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File 148846521551.jpg - (1.43MB , 3264x2448 , DSCN0286.jpg )
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r8 my anti-masturbation device.

It's a strip of self-adhesive bandage. It keeps a bit of pressure on your helmet and takes away the urge to fap.

I've been fapping to porn too much and can't get a proper chub anymore.

I'm going to do 100 days complete abstinence and reboot the system.

I'm on day 20 now.
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>> No. 81005
Have you tried using lube and not gripping your dick like a god damn savage?
>> No. 81007

Looks better and my frenulum used to often tear.


That's what I'm going to do after 100 days or when my erections come back properly.
>> No. 81018
File 148940312372.jpg - (84.94KB , 631x1024 , micro willy.jpg )
>> No. 81019
File 148941646995.jpg - (12.77KB , 218x272 , yuge disgust.jpg )
>Looks better
>> No. 81021
Bad news, I just nutted. I started touching myself and it just went from there. I'm resetting the counter today.

File 14892643518.jpg - (142.58KB , 900x1183 , 2007.jpg )
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2007 was a turning point my life.

Not only was that the year I graduated high school and went to college, I became engrossed in the shadier side of the internet. On the various shitty forums I'd post, their respective communities frequently linked to Encyclopedia Dramatica, which gave me my first taste of deeply vulgar humor. Absolutely nothing in entertainment compared to a single page on ED. I then discovered imageboards, which drastically changed the course of my life and browsing habits.

One decade later, here I am today, reflecting on the course of my life. The saner part of my psyche would argue I'd squandered my prime on frivolity, but in all the years I spent lurking here and everywhere, I like to think I learned about the nature of man under the cloak of anonymity.

On one hand, I'd be at least one decade closer to retirement had I kept my focus towards a lucrative and productive career. It's entirely possible I would've learned to deal with neurotypicals better and perhaps even successfully integrate into their stupid society.

On the other hand, I've learned quite a bit through casual observations from people on the internet I would've had a much harder time gathering from real life interactions.

Mixed feelings, really.

How about you? Did 2007 have the same effect on you?
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>> No. 81023
We so need tax reform in this country.
>> No. 81024
Hey the Big Bang Theory is a legit show. They have a lot of nerdy jokes I can get enjoy because I'm a nerd, and I laugh at literally everyone of them.

Today I was made very happy when I heard that they're going to get a spin-off series that focuses on a younger Sheldon. When that finally comes out it'll be great, I'll have the perfect background music of a whiny voice and audience laughter for when I blow my fucking brains out.
>> No. 81025

Someone didn´t reap the benefits of a thicker skin and learning to have a laugh.
Calm down, you sound like a feminist.
>> No. 81026
File 148959453479.jpg - (92.96KB , 680x957 , The_Big_Bang_Theory_fake_1089841_900_-_badmojo.jpg )

They also did sneaked in quite obscure references from time to time, like a Dennis O'Neil´s The question, subtle touches like that. That show did drag on until much later than it really should have, but it was produced with attention to detail and fuck sake Melissa Rauch is hot.
>> No. 81028
Yeah it's really not that bad. Naturally my gammy likes it so I end up watching it whenever it comes on when I visit. There's some occasional clever "nerd jokes" in there but there's just so much to hate that it doesn't quite balance out.

It does occupy a weird role as being a show about nerds that nerds don't like but has contributed to the rise of "nerd" becoming a wider thing in culture, even if most people probably still wouldn't want to interact with a real nerd if they saw one.

File 148509608198.png - (513.47KB , 496x612 , yiffme.png )
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How do you feel about Donald Trump?
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>> No. 80810
Except it's not "weird" at all, the town I described could probably be used to describe in part the towns that are all around me. It's actually considered a desirable place to live by many.

I'm not trying to extrapolate any larger political point from my immediate surroundings, though. I'm not sure what any of this have to do with immigration. For the record I support an immigration overhaul, our current laws are 60 years old but Republicans don't want to change them because they're singularly obsessed with a border wall. And yeah, at a certain point taking in the entire world's dispossessed is not workable. I wish we could have a real debate about those things without it immediately descending into racist memeing.
>> No. 80811
I would be okay with less memes, but racism is pretty important to the debate, and I say that as a pretty unapologetic racist. I genuinely think that multiple cultures sharing a single government does not work out well for anyone involved and any input I would have on an "overhaul" discussion is going to reflect that I would like zero immigrants from non-European nations. So what do you mean by overhaul.
>> No. 80813
Well it doesn't surprise me that everything is about race to a racist, I guess.

The immigration issues, depending on what issues they are, can be addressed in a great many ways. Japan doesn't have problems with illegal immigration not just because they are an island, but because even if you overstay a visa you will have a very hard time getting a job and housing, even if you do know the language well enough. The fact that most of the focus is on the brown people coming in and not on the businesses that give them food and shelter says a lot about the overall conversation.
>> No. 81027
  Immigration is quite a difficult subject because it has to be approached via statistics, and thats definitely not intuitive or insctinctive and to make it even worst the situation can often be punctuated by anectdotal evidence affecting people on a personal level, I´ve seen otherwise quite rational and intelligent people hold personal grudges like the murder of a close one to someone in X ethnicity becoming race intolerance and be passed on between generations. It is exactly because it is a difficult subject that we need to be more patient when portraying it, not only patient to commit to a judgement and make it public or to disregard other because their background lead them to a biased perspective, but to refrain from making the crass mistake of thinking to quickly about it and confusing what appears to us as a solid reasoning at all and listen not only to the words but to the person saying them. This exercise of communication is exhausting, hard and ungrateful, no wonder so few countries figure out reasonably sound policies.
>> No. 81029
This is good, I can only take political videos seriously when a British guy is talking.

But yeah I think he pretty much got it, I don't mind the idea of limiting immigration based on issues of resources, logistics, and macroeconomics but it's much more politically expedient to turn it into a CULTURE WAR issue. Someone may oppose immigration and mention economics at the start, but then you get an hour-long rant about how they have to press 2 for Spanish and whycome muslims where scarves? Then people on the other side might talk about the need to overhaul immigration, but then spend all their time responding to the others as a bunch of racist dickholes.

File 148932046643.jpg - (38.96KB , 320x406 , 1487842316001.jpg )
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oi let's huff some marijuanas and FRIG
>> No. 81003
Well you better be providing because I'm dry

File 148755174383.jpg - (27.25KB , 512x384 , mombjguy's mom.jpg )
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Mombjguy was 10 years ago now. Feel old?
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>> No. 80946
Holy fuck I visit this site after 5 years and you're still talking about the same shit.
>> No. 80947
It's either this or we don't talk about the same shit and you feel culturally isolated from a place you used to frequent. You can't win either way.
>> No. 80949

which sonic
>> No. 80950
nasty af
>> No. 81002
She won't ever know she's famous on a Nigerian alcoholism forum

File 147458973139.jpg - (81.71KB , 800x533 , the edmund fitzgerald.jpg )
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If I had so much money that it lost its original meaning, I would buy one of these, gut and spend a ridiculous pile of money on it to suit it to your equally ridiculous wants.

What would you do with yours?
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>> No. 80867
Don't tell me what to do bro, you don't know me bro. Here's the link to the good one though. I'll do the others soon I guess. For once I actually kinda wish they didn't pointlessly censor this shit.

>> No. 80868
Does that mean the rest of the time you like it when they pointlessly censor shit?

Also I really do hope, for their own sake, that japanese porn is in no way representative to the way they actually have sex, or do foreplay, or even kiss for that matter. Everything they do seems absolutely retarded.
>> No. 80870
I never liked it but it never bothered me that much. Call me weird but the hot part of porn was never the act of a penis going into a vagina, I'm only ever really annoyed by it during masturbation scenes or something.

I can say that sex as shown in porn is quite over the top and showy compared to 'normal' sex, which is quite varied as one might expect. Hence the huge open-mouth kisses and such.
>> No. 80872
>Hence the huge open-mouth kisses and such.
They don't even do that, though. They comically pucker their lips and smash them against someone else's, or use their tongues in a way that makes it look like it's a slimy worm they're trying to suck into their mouths. And what the fuck kind of tit/ass fondling is that? Are they trying to cop a feel or soothe and comfort them like they're sad children's heads? Why do the men stare so intently when licking the women? Why do the women ALWAYS insist in licking and kissing the men's nipples? WHAT'S WITH THE WOMEN ACTING LIKE THEY'RE IN CONSTANT, UNBEARABLE PAIN
>> No. 81000
File 148930198257.png - (227.67KB , 780x420 , error.png )
I would pay Rickb to fix the captcha on /tttm/.

File 148489981342.jpg - (68.59KB , 718x815 , textingcodes.jpg )
80659 No. 80659 hide quickreply [Reply]
Does 99chan stand for parents are gone chan?
>> No. 80661
now I will undertand my kids.
>> No. 80664
I'm old. Who can explain 1174 to me?
>> No. 80767
"nude club"
>> No. 80940
I am pathologically obsessed with the clearly depraved sex lives of kids these days this paranoid fetishism has nothing to do with my bourgeois shame and repression

>> No. 80978

File 148694219265.png - (273.73KB , 1238x385 , SNLisNews.png )
80839 No. 80839 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
How is a summary about SNL's skits a news story? Anyone else want to jerk in this circle?
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>> No. 80959
Many stuck with Bush during his low points as well, his diehards and some partisan hacks will continue to claim what they have to in order to fool themselves into believing he's flawed but not that bad. Voting for someone gives you a certain personal investment in their success, Trump's problem is simply not that many people voted for him. His ego wakes up every morning tortured by the fact that he didn't win the popular vote, Bush just never gave a shit about that.

If he is sunk by some unforeseen revelation or scandal, I think healthcare will be the thing that does it. It's pretty much a lose-lose for Republicans overall. There's a reason why they're really stalling on this and haven't produced a real bill in six years. Democrats are just going to use the GOP playbook and blame every uninsured person and cost increase on the middle class on "Trumpcare". If they do nothing and keep Obamacare intact, even under a different name, then the red meat crowd will feel betrayed and stay home/leave. They know they have to cut the red wire to survive but all the wires look red. Who know healthcare could be so complicated?

The rest of the story is pretty predictable from there. Personally I'm an advocate for very small scale-government, fuck states rights, more and more power should be returned to municipalities and other voluntarily-associating areas. If Trump encourages more liberal and urban areas to tell the feds to get the fuck out of their business, then that's a positive in my book.
>> No. 80970
>he didn't want to do anything about the place where Salafi terrorists are bred and disseminated, Saudi Arabia.

Alright, I'm gonna ignore all of your other attempts through several posts to just lump everyone who disagrees with you into being extensions of Trump who are responsible for everything he does. I'd like to focus on this. We can stop trying to typecast each other here, because we have some common ground, I think, and I don't just mean about barring people from entering the country.

The problem isn't that Trump or Clinton or Obama are doing these insane things that piss off a bunch of people like me, or 4 years later, piss off a bunch of people like you. It's that at heart, they're more or less identical. They're just corporatists who only ever spice things up a little. Spice might be building a wall, and having California flip out while Tennessee cheers. It might be making jackoff statements about Trayvon Martin or promoting gun control so that the opposite happens. But when it comes down to it, I think the thing that we really hate about these people are how unsettlingly alike they are. We make a lot of money with Saudi Arabia, so Trump, "my guy" is going to do some stupid ban for show while neglecting to so much as criticize them. Hillary, "your girl" is going to promote herself as a caring, globe-loving peaceful human while inciting several wars and building up the surveillance state and strangling Julian Assange in a bathroom stall.

These people really don't give a shit about even their straight-ticket constituency. Immigrants will continue to pour in because a labor surplus is good for corporations no matter what republican is ever in office. Foreign governments will continue to be dismantled to keep their markets available to us no matter what democrat is ever in office.

I don't think that "99chan Republicans" fall into the category of people who are duped by people like Trump. I don't think that "99chan Democrats" like you fall into the category of people who are duped by Clinton. If I can offer an apology for being happy that Trump was elected, it would be that I was mostly happy to see a high-pressure diarrhea bomb thrown into the well-oiled Washington machine that peacefully creates soft, gentle wars and soft, gentle population replacement, and softly and gently allows a third of the population to go without employment. This country is so fucking insane and hypocritical, most of us just wanted to see something damage its brain. Oh, and of course, watching Jewish Women College Professors for Hillary, or whatever our bogeyman is, experience a ton of pain is really fun. You got that with your redneck bogeymen during years of Obama, so you know that.

Anyway, I think a lot of us are more on the same page as you than you realize. By all means, go ahead and in 4 years, elect some younger, violent, mentally ill clone of Bernie Sanders. I'll seriously vote for him alongside you, especially if he runs against a Bush.
>> No. 80975
I suppose that's the difference when you drill down deep. I voted for Hillary, not because I liked the bitch or even thought she would be a great President. She just wouldn't be appreciably different from Obama. Not because I want to import a bazillion mooslims from the exotic lands across the ocean. I voted for her because I don't think America is some lost cause, I think it can work, given the right stimulus and enough time. Maybe Republicans, looking at another four years of a Democrat in the White House would finally compromise on something, anything, if it just meant doing something positive for people. Maybe they'd compromise on immigration reform, so we could finally update our ancient, irrelevant laws one way or another. Maybe we'd get a Supreme Court that didn't unironically state that corporations were literally the same as people in the eyes of the law. Maybe, just maybe, I could keep hoping that the land that I really do love doesn't circle down the drain of destructive populist-nationalism like so many countries did before it, losing any tiny shred of leadership authority we may have clung onto.

Otherwise rational, forward-thinking people willing to scrap all of that just watch college kids and bloggers go supernova on social media doesn't give me much comfort. The chance of Trump actually pissing off and fucking the Washington Establishment to death were always a long shot, but a worthy enough goal.

I didn't vote the way I did because some petty internet culture warriors trolled me on Twitter. Those people were expecting Hill-dawg to win anyway, and they would have had a blast spreading conspiracy theories about how she runs pedophile sex rings underneath mooslim pizza shops for four years (well, they did that one anyway, it is pretty classic). I know and see the pain that made people want to at least roll the dice on trump if not go full-on fanboy when it came to the MAGA shit. They got inspired the same way many of my libtard friends got inspired in 2008 when they thought Obama was really gonna change things.

I knew I took great pleasure in watching the right go bonkers after 2012. I also neglected to look at the ways "my guys" were setting themselves up for massive failure down the line. At least you're not making the same mistake now.
>> No. 80976
Right on, and I think that's an understandable stance to take if you're an optimist. I only have one bone of partisan contention to pick with you here. When you get things like-

>Maybe we'd get a Supreme Court that didn't unironically state that corporations were literally the same as people in the eyes of the law

I have no idea why people buy democrat marketing like this. As if the neoliberal powerbrokers within the party are somehow less in favor of this kind of corporatist behavior. I don't think there's much to suggest that there's a majority of congressmen in either major party who want to trash the model which is working so successfully for them personally. Same thing with the party of peace and tranquility strafing one side of an irrelevant civil war in yemen because they calculate that the other side will be a better trading partner, or with them spying on you and trying to hunt down the whistle blower "but Barack reminds me so much of Dr. King :333".

I think that a lot of intelligent people vote for the democrats because, while they are aware of its falsehood, they think that posturing of this kind is at least a step in the right direction - talk that may lead to acceptance which may eventually lead to action. And, you know, that's ine theory. Mine is that tolerating the hypicrisy tells them that they can get away with it.
>> No. 80977
>I have no idea why people buy democrat marketing like this. As if the neoliberal powerbrokers within the party are somehow less in favor of this kind of corporatist behavior.

Well there's a reason why I said "maybe". But as much as people crow about Democrats being corporatist neoliberals, every Clinton and Obama Supreme Court nominee voted against Citizen's United, and while Dodd-Frank wasn't much it was at least something. The neoliberal wing of the party never supported Citizens United, but the Sanders wing somehow created an alternate reality where they did and Sanders could just overturn the decision through sheer force of will because a birdie landed on his podium. It was as delusional as the sincere Trumpies.

I'm under no delusions about how much money Shillary took from her bankster masters, but a piece of toast with shit spread is still better than a full-on turd sandwich.

File 148488206760.jpg - (236.63KB , 1920x1440 , food image for no reason lol.jpg )
80654 No. 80654 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Why does no one post here anymore?
53 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 80966
Do you even know what the sengoku period was or WHY they had such high rates of firearm useage during it, you fuck? It's hardly something to aspire to.
>> No. 80968

I know you're not the guy I'm arguing with, because he's pretty clever and able to discuss post content and has basic reading comprehension.

>No chance for anything in between, because that would undermine my worldview
Holy shit, it's almost like someone with an opinion that you would consider extreme holds an opinion that you would consider extreme. That's so fucking perceptive

> Considering Star Trek showcased its diversity in a manner meant to piss off the segregationist
How high are you? I just used it as an example of unrealistic expectations of multicultural cooperation. Like, that's exactly why I said it.

>"kids that don't look exactly like my kids showing up at little league games" is pretty fucking far down on the goddamn priority list.
They won't be playing little league. That's the whole point. And of course matters relating to posterity are far down your priority list. "me me me me me" "now now now now". Just like the babyboomers, the world just begins and ends based on whatever you encounter within 50 feet of you at all times. How you feel about yourself in the moment, and how your politics make you look are paramount, which is why inviting Sudan into the West and telling tattoed whores how open-minded and in favor of that sort of thing you are is so important.

>Oh, and /yourguy/ stocked his White House with those Jewy Goldman-Sachs types you have a hateboner for
"Hey look he said something conservative. He agrees with Trump on everything and I can get him good by equating Trump's actions with him personally"
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 80971
>How high are you? I just used it as an example of unrealistic expectations of multicultural cooperation. Like, that's exactly why I said it.

Fair enough. I was (and still am) a little woozy from antibiotics.

>They won't be playing little league. That's the whole point. And of course matters relating to posterity are far down your priority list. "me me me me me" "now now now now".

Says the guy complaining about the abstract possibility that his future child may not want to or cannot play a game. At least I think that's your point.

I get it, I think you're obsessed with preserving some halcyon vision of America that is some weird mashup of the 80s and 50s, that totally existed and isn't just a fabrication of ever-paranoid right-wingers.

As for me? I'll probably be okay in whatever unsustainable 1% financial service banking dystopia you're willing to embrace so long as you can get your white nationalism in return. I don't need much. So long as your friends aren't going to start some kind of moral panic against anime or video games in order to distract from the 3 new wars they start, I'm kinda set for a while.

No, I'm considerably more concerned for people who don't have the luxury of having a STEM degree, whatever pigment their skin is, who are already hurting and desperate. I'm worried about how much more hurt and desperate they'll become once all that promised wealth doesn't trickle down once again, and they suddenly won't have great healthcare because you take Obama's name off it. I don't give a shit if some nice white yokels in North Dakota want to ban transfolk from their all-Christian tire shops or whatever.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 80973
>So long as your friends aren't going to start some kind of moral panic against anime or video games
Okay, deal. This is going to be awesome.

>I'm worried about how much more hurt and desperate they'll become once blah blah blah the ever-present shit healthcare in the united states that's unlikely to dramatically improve or be destroyed any time soon blah blah blah a shitload of wars my candidate also wants blah blah blah corporate technocracy my candidate also wanted

I completely agree. Read >>80970
>> No. 80974
Haven't been here since 2009.

File 148308136597.jpg - (472.12KB , 1609x1075 , juggalomovie.jpg )
80315 No. 80315 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
post some bad movies

7 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 80952
File 148869810013.jpg - (604.74KB , 2142x1441 , Disaster_Movie-Caratula.jpg )
>> No. 80956
The more I look at this cover the more it looks like it could possibly be really bad porn.
>> No. 80958
You didn't specify which one, but with enough imagination it could work for any of them
>> No. 80960
File 148875065774.jpg - (1.13MB , 2000x2529 , batman-v-superman-ultimate-edition-blu-ray-cover.jpg )
I'm very funny and original please subscribe to my 99channel and make sure to like, subscribe, leave a comment, and follow me on twitter, facebook, and instagram and check out my friend's channel that talks all about politics in video games.
>> No. 80961
File 148876561536.jpg - (5.51KB , 184x184 , richevaning.jpg )
Batman v Superman: Dawn of AAAAIIIIDDDSSS

File 148625452768.jpg - (591.75KB , 500x5000 , 1395357726888.jpg )
80777 No. 80777 hide quickreply [Reply]
wow this website fuckin sucks

>> No. 80778
I know, right? We should totally go somewhere else like 8chan or 314chan.
>> No. 80825
I'm really embarrassed for anyone trying to make new obscure boards in 2017
>> No. 80945
File 148862465734.gif - (203.31KB , 176x220 , 129608617574.gif )
Nosy little fucker, aren't you?

No. 80660 hide quickreply [Reply]
  Are trannies better than real women?
>> No. 80906

next question
>> No. 80938
How are you doing?
>> No. 80994
Life is shit and I want to die but I'm too much of a coward to end it all

File 148853641094.jpg - (100.89KB , 636x477 , 20130111_221634.jpg )
80935 No. 80935 hide quickreply [Reply]
I haven't been here for years. I see activity is even slower than when I left.

I will probably not return.

Just thought I'd say hi for old times sake.
>> No. 80936
Fuck off


File 14877382287.jpg - (151.12KB , 631x355 , IMG_0253.jpg )
80885 No. 80885 hide quickreply [Reply]
Prove you deserve to live
>> No. 80886
I call the white thing in the picture a デンマ because I am a literal shit eater
>> No. 80888
Why should I?
>> No. 80891
File 148783658966.jpg - (41.25KB , 243x320 , jesus-cat.jpg )
I helped Donald Trump get elected
>> No. 80919
Nope :)
>> No. 80930
No one deserves anything good or anything bad.

No. 80920 hide quickreply [Reply]
  post old flash cartoons
>> No. 80921

No. 80815 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
  What do you think a cyst tastes like??
3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 80851
I would have to respectfully disagree with that assessment.
>> No. 80856
File 148710999443.jpg - (26.58KB , 564x423 , lindor.jpg )
Lindor chocolate probably
>> No. 80866
Probably a bit like ear wax. Cysts are just pockets of skin secretions afterall.

Infected ones probably taste like rot.
>> No. 80873
File 148756082536.gif - (1.37MB , 635x467 , s-695fa318bab8dd374888d1c468b95f93bce8e768.gif )
They probably taste like that semi-hard bit of the chicken you always spit out when eating the way chicken is supposed to be eaten.
>> No. 80882
So like lemons, then?

File 145672224732.jpg - (19.88KB , 228x373 , Lisa.jpg )
77436 No. 77436 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Where would I go to buy someone's dead's grandma's ashes?
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 77442
You sample the merchandise before paying. Have you never bought human remains before?
>> No. 77443

Yeah, but I don't see how you're going to fuck a box of ashes. This is completely different territory.
>> No. 77445
What, you think they're prudes in the trailer parks? Just whip it out and rub it on the ashes, man. if it's secretly coke or heroin, you'll just get really high and that's how you know.
>> No. 77466
I recently came into possession of the ashes of a dead pagan witch. She burned herself to death accidentally during some dumb ritual in a park at midnight. It involved candles and a very flammable cloak.
>> No. 80857
that dress looks like it would be hella sticky and uncomfortable

File 148710335144.png - (566.75KB , 800x600 , hrhand.png )
80854 No. 80854 hide quickreply [Reply]

Hey /b/ play this game, I've posted about it in the past and you guys should make a group again.
Quick description:
Hell Rising is a post-apocalyptic browser-based MMORPG/survival simulator inspired by Urban Dead. The game is set within a quarantined city of which the inhabitants have been mutated by a special type of fungal infection. You can play as either a human, zombie, or a unique infected type known as a vampire. You may choose to attempt survival as a human, or hunt those that do as one of the undead, but death only means you continue your existence as a different kind of monstrosity.

Some good places for supplies or base building are at 509,512. Its wincross police department. It has guns/ammo, you can access a island prison from inside with more supplies and a mall and laxarix building (place where you can get serum to cure the infected) nearby.

The other area of importance is fort boilings at 516,498. It has every supply you will ever need but its dangerous because undead players target it. I would only make supply runs there unless you plan to be online a lot and have a lot of people to help you defend it.

A set of work-in-progress beginner's guidelines can be found here:
And maps of the quarantine zone can be found here:

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 80855
It's last update was nearly a year and a half ago.
>> No. 80926
>Hey /b/

File 148420424451.jpg - (58.98KB , 720x721 , anabel.jpg )
80511 No. 80511 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
How do we stop the daily flood of CP we've been getting for the past week?

40 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 80828
The only thing that ended was the lattest wave. It's not close to the first; why should it be the last? In fact the policies we adopt and tricks we pull off to keep spam at bay are more of an exercise in hygiene and administration than a permanent solution, because quite simply there isn't one. Even the best get spam every once in a while. We're even more prone to it since, hey, we're not exactly Google. We're working with what we have in the ways we can.
>> No. 80832
We've always been this special combination that makes us vulnerable to spam: small and weak but also well known and disliked. We're like the Jews.
>> No. 80836

Okay, there was another bad one a moment ago. I move to challenge ip's from everywhere except the USA, Western Europe, and Argentina (klappy).
>> No. 80844
What about all us gay Canadians?
>> No. 80845
You'll get polite challenges

File 148201434049.gif - (1.00MB , 480x270 , cleaningtits.gif )
80238 No. 80238 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
How does it make you feel that thanks to the internet your great great grandchildren might find your nudes long after you're dead?
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>> No. 80698
>there are three that are on some kind of sadness spectrum.
I'd like to a) see some sources on this, and b) hear of this magic land where one in three people aren't sad about their jobs, regardless of what it is that they do.

And I think your view of the manifestation of people's mental disorders as "downright whimsical and fun" is pretty twisted.
>> No. 80699
For someone trying to pretend mental illnesses are the worst thing ever, you seem awfully autistic.

If someone can't get a job anywhere else and they just end up doing whatever at Walmart, they can at least tell people about that. They may personally hate their job more than porn, but at least they don't have to disappear and withdraw from their friends and family. At least they don't live in mortal fear that someone might find out about it, lest they become the family whore. As much as you might want to be hipster and claim a shitty job at Pizza Hut is the same, it's really not even close. It has little to do with the inborn dignity of the job, and more to do with societal factors that shame you if you do choose that profession.

Most porn actors aren't great at acting, and it's not that hard to figure out which ones are into it and which ones are dead inside.

So I guess your point is that while an economic-societal system and drug epidemic that forces many people who'd rather not into some sort of porn, stripping, or whoring isn't depressing at all, but a bunch of shut-ins on the spectrum drawing weird porn for fun and profit is somehow depressing? Should people with "mental illnesses" just hide away and never interact with anyone?
>> No. 80702
Sasha Grey isn't just a port actress. She's a novelist, philosopher, scientist, dramatist, biochemist, park ranger, lion tamer, pediatric proctologist, Navajo shaman, and a power ranger.
>> No. 80706

I read she even likes Skinny Puppy.

They're from Canada, you know.
>> No. 80843
Dude. She was featured in two, TWO Current 93 albums. She's like a reverse Cosey Fanny Tutti.

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