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File 142743518853.jpg - (51.70KB , 640x427 , CrazyRichGuy.jpg )
71869 No. 71869 hide quickreply [Reply]
So what do you do with $100,000,000? At that point, what does it matter whether you get 100 mil or 200? What do you even spend that on? It just seems supremely greedy to want more money after that level of wealth. No?
>> No. 71871
I was given 50,000 when my mother died of cancer. Nothing changed much and i wish I never got it because its about to run out and the idea of going back to living oaycheck to paycheck makes me suicidal.
>> No. 71873

I would invest it in as wide a variety of investments as possible aiming for roughly 8% return year over year, half of which I would reinvest and half of which I would blow mostly on the best things in life: fast cars, hard drugs, and loose women.
>> No. 71874
File 14274371984.gif - (2.15MB , 241x371 , yAyYZtH.gif )
I don't think that wanting more money would be greedy per se. When it comes to money, barring any external factors, more is better, and I don't think that anyone could be faulted for wanting more, no matter how much they have. So long as no one else is being hurt by it, I see no ballza reason for not trying to accumulate more for yourself.

Of course, we don't live in a vacuum, and our actions have consequences. If taking another $100,000,000 would result in someone who has nothing being denied, say, $100,000, then the right thing to do would probably be to let the other person have some money; you likely wouldn't notice much difference, but for them, it would make all the difference in the world.

The thing is, money does strange things to people. Those who have it see the world differently than those who do not; if left unchecked it can divide people, just like you see in America's class structure today. Not only that, but people will come crawling out of the woodwork to get a chance at taking some of that money for themselves. I've read stories of lottery winners who said that hitting the jackpot was the worst thing that ever happened to them. People who didn't even know them were sending them mail begging for money for this operation or that new house; family members badgered them to relieve their debts; friends began expecting extravagant dinners and luxury trips on their dime. Many receive threats and pressure from people and entities that they are associated with. In the end, a lot of them go bankrupt in both their finances and relationships. Ultimately, if your not prepared, that much money could spell disaster, rather it is $100,000,000, $200,000,000, or even more.

I suppose my point here is that if you want a sizable sum of money, that's perfectly okay, but you need to be prepared unless it corrupts and consumes you. What is the difference between $100,000,000 and $200,000,000? Is it greedy to want more? I think the answer is contingent upon who you are and how you will allow that money to shape you as a person.
>> No. 71876
>What is the difference between $100,000,000 and $200,000,000? Is it greedy to want more?
I think it is. Honestly, I think that it's basically the definition of greed: wanting more even though you don't use the enormous amount that you already have. Wanting a bigger paycheck so you don't worry about losing your home is not something I'd call greed, but wanting more money just to make your mon-e-peen bigger is. I think one huge determining factor is if the money has use and/or purpose other than "get de Monet". Basically: if you have 100 mil, why do you want 200 mil?
I do agree that money probably corrupts in different ways and I bet the lotto has some sad stories, but I was thinking more of multi-million dollar salary people. Why bother with the numbers at all? If you already have 500 mil, why bother getting paid? You're clearly not doing for money at that point.

Saw a video of that ram. He broke that guy's bike. I knew a farmer who said that when they went into the sheep pen, they would just whang the rams in the head with a shovel every time because the dumb bastards wouldn't learn.

File 142643930190.jpg - (77.88KB , 360x278 , 1415860089988-3.jpg )
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My last thread was derailed, by nameless bored and stupid people with "opinions" and "feelings". However my lust for the supremely abnormal has only been fueled by the glimpse into the sex life of a vagabond. Furthermore, my own contemplation has brought me to ask new questions, of vigilantes, pimps, prostitues, porn stars, soldiers, and rebels, prisoners, criminals, all kinds of traelers, cops, and security, the homeless, the van dwellers, the forest hermits, and oil rig workers, fishermen and citcus folk, taggers, hackers, drug dealers, private investigators, do you get the idea? Stories of life from the perspective of ; go!
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>> No. 71791
I always heard the Dutch came up with it (technically spelled "pijnappel" in Dutch, but clearly the same concept). However, it might have been the English who decided the fruit looked like a pine cone.

Actually, among world languages "ananas" or something similar is far more common, because it's the Latinized version of the original name of the fruit in some indigenous South American language (and also the genus name for pineapples and a few related species). Even the Dutch realized that the first name they came up with is silly and now they too call the thing ananas.
>> No. 71812
Wikipedia says it's from the Portugese 'piña de Indes'
>> No. 71819
I'm glad we could learn so much about pineapples. Any fruit that can dissolve Jell-O gets my respect.
>> No. 71840
Pineapple is one of my favourite fruits, yet I eat real pineapple maybe once a year. That's pretty weird come to think of it.
>> No. 71872
Please don't bump my thread with your stupid bullshit you guys!

File 142742690890.png - (656.39KB , 898x610 , catfacts.png )
71864 No. 71864 hide quickreply [Reply]
Do you know of any cool .onion links? Nothing illegal, please.

Here is one about neat cat facts.

>> No. 71865
File 142742780338.jpg - (22.20KB , 223x275 , 8B.jpg )

if someone can find me the song that is playing on this page I will be eternally grateful
>> No. 71866
>> No. 71867
Why the fuck would you need an onion page for this shit
>> No. 71870

This is seriously the best website I have ever, or will ever, see on the internet. Hands down. I would love somebody to love.

No. 71704 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
  Youtube thread? Post what you've been watching lately.

I found this really cute anti-drug PSA from 1971.
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>> No. 71848
Oh, no! It's Jem's arch-nemesis! Gazebo?
>> No. 71849
File 142733381298.jpg - (50.09KB , 400x400 , misfits.jpg )
Please, everyone knows Jem's arch-nemesis is the misfits.
>> No. 71852
>> No. 71853
I just realized that halfway through that video one of the women accidentally drops her burger on the floor.
>> No. 71868
File 142742956837.jpg - (23.89KB , 470x315 , Misfits.jpg )
Did I get it right?

File Bane_goes_on_Jihad.webm - (4.63MB )
71858 No. 71858 hide quickreply [Reply]
I feel like the whole ISIS internet PR war thing backfired horribly and now they're just a laughing stock among all the tech-savvy 18-34 year old frustrated unemployed single males that were their main target to begin with.
>> No. 71859
File 142740734470.jpg - (102.47KB , 700x541 , IS_kebab.jpg )
Is this generation so mired in postmodernist circlejerking that our instinctual reaction to videos of mass beheadings and executions is to make silly photoshops?
>> No. 71860
I don't think finding/making humor out of terrible things (whether it be war or anything else) is a new postmodern internet thing. It's just all of the distasteful jokes that people use to only say in private can now be released to the world and documented as soon as they happen.
>> No. 71861
File Oral_attacks_by_Jihadi_in_training.webm - (5.04MB , Oral attacks by Jihadi in training.webm )
Also some of those nasheeds are actually kind of catchy
>> No. 71862
File 142742565988.jpg - (33.56KB , 400x400 , MI0003552142.jpg )
I wouldn't mind a raghead chanting version of this:

>> No. 71863

Pretty fucking ballza one.

File 140648573889.jpg - (30.70KB , 499x499 , 1405413801846.jpg )
64484 No. 64484 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
thank mr skeltal
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>> No. 71811
All skeletons have our backs. Or spines, rather.
>> No. 71823
thanks mr skeltal
>> No. 71854
I hope all you fucks get banned soon.
>> No. 71856
God, if I ever got my admin back, I would unleash a never ending sea of red text so infinite that the streets would run red with the blood of our shitposters.
>> No. 71857
thank mr skeltal

File 142725788583.jpg - (149.27KB , 960x640 , 20150324_203952.jpg )
71828 No. 71828 hide quickreply [Reply]
what do you think
>> No. 71830
Not sure which is better.

At least it'll grow back on your face if you're unsatisfied.

Personally I'd rather gamble on bitches preferring a man who isn't afraid to get some hair on his face.
>> No. 71834
fuck the face. shave your fucking shoulders man. noone wants to fuck a monkey
>> No. 71835
>> No. 71836
Not even remotely close what the fuck man
>> No. 71855
Is there another option?

File 142732064715.jpg - (504.66KB , 2063x3131 , jemandthe.jpg )
71837 No. 71837 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
jem and the holograms is getting a reboot
4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 71843
Shouldn't it be Jeb, then? A 'm' never occurs in her name.
>> No. 71844
>>71842 Girl on the right in the beret is straight up flipping off everyone looking at that cover.
>> No. 71845
son, get off the computer already
>> No. 71846
you're not even my real dad
>> No. 71851
File 142733439240.jpg - (27.91KB , 615x280 , Holograms-Jem-And-The-Holograms.jpg )
I don't think that poster could be considered canon. Jem's eyes are the wrong color. As you can clearly see from this screenshot, her eyes are supposed to be blue.

Aja was always a chink and Raya was always mexican you uncultured fuck

File 140873142968.jpg - (30.96KB , 340x449 , backtoschool.jpg )
65173 No. 65173 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
It is back to school time everyone, pick up a brand new knife for the occasion.
18 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 71761
I always carry two knives with me.
>> No. 71820

Except it's terveis_i_n.
In junior high I light up like two pieces of paper and left them to smoke, literally just smoke, no flame anymore, in a metal casing for the fire hose.
Then the principal came and started asking questions and during lunch I had to go confess because they were going to call the police.
After that my class supervisor yelled at me for attempting murder and arson.
>> No. 71826
you russian fuck.
>> No. 71832
not russian but I get most of my media torrents of this russian website
>> No. 71847

That's exactly the sort of thing I'd expect a Russian to say.

No. 71764 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
So, why did people get used to banned for posting this image? I'm not looking to rile anyone up, I'm genuinely curious. I remember people would get banned way back when for posting that "angry boku" image, too. That may have been 78chan, though.

I never really browsed any other image boards back then, was it some sort form of the dreaded CANCER or something? How the fuck do these things even start off on a site as sleepy as 99chan?

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 71766
>>71765 is right. That image was the user "Gununu"'s image that they used as a sort of calling card for their posts or whatever. And the mods really enjoyed banning gununu. GUNUNU COME BACK TO 99
>> No. 71768
It's like how I stopped using a calling-card image when it turned out there are only like... ten pictures of Tekkaman.
>> No. 71770
Wasn't there a time when every post had "Indeed" attached to it or was that just a cool dream I had?
>> No. 71773

>> No. 71831
Basically it's namebundle of sticksry if your name is a picture.

File 142637933393.png - (911.70KB , 1280x723 , tumblr_m2jpp9KxKF1qipmwuo1_1280.png )
71712 No. 71712 hide quickreply [Reply]
>Albert Einstein (/ˈælbərt ˈaɪnʃtaɪn/; German: [ˈalbɐrt ˈaɪnʃtaɪn] ( listen); 14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955) was a German-born theoretical physicist.

Einstein was born on Pi day. From now on he will be known as Pi man.
>> No. 71713
Nah I think people will still call him Albert Einstein. That's a pretty cool factoid though.
>> No. 71771
I'm Saz Pi Man.
>> No. 71774
More like Albert πnstein.
>> No. 71824
Europeans don't have pi day, as there is no such date as April 31st. Just one reason why the American standard is superior.
>> No. 71829
They can approximate pi day on the twenty-second of July.

No. 64793 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
  Why are cows so adorable?
16 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 65004
>Once while we were trying to load an unruly young problem bull to take to the slaughterhouse he turned on me. The bull was really pissed off, compounded by my liberal use of the shock prod, and charged me. I tried to sidestep it but his head got me right in the ribs, I was lucky and was only badly bruised but it could easily have been much worse if he had gotten on top of me.

It's not like he had options, man.
>> No. 65079
>> No. 65086
When I was about middle school age living in farmland we had to cross a farmers field to get to the nearest lake. We knew the guy, he was always cool with it.

One day, we took my friends dog and for the breed he was (yellow lab) he was kinda foul. Always moody, wanted to fight, exc. We get to the field where the cows were, and of course the dog ends up agitating the cows, and they began to line up. We walked a bit farther before recognizing that they were following us. We stopped several times, and they got closer each time, stomping their hooves and starting at us.

Within the next five seconds, They started to charge, my buddy started fucking screaming at the top of his lungs, I screamed RUN at him and we both were simultaneously laughing hard and running as fast as we have ever ran before. We ditched our fishing equipment and made it to a bank which we could jump over that the cows wouldn't cross. He made it. I did not.

Just a few stitches was all I had for my troubles. I also pissed on the electric fence in that same trip, but that's another story for another time.
>> No. 71728
I have it on ballza, trusted authority that cows are dumb.
>> No. 71825
I feel like meat would be fine if we just didn't eat so much of it. I'm a vegetarian because I don't like the environmental damage done by the meat industry. I feel like a lot of things would be better if so many people need a form of meat with every meal.

File 140746426223.jpg - (68.92KB , 500x643 , ramenhead.jpg )
64873 No. 64873 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Have you guys ever tried hitting on telemarketers?
7 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 65115
I usually let them talk for 30 minutes, then I remark that I'm too dumb to remember what this was all about and that I'm not interested.

I figure this allows them to practice their lines and I can feel less alone for a time.
>> No. 65289
I have, for similar reasons to >>65115

The way I see it, if she can't deal with a fake creeper, how will she cope when she meets a genuine pervert? I'm in the UK though so most of my "telemarketers" are debt collectors who are just doing a decent job asking for money which I rightfully owe. I am not sure whether or not this makes me a cunt.
>> No. 71796
That happened to my grandma once, they told her they were me and that I/they were in jail in Mexico and needed bail money. Obviously I wasn't, I was in my bedroom in Ohio jerking off to trap porn.
>> No. 71815
You can tell your grandma that maybe the next time she can actually tell the telemarketer that you were in your bedroom in Ohio jerking off to trap porn.

If she wants to act disgusted with you after you explain what a trap is then start pressing her on her own crazy fetishes. Remember: like all human beings, she definitely has a few whether she knows them yet or not. Also, yes, she can still masturbate to them, because even though she went through menopause her clit ain't broke.
>> No. 71822
That Ramenhead band is funky.

File 142709363228.jpg - (21.87KB , 480x349 , 10917047_10202357116368163_7011034237325671729_n.jpg )
71794 No. 71794 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
How the fuck do you figure yourself out?
5 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 71813
It's easier to find the 99% of the things you hate, than the 1% of the things you love.
>> No. 71814
that's why it's called 99 chan
>> No. 71816
  If it's any consolation: most of the people who act like they've "figured themselves out" are lying to themselves. They put on a happy façade because that's what polite society expects everyone to do. Hell, as far as you know there are plenty of people in your life envious of you for having things figured out that they never would.

This wall full of Teddy Ruxpins spewing emotions should drive that point home.
>> No. 71818
File 142722092487.gif - (1.33MB , 359x359 , 142308c3c1e8bd77abeaf1c7979280d9.gif )
I don't think it's really a matter of all that, it's just a matter of knowing who you are and what you're about. If you're a pedo jacking off to loli cartoons all day and are just waiting until the day that stops becoming fulfilling so you can kill yourself, you've figured yourself out. Doesn't necessarily mean gununu has to stay like that, he can change now that he knows who he is and what he's about. Or at least try. It's not destiny, is my point, and you might have to re-evaluate over time.
>> No. 71821
That's an excellent way to phrase the answer to daft questions I seem to get so often.

File 142713861181.jpg - (225.94KB , 1280x960 , 3VVaj.jpg )
71803 No. 71803 hide quickreply [Reply]
>be me
>be addicted to painkillers
>vicodin all day erry day
>decide to stop being addicted
>quit cold turkey for a week
>heart pains and panic attacks
>go out of state for weekend
>meet up with friend, he gives me some weed
>don't smoke it, take it home
>smoke a tiny, TINY bit
>put on Devo album
>decide to never do drugs again

I'm looking at this bag of weed and I'm about to flush it.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 71805
File 142713905975.jpg - (147.57KB , 600x800 , i like plants.jpg )
You'll be back.
>> No. 71806
File 142713966367.jpg - (92.74KB , 857x826 , 8oZUBu1.jpg )
Probably, but not right now.
>> No. 71807
File sanaetexting.webm - (297.26KB )

File 142634652525.jpg - (51.69KB , 366x488 , perv.jpg )
71700 No. 71700 hide expand quickreply [Reply]

"For one thing, he used to keep a diary in which he described, in glorious detail, whenever he masturbated—using a “+” symbol to denote a particularly ballza one. And Andersen masturbated a lot. After receiving visitors, he’d frequently nip upstairs to get a little DIY in, picturing his unsuspecting caller. For another, he used to visit brothels in Copenhagen where he’d simply chat to the prostitutes before running home to finish himself off (all described in delightful detail in his diary).

Nor did Andersen regulate his desires to one gender. It’s widely accepted he was bisexual, with an unfortunate twist. Although he enjoyed adult women, Andersen was particularly enthralled by young boys. During his stay with Charles dens in 1857, he requested to be shaved by one of dens’ young sons every morning, a request the British author grumpily turned down. It’s said he spent his life filled with “tortuous unrequited sexual yearnings” for young men, yearnings he possibly had to alleviate with a pornography addiction. For all he may have written some of the most incredible stories ever recorded, it turns out that Hans Christian Andersen was simply one perverted guy."

Hans Christian Andersen masturbated a lot. He wrote about it in detail in his diaries, you can find many sources claiming this. But you will never be able to find a complete English translation of his diaries: the lewd stuff is always censored or skipped (although entries about his bowel movements can be found in English books). Why?

Do you guys know of a ballza place to read more about Andersen's masturbating habits?
6 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 71751
Not quite. Anne knew herself that the diary could one day be released because of a BBC broadcast, and self-censored some of the stuff she put in it, and started keeping more "historical" diary. There's no telling what exactly she censored in it herself. Otto Frank didn't get rid of any part of the diary, they just picked and chose what they wanted to put in originally. Over time, as people wanted to know more about Frank and see what had not been released, they included everything, including the few parts where she wanted to fondle her friend's titties, something she might not have known to be too problematic. It's unknown what she chose to leave out or chose to simply not write down once she realized someone else might read it.
>> No. 71792
Keeping a diary is not something I've done much of, but it might be worth it just to imagine the looks on future generation's faces when they try to figure out why I wrote about Hans Christian Andersen and Anne Frank playing soggy biscuits.
>> No. 71799
If he did he shouldn't have written a diary or he should have burned it before he died.
>> No. 71800
What's your source on that?
>> No. 71801
It was in the preface of one of the versions I read, the stuff about various parts that were left out. Most of the parts were probably lesbianic. It's safe to assume the Anne was careful about what she included in the diary itself after she realized it might later be read by someone (which is something she mentions in the diary). Which was a ballza call, all things considered. Chances are the lesbianic stuff would have never been published regardless of Otto Frank's wishes, even a few years ago they banned it from schools because of the tit-fondling fantasies.

File 142629620081.jpg - (154.28KB , 720x960 , sanik.jpg )
71694 No. 71694 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Seriously, what is it with the autistic and Sonic?
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 71726
Following from that explanation, a lot of those same people might love Tails because they can relate to him. A young kid fawning over Sonic because he's so fucking cool and radical.
>> No. 71775
Sonic is also a gateway perversion to furries and the variety of fetishes that are surprisingly comorbid with being a furry. Of course, the first one that started out as an innocent, fun video game they played as a kid will always hold a special place in their hearts.

See also: bronies.
>> No. 71780
File 142689219419.jpg - (46.01KB , 445x413 , rollerskatepony.jpg )
Most bronies did not care about MLP while they were growing up, though. Notice that most of them hate generation one ponies.
>> No. 71787
  I'm probably far off base with reality on this one, but I'll give it a shot.

My younger brother was a huge sonic fan up until mid college, sonic 06 was his final straw. I was there with him when he played it. Sonic was dead to him. Here was this grown ass man going through the 5 stages of grief over a video game. Most people who play a bad game at worst feel ripped off. He felt genuine loss.

The cool guy image does have a lot to do with it, but its more than that. You have a villain that's easy to hate, a clear goal to accomplish, a means to accomplish that goal, and reasonably relatable characters who emote. That describes nearly all video games of it's era. What sets Sonic apart is it's continuity, it's run into mediocrity, the console wars, and the untouchable nature of the damn rodent.

Even as far back as a few years after sonic 1, you had lots of different sonic story lines, spinoffs, and characters that branched out creating a lot of original content. I'm under the impression that they didn't control his character very well, at least compared to Mario and other various mascots. You had 2 TV shows, several comic books, even sonic CD and sonic 2 were completely different projects that were meant to happen after STH1. There was no slowing down even after the best years, characters upon characters were introduced, and the bastards are still making more characters. I believe this is why you see so many people creating their own sonic characters, they want to be a part of that canon and interact with it.

I've played a few sonic games after S&K, but it seems like they never got it right ever again. Most of the content I have seen is outright recycled for nostalgic value. Keep giving something they expect, and they will keep buying regardless of quality. Some of the same could be said for Nintendo's IP's, but what has made Super Mario so successful? By no means do they reinvent the wheel, and in cases such as mario kart very little game play has changed over the years but they tweak the formula enough each time to give a fresh take on the game. Sonic has not been that fortunate. So why has the fanbase been so loyal to sonic?

It's for those exact reasons. Sonic is stale. You know what you are getting. It's an instant throwback to the times where you had a simple villain, simple goal, simple means, exc that all those old school games were made of. There were plenty of fans that also hated the success that nintendo got, and doubled down on their fandom of sega because that's how stubborn some of these people are. My bro is one of those people. Others like how vast the cannon is.

Above all, I think it's the damn thing's 'attitude' and overall hero worship. He's almost Edward from twilight without the sparkles. He can do no wrong, get out of any situation with the skills he has. He can run away from tough shit in life. Sonic the Hedgehog supports coddling behavior, just perfect for manchildren and autists.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 71790
>imagine a modern sonic iteration with shitty edm and woodland creatures twerking in the background
At this point I wouldn't put it past them. I bet even now there's a Sega employee working on the jiggle animations in Amy's tail, wondering where his life went so wrong.

File 142578648644.jpg - (19.92KB , 280x275 , 1425776469341.jpg )
71604 No. 71604 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Sometimes I come to this cold, dark and desolate chan site to take-in all the wonderful spam you get.

The pedophilia/autism talk as well as the exceptional amount of normal images to penis images is a nice welcome too.
5 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 71731
"I do not agree with the cocks this man is posting, but I will die fighting for his right to post it" -Commander Han Solo
>> No. 71738
File 142655403557.gif - (1.94MB , 294x233 , hello.gif )
>> No. 71778
Breh. Sauce?
>> No. 71785
>> No. 71789
My man.

File 142700634254.jpg - (143.64KB , 425x282 , work_at_home.jpg )
71786 No. 71786 hide quickreply [Reply]

Get in this hangout

File 14268079304.jpg - (60.17KB , 960x720 , 898b19_3413395.jpg )
71769 No. 71769 hide quickreply [Reply]
How do people can stand in this position?
>> No. 71782
It seems like all the necessities are there.
>> No. 71783
File 142691936054.jpg - (61.79KB , 600x400 , 240-sf-micro-apartment-nyc-04-600x400.jpg )
My parents were always a little weirded out whenever I would say shit like "I want to live in a trailer" when I was a kid. I've always like the idea of small, functional living spaces. Micro apartments have always appealed to me too.

However, that just looks uncomfortable. At least get a real fucking futon up in that bitch. That also looks like some kind of candlestick on the tower which makes me thinks this is a poetic expression from the third world.
>> No. 71784
I think he lays down?

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