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File 147458973139.jpg - (81.71KB , 800x533 , the edmund fitzgerald.jpg )
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If I had so much money that it lost its original meaning, I would buy one of these, gut and spend a ridiculous pile of money on it to suit it to your equally ridiculous wants.

What would you do with yours?
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>> No. 79893
File 147701956194.jpg - (1.04MB , 2100x1396 , grossasshippies.jpg )
That's coated with spirituality though. It would be nice to promote anti-materialism without Buddha and pretentious white hippies who don't bathe. You can live humbly and smell good at the same time.
>> No. 79895
I like having the stuff I have, so no.
>> No. 79896
All of it? You don't have any useless junk in your house or rooms you never use?
>> No. 79899
Really most world religions have strong themes of anti-materialism. But humans just don't seem to be wired like that.
>> No. 79900
Nothing is ever truly useless. It's like gay marriage teaches us: one man's junk can be another man's treasure.

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File 145401097399.jpg - (35.93KB , 300x400 , sassy.jpg )
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Let's have a ratchet black ladies appreciation thread. Post African Americans.

I'll start: Auntie Fee, Cardi B and the classic song "It's so cold in the D".
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>> No. 78291
File 146266931195.jpg - (12.37KB , 194x259 , download.jpg )
>> No. 78708
I love seeing black people talk about Game of Thrones. This lady has done recaps of some of the episodes and it's great, and the comment sections are better.

>> No. 78725
File 146711699068.jpg - (56.87KB , 540x516 , hoe.jpg )
>> No. 78730
Well, do you?
>> No. 79894
  This woman is the embodiment of the sassy black woman stereotype.

File 146032417330.jpg - (93.02KB , 675x747 , bum bike.jpg )
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What's the worst smell you've ever smelled?
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>> No. 79839
Rotten potatoes.

There's been a dead body dude, but If I'd have to choose between being a professional corpse-sniffer or a professional rotten-potato identifier, I'd take the corpses.
>> No. 79853
Protein powder at the bottom of a mixing bottle left out for 2 weeks, its been over a year now and that smell is still stuck to the bottom. It smells like an extremely pungent odor of centipedes, you could literally smell it across the house if you opened it
>> No. 79876
You just reminded me that I have a gatorade/creatine/protine mixture in a gatorade bottle in my fridge that's been there for a couple weeks after i forgot to take it out with me. Time to gingerly throw it away without opening it when i get home. Thanks.
>> No. 79877
Come on bro, can't you open it up and describe the smell to us?
>> No. 79889

File 147676820314.jpg - (89.78KB , 540x650 , sexy.jpg )
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How come men never show man cleavage? As in, the top of their dick.
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>> No. 79882
Gays aren't looking for women, Bronlonius.
>> No. 79883
Gays do dress more provocatively in their little circles. Lower-cut shorts and whatnot. But clearly even gays are not universally aroused enough by the mons pubis that they're willing to expose it all the time.
>> No. 79884
the equivalent of female boobs in male boobs which you are free to show off if you so desire.
>> No. 79885
Yeah I never understood why people try to equivocate tits with cocks. Men and women show their genitals at about the same rate. But you can't think for a minute that showing off chests is somehow a double standard.
>> No. 79887

Because if they equivocated chests with chests they wouldn't have an argument. It's the same idea as people that are convinced white people are oppressed or that there's a War on Christmas - if someone says, "hey, actually, you're kinda oppressing me" it's easy to shut them down by saying "NO, YOU".

File 14756035654.gif - (30.53KB , 550x250 , JoyofSatan.gif )
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Who else here likes to browse interesting Occult/spiritual sites? Trying to find goods ones on the Web is hard but I find that a decent one can keep me occupied for a while. Pic related, what I've been reading recently
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>> No. 79871
File 147668902923.jpg - (225.84KB , 795x481 , daaang.jpg )
>> No. 79872
File 147669031399.jpg - (64.69KB , 468x403 , househouse.jpg )
The subterranean temples are located under this humble house.
>> No. 79873
I remember that form Cracked.com
>> No. 79875
It's been 4 years and I'm still never forgiving you, Robert Brockway.
>> No. 79878
That implies you read cracked, and everyone knows cracked is for tiny babies. You're a tiny baby.

File 147638631923.jpg - (457.50KB , 1280x1024 , adip-465_copy__14891_zoom.jpg )
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How many have you broken /b/?

I just realized I have done all of these at one point in time or another.
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>> No. 79857
File 147649570393.jpg - (199.57KB , 542x438 , semen.jpg )
Well, if a fetus is a person, then it follows that sperm are people too and when you jizz you kill them. So I'm gonna guess he jacked off in the shower.
>> No. 79858
You can be misleading without outright lying, and there's usually a nice way to speak your mind. In your example, a better answer is "you look fine/good, honey" which is technically true but also dodges the original question. You can tell the truth without hurting people's feelings most of the time.
>> No. 79859
Stop trying to comfort a damned man who doesn't honor the Sabbath.
>> No. 79861
File 147652117548.jpg - (58.31KB , 600x450 , Nicki.jpg )
How is it technically true? Some people look irredeemable. I'd say that the majority of people look thoroughly unappealing.
>> No. 79874
Most people that look bad don't try. There's always going to be genuine 1's and 2's though, it's just most people don't look good with their BMI over 30.

File 14745876803.jpg - (33.00KB , 615x409 , ouiouifromage.jpg )
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Guys. Guys. This is a North Korean cooking website. This is the shit great leader eats every day. Now you can cook like a North Korean!!!!!!!!!


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>> No. 79613
File 147458834982.png - (350.58KB , 846x822 , fucked.png )
Sesame Fucked seems pretty tasty.
>> No. 79860
How'd you get it in English? Google Translate refuses to translate it for me.
>> No. 79862
right click, translate to english. That's how it is on google chrome, anyways.
>> No. 79863
File 147652217246.png - (540.29KB , 849x703 , sparrow ago.png )
lol wut
>> No. 79865
crayons should be free to eat all the birds and pets they want. Just like Harry.

File 147652267145.png - (382.13KB , 838x529 , fried sparrow.png )
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well i'll be fucked, apparently it's not a mistranslation.

File 146118791671.jpg - (216.50KB , 1600x682 , buds.jpg )
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Let's have a holiday thread where we wish each other well on various holidays!

Today is 420. Smoke some weed.
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>> No. 78769
File 146767027867.jpg - (37.93KB , 400x525 , america.jpg )
Happy fourth of July. How did 99con go?
>> No. 79361
File 147361651814.jpg - (518.25KB , 1296x968 , 911cupcake.jpg )
Happy 9/11. I suggest you watch the Naudet brothers documentary on 9/11 today, it's pretty good. You can hear the sound of dead bodies hitting the ground and stuff, it's gloriously grody.
>> No. 79735
File 147525824987.jpg - (84.19KB , 548x378 , rosh.jpg )
Rosh Hashanah is in a few days.

My stepdad's in the hospital, his pregnant goat died and the toaster caught on fire. Happy jewish new year.
>> No. 79847
File 147630343872.jpg - (11.82KB , 172x240 , turkey.jpg )
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.
>> No. 79848
File 147631051794.jpg - (163.25KB , 1008x525 , yom.jpg )
And happy Yom Kippur.

File 147032800923.jpg - (558.17KB , 1452x1080 , house.jpg )
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What do you think the world would be like if lying was impossible?

The societal changes would be huge. Almost everyone who holds some kind of power today got where they are thanks to lies.
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>> No. 79632
Personally, and don't take this personally, don't take any offense because I don't mean it really, but you know, it's my personal opinion and all, you know. Don't take it too harsh...

But maybe people would lie... less?
>> No. 79649
>What would happened if we introduced this element to that system?
>Then this element woud be added to that system, doy!
I hope you feel real smart.
>> No. 79813
99chan would be impossible then.
>> No. 79840

It'd just be me saying "I am an insatiable lust fiend with a horse dong" for pages and pages, so you're not wrong. Per se.
>> No. 79846

>insatiable lust fiend

Does that mean you insatiably fiend for the abstract concept of lust?

File 14737625048.png - (363.80KB , 914x516 , columbine.png )
79375 No. 79375 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Why did Eric and Dylan do what they did /b/??.
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>> No. 79549
True but all of that mainly only happens in raids and i do not participate in those anymore newfags don't know how to raid properly seriously every time i was on Twitch when a raid was going down the underage faggots would talk about /b/ in the chat and they are to stupid to realize that we created rules 1 and 2 for a reason.
>> No. 79553
On second thought, you actually should go back to where 12-year-olds hang out.
>> No. 79807
And you say that why?.
>> No. 79812
Eric and Dylan were Muslim terrorists.
>> No. 79845
They were true heroes.

File 14724009245.jpg - (35.16KB , 423x566 , poor.jpg )
79224 No. 79224 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
What is it like being poor?
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>> No. 79633
Being poor kinda sucks!

But, since I'm a well-rounded guy (a homo universalis (or for those less Latinerally inclined, a universal faggot) if you will) I shall give you a tour of two cities, both of which reside within me, or rather are me, in a metaphorical sense, because I am not an actual city yet (due to zoning errors on part of the local government).

Being poor sucks because: you can't do anything. Like, anything. Want to do a thing? Have a thing? Go somewhere? How about you go to go fuck yourself town, and have a go fuck yourself sandwich.

Then again, not being poor means doing work. Which blows! Work, in my honest opinion, is bad. You have to work with people who are also there to not be poor. So usually that leads to some crazy stuff.... As in, crazy BORING!!!!

So all in all, I recommend everyone to not be poor, but to also not work. Perhaps everyone should be rich??? IDK, just my pro-verbial two cents (2c as you say in the States!)
>> No. 79637
It's fine. You have a lot more freedom when you're poor.
>> No. 79828
Until just a few days ago, I was homeless for nearly a year. I missed you guys. You can make a lot of money, surprisingly, from begging. But I'd save up enough for a cheap hotel room and drugs, get high for a week, then be back out on the streets. When it got too hot out, I'd go to a hospital, say I was suicidal, and spend a month in a psych ward somewhere getting three hots and a cot.
>> No. 79831
Where did you sleep? What are homeless shelters like?
>> No. 79837
File 147613780381.gif - (41.85KB , 528x714 , 133364873894.gif )
It's not bad. The only annoying part is I can't immediately buy all the nice things I want; I have to wake up early to go to work and TRY to save money to occasionally splurge.

File 147416009599.jpg - (46.50KB , 384x334 , ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT.jpg )
79494 No. 79494 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
What do you think about illegal Immigrants? Does your country have them and are they beneficial or just use up Government resources?
29 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 79785
Of course you would see everyone who disagrees with you as a jewish vegan pussy or something, because you're dumb. Those usually aren't the people arguing over post-scarcity techno-republics.

The point being that these things you're so scaredy-pants of won't even be happening until long after you're dead. Europe will continue to be the self-obsessed lily-white shitland for quite some time, and people will still mostly breed with their own race for hundreds of years. I don't really care about dying indian or amazon tribes or whatever the fuck, their ultimate demise is inevitable, as is the rest of ours. Your relativist troll arguments have no weight with me.

Countless cultures have lived and died, the ones we know about wrote shit down or built shit. It's useful for a number of reasons, but trying to "preserve" shit parts of various cultures, no matter what their skin or hair pigmentation is like.

As someone who grew up in American schools, I totally get that the olden days looked better when sanitized of the ugly shit, but I'm not eager to go back to a time when every country with guns were in a perpetual bloodbath pissing contest over which of them could enslave more people.

But you're probably right, blond hair will probably be our biggest fucking issue 800 years from now, just like petty fucking racial issues are our biggest actual problem today and not just the lube that makes the dicks easier to take, as it's always been.
>> No. 79803
>>79785 What. You didn't finish your thoughts at lest twice. Why is there so much anger in these posts? What kind of birds make perpendicular turns?
>> No. 79815
Maggie Q is a fucking anorexic bitch and I hope she dies tomorrow of a heart attack. I hate Maggie Q so much and she's a terrible actress. She is the worst person to have ever lived. Nobody has ever been worse than Maggie Q, the chinky anorexic bitch. I hope she dies tomorrow of a heart attack.
>> No. 79833
I say let em all in and bring drugs
>> No. 79836
The ones with drugs are the Mexicans who pour into the US. Illegal Immigrants who go to Europe are mudlimes who bring bombs.

File 142643930190.jpg - (77.88KB , 360x278 , 1415860089988-3.jpg )
71722 No. 71722 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
My last thread was derailed, by nameless bored and stupid people with "opinions" and "feelings". However my lust for the supremely abnormal has only been fueled by the glimpse into the sex life of a vagabond. Furthermore, my own contemplation has brought me to ask new questions, of vigilantes, pimps, prostitues, porn stars, soldiers, and rebels, prisoners, criminals, all kinds of traelers, cops, and security, the homeless, the van dwellers, the forest hermits, and oil rig workers, fishermen and citcus folk, taggers, hackers, drug dealers, private investigators, do you get the idea? Stories of life from the perspective of ; go!
20 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 72100
I've seen someone shoot up into heroin into their foot because all their other veins collapsed.

I know someone who had to sleep in his mom's car because he wasn't allowed in the house. the guy his mom was dating hated him and she was insane so she went along with it. apparently she shot his other brother, but that was years prior.

Someone else I know, his mom is a crackhead. One time I was at his house, all of a sudden she started getting really hyper and ran and peeked out the windows and then to the stove to light a cigarette and then back again. He just groaned, apologized, and then led us to his room. Then he told me she was doing a crack deal in her driveway. This happened a couple more times. Always a fun experience.

One time I was in the city walking around at night, tripping with a friend, and all of a sudden this black midget jumped out in front of us and and growled at his while thrusting his hands forward. That was just plain weird. Me and my friend just laughed and ran away.

One time I woke up and went to the kitchen, and my roommates friend who'd stayed over the previous night asked me for a ride, because he'd already left to work. I assumed it was a ride home and drove her. She was giving me directions and told me to pull into a gas station. She told me to hold on, looked over at the other cars and then ran out and got into the passenger seat of a car being drive by some 40-year old indian man. She then ran back to my window, threw $40 dollars at me and told me to pick her up when she calls in 45 minutes. Turns out she was a prostitute. She later told me he paid her $300 to walk on his back. Some people are insane.

Most of my other strange experiences I can't really communicate well. They're 'you had to be there' kinds of things.
My whole life has been very weird. It gets old eventually, and then it gets really annoying.
>> No. 79824
One time I pretended to be a limo driver and drove a friend to prom because I was a loser who never went to a school dance. I dressed up and drove his rich stepdad's Lexus to wherever people go to take prom pictures, but when we arrived there was another limo driver who thought I was the real deal. We proceeded to make limo talk (mainly about the cars, and I learned that the drivers call their hats chapeaus). He told me that he and "the guys" were gonna go drinking after going back to the depot, but my cover would have totally been blown since I was 17 and probably had never drank at that point.

The moral of the story is that you should talk to the limo drivers, they probably have what you're looking for.
>> No. 79825
I shook Regis Philbun's hand once. I saw Michael Keaton, and I also saw the original Batmobile in all of its epoxy glory. AMA
>> No. 79827
John Lithgow once told me to go fuck myself when I asked for an autograph and I was like 12 at the time. I cried.
>> No. 79829
Holy shit. I was about the same age, and I would have been absolutely devastated by a reply like that. The Vegas convention I was at in the 90's must have had a bit more regard. RIP to that way of life. Polite sage. I would have been blasted by Lithgow's presence. Fortunately the stars in my sphere had a respect for themselves and others.

File 147466557925.jpg - (348.49KB , 906x1344 , maxresdefault.jpg )
79629 No. 79629 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Why isn't there more incest porn? And I mean porn actors playing relatives, not actors who are actually related to each other. How come it's acceptable to have two actors portraying relatives who are fucking on a top-rated TV show, but in porn they always have to go with the step-daughter/sister/brother/father route?
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 79635
Be the change you want to see in the world. You have a family, right?

Hell, even if you don't have a proper family and the closest you can get is to use the test tube you were created in as a sex toy, there's still a market for that.
>> No. 79650
File 147479338725.png - (54.06KB , 563x980 , wincest.png )
Seriously. Fauxcest is god damn everywhere. Shit used to be kind of hot (Taboo in the 80s, damn), but the market is so fucking saturated now. Shit is just as boring and unbelievable as vanilla porn.

>> No. 79805
>Pretty sure it's a legal thing, since incest is straight-up illegal in most states. Even if they're actors, it's like a 25 year old porn actress putting on pigtails and saying she's "12", it's still illegal.

>Game of Thrones and other mainstream shows/movies can get away with it because of its "artistic value" but things deemed pornography, while still "protected" under law, can still be regulated.

That's not true, though. The reason porn is legal and prostitution isn't is because paying a hooker to lick your ass isn't considered to have "artistic value" under the law, but porn is.

And yeah, like >>79650 noted, Fauxcest is on the rise, but almost <i>never</i> by major studios. It's all independent / amateur shit. In fact, the only mainstream incest scene I think I've ever seen is one with Christy Mack. Other than that, they always go with the step-relative copout.

Why is this? Mainstream porn studios are fine with a chick squirting pool balls out of her asshole, but they draw the line at depicting two characters who are related and fucking? What are they afraid of, that Joe Sixpack will be appalled and stop jacking off to that studio's productions? If anything, they should read that Vice article and jump on the family fuck train.
>> No. 79806
>What are they afraid of
Probably that it will create a rise in inbred retards.
>> No. 79808
I'll admit to not knowing the laws in and out. It might vary depending on state as well.

Anyway, my guess is that for every person who loves the idea of incest as a fetish, there are probably 2-3 who are disgusted by it. So having "real" simulated incest in mainstream porn (is there such a thing anymore) would probably turn off more people than it turns on. And those sites are like the CBS of porn, going for the broadest and safest audience.

File 147499987258.png - (113.36KB , 540x324 , coalminers.png )
79676 No. 79676 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Why is prostitution so frowned upon?
25 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 79722
File 147518686858.png - (233.31KB , 650x471 , Untitled.png )
That kinda cuts both ways, though. Most men have as much respect for whores as I have for the teenager who unlocks the ammo locker at Wal-Mart. Women who have a shitload of partners aren't seen as very desirable, and at the very best whores are seen as interacting at a basic business level.

Not every woman or man wants to see it that way. It makes sense from a variety of standpoints, if it becomes too common women start becoming expected to do it- as you say, prostitution lowers the price but it also lowers the standards for those kinds of interactions.

That doesn't necessarily refute the assertion that paternalistic stuff doesn't play into it. Religions that punish prostitution with death weren't started by jealous women in their 20s.
>> No. 79750
It does get me wondering why Abrahamic religions seem to hate anything that might make you feel good besides making more babbies for the cause.
>> No. 79753
Yeah, and how those religions managed to catch on despite being total killjoys.
>> No. 79754
I just wanted to hop in and say that I haven't seen anyone as annoying as retard-anarchist-revolutionary-hacker-anime-guy since freshman year of college and I'm happy he's gone. Carry on.
>> No. 79755
Even other ancient cultures realized the importance of stopping people from humping like rabbits chaotically. Abraham himself was quite naked with his intentions looking back on it, declaring himself a prophet meant he got to have as many bitches as he wanted while telling others how many they could have. Things like prostitution and adultery threw wrenches in this order and made things unpredictable.

They're paternalistic religions in the literal sense, God is our "father" and we are his "children", not meant as a metaphor. Just like a father has to tell his children what to do in ways they don't understand, and scold them, so is our relationship to gawd. And he gave us handy prophets to conveniently relay his lessons and also you should let them be the king.

And it does offer a certain simplicity for many people and men in particular, as you don't have to worry about competing with others and every hot guy on the street having harems while you get nothing. We can kinda see the results of the opposite in real time, with no obligation to marry young and procreate young, it just turns into some men fucking a bunch of women and every other man and woman twiddling their thumbs and masturbating. Or we can see it in those wacky mormon sects where some guys are eternally celibate like the eunuchs of old because the leaders all have 20-person harems.

That's not to mention, like, diseases and shit. That had a lot to do with it.

I wouldn't say any of it "caught on" like disco fever. It was enforced by despots using strong arm tactics. Hence, putting people to death for what we consider minor infractions.

As for how the religions themselves spread outside of a backwater despotism in the desert, that's a longer conversation that always devolves into people beating the Islam horse some more.

File 147545722813.jpg - (19.82KB , 858x498 , EnigmaOfTheElongatedAsshole.jpg )
79747 No. 79747 hide quickreply [Reply]
What kind of art do you like? I found this painting by Dali and I like it a lot because this man has a pleasantly elongated buttcheek.
>> No. 79748
File 147546607946.jpg - (101.23KB , 600x800 , 252667_p0_.jpg )
Frank Stella is probably my favorite artist. Rothko is okay but he can eat a dick Stella is better.

I can get into most forms of modern art. If I find myself in a new city I usually try to hit a modern art museum.

This artist usually does nothing but chubby naked lolis but he occasionally does classic art homages like this one.
>> No. 79751
File 147549967581.jpg - (338.80KB , 1734x1531 , Hopper (33).jpg )
I really like Edward Hopper. My two other most favorite artists are probably Weegee (a photographer) and Beksinski. I've been looking up the works of Manet and Monet recently and enjoy their work as well, I think I like Manet better. Monet has too many paintings of water lilies, they are boring.

In terms of modern artists I really like Joe Coleman and Robert Steven Connett, I actually bought one of Connett's prints a while ago and it's hanging on my wall.
>> No. 79752
File 147549974170.jpg - (400.03KB , 1000x750 , TheNightTrawlers_2000pxw.jpg )
Pictured is the Robert Steven Connett painting I have on my wall. I like it.

File 147523974413.jpg - (6.93KB , 288x288 , 1464794020804.jpg )
79732 No. 79732 hide quickreply [Reply]
Can we discuss memes? I think it's clear to any intelligent person who has observed what contemporary Western culture is like even a little, that memes are detrimental because they are in opposition with authenticity, which in turn skews people's ability to judge correctly. This is true for humor, political views, interaction, lifestyle, etc.; whenever any of these are dictated by memetic thinking, they turn the individual into an automaton that actively works not only to harm themselves, but also the people around them, namely by spreading the memetic thinking even further. The more this happens, the less people follow their intuitions or are able to recognize solutions to problems which would otherwise be seen as obvious.

The above is very general and not specific to Internet culture, but I would like to focus on how memes manifest on the Internet now. When looking back at how the Internet used to be, I cannot help but think that memes were actually a good thing back then. Internet memes used to be more than mindless, pretentious reiterations of jokes; they used to be inside jokes that established an actual culture and that were in harmony with authenticity and creativity. They actually added value. They distinguished the insider from the newcomer, created a barrier that would keep the newcomer from posting (since they realized they had to understand the culture first), and they established a sense of fraternity by hinting at the people's values and history.

Perhaps the essence of the distinction is that the new Internet memes merely promote the same kind of herd behaviour and vulgarity that memes outside of Internet culture do, while the old memes promoted non-conformism.

What are your observations on this? Can you help me flesh this out, or refute it? What would you say distinguishes contemporary Internet culture so much from what it was in the past? And another interesting idea: if memes can have a positive impact on Internet culture, can they also IRL?
>> No. 79733
> Internet memes used to be more than mindless, pretentious reiterations of jokes; they used to be inside jokes that established an actual culture and that were in harmony with authenticity and creativity. They actually added value. They distinguished the insider from the newcomer, created a barrier that would keep the newcomer from posting (since they realized they had to understand the culture first), and they established a sense of fraternity by hinting at the people's values and history.

I suppose that's true in some senses, but remember that the only reason most people know what a "meme" is is because of 4chan memes that leaked onto the wider internet, albeit years after the fact.

I'm not sure if just message board in-jokes are the same as memes, though. Everyone calling each other *fag on 4chan or everyone getting banned for posting memes on 99chan are in-jokes. Pharah being lesbian lovers with Mercy and having D.Va as their child is not a meme, but rather a joke only people who play Overwatch may begin to understand.

Compare that to doge or Harambe, which "replicate" themselves like DNA because they are understandable but a much wider audience. This is why the famed image macros have started to become shorthanded for "memes", even though they aren't the same, because image macros tend to be more widely understood.

The dancing baby can rightfully be called a meme and perhaps one of the first, it had very little context and it required you to "in" no group, it was just something people found amusing, so they shared it with others.
>> No. 79745
Naw you're dumb. Memes are a cultural system of communication as opposed to a linguistic one. The medium of communication that is memes simply evolved the same way languages do to better suit the needs of those who used it.

So where as before the sign (a meme) would signify something specific to a niche culture and be near esoteric, now the sign maps to a much more general cultural meaning that is understandable by people at large. A much denser meaning (which you think "brainwashes people" even though you can do this with any symbol system) can be packed into a single symbol/image. Think of the transition from Classical Latin to Vulgar Latin, or the fusion and co-opting of words in all modern languages that happens all the time. Languages get distilled down to better serve the people speaking them.

What you're taking issue with is the semantics, not the symbols themselves. And that's dumb, because the semantics haven't changed. People have been brainwashing each other with maxims, slogans, and dogmas for thousands of years. The semantics are always the same, just the symbols have changed. People are using memes to express the same things they've expressed for thousands of years. Likewise no meaning has been destroyed in niche internet cultures, the meaning has remained the same we just communicate it in ways other than memes (at least here).

File 140533810640.png - (11.24KB , 300x300 , unnamed.png )
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YouTube thread. Post the last video you watched. Can't remember? Go to your recent videos.

Pic related.
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>> No. 79415
Found a thread on mandarin music, got this gem out of it
also, Chinese Björk
>> No. 79432
Where did you find this thread? I'm asking because those songs are great. It's always interesting to listen to good songs in tonal languages.
>> No. 79720
I, too, would like to know where this thread is. I learned that Cui Jian is the "father of Chinese rock", which is pretty neat.
>> No. 79724
  Is History class in Australia really fun? The brits just threw a bunch of criminals over to a savage island full of huge ass spiders, there's no way that could make for a boring story. Right?
>> No. 79727
I imagine like most places they are vaguely aware of, but don't talk for very long about the "bad" stuff like indigenous genocide and prison colonies. They're a bit like America in that sense. Just talk about old European history and how well you did in WWII.

Personally I like very specific history videos. Like this one dealing with Austrian weapons during WWI.

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