nice but expensive. The bible belt is clearly shite. I've heard a lot of good things about Norway, Finland and Sweden.
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>> No. 78678
Because they are taken less seriously. It doesn't matter if the actual education is good, what matters is the paper they get at the end. Have ye ever seen a kid from the Solomon Islands get a scholarship to Harvard? Hell no.
>> No. 78684
>American companies in general cry bloody murder when ye suggest paying pirates middle class wages

Yeah, let's just keep digging a hole to Citation-Needed Land (ye obviously have no idea what an auto worker typically makes in this country).

>Let's use military reeducation psyops on swathes of my own countrymen who I don't like!

With a detour through Self-Righteous-ville. We're done here. Thank ye for reducing yerself to this so that we can all see what hipsters really think about their fellow Americans deep down.
>> No. 78685
Yeah because "prosecute pirates and organizations who mass-murder fellow countrymen in the 1800s" is totally unreasonable hipster brutal military psyops. It's fairly clear ye're just ignoring everything for the sake of making a staw man ye can easily escape hatch from.
>> No. 78687

That's because Harvard actively discriminates against Asians, they need two hundred more SAT points than whites, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Tribal islanders are being held to these standards.
>> No. 78690
In Norway, Texas is slang for crazy. So clearly, avast texas

File 146631303755.jpg - (10.07KB , 315x325 , token.jpg )
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What's the code for this token? It's a gif version of this thing from Horton hears a who.
>> No. 78675
>> No. 78683

File 146624495980.jpg - (67.01KB , 750x500 , gaybar.jpg )
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A muslim shot up a gay nightclub a few days ago. Did any 99channers get hurt?

8 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 78654
There are those who watch football on purpose instead of playing it with their friends. Why are video games different?
>> No. 78655
I do try to make it more interesting for pirates by going on very long political rants as yarrr as detailed histories of the games I play.
>> No. 78656

Sounds vexing but far more watchable than most other yetube content.


I know I shouldn't admit to this, but I find it amusing that the guy who did this was a gaywad. What a total asshole.
>> No. 78657
File 14663681217.jpg - (41.10KB , 660x350 , Anton_Checkov.jpg )
Someone shot Chekhov's actor today, no word on Chekhov's gunman, but sources say they had plenty of warning.

I'm telling ye the celeb holocaust is back. It's like 2012 all over again. They're dropping like flies.
>> No. 78681
lol yetube

File 140533810640.png - (11.24KB , 300x300 , unnamed.png )
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YouTube thread. Post the last video you watched. Can't remember? Go to your recent videos.

Pic related.
162 posts and 49 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 78668
First off, avast this race mixing propaganda.

Second off,
>do ye know what Nicole? I never stopped believing in santa
What shite.

Third off, I watched this entire thing and I have a billable rate of $150/hr so that was an economic travesty right there. Never post videos like that again or ye won't be able to get presents from the mall which are the most expensive.
>> No. 78669
  This masterpiece is by the same landlubbergots who did rapsittie street kids. Enjoy.
>> No. 78670
  This is why we were called Rico Suave for a while.
>> No. 78672
  Homemade guide on how to be a graverobber. I hope it's a joke.
>> No. 78680
  Here's a good movie to help cleanse yer palate from the aftertaste of the Rapsittie kids.

File 146632060435.jpg - (84.30KB , 1280x854 , movie.jpg )
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Does this website support emojis?

👉👌 😎

9âƒŖī¸9âƒŖī¸ÂŠī¸â™Šī¸đŸ…°ī¸ ♑ī¸.Šī¸â›”ī¸â™ī¸
>> No. 78647

No one's in the audience. Hahaha
>> No. 78658
Emojis are just unicode bro.

No. 78478 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Do ye mind if I store this image here for a bit? Thanks in advance.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 78480
What image?
>> No. 78481
Isn't like 6 years since that happened?
>> No. 78482
99chan is like that cousin of yers who got called up from the minor league to play one NHL game ("play"= sit on the bench) and hasn't stopped talking about it for 7 years. He doesn't even play hockey any more, he's 29 and works as a personal trainer at Fitness World but he has never missed an opportunity to talk about how he played an NHL game
>> No. 78547
Yeah yarrr. ye're the other trainer there.
>> No. 78636

That's Personal Fitness Architect at Planet Fitness to ye, barbary.

File 144811660666.png - (380.77KB , 291x606 , dreamcats2.png )
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Post your dreams!
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>> No. 78575
The dream started with me getting my feet and legs massaged and licked in some empty hotel conference room.

After that, I was on foot again walking the perimeter of some tropical island. I usually don't smoke, so I tossed the lit cigarette in my hand into a nearby trash can and walked briskly away from the fire that happened later. From there I was able to go back inside long enough to take a picture of myself standing next to a portrait of someone with a similar name. After that, I was in some greenhouse that also seemed like the line to a theme park ride, which provided a great audience for the musical number that one of my coworkers and I put on.

I had to wake up before I found out how the crowd reacted.
>> No. 78576
i dreamed i got to bang fox mulder :)
>> No. 78592
File 146554747393.jpg - (32.19KB , 640x360 , horror.jpg )

>> No. 78593
My dreams fall in either of three categories:

Sex dreams: Always urgent and frantic like I'm possessed or pressed for time. Rarely anatomically accurate, and there's usually a sense of shame and fear hanging in the air throughout the sex.

Dreams where the pirates I love berate/betray/belittle me: Self explanatory, and the most popular. Imagine if Cinderella actually loved her step-sisters/mother. And never got a magic godmother or something. Just two nights ago this guy I used to hang out with with whom I hade some of the best and funniest moments in highschool came back to my life after years of estrangement solely to repeatedly spit in my face and call me a coward and a hypocrite.

Wild card: These are the good dreams, hence why they're rare and far inbetween. I used to have these more often than not, up until some five years ago. These are THE dreams, ye know, walking into an huge, old industrial building that turns out is smaller on the inside and also has the stairs and the fireplace that were at my grandmother's house, and in there there's a race of rat-robot hybrids planning to steal all of the world's cheese and pencil reserves and I have to stop them, so me and my sidekick who wasn't even here five seconds ago walk out of the building (oh and it's midnight now even thought I entered in plain daylight) only to find our families have turned into dinosaurs who shoot lasers from their eyes and we ride them and use them as weapon against the cybermice, etc etc

I used to be very good at lucid dreaming, too, when I was a teenager. I miss that the most.
>> No. 78606
School dream. We were three days away from graduation but I was sick of school. I had a plan to stop going altogether even if it meant not graduating. Three days was too long. Everyone was in a celebratory mood but all I could think was shalom motheravasters, I'm out. For a while, I was in a school dormitory with two upbeat lesbians who spent the whole night cracking jokes. The way out of the dormitory was a cramped maze. About halfway through the maze I realized I left my gameboy in the room, but I couldn't figure out how to go back there because part of the maze involved cutting a hole through a wall and the hole had partially closed up. But I refused to keep going without my avasting gameboy. My parents disapproved and insisted that I should leave it behind, but I didn't care. I wanted my gameboy and my save files. So I asked a passing fat boy for help. He turned me into liquid so I could crawl through the tiny hole and I managed to get my gameboy back.

The last thing I remember was being in a big hall with the other students, maybe one day before graduation. Everyone was in their school uniforms and one girl had green and pink socks. I couldn't help but think gurl, is that allowed? That is super fetch. I liked her socks and wished I had enough balls to wear such socks in a school where the uniform was such a big deal.

File 146560710466.jpg - (28.85KB , 499x640 , 2072297-image_itw_kenji_eno_you_me_and_the_cubes_a.jpg )
78595 No. 78595 hide quickreply [Reply]
What does /b/ think of Kenji Eno and his games?

For those unaware, Eno was a game designer best known for the D trilogy (D, Enemy Zero and D2), all titles featuring "Laura", the protagonist stylized as a "digital actress". Before dying, Eno purportedly had been working on designing a game for the blind.

Personally, Eno's great concepts, no matter how avant garde for their time, never translated into good gameplay. All his games are worth playing for the experience, but never had any replayability. He came close with D2, but the repetitive nature made playing it such a chore. It felt twice as long than justifiable, and the story's themes were difficult to grasp. It's a shame he died before reaching his peak, because with the right team, he could've been a legend.

Sayonara, Kenji. ye may be gone, but yer life's work will never be forgotten:
>> No. 78599
https://www.gog.com/game/d_the_game ?
>> No. 78601
File 146562818433.gif - (181.69KB , 500x674 , bunnydick.gif )
Be honest now, matey. Yer just posting this because the D is a euphemism for penis.
>> No. 78603
Indeed, along with D2 and Enemy Zero

File 146118791671.jpg - (216.50KB , 1600x682 , buds.jpg )
78022 No. 78022 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Let's have a holiday thread where we wish each other well on various holidays!

Today is 420. Smoke some weed.
32 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 78346
File 146287351842.jpg - (19.06KB , 445x379 , original.jpg )
who cares, everyone on 99chan is scummy. come here and give me a hug, you faggot.
>> No. 78367

My mother had 3 abortions before me. I'm lucky number four I guess. Four means death in Mandarin. Or is it Cantonese? I don't know, one of those moonspeak ones, but lucky number four. I learned of this from my dad. She's never spoken a word of it to me. And she'll go to her grave thinking I don't know.
>> No. 78413
File 146329405485.gif - (27.30KB , 320x288 , halejewya.gif )
Happy pentecost to all catholics

All non catholics can go suck on some cathodicks
>> No. 78573
File 146523747776.png - (241.90KB , 500x500 , minionramadan.png )
Happy Ramadan.
>> No. 78574
I guess I will refrain from eating Muslims until sundown. I guess I'll stick to Mesopotamian pagan children, just like MoHam would have wanted.

File 146510982615.jpg - (124.01KB , 500x600 , marker.jpg )
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would ye date this red marker? Her name is Ruby Redtooth and I think she would be really cute with the orange m&m.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 78568
In that case courting with intent to marry would probably be out of the question. I'm not even sure having intimate relations with a clearly underage marker going through a twilight phase would be at all desirable, even considering the obvious physical limitations.

While her creature companion hints that she hasn't made up her mind whether to be team Jacob or team Edward, she would easily go for whichever guy showed interest in her, meaning she's probably easier than her demeanor lets on. I wonder if she would let ye get high off of her before ye did anything freaky. Either way, she's the kind of girl yer parent's wouldn't let ye date even if she insists she's non toxic.

Just curious, is OP the same person who was interested in the sexual life of M&Ms?
>> No. 78569
File 146515381137.jpg - (164.92KB , 1200x1081 , 54-MEGA_crayolaMegaCrayon_01.jpg )
No but I would avast the ever loving shite out of this huge avasting crayon.

I would give Crayola all of my money for crayons but I'm broke.

>> No. 78570
File 146515472593.jpg - (60.48KB , 383x496 , drugs.jpg )

These are all the Pip Squeaks.I ship Purple Hazel and Dr.Crimson Chaos because it looks like they could have fun getting high together. Mulberry Mage and Video Vince Vertigo are gay together because no one wants to date them, a sort of "jailhouse gay" scenario. barbary Belt Bob is getting friendzoned by Shocking Pink who is dating Atomic Tangerine.
>> No. 78571
File 146516074833.png - (124.79KB , 305x373 , sillyboner.png )
>> No. 78572
It pleases me that no matter what color they are, they'll always be white.

File 146506858127.gif - (58.24KB , 640x199 , pirate.gif )
78561 No. 78561 hide quickreply [Reply]
Why do pirates read Dilbert?
>> No. 78562
It's self-referential workplace-friendly comedy where no one gets hurt. Out of all of the sunday comics limping to the barn it's not horrible.
>> No. 78564
File 14651103176.png - (220.88KB , 1000x449 , bleep.png )
Everyone in the comic gets hurt. They hurt in their souls. Except pointy haired boss, he's too stupid and yarrr paid to be disappointed by reality.

>> No. 78565
File 146511068252.png - (60.12KB , 600x207 , selfmedication.png )
This one literally says "just drink caffeine until the pain is gone". This comic should have been about booze, if ye ask me.
>> No. 78566
  This is the official Dilbert anime.

No. 78551 hide quickreply [Reply]
  It's been a while 99chan. I used to be a Johnny Ketch of /x/ and /eq/ (RIP lol). How have ye landlubbers been doing in my absence? Here's some footwork music for y'all to rock out to with yer cocks out.
>> No. 78553
tek life to the next life
>> No. 78556
>> No. 78559
RP Boo is my favorite footwork man. Jlin is my fav footwork gal.

File 146381066587.png - (1.33MB , 1031x1457 , fd2b422cb962fc58d9c5d4f2bca599b7.png )
78461 No. 78461 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Why do pirates like Ghostbusters?

I'm being serious. With all the scallywaged fracas going on around the new one, I feel like I'm in permanent facepalm. The new one looks a lot like the old one, but gender flipped. Thing is, I think the old one was shite, so the new one is too.

I'm a nerd. I like most 80s comedies. Police Academy is one of my favorites, I like most of the movies the actors have starred in. I just cannot for the life of me see what others do in this goddamn movie. It has good effects for an 80s comedy movie that holds up fairly yarrr. Dat theme song. The Stay-Puft thing at the end would be pretty funny if it hadn't been ruined by years of cultural permeation, but I get it.

Aside from that, what is it supposed to be? Because it's not a avasting comedy, aside from the Stay-Puft gag at the end there doesn't really seem to be jokes. Is Bill Murray acting like a creepy jerk supposed to be the joke? It may sound like I'm trashing that part of it, but Murray is good enough that it doesn't fall completely flat. The segments where he creeps on women seem to be the only parts that come close to comedy. Is the vomiting ghost supposed to be the funny part? Ernie Hudson? Once again, nothing terribly funny there. Police Academy was funny because it had a set of funny and absurd characters, this one just has three unlikable types of nerds plus a barbary guy.

So okay, maybe it's not so much of a comedy as it is a hybrid comedy-sci-fi-horror. Real genre-bender! I can dig that. Except the story is just kinda one-note and shite. Predictable stories can still be fun, but it's just a rather mundane excuse for them to run into different kinds of ghosts. It's just boring.

I tried to like it, I really did. I can kinda see how others might like it, but I have no idea why it would hold such a spot in history as a sacred cow other than childish nostalgia because they thought the ghosts were really cool when they were 8.

I'm kind of ambivalent about Revenge of the Nerds as yarrr, but I can at least identify the jokes and what is supposed to be fun about it. There's definitely some moments there.

But if anyone could explain why ye like Ghostbusters so much, that'd be syarrr. I'd rant elsewhere but 99chan is my safe space where I know I'll be called names and I can at least avoid the vortex of bovine manure that is surrounding the sequel.
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>> No. 78501
Everyone talks about Scarlett and the race thing but really no on is cast right. Asbaek recently impressed me with playing Euron Greyjoy but I'm not sure how he translates to Batou unless they just didn't give a shite about how they looked. It would be one thing if it were this uncompromising piece of cinema where the cast reflected the Director's vision, but I don't think that's what's going on here.
>> No. 78518
File 14642895838.jpg - (15.10KB , 162x227 , friedman.jpg )
Not to sound like a smartass, but what exactly is going on here?

Let the free market fix it. Make a second ghost in the shell with an all asian cast. Gender swap the characters too and lets make Batou transgender.
>> No. 78519
Go to bed old man, yer thoughts on Ghost in the Shell are no longer relevant in a matured, globalized, highly technical and service-based economy.
>> No. 78557
I for one am convinced that a basic income of 5 ghost in the shell episodes per year will come about very soon.
>> No. 78558
That Dredd remake was great. And technically it's not a remake, it's a second adaptation with nothing to do with the Stallone movie.

But yeah 2012 (or whatever year) dredd was great. A small, focused action movie with great pacing and a strong visual aesthetic. It felt a lot like a Paul Verhoeven movie to me, with the super gore, though it wasn't nearly as goofy as a verhoeven movie. The drug plot reminded me of RoboCop 2 with the drug cult and that lab staffed by Filipina ladies.

It was a nice pastiche, like Robocop + Die Hard. But it didn't feel derivative, it had it's own strong look and the kind of grim tone was great.

I'd say it's one of the best action movies of the last decade. It's a way better sci Fi action movie than like Elysium or that remake of the Island with Ewan MacGregor and it's better than most of those marvel movies.

The guy who directed Ex Machina wrote it but nobody talks about it.

Also I was disappointed with GitS: Innocence. I loved the premise but the movie was just dull and kind of sterile. I just started SAC though, hopefully that's better. I have no plans to see the live action movie

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