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File 132742732496.jpg - (69.47KB , 292x400 , Groucho.jpg )
235 No. 235 Locked Stickied hide quickreply [Reply]
1. Don't troll /ask/ ever.
2. Be productive, please, and post things that are actual answers or really funny. "Kill yourself, lol" will not often fall into either category.
3. Tech Support goes to /india/ and math questions go to /calc/ and sexuality questions go to /docta/.
4. Rules subject to change as events warrant.

File 147647237179.jpg - (423.59KB , 911x1223 , 1.jpg )
1834 No. 1834 hide quickreply [Reply]
I am a stranger to others and to myself and I refuse to pretend that I am familiar or that I have history attached to my heels. I am glass clear empty glass.I see the world spinning behing and through me. I am a stranger and I am moving. I am moving on two legs soon to be on all fours. I am no longer animal vegetable or mineral. I am no longer made up of circuits or disks. I am no longer coded or deciphered. I am all emptiness and futility. I am an empty stranger, a carbon copy of my form. I can no longer find what I'm looking for outside of myself. It doesn't exist out there maybe it's only in here inside my head. But my head is glass and my eyes have stopped being cameras, the tape has run out and no gesture can touch me. I've been dropped into all this from another world and I can't speak your language any longer. See the signs I try to make with my hands and fingers. See the vague movements of my lips among the sheets. I'm a blank spot I'm a dark smudge in the air that dissipates without notice. I'm a broken wingow. I am a glass human. I am a glass human disappearing in rain. I am standing among all of you waving my invisible arms and hands. I am shouting my invisible words. I am getting so weary. I am growing tired. I am waving to you from here. I am crawling around looking for the aperture of complete and final emptiness. I am screaming but it comes out like pieces of clear ice. I am signalling that the volume of all this is too high. I am waving. I am waving my hands. I am disappearing. I am disappearing but not fast enough.
>> No. 1849
File 14868082856.png - (36.75KB , 1499x927 , _babel.png )
text by David Wojnarowicz

File 14855202136.jpg - (111.43KB , 1200x1800 , 61wt-TJqcVL.jpg )
1847 No. 1847 hide quickreply [Reply]
has anyone read Assassination Classroom


File 148326002015.jpg - (71.46KB , 800x450 , hmmmm2.jpg )
1844 No. 1844 hide quickreply [Reply]
So there's a girl that I've been talking with. Before winter break started, we watched a couple concerts together, and went out for lunch/dinner on a few different occasions. She's a bit eh when it comes to texting, but in person the vibe has been pretty nice. We'll be seeing a bit more of each other this month, thanks to both of us being in our university's pep band.

I'd like to eventually be in a relationship with this chick, and I think so far I've been on the right track, but I've never gotten this far before and I'm not sure where to go from here, or how the usual "pacing" of a thing like this goes. How long is safe to be just doing casual hangouts without falling into the friendzone, when/how to try advancing things some, that sort of stuff. Any advice that'll keep me from screwing this chance up?
>> No. 1850
I think this kind of thing belongs in /docta/, m8. Either repost there or maybe try your luck in /b/.

File 141403786251.png - (207.82KB , 650x851 , de4e3ed07e4c2997d7c9674b81e300c1.png )
1693 No. 1693 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Sup /ask/, so I got a question for you guys, but beforehand, lemme give you the run down.


>Meet this girl through one of my friends on FB
>We talk a bit through IM
>Then she gives me her number, I give mine in return.
>We start texting like crazy, I make the first move and ask her out to meet up in RL
>First date goes okay, she's pretty chill and we shoot the shit and troll each other the whole way through
>She leaves and gives me a hug before she leaves out
>Friendzoned maybe?
>We text back and forth afterwards, she says she had a good time
>After 3/4 weeks of this, I just get impatient and make another move again(drunk texting mind you) and ask her out for a 2nd date yesterday.
>She's totally cool with it.
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>> No. 1761
she likes you

just be cool

maybe you'll get laid (probably)
>> No. 1793
s'all good man
>> No. 1828
>stopping by my place and watching a movie
That's codeword for gooshgoosh
>> No. 1829
She just wants to fuck you.
>> No. 1841
what do you look like, what does she looks like?

File 147858171086.jpg - (26.21KB , 390x256 , 429178_498293670231227_1305730901_n_by_bell_the_da.jpg )
1838 No. 1838 hide quickreply [Reply]
Why do some people find gore erotic, or sexual?

I've never understood the attraction of seeing people die/be physically mutilated. To me, death has always been a terrifying thought, yet there are people who have orgasms to it. I've seen so many illustrations of this stuff throughout my time on chans, like characters getting off to themselves being killed.
Is it the thrill of dying that sparks the orgasm?
Is it like how adrenaline junkies go outrageous stunts for that short high?
Is it anyway related to necrophilia?
>> No. 1839
Why do you like whatever you like and not like whatever you don't like?
>> No. 1840
File 147879870091.jpg - (594.09KB , 1266x1156 , 14649040_p0.jpg )
I like some gore porn. The straight up bowels falling out mutilation stuff isn't quite up my alley but in general it's erotic to me.

I suppose the appeal of it is that it's a visceral shock to the system. Like watching horror or gore movies, I suppose. So more the first or second explanation, it's a thrill of the unknown, thrill of visceral experience, gets the blood pumping like few things really can I guess. I like gore movies but don't like standard horror or roller coaster/thrill rides much, however. I think part of the appeal of such things is that we go through life, forgetting that we're just animals with a lot of nasty shit hidden in our bodies and being reminded about how easily fragile we are is jolting.

I'm not personally that into necrophilia, my understanding is most of those guys don't like bodies that are torn apart or lots of gore. So perhaps a cousin, but not going hand in hand in most cases.

There's an interesting artist on Pixiv that seems to do nothing but relatively normal drawings, largely of pantyshots, and also the occasional hardcore guro series.

File 147825048549.jpg - (54.98KB , 678x780 , Questions-powerpoint-question-mark-clip-art.jpg )
1837 No. 1837 hide quickreply [Reply]
I need respondents for my survey, thought this was the best place.
Survey: https://www.surveylegend.com/s/7g7
It would be greatly appreciated if you could take the time to fill it in, it's quite short.

File 145633956621.png - (120.50KB , 500x313 , TRL.png )
1795 No. 1795 hide quickreply [Reply]
What are you doing with the rest of your year?

* Writing a minor thesis on tobacco regulation

* Running for public office: senate or federal parliament

* Dancing salsa

* Helping to organise a philanthropy conference *Live action role-playing

* Keeping away from my abusive parents and their house
>> No. 1796
>> No. 1816
being a NEET loser and watching my dream finally fail
>> No. 1835
1) stressing about my future
1a) stressing out about my parent's health
1b) stressing out about college
2) learning how to make a pokemon romhack as a shitty hobby
3) working only 10hr/week at a dining hall to pay for booze
4) writing a history blog

File 142922075171.jpg - (13.84KB , 320x287 , 1368528836001.jpg )
1737 No. 1737 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Hello, I've been absent from 99chan since 2009~ish. I browsed a lot back then, it was known for being less shit of an imageboard, which it was.

How have things changed since then? Are there many old timers left? There still seems to be some quality about the imageboard.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1742
it's slower and more superior than ever
>> No. 1746
I left when they started soliciting reddit for users. Seems to be a pretty desolate circlejerk between the remaining mods and adminship.
>> No. 1747
Uh... slow and consistent degradation due to aging user-base from the old days with low replacement, plus some server ownership issues.
>> No. 1832
I lurked here every year since then for about a week or so at a time.

I have noticed that the biggest problem is that the site seems to not have any purpose for a large number of it's boards. If there was a community at one point that needed these places to talk, they aren't here now.
>> No. 1833
I haven't been here in years. How the fuck is this place even still around? Like, I feel bad for 99chan. I FEEL bad. I PITY YOU

File 147534921577.jpg - (386.80KB , 2197x1463 , 4321575244.jpg )
1830 No. 1830 hide quickreply [Reply]
Hello anons i need your advice

I'm poor as a ship rat and i'm fucking stressed out about it. My job doesn't give me enough hours so i literally eat trash every night. One of my friends who sells drugs offered me to be one of his "guys". I'll be running with heavier things than just weed. How do i avoid police/jail time? Gang-members?

Also i'm gonna steal a laptop. From my work. It's in a room with a bunch of other lap tops and noone's in there ever.

Thoughts/advice on selling drugs?
Thoughts/advice on theft of a lap top? specifics. The kind of stuff, a newbie would never think about.
>> No. 1831
>How do i avoid police/jail time?
Don't commit crimes
Don't mingle with people who commit crimes

File 147108463247.jpg - (228.41KB , 1920x1080 , girl-015.jpg )
1823 No. 1823 hide quickreply [Reply]
Hi there. About one month ago i masturbated and during an ejaculation i have a huge pain in my penis. I haven't paid the attention and went to sleep. Next day I tried to make my penis hard, but couldn't do that. There was no more pain.
I went in clinic and doctor said, that everything in normal, but i took antibiotics for week - there is no effect, my penis is still "not working". I bought some viagra pills on https://viagra.online and took them in different doses: 25-50% of pill, even two whole pills per time. There is still no effect. I'm really scared. Please, can someone give me an advice or something? I hope you will help.

File 142321849829.jpg - (826.11KB , 1024x768 , Desert.jpg )
1731 No. 1731 hide quickreply [Reply]
Are medications the answer?
I am really considering taking some pills to make me a chiller person who can actually deal with his own mistakes.
'Whenever there is a failure and I can't shift the blame to any other factor than me, I just literally get so angry and sad I can't see anything. Today I fucking banged so hard on my desk I managed t
o make the computer reboot. These nervous breakdowns just keep taking toll on my heart, literally
>> No. 1751
File 143549727555.jpg - (98.33KB , 1024x768 , image.jpg )
I know the feeling you're describing.
My suggestion is that you try getting into meditation. Give it an earnest attempt and don't get discouraged by the initial frustration that tends to surface when you start it (I had been going on and off practicing it for years since it was so hard to make it a daily habit, but now when i've managed to keep at it have I noticed that it really fucking does help with my mentality).

I'm not as prone to anger or succumbing to other negative emotions anymore ( the negative impulses still occur but they are MUCH easier to handle and observe objectively).

I really recommend it man.
Combine it with a bit of yoga and you'll be a happy camper.
>> No. 1822
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbwXoXNE1co learn something from him

File 146845573345.png - (200.64KB , 600x1024 , Screenshot_2016-07-13-06-07-48.png )
1818 No. 1818 hide quickreply [Reply]
BasicLive with 5 family members.
-kinda of a shutin so they all in my business when i leave the house.
-always being watch someway or another being online or irl.
-small town
How do i get laid a keep my business private its a real small town.
>> No. 1819
File 146847415174.jpg - (42.86KB , 720x480 , Vikernes.jpg )
....I think..... ...I think I recognise this language's family... But there's no way this tongue is stil being spoken.

We need an expert- A.S.A.P.!

File 145263613834.jpg - (8.63KB , 274x240 , 11005956_828175183902305_1735557380_n.jpg )
1786 No. 1786 hide quickreply [Reply]
If you could fuck any historical figure, who would it be and why?
>> No. 1787
Anna Nicole Smith
>> No. 1788
File 145350055356.jpg - (182.22KB , 1600x1200 , Hadrian_and_Antinous_bust_British_Museum.jpg )
A threeway with the Roman Emperor Hadrian and his probable lover Antinous. Because they were sexy.
>> No. 1815
joan de arc because of her stinky french pussy

File 146493333946.jpg - (4.48KB , 259x194 , 01.jpg )
1814 No. 1814 hide quickreply [Reply]
Search and Discuss. sndone.com

File 146303661832.jpg - (26.40KB , 225x225 , IMG_20160512_003550.jpg )
1806 No. 1806 hide quickreply [Reply]
can some obe edit for me need the headphones ti

File 14386556182.jpg - (256.27KB , 1920x1200 , 126416557228.jpg )
1753 No. 1753 hide quickreply [Reply]
Last year I had 5 felony possession charges placed against me.
Long story short when I splitting the sheets cause I found my ex cheating, she planted several pills in my house that she had total access to, then called the police and told them bs.
I can prove it, I have audio files of several people admitting that they know it was a set up and saying they refuse to speak out because they are afraid of my ex.

I've told the police, my lawyer has a copy, I tried to get a copy to my DA but that asshole died last week.

How can I legally or mentally move on with my life now? I'm still awaiting word on my cases. I want to move out of state but that will look like I'm running. She's still coming to my area to "suntan" within sight of my house. I call the cops and they say there's nothing they can do but she is literally standing just outside the restraining order distance. Figuratively saying "I'm not touching you I'm not touching you". I've set up security cameras and I live in fear of a 130 lb cold, calculating, redhead. She has a history of poisoning and violence.

Any suggestions?
>> No. 1759

Damn. If your defense holds she will probably be charged. Best of luck to to you and talk with your defense to try to get that info admitted. Problem is that if these people don't consent to have their testimony in court as public evidence then the files might not be admissible.
>> No. 1777
Forget law. Punch in face and warning to stay away? Wouldn't suggest this action but it is a common choice
>> No. 1780
> I'm still awaiting word on my cases. I want to move out of state but that will look like I'm running.

From who? From the law? Wait until the case is decided.

From her? Why do you give a shit what she thinks you're doing? If you are truly that concerned about her doing harm to you, then for your own psychological health, move far, far away. Maybe it's time for a change anyway. Leave everything you know behind, get in touch with yourself kind of experience.
>> No. 1802
OP here. Thought I'd let everyone know the story has a happy ending. All the charges got dropped and the redhead is staying away. I was panicking last year but now I can go back to lurking and trolling like normal. Thanks for the support Anon, seriously. -L

File 145771380813.jpg - (11.31KB , 279x600 , 0000001178-s152a9f804d0e0f_720x600.jpg )
1800 No. 1800 hide quickreply [Reply]
Can you help me craft a message to the LARP community I'm part of?

I'm thinking of something like the following which also explains why I'm writing it:

''Get that prick!'. Last night an inappropriate slur was repeatedly shouted at me during a game. It had no contextual relevance whatsoever and totally stunned me. Several people heard it since the guy shouting it was rallying people to 'get that >slur<'. I hope I don't come across that again. If you're that person, or you know who I am referring to, please pass on this message. If it happens again don't expect me to ignore it and write a civil message here. and I have no reason to believe this message has been passed on, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and approach you to talk about it. You were lost in the crowd today and I didn't want to get in people's way this time. If you do hear about this and it happens again don't expect me to be so civil about it next time :) I'm sure I've had more experience dealing with bigots than you have being bigoted ;) No one should have their night ruined by inappropriate behaviour like this. If you've been made to feel uncomfortable like I was last night for any reason: your gender, race, disability, orientation whatever know that there's at least one person out here who'll stick up for you if the marshal doesn't see it and/or other *insert larp commnity name here* people don't recognise its an issue'

>> No. 1801
Prick (n): (vulgar slang) A penis; a man regarded as stupid, unpleasant, or contemptible.

I've typically heard it used to describe someone who is a stuck up or self righteous asshole. I'm not sure what additional meaning you are assigning the word, so here is my advice:

Cut the passive aggressive bullshit. Passing notes? Are you serious? Next time you see this guy, tell him (to his face, do you understand?) "Listen dude, when you called me a prick last time it totally killed the atmosphere for me. I mean, it didn't fit with the RP or action at all. Did I piss you off or something? It really bothers me when people use that word and I just want to know how it can be avoided in the future." Since you are probably not the confrontational type, you would clearly have someone else within earshot to intervene if the guy decided to be a dick about it.

Also these lines: " If it happens again don't expect me to ignore it and write a civil message here."/" I'm sure I've had more experience dealing with bigots than you have being bigoted"--actually the whole message really makes you come off as a prick. Here's a better message for you:

"Last night one of you called me a prick. Some of you may not know that I am, in actual life, a (whatever prick is slang for, I'm assuming gay but maybe it's raging cuntbeast), and I find the use of that derogatory term to be offensive and inappropriate, whether or not its use is directed toward me. I try to show respect for all of you during our sessions (whatever you call them) because I want everyone else to have a good time, and only ask that you show the same respect for me. I don't want an apology or an excuse; I just want to LARP and have fun without worrying about the shit I deal with every day in my real life, same as you."

File 14576308257.jpg - (48.58KB , 454x444 , image.jpg )
1798 No. 1798 hide quickreply [Reply]
so i might be intoxicated with cleaning stuff i breathed whiled I was cleaning for a living. (maybe) or its because lack of dopamin and other stuff with lead to this:

-trembling hands, no power in muscles,
-huuuugeeee ffffffffffuuuucking dementia

yeah thats about it. might be parkinsons early stage.
here are the questions:
-anyone ever experienced similar shit and recovered?
-is there a way to get all those toxins off?
-i dont know what exactly to ask
>> No. 1799
The fuck do you mean by "huge fucking dementia"? Are you running around your neighborhood naked screaming that the english are coming?

File 13595942677.gif - (440.79KB , 200x199 , 1320213891380.gif )
1356 No. 1356 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
If you could only eat ONE food and drink ONE beverage for the rest of your living life, what the fuck would you choose, brothers?

A Turkey Bacon Ranch Footlong subway sandwich along with a diet Pepsi.

Your move!
27 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1748
File 143401100791.jpg - (384.13KB , 1600x1195 , coco-ichibanya.jpg )
Chicken Cutlet Curry x2, Large, Level 10.

Milk because I fucking love milk.
>> No. 1749
Hmmm...it's a tie between green tea and water, but green tea speeds up your metabolism which would make you eat more of the one food you're doomed to eat for the rest of your life...so I guess I'll go with water.

Food-wise? Ooof...I guess veggie wraps with cheddar and hummus.

I'm overthinking this.
>> No. 1750
Lets just say that we are healthy off this stuff forever then?

Penne Alfredo with a thai chili sauce mixed in and chocolate milk.
>> No. 1752
>human flesh sandwiches with lettuce cheese beetroot and carrot.
>> No. 1784
froot loops with strawberry yogurt

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