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On a scale from one to 10 how autistic is this board?
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I also live alone

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hello friends :3

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sup fellas
i need some controversial topics for a debate in my high school
any suggestions? (like religion vs science or gender equality)


Justifying having sex with girls between the ages of 14 and 17
also get out highschooler


women in videogames


all babies are whores


Softcore CP should be legal.


9-11 didn't happen, but it should have, and it will

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Why is it socially acceptable to be mellowing out on prescription medicine but not alcohol?
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Think he's probably referring to benzodiazepines but still, prescription opioids are a massive problem pretty much everywhere. Doctors don't give a shit, they still get paid whether you're an addict or not.


It's also socially acceptable to mellow out on alcohol- doing a george ghorogood as a whiny cunt impression isn't. Also that space lady has got some bad internet.

Docs gaf now since most states can investigate them if they don't check PDMPs before prescribing, and if they're regularly prescribing to red flag pts it's only a matter of time before they get fucked even if they're being legitimate.


Seems like you were intoxicated when writing this post but that only makes your more credible on the subject I guess.


It's not like I can show up for work all drunk or have a relaxing beer during my break.


People don't go to work on pills to relax, they do it because every moment is agony if they don't. Even then, companies would still probably fire people on pain pills if they could do so legally. If you're looking to get high at work because it's stressful or whatever that's not socially acceptable no matter what you're taking, because it decreases usefulness and productivity.

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I love your fucking taco. You can be an admin for this fine work.




>born 2007

File: 1541439193442.jpg (34.16 KB, 620x300, guy-fawkes-south-bank-lond….jpg)


Remember remember the fifth of November!


remember these nuts, retard

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anyone have the 99chan song? The fact that my contribution to lyrics was the numbers 0 to 99, and he actually made it work the madman, still gives me a giggle.


I also convinced mombjguy to just do audio
Though it was probably fake.
God I miss 99chan.


File: 1540109352503.png (112.5 KB, 1135x754, 1540109314.png)

from overchan
yeah, remember that shit?



>>628 the audio was real. This guy was on the up and up. I wish I had kept in contact. Id loved to have understood more about him.

File: 1536201714540.gif (10.72 KB, 200x200, 4374865.gif)


Alright real talk faggots

does anyone have old screencaps from 99chan or IRC logs this place is now a decade old technically 11 due to 78chan please jesus christ tell me someone has saved some history/lore [spoilers]because it seems my retarded ass tossed out a few old HDD in storage[/spoiler]
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just type the following command and all your problems will disappear:
ipconfig /flushdns

You also may find it prudent to clear your browser cache as well.(user was warned for this post)


ipconfig /flushdns


Do you have the thread where the guy was trying out his college entrance essay on us and he described that he had a kink in his neural network?
What about the guy that had sex with his intellectually deficient cousin?




Oh man I would die to read the kink guy's manifesto again

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Why do blonde white women like this constantly entertain black men? Listen to these people


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