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File 134006516548.jpg - (108.41KB , 423x599 , 861926 - Dragon_ball_Z Mitsui-jun Son_Gohan Son_Go.jpg )
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does anyone know where i can get the rest of this
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>> No. 776
what a bunch of delusional saps!
>> No. 813
File 140548558883.jpg - (129.66KB , 1055x961 , 1401304980527.jpg )
What Shota Needs More Of:

Symbiotic: Younger and/or less-developed and/or less-experienced/sophisticated and/or more naive/less savvy boys would be fascinated by the older/ more-developed/ more-experienced/more-sophisticatedboys and from them get a glimpse/preview of their own development to come. More-developed/older/sophisticated/experienced boys would be charmed by the cuteness/innocence/freshness of the younger/less-developed/less-sophisticated/less-experienced boys. Older boys (at least some) would also see themselves in younger who remind the older of that point in their own lives/ evoke memories.

- Some with only two boys, others with more, including full groups, classes, summer camp cabins, etc.

- Some with grown men too, some with only boys

- Ages of boys: primarily 9-16, with special emphasis on 12-15.
Could possibly also be some at least with boys as young as three or four but probably with a lower upper-limit for the ages of the oldest they would be involved with.

Older boys would be highly protective and loving of younger; sensitive, careful to make sure they are fully comfortable, fully-willing and enjoying themselves at all times; at their side to offer guidance and reassurance. The younger boys would be cherished, loved and protected by the older ones.

This would be in stark contrast to most instances of sexual activity between a child or adolescent and a considerably older and/or more developed and/or more sexually sophisticated male (whether adult, adolescent or child). In such cases, the younger one is typically used and exploited by the older one as little more than an object to satisfy his lusts. (Even in cases where there isn't obvious, overt abuse.) Among other things, this dynamic is rather dramatically evidenced by the particular form that such contact takes in the majority-- if not /overwhelming/ majority-- of cases: [see >>756 ]

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 814
I have more but need to do more editing and perhaps /elit would be better a place anyway.
>> No. 825
"the tender, young lad who is placed at far-greater risk of infection and injury and who alone bears the burden of the pain and other trauma and complications involved."

You do realize it's not real right? There are no actual boys being victimized? Just checking.
>> No. 829
And what about we that were the WILLING recipient of those attentions? When I was a young shota-boy (oh, so very long ago) I discovered "mancock" and the inevitable "manslime" and not only enjoyed it, I actively sought it out. Just because you were violated and didn't like it doesn't mean that all of us didn't. When that portion of my life was over (outgrown, more like), I was able to move on, taking with me not any guilt or feelings of abuse and violation, but rather warm and wonderful memories of mutual satisfaction and momentary love. Even if they WERE pederasts (or pedophiles depending on your personal definition), they weren't doing anything to me that I didn't want them to.
I miss those days. That was the best spring and summer of my life.

File 136193740290.jpg - (0.97MB , 1433x1729 , best-decision-ever.jpg )
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So I fucked my sister last night..
>> No. 816
File 140624609669.jpg - (204.76KB , 500x650 , Anime M.jpg )
Also that is clearly SpongeBob and Patrick, look at the fattie's shorts.
>> No. 824

File 133515875881.jpg - (142.49KB , 600x480 , 131134034732.jpg )
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Mutually-genital, male homosexual intercourse
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>> No. 693
File 133515890343.jpg - (41.82KB , 430x600 , 128469963326.jpg )
Some guys just prefer cock-fucking
>> No. 694
File 133515903270.jpg - (46.57KB , 720x540 , 128897417630.jpg )
>For frot belongs to that emerging world in which all people will be free, dominated not by the state or the group or the corporation or a husband or a boyfriend, but free to make their own choices and determine their own destinies.

- http://www.heroichomosex.org/crw/frot/revo.html
>> No. 695
File 133515918239.jpg - (360.86KB , 850x1006 , yaoi-frot.jpg )
>Then, one night, he and I got into a wrestling match in the privacy of our bedroom. We rolled around on the floor, arms and legs tangled together, switching the "top" position. I was hard in my jeans and I could feel his hardness through his. In one of our "rolling" exchanges, he ended up on top and started grinding his crotch into mine. I rolled him over and did the same. This went on ... back and forth...each being on top...each grinding the other; until his sister blew into our room much to our chagrin. But later that night, when we'd all gone to bed......

>every Friday and Saturday night, either his bed or mine would be the "hotspot" for our cock to cock grinding ending up with both of us spreading our luv juice between our stomachs.

>He understood what it was to only want frottage sex and no anal, and I miss him.

>And I really loved him because he loved me and we both loved frottage a lot.

- Excerpts from:
>> No. 696
File 133521863726.jpg - (54.10KB , 711x575 , 12889743511.jpg )
The safer, cleaner, egalitarian, dignified alternative.
>> No. 815
File 140549901126.png - (474.98KB , 640x960 , 139261213241.png )

File 138267761086.jpg - (55.02KB , 585x800 , Shotacon_0164.jpg )
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Hey, I have a few pictures that seem very familiar, does anyone know the artist/source? Thanks!!!
>> No. 784
File 138267766816.jpg - (63.90KB , 480x593 , Shotacon_0232.jpg )
>> No. 790
File 138523848039.jpg - (421.78KB , 1129x1646 , 04_111_Otokonoko_Heaven_10_111.jpg )

a this artist/ sorce?

File 133300110472.jpg - (54.33KB , 536x763 , CartmanxKyle3.jpg )
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South Park? South Park.
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>> No. 626
File 133311924842.jpg - (135.65KB , 566x800 , Bonnenuit23.jpg )
oh hello
>> No. 627
File 133311930284.jpg - (138.07KB , 566x800 , Bonnenuit24.jpg )
>> No. 628
File 133311938172.jpg - (136.92KB , 566x800 , Bonnenuit26.jpg )
translation- "what the fuck have you done to my asshole oh god I'm shitting blood."
>> No. 629
File 133311941882.jpg - (138.30KB , 566x800 , Bonnenuit27.jpg )
the end
>> No. 705
In french ! Great ! J'espère qu'il y en aura encore :)

File 132201550644.jpg - (54.74KB , 612x668 , hydaria - Excited Moment.jpg )
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From kissing to fucking, just as long as it's detailed work.
>> No. 326
File 132201574853.png - (1.33MB , 1000x1227 , 1321794745233.png )
>> No. 356
>dat face

File 136193727661.jpg - (678.02KB , 883x1729 , You-Could-Work-for-the-Circus.jpg )
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The pics are mostly known by yaoi fans, but the little stories underneath make them hotter somehow.

>> No. 768
File 136193736453.jpg - (667.68KB , 1395x1729 , back-seat.jpg )
>> No. 770
File 136193748364.jpg - (102.52KB , 406x770 , big problem.jpg )
>> No. 773

File 132427880791.jpg - (96.45KB , 800x600 , 1310702065347.jpg )
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I'm high as fuck so I'm going to dump some stuff until I forget what I was doing.
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>> No. 449
File 133300088434.jpg - (66.19KB , 500x500 , whoknows10.jpg )
The guy pointing really makes this
>> No. 450
File 133300092263.jpg - (137.15KB , 730x800 , whoknows11.jpg )
>> No. 451
File 133300094720.jpg - (142.23KB , 777x837 , whoknows12.jpg )
>> No. 452
File 133300097796.jpg - (88.04KB , 487x675 , whoknows13.jpg )
that's all from me
>> No. 762
File 135295013932.jpg - (460.55KB , 700x1025 , Androgen 1.jpg )
Hi, have this.

File 132514709963.jpg - (33.67KB , 593x395 , caught-in-the-act.jpg )
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Sorry to bug you guys, but I'm desperately curious where the sm/ (shotacon) portion of this site went? Any info, please post! In the meantime, please dump teen yaoi here!
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>> No. 373
really? Thank you for that. I'm glad to know it's not uncommon, people reading shota mangas. It must've sucked, going to prison... how long were you arrested? (damn fuckin' police!)
>> No. 415
I know this is a stupid question but did anyone save the shota stories thread from the now defunct shota board? I haven't found another one as good on any of the other chan's boards.
>> No. 709
if it moves and breathes its ok in my book
>> No. 757
Wow. It's your lucky day. I archived it on a netbook at the time so the PDF looks a little weird, but I actually have the whole thread you're asking about.

>> No. 758

Thank you! I found an archived version of the page here: http://web.archive.org/web/20100701144959/http://www.99chan.in/sm/res/7159.html but It wasn't as complete as yours. Also, 7chan has a decent thread going but I'm sure you already know about it. Thank you again!

File 132696316932.jpg - (231.82KB , 1120x1400 , 000a.jpg )
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[Shota][Anthology] Shounen Shikou 03-06-09
>> No. 377
>> No. 410
ya know, I love yaoi, but can't seem to find much cute stuff. So far, I only like 'Papa to Kiss After Dark" because the teenage boy in it is cute, and there 'are not' tons of rippling muscles. I like men thin, slender, or fit; but not hugely built. Do any of you have a suggestion for any such yaoi art/manga/(preferably) anime out there?
>> No. 411
File 132911809110.jpg - (33.73KB , 500x375 , YAOIpc1321_1326462416_petichan.jpg )
Any yaoi films along these lines??
>> No. 412
File 132911949869.jpg - (23.61KB , 300x378 , papatokissafterdark16.jpg )
oops, I mean this one! "Papa to Kiss in the Dark", sorry :p
>> No. 689
You must know you cant share through fileshare anymore. Or maybe you are that stupid

File 133757693463.jpg - (518.99KB , 775x1100 , 00.jpg )
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Does anybody know where i can find more full comics by this artist? or the names of some of his other works?
>> No. 702
>> No. 703
and other works


File 133290461932.jpg - (501.11KB , 1200x1678 , [SaHa] Boy Meets Rape 01.jpg )
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>one page

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>> No. 433
File 133290819948.png - (961.68KB , 1200x1687 , [SaHa] Boy Meets Rape 15.png )
>> No. 434
File 133290830069.png - (654.91KB , 1200x1687 , [SaHa] Boy Meets Rape 16.png )
teh end
>> No. 435
File 133290835015.png - (1.19MB , 1200x1687 , [SaHa] Boy Meets Rape 17.png )
>> No. 436
File 133290841612.jpg - (474.99KB , 1200x1678 , [SaHa] Boy Meets Rape 18.jpg )
>> No. 690
awesome dump thx

File 133313340499.jpg - (67.90KB , 725x1024 , hama_001.jpg )
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Posting two doujins with adorable blonde boys. Sit tight.
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>> No. 684
File 133313820494.png - (566.02KB , 1009x1511 , [SaHa] Mitsubana 27.png )
>> No. 685
File 133313829740.png - (28.90KB , 1005x1495 , [SaHa] Mitsubana 28.png )
>> No. 686
File 133313832014.png - (27.58KB , 1010x1500 , [SaHa] Mitsubana 29.png )
>> No. 687
File 133313834499.png - (473.82KB , 999x1496 , [SaHa] Mitsubana 30.png )
>> No. 688
File 133313840541.png - (689.70KB , 998x1503 , [SaHa] Mitsubana 31.png )
the end

File 133298872380.jpg - (662.14KB , 960x1280 , 1332650002377.jpg )
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Does anyone have the rest of this?
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>> No. 453
Thank you kind anon, how do I view other pages though? It says I cannot view them.. Even after I created an account
>> No. 464
Nvm I got it, thnx dude, oh and is there only 9 pages? I thought there were more
>> No. 486
Looks like there's only 9 for this one, but since the artist has also done work for HardBlush and I'm feeling generous, here's a siterip- http://yaoi.in/furry_yaoi/anthro25/503-hard-blush-2012-rip.html
>> No. 487
I got them all if you'd like it
>> No. 488
yeah sure

File 133110452535.jpg - (205.56KB , 507x367 , 1329422398060.jpg )
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Sherlock thread GOGOGO

File 132696757956.jpg - (47.00KB , 460x650 , 1HB_POW_C_02_0018.jpg )
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HB Siterip 2012

(on site olso hentai game yiff video and flash)

File 132696160713.jpg - (23.67KB , 350x490 , 1326945518_111190847_u18chan.jpg )
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HB Siterip 2012

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