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File 140216365049.png - (14.83KB , 300x262 , cybernetic.png )
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As promised, here's an epic fuckload of resources for you faggots.

As they're linked to my Dropbox, any and all changes made to them will be live and constantly updated with relevant information.






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>> No. 9902
all the dropbox links are down too..

File 14521676141.gif - (0.96MB , 500x339 , https%3A%2F%2F33_media_tumblr_com%2F335650357562a2.gif )
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I posted twice a long time ago explaining my attempts at the creation of life. Kakuzu came back. Isao is beautiful. I've been living like a shell thinking nothing mattered because he left and I didn't think I wanted our baby. He came back and he's mad at me for becoming like a zombie. But he's back. He's exactly the way I remember him. Isao is big. I didn't know children grew so fast. I'd just started to think I'd gone crazy and he comes back. The magic still works. I thought you all should know
>> No. 9952
Elaborate on your experimentation and methods
Also the story I guess
>> No. 9962
I dont know where to begin. If anybody remembers Szayel-girl, maybe they have something archived.

I used magic to bring a life sized doll to life. It was Szayel-girl because I had strong feelings for him. The magic failed and the soul/entity left the body.

I almost killed myself, and things were hard but eventually I tried again with the sacrifice of a pregnancy of my own, as well as spellwork through dance and other mediums, and brought the second body to life.

Kakuzu's body was already much more well-made, and eventually he quite literally sprang to life, restrained me to the point of hurting me, and began questioning me in Japanese.

He was very silent, aggressive, moody, but he allowed me to explain as best as I could. He stayed with me, and eventually his body began to change. He was cold and distant no matter how hard I tried to get close to him, and he used me for sex and hurt me a lot. He also was controlling and stopped me from frivolous spending, and forced me to sell almost all of my collectors things, manga, and things, and save my money. He learned quickly about stocks and other things, and had me invest.

His body changed gradually but in shocking ways, the stitches I had very strategically and painstakingly placed moved in their positioning and changed in size, his fabric, his eyes changed, everything changed. The genitalia I had given him became functional, he was warm, he became his beautiful self.

He began leaving me at night and coming back with money, valuables, even guns eventually. His was like a magpie, it frightened me but I never tried to stop him, I was too afraid and I loved him too much.

He returned injured once, he wouldn't tell me how, and I had to repair him. It hurt him for me to stitch him. But we were both in awe of what was inside of him, instead of stuffing it was strange black cording, his threads were returning.
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>> No. 9963

what kind of magic did you use to create life??

File 134318299381.jpg - (12.32KB , 232x400 , 4755.jpg )
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Our /x/ feels pretty dead, and not in the spooky ghost town sort of way. I'm going to dump my creepy folder, I encourage others to do the same.
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>> No. 9434
File 134318460826.gif - (419.98KB , 499x277 , tumblr_lpbqtl7LwQ1qg39ewo1_500[1].gif )
That's all for now.
>> No. 9444
File 134490679430.jpg - (30.61KB , 160x210 , vote-creepy-chan.jpg )
>> No. 9445
File 134490705110.jpg - (26.29KB , 343x500 , 125411004360.jpg )
>> No. 9527
File 136371021113.jpg - (42.68KB , 415x400 , creepyass aerith.jpg )
does this count? i want some activity around here.
>> No. 9961

File 130455930728.jpg - (37.37KB , 526x276 , 1301347733541.jpg )
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Before you conclude....

so recently I've been looking into the creepypasta about Pokemon Green's Original Lavender Town Track. It was know to cause convulsions and all that shit, and i read about that, and i'm convinced it isn't true... but i just finished listening to the track again and i've suddenly been feeling cold chills and all itchy and junk. but it went away almost as fast as it arrived. what i wanna know is...
is there an actual frequency in that song that can cause those effects to happen, even if this is just creepypasta, this is the only one that has really gotten to me... mostly cuz it's my childhood... hahaa

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>> No. 9101
Speakers wouldn't work either. Binaural beats depend on different frequencies being delivered to each ear without any cross contamination.
>> No. 9111
That reminds me of some of the music from the original Metroid. My little brother couldn't even stand to be in the room when I was playing in certain parts.
>> No. 9112
>> No. 9959
Have you gotten headaches after listening because it been almost a year and i still have them and i only play the game once with my friend but she doesn't have them so can i get some help because they get really worse and it happen right after lavender town and i see strange stuff and they can go on for a week straight.
>> No. 9960

File 148555068720.jpg - (109.35KB , 960x601 , show_JOHNMACK.jpg )
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Anyone read John E Mack and his alien abductee works?

>> No. 9958
Are you an amazon bot or what

File 148440664673.jpg - (91.89KB , 1100x621 , cipher 13.jpg )
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11BX-2024: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMo4UkiWYSs
Best archive: http://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/18510924/
What we know so far:
>Audio Backmasking__
"Thou hath given thy life and so we would follow thee"
"My appreciation for all of our enemies who take the time out to think enough of us."
"Terrorize the (inaudible) We don't have guns, we don't have knives or bombs, but we do have a weapon, we do have that. The weapon of our warfare is (inaudible). Putting down the strongholds."
Obama saying "That I would bring about the biblical end of days"
>Audio reversed w/o backmasking: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0t0CFwZTvCs
Masonic pigpen (USA version) starting at 0:19
Translation: "Tom Frieden will fail"
(Note: Tom Frieden is the current director of the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA)
Caesar cipher at 1:21
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File 137048683126.jpg - (6.49KB , 250x210 , shadows.jpg )
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Hullo /x/.
For my whole memorable life I can remember seeing things. Like. Distortions of the air, akin to Predator's cloaking abilities albeit much much more subtle, in the form of a humanoid figure. It was alot easier to notice as a kid, but lately I've been seeing them alot.
It's really hard to describe anything about them. I can't hear them. I can barely see them. I can't quite describe how I see them. It's like, my mind knows they're there, and that my eyes can't catch it, so it creates a sort of image, like "giving evil a face" type of thing. It's not the sort of thing I can explain, really, you have to experience it.
Anyways, I would always try to explain it to my friends, and they would never understand quite fully what I was saying. Until today, that is. I won't name names, but she's younger, a freshman (I'm a senior) in highschool. She actually brought up the subject and told me literally the exact same things; how you can see them, but you're not really seeing them; how they show up whenever something major happens in your life; and how they seem to show up when your life turns from great to bad and vice versa, but only when it's out of balance or unjust, almost like they decide how your life should be at this particular moment in time. The only differences we seemed to have was that, she could see them in color (blue) while I could only see their presence (however I've seen them in my dreams and they're black; oddly enough, blue is her favorite color while black is mine). I finally found someone that understood. We've come up with alot of theories on what they are, what they do, and how.

Basically, according to our "evidence" which I guess is more along the lines of experiences, we think they may be some sort of beings that control us. They seem to always be there in life changing moments, or when something becomes imbalanced, almost like a karma sort of thing. We believe they move through space-time, and can possess anything that has matter, whether it be a statue, a wall or a person. We believe this because we always notice before the event happens, before we see them, we almost always find something out of place. Usually this thing has something that's slightly off, like a darker shadow, or something. We also noticed, that they seem to not be there in places of "nature", such as a beach, or a forest, etc. Because of the times that they appear, and how it's always a split second after the event has happened, we think they may have something to do with controlling us. I mentioned having a dream about them (there were actually two), so I'll describe them as they may have something to do with them controlling us.

So when I was about four or five I had this dream, where I was trapped in a long, stretched out hallway. Seemingly in the middle of nowhere, the whole place was black and white; everything was black and white, as though I weren't seeing in black and white, it just was like that. Anyways, I was walking for a very long time, going through various empty rooms but it all led down a hallway, until I saw something behind me. Its shadow elongated, I turned to see one of them (although I didn't know it at the time) staring down at me. I then ran away in my dream. I don't remember anything after that, but I know it didn't end there, I just forgot.

My second dream was more recent. It wasn't so much a dream as a sleep paralysis hallucination. I was basically unable to move like usual, and I knew I was in sleep paralysis. Then, this thing, which kinda looks like the hat man in the pic but much more distorted, appears out of nowhere. It's coming closer to me. It's not saying anything, but its intentions are being put into my head; it's going to kill my brother, then my parents, then my sister, and then it's going to go after me. I woke up screaming; I had never done that before, and have never even been able to make any vocalization from sleep paralysis.

What I'm getting from these dreams is, my mind is trying to tell me that they control my life, and I can't do anything about it. Maybe being trapped in that hallway was my brain telling me I can't escape them. Maybe my sleep paralysis dream was my brain telling me they do things out of my control (me being paralysed, unable to stop it). Maybe that's an outrageous interpretation, but idk.
I don't think these things we see are necessarily evil though. They seem like balancers. They try to keep the balance of the world, and are usually good at their jobs but when they're so busy and hectic, their ability to be hidden falters. This is why I'm able to see them when things go all weird.
And another thing. They really like nature as I said earlier, but mostly trees. Maybe, to them nature is perfect. Nature is survival, eat or be eaten, kill or be killed. It's not as complicated as human life. Maybe they're just trying to steer us in the right direction but since we're screwing up so bad they can't control us all.

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>> No. 9822
See the problem with me is I took lots of hallucinogens. After all that experience, any such apparitions that appear to me I simply dismiss as a hallucination. It's a really simple (no assumptions, Occam's Razor etc) explanation. People hallucinate a lot more often than they think, most people just don't have the experience to measure reality against hallucination.

A hallucination is when your brain is mistaken about something it perceived in reality. Such as hearing a noise when no one else does, recognizing a pattern where none exists (seeing a monster out of the corner of your eye that's just the shadow of a chair), and so on. In fact, the description in OP is pretty much the definition of a hallucination: "It's like, my mind knows they're there, and that my eyes can't catch it"
It exists in your mind, but not really in reality.

What's really interesting about this is the shared nature of these phenomenon. Going from the hallucination theory, this would indicate that the shared hallucinations come from some shared subconscious. This may or may not be an assumption to the theory depending on how much you like Jung. But the shared hallucinations can basically be explained by Jung's idea of the collective unconscious.

Now this isn't to say that "oh it's a hallucination so it doesn't matter". Quite the contrary, this whole narrative you and your friend have constructed (or perhaps stumbled upon in the collective unconscious) is, by its nature, very important to the both of you. I think you could both benefit greatly from continuing to research this phenomenon. My suggestion would be to peruse a more mysticism-oriented path than a paranormal one though. Not only does the mystical approach demand less assumptions, but I believe it also has a greater potential to make you better and stronger people.

As I already hinted Jung and his work would be a great starting point. Tarot is another easily accessible avenue of mysticism for most people, and indeed Jung spoke a bit on it (though he focused much more of his writings on alchemy). One of my personal favorite subjects is the ancient mystery religion of Eleusis and other such mystery cults. Also, start focusing more on yourselves. Why do you feel like these beings control you? What has made you latch onto this idea instead of just passing it by? Such questions might prove more meaningful than any external ones you could find.

Good luck, brave warrior.
>> No. 9846
You can sharpen this sense with time. I'm 24 and I have seen more now then I did as a kid, except the hooded figures I seen had longer fingers. The subtle white ones look like rising heat on pavement and translucent tv static fuzz. Wait till the naturey type spirits start showing up, tall leafy looking things that woke you from dead sleep. Or hearing whispers. It gets more intense if you focus your mind.
>> No. 9901
I call em ghosts
>> No. 9923
>> No. 9953
They do not control you.
They are balancers of a sort however, a better description would be that they are the bodyguards and enforcers of the fae.
As for your ability to see them it is in direct correlation with your ability to perceive the spirit.
Source: I fucked with them more than I probably should have.

File 146488104724.png - (205.33KB , 400x310 , devour.png )
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Here's a huge resource collection:


it even has crowley original manuscripts
>> No. 9950

File 147601351520.gif - (377.40KB , 690x388 , fakeflesh2.gif )
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Wgo is this clown?

File 137250469849.jpg - (66.55KB , 500x752 , 13438508141.jpg )
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what does /x/ think the bloop is?

>> No. 9562
File 137273594034.gif - (181.79KB , 663x720 , cthulhu.gif )
>> No. 9563
I'd say more interesting than the bloop itself are those idle sounds.


Natural phenomenon can really create some amazingly distressing noises. Really gets the horror imagination juices flowing.
>> No. 9921
File 145438124574.jpg - (25.90KB , 420x341 , x9lmmke.jpg )
I know I've heard that noise in the background before...

>> No. 9922
>> No. 9946


File 146426339016.png - (3.20KB , 800x600 , blue.png )
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Any time you remember this post, you will enter a mindful or magickal state. You will suddenly recall your most important spiritual teachings, experiences, and concepts.
Memories of this post will now be triggered by the color, word, and concept of Blue. Today's Thursday, the day of Jupiter, god of the blue skies and Chesed, who is represented in the blue Sephira of Mercy on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.
>> No. 9935

May it also serve to remind me that I need not share my experiences with mundanes, Silence is as virtue.
>> No. 9944
nice b8 m8 i cant even r8 it

File 146928651970.png - (217.95KB , 1488x754 , 4769.png )
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I a a worthless peice of shit mods please delete all posts by ip and ban me
>> No. 9942
What the fuck, I didn't type that shit.
>> No. 9943
creeeeepy, huh? now fuck off back to 420

File 146696790782.png - (104.33KB , 1364x768 , rust.png )
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I a a worthless peice of shit mods please delete all posts by ip and ban me

File 132616063264.gif - (471.95KB , 300x169 , 132506002078.gif )
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I've been wondering if you guys actually believe the paranormal or are just fascinated by the study of it? I figure most of you guys do but a few of you just like reading about it.
12 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 9560
Like most people I've experienced strange things, voices calling my name and glimpses of a person in shadows or corners etc. The kind of stuff you just chalk up to the unpredictable spasms of the human mind, synthesizing things that aren't there from the static.

However, I have had one experience in particular that defies explanation. To give you some context, around age 13 my grandfather died. While I knew who he was he wasn't much more to me than an old man who comically large amounts of wasabi and pissed himself occasionally. So, I thought nothing of cursing his name and generally being obscene with a ouija board in the darkened loft of a barn on our family farm. After doing this for a few minutes by candlelight, the stereotypical gust of chilly, cold wind comes despite being indoors. The candle is blown out, and there is a moment of absolute silence and darkness save the moon-lit lone column of smoke spiraling from the extinguished candle.

Then all hell breaks loose. Cups are flung off the shelves, plates come crashing to the floor, papers are flying everywhere, in complete poltergeist fashion. Naturally I'm cowering in a corner holding a pillow in front of me while this happens for the ten or fifteen seconds before the room returns to normality. I was completely panicked, but I'm still certain there wasn't anything else in the room with me that could have caused shit to start flying around like it did.

The whole place was in disarray. I calmed down for a few minutes before cleaning it up, and... that's it. There were no storms, no open windows, no pets, birds, animals, or really anything I can think of that would explain this away as coincidence. Other than "I don't know" I'm completely stumped by the whole event and honestly question my sanity. I've never told anyone about it either (and had them believe me at least), and I don't expect Tom to either, but I wouldn't type this out if it hadn't actually happened to me.

Despite this I still consider all /x/ boards to be for the most part bullshit copypasta and fairy tales. I guess that would put me in the fascinated but only almost convinced category.
>> No. 9775
I tend towards the latter. Almost all paranormal things are bullshit but you eventually come across that one case that is still unsolvable. Then you're left to reflect on something unfinished and try to find a real explanation. The whole "hurr i got magic powers and a tulpa" shit is garbage. The real paranormal is to take a degree of skepticism and then use it to push the boundries of the unexplained.
>> No. 9787
File 142149909512.png - (617.53KB , 1280x800 , placebo.png )
Cool. I have a similar experience (although on a much lower scale) which no one believes either (or takes seriously).
>be upset for some reason, thinking that someone is observing me
>shout out in my room "SHOW YOURSELF"
>half a second later my rooms lightbulb explodes

And when I was 16
>start fucking up in school and become severely apathic (still am to this day)
>one day (when the defining desicion of my up-fuckery occurs, long story) I get a text message while I'm sitting on the livingroom couch
>text message is from my moms number which reads "PLEASE"
>my moms phone was placed on the table in front of me and no one had used it and when I checked it hadn't any textmessage of that sort been sent
>> No. 9821
I think it's possible that paranormal things are real. Unlikely, but possible. As other people have said magic and the paranormal is just things we don't yet understand. There's a lot of things we don't understand about the world, and the absence of evidence isn't the evidence of absence.

Still, when I have to make decisions around such things, I usually go with the option that, based on the information I have, makes the most sense. Hence I will rarely act as if paranormal type shit is real, because it's very unlikely.
>> No. 9936
Ive had a lot of experiences and have used reason in my approach to understanding. Id talk about them but whenever I do ignorant ppl try to belittle them and just its delusional. They are going to be in for a fuckin shock when they die.

File 146455127472.png - (362.65KB , 1080x1920 , Screenshot_2016-05-28-17-40-59.png )
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When you see it..

File 145051911652.jpg - (93.27KB , 580x346 , sjt.jpg )
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File 145358456197.jpg - (44.95KB , 960x685 , ^4A9BC5B8703E9854A9A3802C1EE77D954B8AFA04884D424C2.jpg )
9920 No. 9920 hide quickreply [Reply]

File 144693785987.jpg - (189.36KB , 700x859 , 1446678694025.jpg )
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Get in here and talk spoopy with us.

Use https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.rizon.net/#/x/philes

Or if you want to connect manually from your IRC client of choice:
1)connect to irc.rizon.net in any IRC client
2)type /join #/x/philes

File 14424954899.jpg - (54.75KB , 1006x1006 , BlackDragon.jpg )
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>> No. 9913
Cool stuff man!

File 144246661588.jpg - (517.90KB , 2048x2048 , IMG_20150915_191527.jpg )
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Hantu, the nightmare dominatrix.
Hantu is a demoness, who sexually tortures her victims before eating them.
The victim never remembers how they got into her dungeon.
When Hantu devours her victims alive, they orgasm from it.
If Hantu likes you, the octopus that lives in her womb will hypnotize and infect you with the same body decaying virus, essentially turning you into one of her sex slaves....once you've been trained, you're given an octopus of your own, which the octopus makes using your DNA it removed during your first encounter. Semen or eggs.
In females the octopus lives in the uterus, and in males, the octopus creates a sack near the prostate and enters through the anus.
As a slave you must eat victims to keep your body from falling apart and you must bring victims to Hantu.
>> No. 9907
The story..........

I seemed to rise to the surface of consciousness, the darkness slipping
away to cold painful awareness.

Bright lights burn its way through my eyelids like acid, while steel
shackles foil my instincts to shield them.

My mouth is packed with steel wool, jaw unhinged, enormous pain throbs
around my eyes, cheek bones, and along my jaw line.

Breathing is only possible through my nose, but the passage is
constricted by the amount of steel wool pushing up against the soft
membrane at the roof of my mouth. Every attempt to move my tongue or jaw
sends a bone rattling shiver down my spine as the steel scrapes across my
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 9908
My mind, now released from her seductive power, shatters from intense
horror and fear as I black out.

I awake again hours, maybe even days later. I searched the corner in
fear, but she is not there.

With relief I begin to work out my plan of escape. The dead woman on my
right has been replaced with another woman. Her chest rises in steady
rhythm proving she is alive. Her mouth is also stuffed with steel wool,
and limbs shackled to the table. A creaking sound pulls my attention to
the wooden door behind us. Our tormentor has returned, she crawls along
the floor and my heart races in excitement and horror.

I'm ashamed of myself as I feel my cock hardening and my mind fills with
hope that she will provide the pleasure I received last time. Her head
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 9909
File 144246869652.jpg - (1.27MB , 2500x3000 , Commission1.jpg )
>> No. 9911
File 144254104283.jpg - (1.05MB , 2048x2048 , PhotoGrid_1442540919444.jpg )
Another artist

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