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File 148090366935.jpg - (102.93KB , 442x625 , IMG_8974.jpg )
80126 No. 80126 hide quickreply [Reply]
What's the proper way to type

"raw doag u r insiane"

I remember it being a thing here, but I haven't been here since then. Years and years ago.
>> No. 80128
They're still excavating the mosaic in Pompeii that has the original spelling.

The meme is old, is what I'm getting at here.

File 148083282879.jpg - (432.05KB , 1026x1490 , building face.jpg )
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In what state of consciousness do you browse 99chan? I'm most often drunk, but find it really hard to follow and keep up on threads when I'm so intoxicated. Perhaps I've just had my attention span destroyed by modern culture, but especially while drunk I just can't bring myself to read long posts. When I'm sober I can put in the effort to read the (usually) interesting posts here, and it's rewarding, but I can't do it if I'm drunk or high. I Just don't have the patience.
I'm curious as the to the state other Bronlonius posters.
>> No. 80123
In whatever state I am when I am in my computer, dude. I don't prepare a specific state of mind to browse.
>> No. 80125
First time posting and browsing 99chan.
A bit drunk

File 146760205621.png - (625.43KB , 1280x824 , Mary_SS_SR+.png )
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I have an encyclopedic knowledge of [email protected] This is Mary Cochran, the most American of idol girls. She's from San Fransisco. You should strive to be like her and imitate her style, if you like freedom. Happy Independence Day, probably gonna be the last one with fifty states.

I also have a lot of pictures of anime girls getting hanged.
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>> No. 79020
Greatest selection with also the cleanest format id say has to be danbooru. Loli is only a small part of it, and it has miles and miles of specific up-and-coming wishfully soon-to-be fetish fads such as the hanging girl idol thing. If you're averse go paying online or otherwise don't want to spend any money, try out overbooru. Just google it. These only have pictures typically, though there are gifs and fancier files such as webms hosted. Do a little digging around and you can find a maelstrom of underground sites related to just about anything someone might have an interest in. You're probably a chantard, so you shouldn't have much trouble
>> No. 79027
Honestly I hoped for something where OP would share more of his opinions about each picture rather than a generic source for pictures. These are the kind of things I don't usually talk about IRL in front of people who may or may not appreciate them, so it's fun to have the Internet to discuss them.

However, I can't complain about the wide variety of extra things to check out. It all looks interesting.
>> No. 80116
OP, you may claim that you have a vast amount of knowledge about [email protected], but all I see is five posts with a very short description attached to it.
I'd like you to post more of these along with other interesting facts about each Idol, such as three measurements, age and maybe a bit of lesser known (or secret) trivia.

In addition, I find your taste in hanged anime girls, appalling.
Truly, the one's you've posted are of a level of quality that makes them barely noteworthy. Please only post your best ones, not random ones you haven't yet sorted out.
>> No. 80121
File 148080009667.jpg - (98.66KB , 640x800 , TokikoR3.jpg )
Bitch you have no conception of the hazy darkness/glittering sunshine that dwells within my mortal shell. Maybe one day you'll see.

You'll all see.

>> No. 80124
send pics

File 144811660666.png - (380.77KB , 291x606 , dreamcats2.png )
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Post your dreams!
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>> No. 78593
My dreams fall in either of three categories:

Sex dreams: Always urgent and frantic like I'm possessed or pressed for time. Rarely anatomically accurate, and there's usually a sense of shame and fear hanging in the air throughout the sex.

Dreams where the pirates I love berate/betray/belittle me: Self explanatory, and the most popular. Imagine if Cinderella actually loved her step-sisters/mother. And never got a magic godmother or something. Just two nights ago this guy I used to hang out with with whom I hade some of the best and funniest moments in highschool came back to my life after years of estrangement solely to repeatedly spit in my face and call me a coward and a hypocrite.

Wild card: These are the good dreams, hence why they're rare and far inbetween. I used to have these more often than not, up until some five years ago. These are THE dreams, ye know, walking into an huge, old industrial building that turns out is smaller on the inside and also has the stairs and the fireplace that were at my grandmother's house, and in there there's a race of rat-robot hybrids planning to steal all of the world's cheese and pencil reserves and I have to stop them, so me and my sidekick who wasn't even here five seconds ago walk out of the building (oh and it's midnight now even thought I entered in plain daylight) only to find our families have turned into dinosaurs who shoot lasers from their eyes and we ride them and use them as weapon against the cybermice, etc etc

I used to be very good at lucid dreaming, too, when I was a teenager. I miss that the most.
>> No. 78606
School dream. We were three days away from graduation but I was sick of school. I had a plan to stop going altogether even if it meant not graduating. Three days was too long. Everyone was in a celebratory mood but all I could think was shalom motheravasters, I'm out. For a while, I was in a school dormitory with two upbeat lesbians who spent the whole night cracking jokes. The way out of the dormitory was a cramped maze. About halfway through the maze I realized I left my gameboy in the room, but I couldn't figure out how to go back there because part of the maze involved cutting a hole through a wall and the hole had partially closed up. But I refused to keep going without my avasting gameboy. My parents disapproved and insisted that I should leave it behind, but I didn't care. I wanted my gameboy and my save files. So I asked a passing fat boy for help. He turned me into liquid so I could crawl through the tiny hole and I managed to get my gameboy back.

The last thing I remember was being in a big hall with the other students, maybe one day before graduation. Everyone was in their school uniforms and one girl had green and pink socks. I couldn't help but think gurl, is that allowed? That is super fetch. I liked her socks and wished I had enough balls to wear such socks in a school where the uniform was such a big deal.
>> No. 80117
Fresh from last night's Kingdom of Sleep:
I'm kind amazed how vivid and life-like it seemed. Usually I dream pretty abstract or surrealistic shit, as you'll see soon in the two following posts. I apologize on beforehand for shitty writing.

I was in a very small room along with some close friends I had in my early teens. It was dark, low oxygen & hot, same kind of stale air when too many people are in a cramped space for too long. We were occupying the room's only piece of furniture, an rather over-sized bunk bed. I was sitting comfortably with my back against the wall, feet barely reaching over the top bunk's edge. All of us were focusing on the opposite wall which in fact wasn't a wall, but a huge screen, the only source of light. One of my friends were lying belly-down and had her feet in the air, occasionally waving them around a little which I found really annoying. After a while I leaned over a bit to my right and whispered as to no disturb the others who were also watching the movie.

"Y'know... it feels really, really nice when.... someone massages the butthole"

She didn't respond at first, but after a few moments of thinking, she reacted.
I was focusing on the movie but from the corner of my eye, I saw her turn around and look at me. Then, she whispered back.

I didn't respond. She kept looking at me for a moment.
"How good?"

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 80118

Ok, on to the next one:
It was a couple of years ago, I was baby-sitting my niece.

Anyways she's a very mature girl for her age & takes much pride in that and kind of incorporate it into her identity, however she possesses a poor understanding regarding the limits of her own capabilities.
Put simply, she used to start some projects she read about on some bullshit DIY4kids-instagram to impress her parents, which ended in literal disasters, confiscated phone, revoked privelieges and so forth. It really spent all trust with her parents & increased her insecurity. She could probably enjoy the evening by herself if you tell her firmly NOT to do something fucking stupid, but apparently that's bad parenting according to my sister. It would have been her younger brother too, but he hates my guts because I'm the only one that make him finish the food he scoops up on his plate & I'm the only one who beats him at video games. Once he found out I was staying over, he called some friend & arranged a sleep over at his place, leaving only me & my niece. Good riddance although I know what you're thinking, but no; fuck you, I'm not a monster.

This isn't the actual dream, mind you.

I took perfectly good care of her like the responsible & kind-hearted adult that I am. Given some thought, I think I'm the only adult that doesn't conform to the image she tries so hard to project onto others, that she's more "mature" than she actually is. Once you get past that silly sassafrass, there's a very very sweet girl beneath. I showed genuine interest in what she likes to engage in and I also played with her alot, which I think she greatly enjoyed. Admittedly I did too, but it's really tiring work. I couldn't be arsed to cook, so we took my car and went out to a local restaurant which she likes & went for some Baskins & Robbins afterwards. Yum!

Once we got home I felt spent, so we just put on one of those Highschool Musical-bullshit & crashed in the couch. I couldn't keep my eyes open. The movie ended and asked her if she probably should go to bed. In response, she just giggled and said that I'm the one that probably should go to bed, then she put on another movie. After a while she started chatting & just didn't fucking stop, starting to share secrets & made some confessions about the kind of trouble you have when you're 13. By now I was half asleep & didn't catch any of what she said, it took all of my effort to grunt "mmhm" when it seemed appropriate.
In retrospect I'm actually glad that she feels so secure with my presence, that she's willing confide herself in me. It's not like that anymore though, they tend to grow up, sad face.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 80119

Dream-warp again.
I'm now shopping for groceries and walking behind a senior citizen which have an amazing pen sticking out of his back pocket. It is completely covered in glistering sequins, pink and purple. At the top, it has an large heart-shaped (plastic) crystal. I take some pears off the fruit stand. At the base where the red crystal is attached, there are two pink feathers glued to the side, they are kind of encasing the crystal on top. Also, inside the crystal, there is this tiny LED blinking seductively.
As the old man moves about, the tiny tendrils of the feature gently waves around in the accumulated airflow. As I watch their movement, I feel a paranoia sweeping over me like a cold, drenched blanket.

I realize I don't trust that orange slut one fucking bit. You know how those walking fuck-toys are when they are flocked together, no promise is ever holy. They are probably skipping the class, discussing their periods and plotting with glee & schadenfreude how they are going to force me trough hoops for their perverted amusement. The green especially, fuck her in particular. Awful, just awful, I wouldn't be able to stand that. Those cock-pockets probably won't even honor the deal in the first place, just make me do all this stuff then tell me to go die. I won't have that, no sir. I'm am going to learn how to fucking fly. You can't trust them one bit, they'll let you down. I better take the pen for leverage. Yes!
With the pen, they simply can't walk out on me. I am prepared to go great lengths for this.

Warp again, beach-side gym at dawn, its pretty cold actually.
They all are standing on top of a contraction in a half-circle around me.

Again, I lost interest but (really) long story short is that they tell me only girls can fly and that I'm pathetic for trying. Somehow they are now much older than me, only I notice they The pen turns into a case of pills that wll make me be able to fly anyways but I have to practice there every morning so they can motivate (bully) me into trying harder as they masturbate and make out with each other. I manage to fly but its so straining and it feels like you're choking. I try to keep up as the girls fly, but I can't. As I was flying in the dream, I felt just like I was choking to death. I rape two of the flying girls for mocking me, and then I kill them. Their friends doesn't care and only laugh as it happens. The pills run out and the case turns back into the pen.
Somewhere there, Guatemala is somehow involved. I think about how the pen looks like a magical wand but I dont say anything to them because they'll make fun of me. They can' read my mind and make fun of me anyways. I remember wondering why girls has to be so fucking mean as I crash-land and start to cry.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 148013833735.jpg - (23.23KB , 500x375 , wednesday.jpg )
80081 No. 80081 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
How are labor unions benefiting, more so than harming, the economy in the United States?

Also, was my use of commas in that question used appropriately? How would you restructure it?
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 80089
This is one of the reasons I've always been suspicious that the left in the United States has always been the party of immigration amnesty and increased immigration. It's actually a corporatist/anti-labor position.
>> No. 80090
Well the American left can hardly be called such, until the 80s they talked about things like unions, the exploitation of the middle class, the injustice of widespread poverty, etc. Even if they were deathly afraid to utter the S-word, they were clearly cut from that socialist mold. In the 90s they became "Reagan if Reagan pretended to care about black people." It was mildly successful for a while I guess, but I think if 2016 has taught us anything it's that Reaganism is on its way out, even if "conservative" Republicans would never admit it.

Immigration in general is a more complicated, multi-faceted issue. People like Cesar Chavez did oppose influxes of illegal immigration because of the strain it put on legal Mexican workers. That was during a time of a pretty significant labor deficit, no one cared about grape-picking jobs so long as most (white) Americans already had better paying jobs.

I would say the Democrats simply want to change the current system- we've had the same system now for decades and it makes the old days of Ellis Island look gracious and charitable. Emigrating to this country legally is quite hard, and making it so difficult only encourages people to come here illegally. Republicans vehemently opposed McCain-Kennedy and other immigration reform proposals, because they are beholden to the frothing xenophobes who go crazy whenever someone asks them to Press 2 for Spanish. A wall is a little more than a symbol, it has little practical use to keep people out. At most it might temporarily disrupt border criminal shenanigans, but is far from the most cost-effective way of doing that.

If these same people manage to come here legally, and if those already here become legal, it means they would not be able to offer such a competitive advantage over native workers, which you think would satisfy the labor aspect of it. Telling someone with no degree and only specialized skills on machines they no longer make or use anymore that they either have to go back to school at 50 years old or toil in no-skill jobs for minimum wage is not really a great solution, however.

In everything from immigration to trade, there are pro-worker, pro-labor policies that can be implemented without making base emotional appeals and identity politics. Democrats have seemed unwilling to make that case and Republicans have never cared about being pro-worker, so it only makes sense that some living molotov cocktails like Bernie and Trump would throw themselves into the mix.
>> No. 80091
Your use of commas is acceptable. What you did is called a parenthetical phrase. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comma#Parenthetical_phrases
Semantically, if you wanted to word the question more neutrally you could try something like: Do labor unions do more harm or good to the US economy? The way you have it worded now kind of betrays that you already think they're harmful to begin with.

As for addressing your actual question, I work a unionized job and I despise unions. From an economic point of view, they should technically be illegal. In nearly all countries collusion (price-fixing) is illegal. Unions just fix the price of labor, inflating it beyond what the free market would have the price at. Therefore, they should be illegal.That's, broadly, why I hate unions. Specifically though they're just a shit-fucking mess in general. The idea is fairness I suppose but in practice people just wield the poorly worded union contract as a weapon to get what they want from their managers and coworkers. So instead of fairness and mutual respect, your workplace ends up full of selfish children screaming and fuming about the semantics of a union contract because they want to be paid for work they didn't even do. At least, that is my experience with unions at my current job.
>> No. 80104
I consider myself a libertarian. Labor unions are just a group of people working for a common goal. It's irrelevant if it's good for the economy or not, it's the right of those people to associate with one another to negotiate for their benefits as workers.
>> No. 80115
It's fun watching the specific applications of the libertarian position on labor unions bounce around. The general idea is consistent enough: free association is good and coercion is bad. The tricky part is figuring out who's coercing whom at a given moment.

I say that because I've heard a few self-proclaimed libertarians express the opinion that labor unions can get large enough to distort the free market and intimidate employers who dare to consider hiring some scabs during a strike. Where do you draw the line?

No. 80023 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
  My grandmomma thinks the current pope is the antichrist.

26 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 80107
I am genuinely curious, if you're willing to share, about how you got there. Did you grow up Christian/actively religious, what prompted you to seek salvation? What method/church/person helped you? I'm not asking to pick it apart or argue about why you're wrong or anything, I just like to expand my own understanding of folks.
>> No. 80108
>current pope is the antichrist

I've heard this one before. When it was related to me it was put in the context of the pope of the time, John Paul II, who was alleged to be described through allegory in some prophecy, and that there were only supposed to be two popes to follow and that the last would be the Antichrist. So, here we are, two popes later.
I don't remember what the source of that prophecy is supposed to be, but I've thought about it every time there's been pope-news since I heard of it.
>> No. 80109
File 148066211189.jpg - (104.99KB , 1200x1200 , MTE5NDg0MDU1MjQ4Nzk5MjQ3.jpg )
Personally I don't see how anyone who saw the last pope can claim the current one is more evil. I mean, come on.
>> No. 80110
What would you say to people who have tried Jesus and didn't like it?
>> No. 80114
Yeah except, hey, what if you're wrong?

File 148037525797.jpg - (175.26KB , 565x678 , skel2.jpg )
80092 No. 80092 hide quickreply [Reply]

>> No. 80096
God, I wish my skeleton was that rich.
>> No. 80098
I wish I even had a skeleton.
>> No. 80113
I wish daddy would stop hitting mommy.

File 14756035654.gif - (30.53KB , 550x250 , JoyofSatan.gif )
79756 No. 79756 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Who else here likes to browse interesting Occult/spiritual sites? Trying to find goods ones on the Web is hard but I find that a decent one can keep me occupied for a while. Pic related, what I've been reading recently
27 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 79878
That implies you read cracked, and everyone knows cracked is for tiny babies. You're a tiny baby.
>> No. 79901
File 147721593928.jpg - (1.64MB , 2068x2924 , nutty.jpg )
>> No. 79902
>> No. 80106
File 148057395270.jpg - (9.76KB , 315x405 , 20h7wrc.jpg )
How do I utilize magick to regrow the hair on the bald spot on the back of my head
>> No. 80112
File 148068513342.png - (186.83KB , 600x831 , bubbus.png )
Here is what you will need:
1 (one) black cat
5 (five) of your mom's scented candles from Wal-Mart (preferably lavender)
1 (one) pink razor because you're a faggot
1 (one) stick of playground chalk
1 (one) bottle of glitter glue

At midnight on a full moon, use the chalk to draw a star of david on the ground and light up your mom's candles. Put the cat in the middle of the pentagram and shave its back. Shave off all of your ass hair and mix it with the cat's hair. Then chant the following spell five times:

''O satan, king of the Jews, I have sacrificed my butt hair to thee. give me back the hair on my head or I'm gonna kick you right in your tiny little bitch nuts.''

Use the glitter glue on the ass/cat hair and stick it on your bald spot. Voila, your hair has grown back! You better be ready to bend over, though, because you've also summoned Bubbus the gay Jewish incubus and he won't take no for an answer. That's the price you pay for dabbling with magick.

Alternatively you can do this:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 147458973139.jpg - (81.71KB , 800x533 , the edmund fitzgerald.jpg )
79614 No. 79614 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

If I had so much money that it lost its original meaning, I would buy one of these, gut and spend a ridiculous pile of money on it to suit it to your equally ridiculous wants.

What would you do with yours?
87 posts and 27 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 80003
I can get "brand name shoes" at any Goodwill/thrift/secondhand shop. Shoes tend to sit for a while even if they're nice, because of sizes.

The big problem with being homeless/broke is you have no reliable income. If you somehow get a thousand dollars, probably by stealing, you could somehow save it (with no place to do so, mind you. Hope none of the other bums find out about it), and eat for the next year or so reliably, though you'll still be a homeless bum.

So in that year you would have eaten, but whatever addiction or mental illness or other circumstance that makes you homeless will not have been addressed, and you'll be back in square one. Facing that situations, why not buy some useless junk you can at least look at a year later? You don't help poor people by just giving them a ton of money, that much is true. They're usually homeless for some particular reason. If someone is not willing to house them indefinitely then you have to do something about that underlying reason. If you're not then you would probably be best leaving them be.

Supporting good artists is a worthy cause, at least. But even then, most of them would rather have steady work than someone who will just throw some money in their face once.
>> No. 80013

There are some middle class people that live in million dollar homes.

Therefore, middle class people are garbage and shouldn't ask for tax cuts, because they don't fucking deserve it, those irresponsible parasitic fiends.
>> No. 80033

The question of whether someone is deserving of a reduction in the burden of providing for other people is completely unrelated to the question of whether someone is deserving of receiving those free provisions.
>> No. 80059

The bulk of the tax burden is borne by the wealthy, not by middle class people. Giving them tax breaks is effectively the same as giving them benefits.
>> No. 80102
>The big problem with being homeless/broke is you have no reliable income. If you somehow get a thousand dollars, probably by stealing, you could somehow save it (with no place to do so, mind you. Hope none of the other bums find out about it), and eat for the next year or so reliably, though you'll still be a homeless bum.

OR you could find an apartment and pay the deposit and the first month's rent with that money, eat from the food bank, and spend that month searching for a job/applying for welfare/etc. As much as there are people who don't want to help the underlying reason for someone being homeless, there are homeless people who just don't want to be helped.

File 147928701088.png - (932.55KB , 1208x834 , end.png )
80029 No. 80029 hide expand quickreply [Reply]

Ariane rejected me because I had to piss. Can you get Ariane to like you?
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 80053
File 147950571585.png - (547.78KB , 993x620 , nauseous.png )
She might have given me a six, I give her a two. Would not date again.
>> No. 80064
File 14797098483.jpg - (70.95KB , 1000x600 , flashboob8.jpg )
7/10 by ending the night with a board game? shiet. At least she flashed her boobies by guessing the right answer about the moon
>> No. 80065
File 147971103469.jpg - (103.15KB , 981x585 , sexscene5.jpg )
This game is fucking retarded
>> No. 80100
the entire code is unobfuscated.

just bust open the web console and run "cheatcode = 1"
>> No. 80101

This is date rape. I hope you're proud.

File 147499987258.png - (113.36KB , 540x324 , coalminers.png )
79676 No. 79676 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Why is prostitution so frowned upon?
40 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 80022
  Whores are whores, get over it. It should be legal for one to sell their pussies or cocks..
>> No. 80030
cuz im busy doing it myself ye fuckin cakeboy
>> No. 80031
>why eat if ur gon get hungry anyway
>> No. 80073
  It's all the fault of the gays.
>> No. 80099
>It should be legal for one to sell their pussies or cocks..
That would involve amputation. It would be a one-time thing.

File 146032417330.jpg - (93.02KB , 675x747 , bum bike.jpg )
77876 No. 77876 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
What's the worst smell you've ever smelled?
37 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 79877
Come on bro, can't you open it up and describe the smell to us?
>> No. 79889
>> No. 79968
I once was in a lecture where I was the only male and smelled one of the most disgusting farts in my life. One of those bitches must have been trying a freaky diet but my eyes were burning and after a moment I realized that probably every girl in the room thought this was my fart.
>> No. 79969
That's because it was. Look inside yourself, you know it to be true.
>> No. 80076
At school in one of the little pick up cafes there are available these bagels with some weird cheese or something on top. As a fat American I'm usually all for having cheese on stuff, but when these particular bagels are cooking they make the rankest stench I've ever experienced having to do with food. It smells like someones nasty feet but even worse...

That's not the worst I've smelt though. That distinction goes to the chemical thionyl chloride that we used in undergrad labs. It smells like chlorine and sulfur type smells mixed together and it penetrates past your nose and into your head. Awful stuff. I want to smell some selenium compounds someday. I've read that they've cleared out whole research buildings they're so bad.

No. 79235 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
  What was the sexiest decade? I vote the 1980's.
7 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 79262
Which is pretty much the same as the 20s except without the excitement of being between two world wars.

I assume.
>> No. 79283
The whole world's been in some sort of Middle Eastern proxy war for a good long while, and the current big candidates for POTUS are at least perceived to have an itchy trigger finger when it comes to foreign military intervention.

We might get our next world war and interbellum period yet.
>> No. 79323
File 147321270142.jpg - (12.04KB , 236x314 , regan.jpg )
>> No. 80074
  Look at those legs.
>> No. 80075
  Look at this guy's ass.

File 147926965370.jpg - (72.15KB , 1000x700 , 1479253763305.jpg )
80024 No. 80024 hide quickreply [Reply]
So I'm dating this woman who's not that much younger than me. She spends a lot of time on social media. I feel like we've got a real connection in some ways, but in many more ways I feel like I never have any idea what she's talking about or what she's doing. She points her phone at me a lot. She talks like someone Hillary Clinton was trying and failing to appeal to. I tried listening to the radio stations she does but apparently my references were a few years out of date.

I miss punk rock. It was a great way to cover for how socially retarded you are by pretending to be better than everyone else.
>> No. 80061
delete her account, make the kitchen her new hobby
>> No. 80072
Punk rock doesn't make a girlfriend that you have nothing in common with disappear. I have no idea how people get into these situations.

File 147952019041.png - (9.53KB , 400x400 , msp430_ircl_channel_43oh.png )
80054 No. 80054 hide quickreply [Reply]
99chan IRC is accepting members (because shit is lame AF and we need fresh blood)

Please come on IRC, if you don't know how to IRC we have a helpful FAQ

IRC is /b/ but constant and live. It's fun because we have few rules (less than /b/ for sure) and there are no safe spaces.

Come join us because we're terribly bored and calling Creed a nigger is only fun for so long..

We have a guy who talks to ghosts!

We enjoy talks about politics, asians, poop, D&D, etc.

We have many opinionated people who like to be trolled, it's literally like taking candy from a baby.
Do your part to make 99chan great again!

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 80055
Fine, I'll come...
>> No. 80056
dont bother coming in if you don't like subarus
>> No. 80057
True, Subaru's are great.
>> No. 80063
will you guys make a discord?
>> No. 80067

File 147936976479.jpg - (541.01KB , 742x1024 , toilett.jpg )
80037 No. 80037 hide quickreply [Reply]
Admit it, you would make out with this toilet.
>> No. 80041
I'm fascinated by the crossed neurons in the brain that cause attraction to inanimate objects like toilets.
>> No. 80043
There was a time when toilets could be exciting and have colorful seats and faces. Hell, even the bowl and tank themselves could come in all sorts of vivid colors.

What happened? Why has society decided that it will only piss and shit in bland, neutral fixtures?
>> No. 80046
File 147945225461.jpg - (72.67KB , 800x800 , santyclawz.jpg )

Audio Beyonce-Hold_Up.mp3 - (397B )
80015 No. 80015 hide quickreply [Reply]
I a a worthless peice of shit mods please delete all posts by ip and ban me
>> No. 80042
This post is hard to notice so I thought I would make it more visible

File 147910434717.png - (96B , 8x8 , check.png )
80021 No. 80021 hide quickreply [Reply]

File 147832959369.jpg - (33.16KB , 600x450 , pinkerton%20(elijah[Kaz]).jpg )
79979 No. 79979 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I a a worthless peice of shit mods please delete all posts by ip and ban me
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>> No. 79993
Short-scale guitars are easy to find, though, and short-scale banjos exist too. I doubt your dad would get too pretentious about the less pure overtones or lack of bass response of a smaller instrument.
>> No. 79994
Django Reinhardt played guitar with 2.5 good fingers. Your hand-shaming is pretty ridiculous, considering the number of 11 year olds in the world that would probably chop you down on a standard guitar.
>> No. 80004
I should say it's not a matter of hand size so much, as much as finger fatness/length. Django's style of playing was mostly plucking and two-string chords. It is an option for a style of playing if you suck at/can't play chords, I guess.

My fingers and my dad fingers are fat/thick at the tips, which is a son of a bitch for guitar. A smaller instrument might make it easier to work with a smaller hand or shorter finger, but wouldn't help having sausage fingers. Bass guitar is an option, though, since the strings are not as close together.
>> No. 80005
If the real problem is finger girth then (a) why didn't you say so in the first place and (b) classical guitar are made wider to give you more room for fingerstyle shenanigans, so have him try that.
>> No. 80010
Short, stubby sausage fingers often come with small hands. And it's not that it's impossible to find some combination of guitar type/size/playing style that might suit you no matter how stupid your fingers are, but it will simply be more frustrating because you can't play like your 12 year old classmate with spider fingers. Some other instrument might just work out better, is all I'm saying.

I also have to occasionally dance around the subject when people want to pick out the biggest gun they can find. People are quite sensitive about their hand size for dumb reasons.

File 147795801610.jpg - (36.88KB , 750x749 , 14448967_10211337457050919_9055730410008175732_n.jpg )
79971 No. 79971 hide quickreply [Reply]
Does that forehead jewellery she's wearing mean something or is it just decoration?
>> No. 79972
Some married women use it as a replacement for the bindi, which is usually that red dot, but a lot of women just wear it as decoration nowadays.
>> No. 79973
Is this another one of those incest porn threads?
>> No. 79975

Most people today use it as decoration, but it does have a deeper meaning.

>Traditionally, the area between the eyebrows (where the bindi is placed) is said to be the sixth chakra, ajna, the seat of "concealed wisdom". The bindi is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration.
>> No. 79984

I see these hanging up on car mirrors sometimes.

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