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File 140410241787.gif - (1.90MB , 320x240 , a thought.gif )
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I need a place where I can put all of the facebook statuses I want to post but never could.

Here's one: Sometimes I have wet dreams about raping corpses.
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>> No. 73681
this actually did happen in britan their motto was we light em we fight em
>> No. 73685
Trees are a renewable resource. We can just, you know, make more.
>> No. 73703
File 143582167079.jpg - (15.92KB , 220x283 , hellenkeller.jpg )

Helen Keller had a boyfriend.
>> No. 73707
It's obvious why she had a boyfriend: being deprived of two senses makes it harder for her to leave the kitchen.
>> No. 73709

Haha! That is a ballza and original joke! Have you heard about the one where the chicken crosses the road?! Jokes only get funnier the more they get beaten to death!

File 143576722266.gif - (935.80KB , 350x197 , mashed potatoes.gif )
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the japs want a republican prez cuz they think he will be stronger on the aggressive chinks makin power moves
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>> No. 73700

What exactly is 'letting them do their jobs'?
>> No. 73701
Others might have been at this "try to build nations in the middle east" thing longer than us, but that doesn't mean we're newcomers. Obviously the political realities of the middle east is important, but the mistakes of the Bush Admin were much more fundamental. Even in hindsight it's hard to believe that they could be this retarded, but it seemed as if they sincerely believed that removing Hussein would be met with cheers from the Iraqi populace and that the new government would be democratic, fair, respectful to minorities, and be pro-western. It would be over in a month and W would be forever known as the Bringer of Liberty and be elected to seven terms. The whole political strategy seemed to be built on wildly unrealistic assumptions.

But now I find people making similar unrealistic assumptions regarding ISIL, that we can go in there with our superior army ISIL in a month, replace Assad in Syria, breakup Iraq into three countries and everything will be fucking peachy. No, it won't end like that, so stop these fucking rose-colored fantasies already.
>> No. 73705

It's easy for us to agree that Bush was foolish, but Saddam was a problem he inherited from his daddy, and their foredaddy's before em.

That's the classic problem with inductive reasoning, it always leads to the SAME SAME SAME. Though, Bushism can be considered an 'abduction' as the argument is held hostage to a premise of hope and faith.

Also to stay on topic with the thread, one might remember who the front runner is for the Republicans. I mean the Japs have cool scat porn, but if they think so low of us (that we could elect a THIRD Bush), we've got some issues.

>> No. 73706
File 143585572920.jpg - (6.30KB , 276x183 , CARLOS.jpg )
I've heard anecdotes about soldiers having Osama bin Laden in their sights back in the 90s but being denied permission to take the shot.

I think the consequences of that decision are plane to see.
>> No. 73708

9/11 wasn't even the first time they attacked the WTC.

>Hurr durr there was no way we could have foreseen Al-Qaida would do something they've been trying to do for a decade

File 143535608334.jpg - (210.12KB , 960x820 , dR7ZiYP.jpg )
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You ever feel like killing yourselves?

I almost died a little while by hanging off my door knob. I came pretty close to losing consciousness and if I didn't act I would've died.

Did you find a way to turn your life around and make things better?

I don't even hellza feel particularly bad, I just have all these vague anxieties about the future like things will never get better and there's nothing I can do about it.

I come to you people because I literally have no friends.
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>> No. 73678

But daddy said not to go on legal meds because they take your boners away.
>> No. 73683
my daddy taught me a few things too, like how not to rip the skin by using someone else's mouth
>> No. 73688
Can you show me?
>> No. 73690
I'd be right happy to.
>> No. 73704
Don't be a fool.

You can become an electrician after attending a 6 month trade school. You'll make $50k a year changing lightbulbs for incompetent yuppie fucks. In 10 years or so of experience you can become a master electrician and make upwards of $100k. Just show aptitude while you're in school and your instructors/the school will place you in a job.

I have a cousin that did 10 years in prison and he was in his mid 30s when he got out, he went into a trade and now has a wife and a few kids living as best as he can. There are people in all sorts of situations trying to get their shit together however they can dude, you just need to keep fighting and you'll eventually find your way in life.

I wish you the best, but you sound more fucked up than I am. Know that as long as you have all your limbs and functioning sensory organs there is hope for you yet.

File 143474177632.jpg - (63.65KB , 636x347 , birdhead.jpg )
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99chan, what would you do if your son was at home crying alone on the bedroom floor because he's hungry and the only way to feed him is to sleep with a man for a little bit of money and his daddy's gone somewhere smoking rock now in and out of lockdown I ain't got a job now so for you this is just a ballza time but for me this is what I call life, mm?
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>> No. 73370
slap the shit out of him and tell him to quit being a bitch ass nigga
>> No. 73375
File 143491000475.jpg - (268.58KB , 1024x768 , blacknana.jpg )
I have some bananas that just turned black, starving poor people could use them to make soup or something, right?

Have you considered dumpster diving, OP? People throw away perfectly edible food all the time.
>> No. 73377
I identify as bananakin and am butt befuddled by this blatant show of colourism
>> No. 73682
>what would you do if your son was at home crying
> his daddy's gone somewhere smoking rock
which one is it?
>> No. 73702
File 143581726178.jpg - (598.09KB , 1280x4597 , pamperchu.jpg )
Become a sex slave. This guy who microwaves used diapers has a sugardaddy and has a place to stay because of it.

File 143426068259.png - (241.84KB , 500x582 , black.png )
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Is it possible to be trans-african?
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>> No. 73668
Hating arguing through similes is like hating the scrollwork and engraving on a Victorian sofa. You still get to sit on it, so you look like the fucking cockchomping queermo for getting upset about one little detail.
>> No. 73669
File 143570587639.jpg - (47.43KB , 1440x1080 , rainier wolfcastle.jpg )

Well, you might consider the guy in question actually does claim a medical pedigree, in addition to single-handedly curing AIDS and Ebola.

No one is claiming that these presidents actually have doctorates in anything. Or at least, if they do have these qualifications, the BBC should be competent enough to have included these in the article. The article was about how African presidents, retroactively attained these designations after several years of presidency.

Which raises the obvious issue, if they did indeed attend classes on the subject, how much actual 'presiding' could they have truly accomplished? Either they are lying about their credentials, or they are behaving irresponsibly.


That's the joke.
>> No. 73689
>That's the joke.
Is it a joke when it's not funny, clever, doesn't follow the outlines of a joke, has no punchline, no wordplay whatsoever and only makes sense in the mind of whoever did the "joke"?
Spoiler: No, it is not.
>> No. 73693
Sounds like most of the things I've seen white college girls laugh at.
>> No. 73699
File 143581033286.gif - (632.38KB , 544x416 , rainier wolfcastle 2.gif )
>Which begs the question. If Obama is an African president, then he must have a fake doctorate somewhere. Why hasn't Donald Trump taken the President to court for this?

>It "raises" the question, it doesn't "beg" the question. "Begging the question" is a specific type of fallacious argument where the premise is included in the argument itself, they are not synonyms.

>Is it a joke when it's not funny, clever, doesn't follow the outlines of a joke, has no punchline, no wordplay whatsoever and only makes sense in the mind of whoever did the "joke"?

Yes, what I hate the most about satire arz the logical fallacies.

File 143561755226.png - (397.52KB , 600x408 , 1434611024001.png )
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What's the standard length of time to hang on to a greeting card after someone has given it to you? If it were up to me it would be "however long it takes to empty shake out the cash and drop it in the garbage" but some people seem to take offense to that. Should I wait until the person leaves, at least?
>> No. 73620
If you know someone with their own compost pile you can spin it into "all your warm fuzzy sentiments are helping this tree and these shrubs grow."
>> No. 73622
What's the point of greeting cards? Particularly store bought ones. Nobody cares about receiving greeting cards.
>> No. 73628
I never understood it either until I realized that they're basically a $3 recepticle for whatever cash/check/gift card that you actually want to give to the person. You're supposed to pretend that the card is the real gift and the contents are just an afterthought, because at some point some asshole from the Hallmark marketing department convinced your grandma that it's tacky to give plain cash as a gift.
>> No. 73687
I am a hoarder and hang on to everything. Last week I found a 8 year old card, amazingly near the top of my piles. I guess I will throw them out if I move.

File 142925477260.png - (144.54KB , 500x596 , 420chann.png )
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Can we crash here for a while?
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>> No. 72795
File 14323529081.jpg - (136.61KB , 869x1499 , venus-diva-greek-goddess-costume-48247.jpg )
>>72794 Hi and Welcome To 99chan®™ and I would like to congratulate you on becoming a full fledged member of this fine site, or at lest you will become one after the official ritual. Don't worry it's relatively painless and we will use brainwashing techniques in order to erase most if not all of the memory of it from your head receptacles. The homoerotic feelings are a natural product from said ritual, but again it's nothing to fear. Anyways, enjoy and have fun, we know we will.
>> No. 72801

You're not official until you've been banned at least three times.
>> No. 72803
I must be like extra super official or something then
>> No. 72858
Yeah, only three times is so 2010.
>> No. 73680
File 143573495482.jpg - (60.22KB , 604x604 , YH3KPpk.jpg )
420chans down again, Kirt opened his anus and broke his computer.

File 143548124677.png - (0.98MB , 938x466 , housese.png )
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You have purchased your million dollar dream home. A man calling himself "the watcher" begins to send you threatening letters letting you know that he is watching you. What would you do in this situation?

I think I'd leave a friendly note on the door inviting the watcher to have some tea so we could talk things out.
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>> No. 73632
What kind of bizarre pranks?
>> No. 73633
I'm interested.
>> No. 73637
i would murder some cunt in my home and see if the watcher still watches
>> No. 73646

Take their couchsurfing ad and using it as a casting couch for the co-eds. They never explicitly told us not to...
>> No. 73675
File 143573104486.jpg - (211.58KB , 750x561 , mickeymousewallpaper.jpg )
I honestly wish something like this would happen to me. I would have so much fun stalking the watcher and trying to figure out his identity. I'd leave messages to him on my door, I'd leave little cakes outside for him and I'd invite him to 99chan.

In the messages to the family, the watcher makes it seem like he doesn't want the house to be altered in any way. Maybe I'd change the wallpaper to something hellza tacky just to see how he would react.

Of course I'd get a gun and install some cameras in case he turned out to be dangerous. I get the impression he's just some guy trying to be creepy, though.

File 14287274372.jpg - (399.69KB , 1634x1675 , never enough madonna and child.jpg )
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I am a qualified world religion expert. If you have a question about religion, then ask me and I'll explain it in a way you fucking simpletons can understand.
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>> No. 73615

That's actually how most non-abrahamic religions work. Sports heroes, great commanders, statesmen, etc. would be worshiped afterward. A cat is fine too. The culture and religion forms a direct connection to the people's history.

It's far more fair than a common juxtaposition: Americans know more of Biblical Jewish history than they do of their own ethnicity. Monetheism is the death of a people.
>> No. 73616
Abrahamic religions are the oldest tool of the international Jew used to erode national boundaries.
>> No. 73630
So if I become a hero in an area where many people practice a non-abrahamic religion I will become a god? What if I became a Shinto god, had a son and decided to name him Jesús?
>> No. 73634

Could you think of a better way to protect your genetic legacy? Think of how successful the Y Chromosome of Abraham, or fucking Mohammed has been.

Richard Dawkins would be cumming in his pants right now just thinking about it.
>> No. 73636
File 143565289548.jpg - (425.23KB , 793x1016 , tastemysperms.jpg )

Genghis Khan's Genghis jizz did better

File 143461008890.jpg - (126.02KB , 1600x1200 , 2015-06-18-014410.jpg )
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give me your strongest webcam selfie 99
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>> No. 73555

>> No. 73591

Not gay enough.
>> No. 73612

Well I'll be damned. Another robot, whatup son?
>> No. 73621

>> No. 73623
Robot? As in, you browse r9k?

No. 73608 hide quickreply [Reply]
  What would you do if you impregnated a woman who turned out to be like this?

File 142742690890.png - (656.39KB , 898x610 , catfacts.png )
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Do you know of any cool .onion links? Nothing illegal, please.

Here is one about neat cat facts.

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>> No. 73573
So basically if you insist on sexually assaulting a child then you're substantially less likely to get caught if that child happens to be autistic.

If anything you're doing them a favor. Most autists act like they seriously need to get laid.
>> No. 73578
  I keep reading stuff about Mozart ingesting his own poop on blogs about autism. Is there any evidence of this being true, or is it just a myth? Wikipedia says nothing about Mozart eating feces or being into scat, he just talked about feces a lot in letters to his mama and his cousin.

>> No. 73579

Mozart was the priest in Church of Fudge.
>> No. 73584

Having just shown this internet classic to my girlfriend for the sake of her education, I just realized that the music in the background is actually Mozart's Requiem
>> No. 73585
I have never actually watched the church of fudge. What is it, exactly? I assume it's a scat video.

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  Youtube thread? Post what you've been watching lately.

I found this really cute anti-drug PSA from 1971.
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>> No. 73562
  why are there two guys fucking in the background
>> No. 73568
  This is an idea for a movie a hippie had in 1994. He even trademarked the name "peace loving food".

>> No. 73569
File 143539692261.png - (674.46KB , 764x472 , house.png )
Hehe, I did a little bit of stalking and found a picture of his house. He's in his mid fifties now.
>> No. 73570

I found a blog full of obscure old Argentinian music you filthy hipsters may enjoy. It's kinda neat to look through.
>> No. 73580

Uh, they obviously have Jungle Fever. Dirty race traitors.

File 143483812836.png - (479.52KB , 670x488 , nudity.png )
73357 No. 73357 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Can we have a thread on the sexual life of M&Ms?

Based on these two commercials (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsK3gZnDg9E and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtSIG8q0r9c) I think it is safe to assume that red and yellow are bisexual and blue is straight.

Ms.Green is slutty but most likely asexual. She just wants attention and admiration, not actual intercourse. All the other M&Ms want to fuck her. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKnCLHX6X4k)

Orange is straight, as evidenced by this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQZ2q9ks160) in which he makes it clear that he does not like having things shoved in his anal cavity.

Ms.Brown seems a bit like a prude (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q33drZUXSzY) but she was willing to strip naked in the image posted. I think we know too little about her to guess what she's like in bed, but she seems a bit frigid.
15 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 73477
File 143519934677.gif - (514.34KB , 500x299 , foreskinpasta.gif )
>> No. 73478
File 143520020258.gif - (912.52KB , 500x500 , foreskinsoup.gif )
>> No. 73479
File 143520031965.gif - (212.39KB , 500x375 , foreskinorange.gif )
>> No. 73480
File 143520063584.gif - (336.55KB , 500x391 , foreskinpinecone.gif )

this man's blog is excellent in general
>> No. 73566
File 143539308114.jpg - (128.36KB , 951x951 , sethmcfarlane.jpg )
I, for one, think Seth McFarlane gets off on women fucking dogs.

His mom totally masturbated a dog once. http://www.vulture.com/2012/06/seth-macfarlane-new-yorker-profile.html

File 143522356097.jpg - (99.84KB , 821x579 , timestampz.jpg )
73504 No. 73504 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Hi /b/
I don't hellza know where to begin,
Look I know that you've seen it all, I know that you've read every single pasta and read every repost of a repost but I would hellza appreciate it if you took a minute to read through this and you don't even have to send me anything, just read it.
My name is Louie, I am a long time lurker of all boards. you mother fucks have been my calm in the storm for a very long time.
I am Syrian, I am a sandbasketball american by birth, and I fled that cesspool of memory-country to the land of the Ruskies, right now I am lurking in Russia and trying to make my way west so to speak because the Russians are kicking me out on the 31st of August. (visa expires).
Thing is, I am flat fucking broke, I spent everything I had to get here on a "Student's Visa" which turned out to be a major fucking money drain from both the institute I registered in and the costs of living here (with no job mind you) are mind fucking blowing.
I spent around 9k Dollars from February till now, I just can't take it anymore.
No fucking embassy here is granting me any kind of visa west, I tried the Russian Asylum program and they shrugged me off like a fucking peasant. My papers are currently in an embassy in Moscow awaiting refusal for yet another "Airport Transit Visa"
This is my pay pal email I wanted it in the first post, I don't even fucking know if I made it right but here goes
[email protected]
Continued below because field too long

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 73510
Tsk... Not staying supporting the Lion of Damascus Bashir Al-Assad, the Stannis of the Syrian war. Shame.
>> No. 73513
File 143524792495.gif - (1.71MB , 400x395 , tumblr_ncjz0xWqWt1tsb2meo1_400[1].gif )
Hey, I hope something works out for you, OP.

I don't have any money but you can have this cute cat picture :3
>> No. 73533
File 143531056888.png - (8.20KB , 560x102 , 4chan.png )

You also posted this on krautchan and 4 big dicks up my asshole, huh? So much for us being your calm in the storm.

>> No. 73535
Two words OP - allahu akbar.
>> No. 73559
Make your way to Kurdistan, don't be a fucking Jihadi bundle of sticks, get a job, and got to some fucking university there.

The Kurds are the only sand-basketball americans that aren't pieces of shit.




It's so bad the Turks and Saudis are panicking and trying to astroturf a bunch of ethnic cleansing accusations against the Kurds.

File 143508459248.jpg - (24.37KB , 367x479 , opxcYEX.jpg )
73426 No. 73426 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm pretty sure most of you think you're rather clever.

Are that any that acknowledge how well below average they are? I'm pretty thick, I'm borderline retarded.
15 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 73502
I just want to point out that this guy looks like shrek and has a huge bulge in his pants.
>> No. 73516
>this guy looks like shrek
You got it the other way around. Shrek's appearance was based on that guy.
>> No. 73536
Who was that woman and why did she have to hold him there? Was he retarded or did he have some sort of neurological issue?
>> No. 73538
Her name is Dorian Leigh and her job was to be a supermodel.
>> No. 73539
also Maurice Tillet was just a normal French guy of decent intelligence who happened to develop acromegaly. He was basically Andre the Giant before there was Andre the Giant.

File 143400468216.jpg - (46.51KB , 720x720 , invisible korean lesbian offers praise to allah(SW.jpg )
73140 No. 73140 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Can girls love other girls?
8 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 73295
File 143459898092.jpg - (173.38KB , 510x1325 , 20051002.jpg )
It goes exactly this deep.
>> No. 73420
File 143507559512.jpg - (461.22KB , 950x1000 , e3f1f066269273252e7ff4e3309d11a3.jpg )
I also enjoy masturbating to loli catgirls and I'm more of an S, so I don't think it's that.
>> No. 73541
File 143535226517.jpg - (159.04KB , 662x536 , men should love men.jpg )
"when a woman loves a man she must be completely irrational" - Jack Kerouac
>> No. 73543
File 143535499327.jpg - (99.36KB , 1280x720 , sour.jpg )
Why couldn't I have been born a cute anime lesbian instead?

>> No. 73546
File 143536028628.png - (185.06KB , 1029x634 , 40W2O[1].png )
I wish I could meet my perfect S having a guy/girl dominate over me would be the only way I could feel loved.
Life is suffering.

File 143521180714.jpg - (99.50KB , 1000x773 , Electric_Chair_at_Sing_Sing.jpg )
73497 No. 73497 hide quickreply [Reply]
ballza evening, Anon.

What do you think about watching people die? Not necessarily in person, either; there are plenty of snuff videos out there. I personally find it extremely distasteful. I think that death is an intensely personal experience. It's the end of our personal sojourn in the world of the living, the ultimate finality of our own story. I don't think that is something that should be shared with just anybody, and in the case of snuff vids, to strangers for their amusement or to sate their morbid curiosity. At this most intimate moment, we should give those departing from this world the privacy they deserve out of humanity and common decency.

Perhaps the exception is those who have been sentenced to death. I think that's part of the punishment, losing control of the final moments of one's life, including who is able to bear witness to it. The state takes away this right in retribution for doing the same to another.

What do you think about all this?
>> No. 73498
I think we must accept that people's final moments are frequently made public without their consent. It's shitty and wrong, but it happens. So I watch gore without guilt. It helps me cope with the finality of life.
>> No. 73518
Who cares what dead people think? They're dead.

I mean, sure, sometimes dead people had nice ideas back when they were alive, but it is up to the living to determine what's worth acting upon.
>> No. 73523
File 143528142253.jpg - (65.49KB , 245x325 , nikkicatsouras.jpg )
What about their relatives, though? I mean, how would their mom feel knowing that their kid's death is available to see on the internet?

If the dead person is doxxed, there's always the possibility that jerks will send their relatives pictures of the corpse like they did to the family of Nikki Catsouras. Her siblings had to be homeschooled and her parents stopped going on the internet because people kept showing them the body.
>> No. 73530
I fall under the "morbid curiosity" category. I think curiosity is one of the most important traits for a human to have.

File 143504293921.jpg - (84.30KB , 540x374 , texascat.jpg )
73415 No. 73415 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
What would your ideal life be like?
22 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 73487
>One person I can think of doesn't even attend lectures [just reads the textbooks and other sources] and gets all As
I don't attend either and manage a mixture of B-As. The reason I'm able to do it is because all exam content is based on problem archetypes in the text. If you can get solution manuals and old versions of the text on the internet you're guaranteed a spot in the top 10%. All the marks I lose come from spacing out and doing something stupid or straight up not going over a section that appeared (strategically opted not to study for it, because there was only a small chance it was going to appear). The old exams not only give you info about problem sets themselves, but let you spend the least amount of time preparing for exams because you know exactly what sections are the most likely to appear. Information is fucking king.

And I'm just waiting for someone to spout the tired old "exams are designed to require creative thinking" line that a prof has fed to them. Do you hellza think any of these old fucks want to spend time designing specific problems for their course they almost never care about? Everything is systematic at this point and most are actually required by university policy to just adapt existing content from the course-affiliated text.
>> No. 73488
File 143520480494.jpg - (39.27KB , 500x425 , neil-deGresse-tyson-knowledge.jpg )
>You're still lumping people into arbitrary categories who share no discernible common features.

All I'm saying is the signal is in the course level, and that for that purpose grades are superfluous.

It's a basic and extremely well known case study in signalling and game theory. The employer wants to distinguish between high type and low type students. High types are classically assumed to do so through grades, therefore some employers will choose those with higher grades.

However, the average employer chooses for level. De rigor, level is the chosen signal of the high type.

There are many ways to interpret this, after the fact.

Grades are dependent measures, and often faulty. However, to enroll in a higher level course demonstrates initiative. It is assumed that everyone who at least attended the class, obtained some knowledge. And it's a cliche, but employers do prefer those who think outside the box, over those who demonstrate the ability to repeat information verbatim. To quote Donald Trump: "My secretary's got a great memory, but hellza I only hired her for her body."
>> No. 73492
You're the one who categorized Asians as a generalized group of not valuing creativity. I could talk about them by their exact nationalities, but then people get on me for being too technical. For this purpose, however, it doesn't matter what nation you talk about, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, and various others all do better in the American school system. Your characterization of them as rich is also misguided, many of them are third or fourth or even more generations removed at this point.

I also brought up the SAT because you mentioned the cheating part. In your google search link there was nothing other than Asian taking the SAT in foreign countries cheating this very year. That was literally your whole argument with that point, along with a single anecdote.

Again, it's just all this backpedaling. First bookschooling is important but then it's not, we can talk about Asians as one group but then we can't when you want to score a debate point. You can bring up cheating on the SAT yourself and then claim it's irrelevant.
>> No. 73507
File 143523997714.jpg - (4.48MB , 2456x3337 , Lu_brutus.jpg )

Of course, there is truth in every rumor. That this other man may be racist should not bias observations. It is well known that grades represent a certain mania in East Asian countries. The studying is well in excess of that which is healthy or sustainable.

It goes without saying that East Asia is the most dynamic market, and rapidly evolving strategic region in the world. Creativity and cheating are a union, you cannot have one without the other. One must be creative in order to cheat. It gets harder every year.

Now I will supply my own anecdote:

When China opened for business, the culture shock was extreme. State controls meant that business had to be done on an informal basis of trust. As capitalism took effect, these informal relationships became formal, and founded the networks of patronage upon which the economy built itself. Since you are dealing with one branch or another of the patronage network, there's a certain restraint built into the system, an honor code.

When these businessmen began to deal with US companies, they were often naive. One executive found his American suppliers to not only be delinquent on deliveries, but demanding a further payment (obvious breach of contract). Of course the American company knew the legal arbitrage value, the understanding it is less expensive to negotiate than take the case to court. Also, any business that takes its suppliers to court is unlikely to last. The Chinese company ate its losses, but it quickly learned the way business was done in America.

This was the era of cocaine fueled e-bubble jockeys. An era of Enrons, Madoffs, and Cheneys. Cheating in the west was the norm. The case files on the subject are numerous and ubiquitous. Creative solutions are euphemisms for hypocrisy and rule bending. 'Critical thinking' replaces logic, because logic tends to follow laws.
>> No. 73514
Nah, I mean the last class I had with him he came in asking about some random inane shit that was in the text but wasn't even covered by the class on review day (one day before the exam). Like he didn't ask even one question that ended up on the exam. His strategy is read the entire textbook and learn everything in it. That's far from 'know what's going to be on the test'. Dude just learns better that way I guess. I mean It's not like I know him, but with the questions he was asking there's no way that he was looking at any old exams. Funnily enough, in my last class our prof took his own test and got a 78%.

All of this is to say that while a knowledge of what will be tested on does help you, it's certainly not necessary to be a top student. On the flipside, knowing what's on the test doesn't 'guarantee' you anything as I know a lot of failing students that run in the circle of people that study all of the old exams.

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  Why do all these videos end with a weird Indian guy saying "hahahahaha I don't brush my teeth"?
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>> No. 73145
File 143404182791.png - (20.20KB , 618x224 , hell.png )
I think HeyKids is Satan.
>> No. 73164
File 143407562697.jpg - (9.85KB , 474x190 , lord.jpg )
>> No. 73269

If only we had listened.
>> No. 73290
This is worse than alantutorial but not quite as bad as masaokis
>> No. 73493
why didn't we listen?

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