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File 132505732515.jpg - (622.30KB , 1545x2245 , 1276015312588.jpg )
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Since it might be a while before the old /fit/ sticky is restored...
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>> No. 389
Ok fitbro. Thanks anyway.

File 132857580044.jpg - (291.26KB , 1414x1500 , il_fullxfull_213650284.jpg )
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Ladies, post pictures of clothes that you wear, your style, or clothes that you really want to wear.

Gentlemen, post pictures of clothes you like to see on a lady.

Genderless/Genderfluid folks, post either.
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>> No. 643
I actually own a couple of inaisce pieces. Say what you want about Jonah, but his fabrics are extremely interresting.

Not a lady, tho, but I wear both mens- and womenswear.
>> No. 660
File 144608898321.png - (352.04KB , 430x448 , hobbo.png )
>> No. 661
File 144608919975.jpg - (92.79KB , 717x960 , JewStarSpooky.jpg )
>> No. 680
File 145437530783.jpg - (91.01KB , 919x629 , 10398078_10153973332577784_6972792323637547940_n_m.jpg )
>> No. 701
Hey I got a question for guys, how do you think this looks on a woman?


File 147121928163.jpg - (246.77KB , 750x736 , image.jpg )
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File 14697780164.jpg - (25.34KB , 400x285 , phelps bong hit fake-1.jpg )
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you guys ever consider swimming for fitness
>> No. 696
well yeah, what's your point

File 144891731532.jpg - (84.26KB , 883x431 , image.jpg )
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Minor issue. Been in a relationship for 2 plus years. Usual relationship shit, we argue, we kiss, we make up, rinse, repeat. Just as we were getting into this, I met a girl through work. She's a customer at my shop, and she never just buys summat the goes, we always have an at times quite flirty conversation.Now she seems to be somewhat of an upgrade to my current girlfriend, fun, active, thinner, ambitious, likes to have a drink or three. My current missus wont get a proper job, bitches like fuck if she has to get out of bed at a normal time, and is a bit clingy. Recently, she seems to be playing on my mind more than usual. My question is this, is this one of those times that the grass is greener, and I just want what I can't have, or could I be on to summat?
>> No. 670
I'll tell you summat. You should post this in /docta/ or summat which is our relationship board or summat
>> No. 694
Don't tease Hagrid

File 14256081849.jpg - (1.41MB , 1500x6136 , how-to-control-your-appetite_517e9bcf14120_w1500.jpg )
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More like these and how to manage financial problems inherent in trying these from the perspective of a single 20 somethings who earns less than twice what he has to give away in order to keep living this scarce existence please
>> No. 648
File 142566406834.png - (80.69KB , 599x600 , U4AmWMA.png )
OP's and this one have actually saved me some trouble more than once
>> No. 683
File 145668779249.jpg - (92.28KB , 625x806 , 16 - mPYRqqU.jpg )
So I was going to make a new thread, but then I saw these two pics which are related to my issue and decided to hijack the thread.

Anyway, I know the only sensible answer is "just don't smoke", but let's avoid that and go for whatever the second (or third or fourth or whatever) best option is. Here's the deal: I smoke a lot of pot. Pot, as you might know, gives me them munchies. My munchies tend to be very specific; I crave anything related to bakeries: bread, cookies, croissants, bagels, biscuits, just anything that has been made with flour and baked at some point or other.

This, quite predictably, can ruin a whole month's worth of exercise in less than a week.

I work out two or three times a week depending on the week and it works out nice for me. Problem arises when I get my hands on some weed. Then I spend a week or however much the stash lasts eating absolute shit at pretty much all the hours.

My question is twofold: Are there any at least partially proven ways to curb the munchies or eliminating them altogether? If not, what can I eat that will be a healthy (or at least low carb) alternative to the things I crave while high?

Don't tell me fruit and stuff because if I could get myself to eat that while high I wouldn't have this problem. It has to be just as enticing. Bonus points if similar in taste and texture.

One more thing? I'm broke, nigga, I'm broke.

Please help. Every other month there's this week where I suddenly swell up and get this belly that basically sets me back a whole month if not more and it's quite a few weeks till I'm back in the shape that I like. It's pretty bothersome (and a bit amazing in that I have the ability to get so huge and then back to normal in such a relatively short period of time. Maybe that's indicative of something else? Am I an X-Man?)
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>> No. 685
There is no way to avoid the munchies as it is a direct causative effect from the THC.

What you can do, is to drink a load of water which you probably would do anyway because of cotton mouth, and maybe take the fibre stuff they give to fatties to make them full (it swells in the stomach).

What that would do would send your brain signals that you're full so as much as you got the munchies you just can't put anything more down you.

Drink enough to feel bloated/ very full/ imma throw up if i eat more and you'll find that food becomes less appetizing and you'll not be able to eat. Furthermore ensure you don't have any products in your house you can eat that are your temptation, and that you time your smoke so that shops are shut.

That's the best you can do if you won't just not smoke.

File 145946870365.jpg - (820.28KB , 2300x1340 , Life's a Beach T-Shirts JPEG.jpg )
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File 133244259961.jpg - (89.92KB , 640x480 , bling.jpg )
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I would like some hand jewelry like this girl is wearing. What is it called?
>> No. 198
slave bracelet, i think
>> No. 227
It sounds so demeaning but it looks so classy. I love it.

SAGE has been used.

File 132508611546.jpg - (0.96MB , 1936x2592 , nnnn2.jpg )
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Wife carrying Anon here.

The /fit/ board here is a place you can come for genuine advice. Though year-long 150+ post threads don't have posts every day, they show the board generates constant, long term value for posters and lurkers. I and several other posters had 150+ post threads that logged months of workout progress. One of these logged a year in China, where I trained to lift my girlfriend for a wife-carrying competition. Pics were delivered of the lift, and it was an awesome story for all the posters that made this possible.

Let's get the sticky and another two progress threads that had been deleted back on the board. I really don't want to see this board die and its tripfriends scattered.
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>> No. 114
File 132838014462.jpg - (243.94KB , 1944x2592 , P2070017.jpg )
My 3x5 lifts went from:

Squat-> Empty smith machine to 80kg barbell. The rack was a dip station.
Deadlift->40kg to 130kg
Bench-> 20kg to 60kg
OHP->20kg cheat press to 45kg military.

I went from about 72kg to 83kg.
>> No. 115
File 13283809173.jpg - (55.99KB , 1200x1600 , 22042011043.jpg )
In the next 3 month, after a 1 month cut, to prepare for the girlfriend coming to China, I cut back my parkour, started a new job and bulked.

At my heaviest, I was 88kg.

My 1RM were:
Squat: 110kg
Bench: 75kg
Deadlift: 170kg
Press: 47.5kg
Powerclean: 75kg

I could bang out 3x6 pullups and 5x5 dips. I could (barely) keep up with Chinese parkour dudes that were 20kg lighter and a half foot shorter. I looked a little something like the attached. I was getting pretty chubby, and all the deadlifting had left me with a muscular imbalance.

Girlfriend came out. Lifted her. Nice reunion for the month.

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>> No. 121
Salutations, wife-carrying sir.

I don't know if you've checked out the "weight loss" thread that was started by me at least once before the purge, but I sure remember having checked the hell out of your thread. Maybe it was that nice sense of assurance that I derived from knowing someone on the same board was also working towards attaining fitness in what I see as the truest sense (improvement of health, strength); I found myself reading through your posts at least twice a week.

I've taken a couple of detours along my "journey" to fitness, and made excuses for myself for putting half-baked effort into getting into shape. It wasn't until recently that I broke myself out of the stall, set definite goals, and made genuine effort to keep the promise I've made to myself and /fit/ (Guess it's /fitfa/ now; good thing, because my fashion sense is downright terrible).

Looking at your new thread in what has been over a year, you've definitely made dramatic progress and just blew your original goal out of the water. Hearing the good news, it feels as if a close friend of mine has finally succeeded in jumping over that proverbial hurdle he's been trying his damndest to go over.

Touchy-feely stuff aside, I'd like nothing better than to make new progress and show the people out there what exactly a former fatty can do. I'd like to make a new thread of my own in the near future, keeping /fitfa/ posted on my definite road to fitness and beyond--hopefully without those massive high-quality pictures.

Here's to our health. Cheers.
>> No. 122
Hey Dave! I was following your weightloss thread for the year. It was great to see your thread being updated, because you were fighting the good fight and kept at it. You made an awful lot of progress, not merely in your ability to resize pictures, but in terms of listening to your body. I can relate to the purity of your goals. Health is what physical culture is about.

It was probably a big challenge for you in the first few months, but it's great to hear you've kept at it. Don't delay in making your new thread. We need to get some traffic back to the board. If we can get the guy who put on lean mass and had nice lats back, we'll be sorted.

>Hearing the good news, it feels as if a close friend of mine
I feel the same way. We all spend hours daily in *chan culture, so it makes sense to have a space where we can take off the mask, yet still be Anonymous.
>> No. 208
At the moment, I'm 82-84kg, at between 12-14%bf. Had an ingrown toenail removed, it got badly infected, and I haven't been able to get around as much as I'd have liked to. No Judo either, I missed my first competition; I should be better for a yellow belt grading.

Seeing progress across the board on SS (again). When I stall, I'm going to go straight on the intermediate programme in Practical Programming.

Squat 1RM: 120kg - as of last week. Seeing progress, but toe has stalled it.
DL 1RM: 140kg - aiming for 150kg within 8 days for a lifting meet.
Press 3RM: 45kg - looking for a 50kg 1RM
Bench 1RM: 65kg - doing dumbell bench for a month as a main lift.

Dips: 3x12- these have gotten so much stronger. Going to start weighting them.
Pull ups: 10 is my max. going for 15.
Chins: 3x8. Going to start weighting these. Gi pullups interesting.

Farmer's walks: 40kg dumbell for 70m. 2 turns.
Power snatch 5x3: 40kg
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 144694443295.jpg - (194.08KB , 1080x1350 , tumblrfashion.jpg )
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Am I the only one who really, really likes tumblrista fashion?
>> No. 667
File 144742848943.jpg - (38.96KB , 500x673 , orig-21108948.jpg )
Strictly aesthetically speaking, yes – the 'pastel goth' style in particular

File 144129327349.png - (145.01KB , 315x316 , beauty.png )
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File 135641312535.jpg - (40.40KB , 490x270 , weight-lifting-gym.jpg )
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What is a lucrative career or field that I should pursue if I have an interest in health, fitness, nutrition, kinesiology, exercise science, etc.?

>inb4 personal trainer

I don’t need to be making a 6 figure income, but I’d like to make a decent salary.
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>> No. 568
>> No. 644
i havent posted on a chan board in years, but i will weigh in with the following credentials:

BS in kinesiology
MS in Exercise Physiology (top 3 school in USA)
2 years deep in PhD in Muscle Physiology
Doctoral fellow in Sports Med
have worked with special forces, olympic athletes, and NFL.

NONE ARE LUCRATIVE. if you REALLY think this is neat, do it for that alone. to believe this is a monied field is false. Go into medicine if you want $. if you want "the jack", go to the gym after work. I can tell you what. after 10 years, you are going to get tired of teaching people for the 10,000th time how to squat, bench, Oly, and deadlift.
>> No. 645
>> No. 650
>I feel like the risk of brain damage would be super high.
Sure. If you're bad at it.
>> No. 656
outdoor educator
ive been doing ameture matches for a long while, ive had 30 matches, i want to go pro but not sure if good enough.
i would definitely recommend doing armature fights, see if you can find a cornerman in your gym, most people who do it are fucking slow with strong punches so its easy

File 143844944690.jpg - (6.87KB , 225x225 , download.jpg )
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Sup bros, Have I the privilege to start an Intermittent Fasting Thread?
>Do you do it? you like it?
>Do you achieved good results?
>What type of IF do you do? how is your diet
>Are you cutting or bulking (Or both at the same time)
Post your experiences

My turn: I'm doing the Lean Gains, eating 3350 calories in 7 hours bulking to put lean mass in my body, and the days that I don't workout, I eat 2700 calories in 5 hours to keep away the fat , I'm getting good results mainly in body quality

File 140272107160.png - (35.70KB , 262x147 , expectancy-value-theory-age-gender-ethnicity-diffe.png )
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Sports/performance psychology thread, let's do it!

I know the chart says students but it's a universal generalisation.
>> No. 555
Well personally I look at working out as a sort of masochism. I mean there's no practical purpose to becoming stronger in today's society, especially when I'm going into a computer based field. I work out for the same reason that angst ridden teens cut themselves: When I'm lifting weights I'm not thinking about anything else. When I'm at the gym I get to take a break from worrying because otherwise I might drop a large amount of weight on my chest. I don't really get the same thing when I'm running which is just another reason that cardio is harder to make myself do than weight training. I'd say I'm pretty driven in working out, but I have no goals which is what usually drives people. The thing is that eventually these people reach a goal or plateau on the way to it and it demotivates them so I don't know that that's the best motivation to use.

Is that what you meant? I hope I didn't misunderstand the idea behind your thread.
>> No. 556
I was thinking more along the lines of advice on getting into ''flow states'' (see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xvpuj6DRS4).

Maybe we can try and work towards a methodology for getting into flow states. When I can unreliably do it I can do better than when I do self hypnosis things (does barely nothing - probably placebo), but less than any good pre-workout stimulants.

Here's the useful, actionable information from the Wikipedia page - which is the best source I can find for bias mitigation while retaining accessibility:

''"A person does not need to be told to pay attention to a stimulus that captures attention quickly and effortlessly.[6] In many cases, explicitly directing one’s own or another’s attention is necessary due to the presence of another stimulus that more easily captures attention. In the case of flow, however, an action that would normally grab one’s attention is ignored, and many automatic processes are either suppressed (such as stimulus-driven attention changes) or ignored (such as discomfort.)

On the other hand, situations in which autonomy is encroached upon (for example, if the individual must always control his/her actions to abide by rules imposed by the task) are thought to inhibit flow.[7] This implies that another requirement of flow is to be free from constraints that force controlled processes to be used. Additionally, several areas of research indicate that during a state of flow an otherwise-controlled process becomes automatic allowing it to behave dominant over all other automatic processes.''
>> No. 608
that picture is legit
>> No. 651
So successful people surround themselves with flow only.
But I dont understand how to generate flow.
is it something you are instinctively good at and you support it with music and sports, both which creates flow?
How to find somethin in life, which is "you" giving you flow? If I understand it correctly, there is no way arround this ultimate goal. This is all about?
Anyways. Dont get all this.
>> No. 653
flow is a term meaning living in the present, ymmv. lots of different people describe what being "in the flow" similarly. athletes, fighter pilots, even cashiers will experience flow. it's nothing more than being 100% committed to the task at hand. think to yourself "there's nothing in the world I'm doing RIGHT NOW than this". the grateful dead started out in the back of this guy Neill's bus, and Weir says that Neill was always "in the flow". He would have this amazing ability to always seem like he was in the right place at the right time, living each moment like it was an enormous event.

File 137809400940.png - (538.09KB , 700x584 , OIO6l76.png )
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Hey ladies! Fashion/hair/makeup thread! <3
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>> No. 515
File 138920400229.jpg - (593.42KB , 2445x2057 , color-seasons.jpg )
>> No. 516
File 138920403613.jpg - (172.21KB , 481x752 , eyes.jpg )
>> No. 517
File 138920425927.jpg - (74.33KB , 400x477 , e6a5b4933dac00423f0c93710f7af559.jpg )
>> No. 619
File 141489807347.jpg - (92.58KB , 612x612 , lipstickpurplengreen.jpg )
Have you guys heard of limecrime lipstick? It's amazing.
>> No. 620
File 141489831749.jpg - (161.97KB , 618x618 , limecrimelipstick.jpg )

File 140500570848.jpg - (240.98KB , 1000x1400 , madrid-grey-regular-fit-waistcoat.jpg )
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Buttoned all the way out last button left undone?
>> No. 573
Out = or. Fecking auto correct.
>> No. 575
The button's there for a reason.
>> No. 578
If it has 3 buttons, it's your call. If it has 4 or more, leave the bottom one undone. Or do it up. It's your call, really.

Generally though, just don't wear a waistcoat unless you're in a wedding party :/
>> No. 605
I hope to god your waistcoat doesn't look like the one in the pic. If it does, get that shit slimmed.

File 140672911294.jpg - (9.69KB , 251x201 , images.jpg )
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I recently saw a business shirt made of the material used for suits, and a suit made of shirt material. I'm not sure though. Maybe I'm just a creative genius and mind tricked me - I was walking at a fast pace past the shop and I can't be fucked going all the way back. Does anyone know what this is cool and where to get less pricey versions of it online?
>> No. 607
Your post is kind of pointless, as suits and shirts could be made of basically anything.

By "the material used for suits" you could be talking about wool, linen, twill cotton, polyester, silk, flannel, etc etc etc... Shirts can also be made of any of these materials.

What you are seeing and responding to may just be the weight and texture of the fabric. ie, maybe you saw a linen suit with a flannel or twill cotton shirt under it.

As for where to buy a suit online: don't. Don't buy a suit online. The fit is too important. Get your measurements taken and get a suit tailored to fit properly. It will save you a lot of hassle. And if you can at all afford it, don't buy a cheap suit. I'm not saying you need to drop $5000 for something bespoke on Savile Row. But you shouldn't be scrimping with a suit. Spend at the upper limit of what you can afford because you will look noticeably better and save money in the long run.
>> No. 610

Basically what he said. I just want to add that as a general rule it's easier to take material away from a suit than to add material to it. Obviously I'm not saying get one three sizes too big, but if you have to choose between adding an inch and taking away an inch, always go for the bigger one. Tailoring a suit is relatively cheap, getting measured up can be free depending on where you are and how well you can convince a tailor that you will come back to him if he measures you up for free.

File 14055399278.jpg - (726.86KB , 1024x683 , norse-projects-socks-bjarki-feature-sneaker-boutiq.jpg )
581 No. 581 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I like socks. This thread is for bold socks.

- links to brands and online stores
- pictures - especially of colourful socks within the context of a whole outfit, though cool socks on their own are also encouraged
- inspiration for sock/shoe/pant pairings
- thoughts on what works and what doesn't as far as colours & patterns. tasteful or tacky? how much is too much?
- general thoughts on the use of a bold pair of socks to add a bit of spice to an outfit. How do you feel about bold socks in everyday wear? What about adding some zazz to often dull business casual officewear? What about with a casual suit? A formal suit? Etc.

I'll tell you one thing, I get a hell of a lot of compliments whenever I wear quirky socks. Girls seem to love it. Guys will sometimes try to put me down about it, usually with backhanded compliments, but sometimes by outright accusing me of being a fag or wearing "girl socks" though I just take insults from insecure guys as a sign that I'm doing something right, and it's easy enough to brush off.

For the last couple years, I would buy the loudest, silliest socks I could find - having some goofy colourful pattern, such as bright clashing stripes, big polka dots, geometric shapes, animal print etc. peeking out between my pant cuff and shoes was what I was after. But lately, as my old socks have been wearing out, I've been seeking a more balanced approach with bolder colours and patterns than you usually see, but still a little more understated than I was wearing before: red or blue paisleys, knit patterns, camo print, Aztec or "tribal" patterns, heathered wool... Something bold but still tasteful, rather than the deliberately tasteless looks I was going for before.

I'm really liking these Norse Projects Bjarki Fairisle knits, basically exactly what I'm looking for right now.
11 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 598
File 140554197874.jpg - (449.25KB , 500x680 , tumblr_lvty7tx34Z1qzdtod.jpg )
I like this as well, but not so much the shoes. Vans Authentics are fine, but a darker colour would work better here. A navy blue or even a deeper red instead of such a bright shade.
>> No. 600
File 14055420945.jpg - (24.01KB , 339x339 , eab832725b9c78f8ca8c1d8442892a80.jpg )
This is great.
>> No. 601
File 140554211828.jpg - (399.80KB , 1600x1120 , IMG_0266.jpg )
>> No. 603
File 140554222391.jpg - (78.89KB , 567x851 , buttondown_denim_skinny_ink_toms_black_front.jpg )
Much more understated but works really well. This is more of what I want to go for now, though not necessarily so monochrome.
>> No. 604
File 140554227183.jpg - (174.52KB , 650x434 , Chup-Socks-Wool-Feature-Sneaker-Boutique-3193.jpg )
Last one for now.

File 140538354714.jpg - (606.78KB , 2100x1604 , poster-illus02-taskvsgoal.jpg )
579 No. 579 hide quickreply [Reply]
I use MyBikeNumber to register my bikes. I haven't lost any bikes so I don't know if it is good.

What other services are there?

An obvious one:

>Google maps

File 14045649113.jpg - (209.91KB , 1749x600 , simplified-map.jpg )
569 No. 569 hide quickreply [Reply]
How do you decide upon goals? I go by stereotypes but I've started to feel this is a little...pathetic. Don't get me wrong, I still want to look and be cool and I know my livelihood (work, for instance) depends upon it but still...
>> No. 576
This is kind of intangible advice, but... intuition. I go with what feels right at a given time. That's not to say I'm fickle or don't plan ahead, but being aware of my desires in the moment, thinking about how things feel to me, and trusting my gut feelings goes a long way. Don't go by stereotypes or external expectations, narratives, or structures. Do you. Don't worry about looking or being cool, focus on looking and feeling a way that feels right for you.

Practice reflection. Keep a journal. Find a counselor. Ask yourself what you want and write and think on it.

This sounds a little more like a /docta/ thread, but since this is /fitfa/, I'll talk a bit in fitness and fashion terms:
Fitness: don't worry about what body type or build *chan fitness boards tell you is the best or girls like the most or whatever the fuck. Take a realistic look at yourself, think about how you will feel most comfortable in your body, the look that will make you feel really proud of yourself and your accomplishment and discipline. Work out. Try different things. Lift, do yoga, run, bike, swim... find what leaves you feeling really good and what feels like the most fun (or the most enjoyably unfun, if that's what you're looking for) and do more of that. Maybe you want to be super jacked, maybe you want to be lanky and flexible, maybe you just want to look like a pretty normal but very fit regular guy. Think about it.

Fashion: again, ignore what imageboards say as far as specifically how you should dress. Accept advice, sure; seek feedback, sure; look for tips and inspiration. But take everything with a grain of salt and at the end of the day, do you. Do what feels comfortable for you. Think about what you value. For me, I've been finding more and more that I value minimalism and high quality. I don't want to buy cheap made-in-china shit, and I don't want heaps of clothes spilling out. I want a few versatile key pieces, nothing too flashy, just a handful of items that I can mix and match. I've started to realize that I don't really want to make a big statement with my clothes, I like to play it low-key. You may be different. You may enjoy flashiness. You may want a more extensive wardrobe. That's cool.

Think about what you want, cultivate habits of self-reflection, learn what it is you value, and build your goals around that. And above all, be willing to change. Your goals should not (and probably cannot) be set in absolute stone. As you grow and change, so will your needs and desires. Be willing to let them morph and take on new shapes. Be willing to go through phases. Be willing to grow, shift, and re-evaluate.
>> No. 577
One more point about the fashion stuff: take the necessities of your life into account as well. What does your job require, wardrobe-wise? What about dates? Do you like to dress up for dates or do you prefer to keep it casual? Do you go to formal events often?

These necessities can shape your goals.

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