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File 132782422625.png - (787.27KB , 691x517 , Picture 1.png )
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Seems to me that the best place to live after Z-Day would be in a series of treehouses that were linked by ziplines.

You could easily defend your position as zombies dont climb. Basic defences below would slow them down anyway, allowing you to take them out using a crossbow or the like. If this fails, then use a zipline like the one pictured to move to your next position.

Also you could grow crops on the nearby land, and have small vegetable gardens up the tree. Being in a forest area you could hunt wildlife.

Also you could raise animals such as chickens in the treetops without much difficulty - unless you were worried about them getting the virus that is.

The only issue I can think of might be fire, however if you keep water tanks up the treetops as well then I dont believe that this would be too much of a big deal.
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>> No. 15085
Too Minecrafty to work.
>> No. 15096
So everyone in the cities is fucked.

Unless you are a mechanical/civil engineer, this is going to be pretty god damn tough. Especially with your former family trying to eat your ass.
However, IF you have a lot of free time (5 to 6 good construction months), a shit ton of lumber and nails, as well as tools to fasten this, then maybe.
You also need the zip-lines, weapons, crops (a way to keep them alive in the winter), storage, living quarters and safety defenses.

While your idea makes sense (zambies don't like heights), it just isn't feasible.
Better option; take over a cluster of residential two story houses, take out the stairs and use those as you scavenge.
Food will be an issue, but zip lines are still a possibly, and living quarters will be taken care of.

How could you "safely" farm in the end times, now that I think about it?
>> No. 15099
i'm in a city and for us it'd be easiest to get out on the water right quick so i'm gonna have to say boat.. start off small and simple and work your way larger as you need more space/it becomes available.

doesn't have to be anchored deep and you can simply run smaller boats to shore. get a big enough one and you'll be able to grow food on the deck. think container ship... tie on some crab boats to fish and set nets, speed boats for trips into port, etc.

basically the smoker's set up in waterworld.
>> No. 15100
>IF you have a lot of free time

More like a lot of TREE time lolololol
>> No. 15108
>a way to keep them alive in winter
Every heard of a hothouse?
All the warm rotting you need done can happen under plant-beds in a special greenhouse. Yay.

File 137030662531.jpg - (121.65KB , 693x1078 , sargon.jpg )
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If you could have a historical figure as your companion for the zombie apocalypse who would it be. You automatically learn each other's languages. Mine would be Sargon of Akkad. He conquered all of Mesopotamia during the early bronze age and was a warrior king/emperor. He is like 2 steps below being a god. I imagine that he would be herculean when it comes to melee, but I would have to teach him how to use firearms, but he could teach me melee combat techniques.
>> No. 15103
>> No. 15104
Pretty good choice. I would have Teddy Roosevelt, he was a living Chuck Norris joke.
>> No. 15105
File 137079323525.jpg - (147.69KB , 615x728 , William+Wallace.jpg )
William Wallace.
I'll feel a lot safer with a guy who has a sword as long as I am tall at my side.
>> No. 15106
Any random Hussar will do.
>> No. 15107
This seems to me to be based on the idea that any leader of any group of people has to be, if not able to do what they each do for him/her, then at least somehow "more excellent" (in a Bill&Ted/medieval sense) than any of them. Have you ever worked in small/medium sized business built by a relative of the current CEO, OP?

SAGE has been used.

File 133759786831.jpg - (88.21KB , 450x461 , glove1.jpg )
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I have an tactical idea for fighting a zombie unarmed I'd like to get some evaluation on: chain mesh, a.k.a. chainmail gloves. I've seen chainmail gloves used in feeding sharks. The handler can avoid the danger of a shark bite by using his chained fist. I believe shark teeth are a bit brittle and so easy broken. Human teeth are much stronger perhaps. Could shoving a chained fist into the mouth of an attacking zombie be an effective method for preventing the zombie from harm you as you fight it? Obviously, the goal is to mitigate the immediate harm: ie, the bite.

In a post Z-Day world, would we likely see a return to chainmail and maybe even plate armor, or would leather suffice? Could a zombie bite through a leather jacket, even a fashionable light leather jacket? I would think that motorcycle clothing would act like armor. Thoughts?
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>> No. 15087
like, how you planning to "just" get ONLY your hand in and not the WHOLE ARM??? (way past the glove, just like the shark wants...)
>> No. 15088
The trick to zombies is getting away from something that never stops coming for you. Armor would only slow you down.

But, if you've got bite-proof armor that's still not going to stop a herd of zombies from ripping your limbs off.

You'd be better off with something that would prevent them from being able to grab and hold you like a few layers of cheap plastic bags that would just tear off when grasped. Then you could armor yourself well enough to run though a hoard and not get taken down. They try to grab you and only end up with a fist full of plastic grocery bag.

>if you can't bite through it, neither can a zombie.

You only use a portion of your muscle's strength because to use more would cause more strain and damage which would require a lot more work/energy for your body to heal. There are certain circumstances where a person uses their full strength, such as the ever-present "mother who lifts a car off her child." There is no reason the zombie would have this limitation.
>> No. 15089
What about full body latex? (S&M/Bondage) Could you body a surf a mob?
>> No. 15095

You realize those limitations exist to keep your muscles from ripping themselves apart, correct?
And that zombies don't heal? Like, at all?
>> No. 15101
Shark teeth are actually stronger than human teeth. They can bite trough metal

File 134532093682.jpg - (180.49KB , 525x350 , 5101.jpg )
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So guys, I've been thinking about this highly unlikely virus and the way it operates compared to the rate at which the human body decomposes. So follow me here, The zombie virus lives inside the bone marrow creating a second nervous system to operate the host body. In order to achieve the spread of the virus in the most efficient manner it only controls the most basic of motor functions, while simultaneously using the hosts bodily fluids as a delivery system. (NOW BEAR WITH ME I'M MAKING A VERY GOOD POINT)

Now With this said we must not forget the rest of the biology behind the host of this virus. The human body, once the decomposition process has started only has a finite life span due to certain occurrences. The first stage of decomp is rigor-mortis, this occurs with in 3 to 6 hours after death. At this point the bodies muscles become stiff and if moved by any force will result in massive damage to the tissues (in this case the same ones that the virus will be using to move the host body in order to spread itself). During this stage flys and beetles begin to feed on the host as well as lay their larva.

The second stage is bloat, occurring with in 12-24 hours after death. During this stage the host body will become enlarged and distended due to the build up of gases inside of it. This would cause the skin to lose integrity and begin to tear or come right off. It is also during this stage that maggots will begin hatching and feeding on the host.

The third stage is active decay, occurring between 48-96 hours after death. During this period the of greatest mass of the host will be lost. This loss occurs as a result of both the voracious feeding of maggots and the purging of decomposition fluids from the host. Liquefaction of tissues and disintegration become apparent during this time. Strong odors persist during this time attracting more insects and now scavenging animals.

The forth stage is advanced decay, occurring between 128 hours - 1 week after death. Decomposition is largely inhibited during advanced decay due to the loss of readily available cadaver material. Insect activity is also reduced during this stage due to the loss of most of the muscle and soft tissues.

The final stage is dry decay, occurring 2-3weeks after death. During this stage, the all that remains of the cadaver is dry skin, cartilage, and bones, which will become dry and bleached if exposed to the elements. All of the soft tissue is gone from the host and would be referred to as skeletonized.

NOW; what does this mean for a zombie or more importantly the uninfected survivors!!!!!!

After 3-6 hours a zombie would destroy most of its muscles by moving during rigor-mortis. It would lose any chance of ever running again.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 15040
Unless the virus kills insects, then they would last quite a long time. Or if its a cold environment. Or there is even the slightest amount of ATP production (what makes muscles move) which would prevent rigor mortis.
>> No. 15098

The cold would ruin the shit out of the human body, who are you kidding.

File 132910422314.jpg - (87.47KB , 513x509 , OverGrown World.jpg )
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I didn't find this board until just now and I'm depressed to learn that it's already dead. Let's bring back this great board with some PAW images.
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>> No. 14952
Doesn't seem quite perfect. Why bother with the cross shape? You're not going to swing it sideways effectively, so you only need one bar-thing. Also looks a bit light, unsuited to heavy bashing. Like it would start to deform before long.
Plus, if you want blunt force trauma, you want it to be wide enough to completely avoid penetrating. Maybe if you made it two metal planks side-by-side it could work better. Dunno.

SAGE has been used.
>> No. 14957
Truly an amazing image.

A board is only as dead as the people that walk through it.
>> No. 15086
This is in Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul southest state of Brazil.

You're welcome.

Not all of us are monkeys on internet.
>> No. 15091

SAGE has been used.
>> No. 15094
File 136246461525.png - (104.82KB , 500x450 , 135956775439.png )

SAGE has been used.

File 131644470194.jpg - (396.37KB , 1400x805 , 4hrwuo.jpg )
14702 No. 14702 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Whatever happened to twitch? I fell off of 99chan for a while and am wondering if he ever came back to finish the story.
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>> No. 14808
I love you so much right now.
>> No. 14812
I knew it would get lost, Twitch seemed off, so I knew it would never get finished, and would probably disappear, so I saved the whole thread. That's everything he posted as far as I can remember.
>> No. 14959
This needs to be finished somehow. I hate to just continue off of what Twitch already wrote though, but at the same time i feel compelled to tack stuff on. Anyone object to helping contribute to this?
>> No. 15035
Finish it?
Im dying to read more!
Also check out 118migration!
>> No. 15084
Man, you really rock pal!

Thanks a lot for posting it again, I missed quite a bit.

File 132184555161.jpg - (723.55KB , 1366x768 , 1321727140503.jpg )
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How will they get here and how much longer do we have? I have been inside the pirate radio stations since 1995. If they dont come soon im going back to land or im gonna hang my self. But I think I have been here long enough. What would you do in my situation ?
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>> No. 14840
I'm sorry but what are you asking? Some background info will be nice.
>> No. 14853

The Thames Estuary Army Forts were constructed in 1942 to a design by Guy Maunsell, following the successful construction and deployment of the Naval Sea Forts. Their purpose was to provide anti-aircraft fire within the Thames Estuary area. Each fort consisted of a group of seven towers with a walkway connecting them all to the central control tower. The fort, when viewed as a whole, comprised one Bofors tower, a control tower, four gun towers and a searchlight tower. They were arranged in a very specific way, with the control tower at the centre, the Bofors and gun towers arranged in a semi-circular fashion around it and the searchlight tower positioned further away, but still linked directly to the control tower via a walkway. All the forts followed this plan and, in order of grounding, were called the Nore Army Fort, the Red Sands Army Fort and finally the Shivering Sands Army Fort. All three forts were in place by late 1943, but Nore is no longer standing. Construction of the towers was relatively quick, and they were easily floated out to sea and grounded in water no more than 30m (100ft) deep.

Access for the men posted to these forts was via an entrance at the base of the platform. Parts of the ladders that the men would have used are still visible today, but are in a very poor condition. Indeed, attempting to access these forts is extremely hazardous, and they are best viewed from a boat and a safe distance. All 3 forts saw action during the Second World War, and there is no doubt that they proved their worth. So much so in fact that anti-aircraft command called for the construction of more sea forts on the Thames in the immediate post-war period, and various new fort designs were put forward. However, none of them came to fruition and in 1952 the government decided not to pursue the sea fort construction programme any further. Nore Army Fort sustained damage during a storm in 1953, and tragedy struck the same fort again 2 months later when a ship hit and destroyed the Bofors and one of the gun towers. Four civilian caretakers were killed in this incident. In 1955, the War Office decided that the Army Sea Forts had no further operational value. The Nore Army Fort was dismantled in 1959, but the Red Sands and Shivering Sands Forts are still standing today. They have been used as pirate radio stations during the 60's and 70's, but since then have remained abandoned.
>> No. 14856
Keep on waiting, just like our fathers waited in their shelters for the soviets nukes to fall on the mainland. I'm not here to kill anyone's fantasy, but what are the chances of something like Z-day to actually occur in a global scale like in the movies?
>> No. 15077
File 135060618039.jpg - (144.06KB , 1600x667 , ChainSaw-2.jpg )
"im gonna hang my self"
pics or it din't happen...
>> No. 15083
Not a matter of if, but when. The only question as far as i'm concerned is if it's already happened or not.

File 134107847533.jpg - (27.70KB , 400x579 , 598739_220987931356211_601614423_n.jpg )
15031 No. 15031 hide quickreply [Reply]

Whats everyones opinions on the recent increase of cannibal attacks in the USA?

Pic is Unrelated
>> No. 15079
Bath salts, OP.
Just...bath salts.
>> No. 15080

What if... that's a cover story?
>> No. 15081
You know its old news, but we were investigating this on IRC, and we supposedly had two people who claimed to be feds come in, and said there would be no more new cases.
>> No. 15082
theres no feds on irc you're a crazy person

File 134578866539.jpg - (55.15KB , 660x439 , CNS11-660x439.jpg )
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>> No. 15075
>A handgun round, even from a submachine gun, may not penetrate.

I hate when people give advise about guns, when they're obviously not shooters.

SAGE has been used.
>> No. 15078

Wow, remind. of Max Brooks giving firearm advice in the Zombie Survival guide. Basically a bunch of horseshit.

SAGE has been used.

File 133110519479.jpg - (98.80KB , 400x500 , step1.jpg )
14962 No. 14962 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
This is just stoned thinking so I'll state my idea as simply as possible and let you guys do with it what you will.
If some evil corporation wanted to make a slightly tougher to kill zombie, couldn't they surgically remove most of the brain, possibly even before infecting the "patient"? It seems like the zombie virus or what have you could work just fine with only a medulla intact, as long as the human was alive until they turned. Then most head shots would do no damage, and you'd basically be shooting for the spine. But in the end, I guess this idea wouldn't come to any use in pretty much any zombie scenario I can think of.
I dunno, tell me if you think there is anything to this.
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>> No. 15008
Fog machine + infested building = difficult to survive
>> No. 15020
If it didn't need those parts of the brain to survive, (front and midbrain) then shooting those parts would not kill it anyways, removing those parts would just be pointless and costly, which is not very good for business.
>> No. 15026
Coloured lasers and trance music too.
>> No. 15027
And Weed.
>> No. 15028

File 133903187766.jpg - (69.30KB , 600x386 , hm-straightline-winds-damage-mercersburg-print-002.jpg )
15016 No. 15016 hide quickreply [Reply]
In case of Z, reach the roof…
>> No. 15017
and put the scale down !

File 132565291136.jpg - (1.52MB , 3264x1952 , IMAG0046.jpg )
14905 No. 14905 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
It is almost upon us. A mere 11.5 months until Z Day. How will you use this time to prepare? Get in shape, get supplies, train? Or are you going to sit around, and tell yourself it is all a myth, hoax, or mayan fairy tale?
12 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 14974
Zombies on bikes. Horrifying.

As a side note, it seems a lot of people know a ton about bikes on here. New board?
>> No. 14975
File 133482999679.jpg - (124.88KB , 1021x765 , Victoria Pendleton.jpg )
I for one, always support new avenues to spout off shite about bikes.
Though i'm pretty new here and this place seems particularly slow. Will it pick up?
>> No. 14976
File 133483035115.jpg - (67.66KB , 600x400 , 1899-Columbia-Model-59-Shaft-Drive-Bicycle-3.jpg )
Kudos, you made me look that up.
I've never seen a shaft drive on a bicycle before. I'm just thinking, when something goes wrong, wouldn't you rather be able to raid any bike shop for various compatible parts? The shaft drive seems pretty specific and not at all common.
Though I'm really curious now, what's the benefits of a shaft drive over chain? I guess you get stiffer drive and don't lose any energy from the engine to the wheel but it still seems so damn strange!
>> No. 14998
I see what you did there
>> No. 14999
From wiki on the debate of shaft vs chain bikes:
-Shaft has a lower efficiency rate when compared to a properly maintained chain gear
-Shaft drives involve more complex maintenance
-Shaft bikes are heavier
-Stuff can get in chains if you don't have a chain guard or whatever (really the only pro they could come up with)

I think I'd ride a shaft bike to escape zombies. Ya, I'd ride anything. But I don't think I would rely on a bike to keep me safe. Too much maintenance.

File 132899793684.jpg - (55.08KB , 400x400 , survival1.jpg )
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>> No. 14969
File 133388514390.jpg - (725.81KB , 1533x1185 , Deadfall Trap.jpg )
>> No. 14989
File 133556651597.jpg - (125.08KB , 760x595 , 99chan.jpg )
>> No. 14990
File 13355665255.jpg - (163.81KB , 452x2121 , 99chan1.jpg )
>> No. 14991
File 133556653697.png - (347.77KB , 1000x1200 , 99chan2.png )
>> No. 14992
File 13355665476.png - (367.86KB , 1000x1200 , 99chan3.png )

File 133453430040.jpg - (218.53KB , 486x1675 , 1.jpg )
14970 No. 14970 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Its happening!
Z3(Demon Virus)
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>> No. 14984
File 133488354377.jpg - (372.56KB , 600x2143 , 9.jpg )
>> No. 14985
File 133488355774.jpg - (351.09KB , 600x1909 , 10.jpg )
>> No. 14986
File 133488357439.jpg - (442.50KB , 600x2398 , 11.jpg )
>> No. 14987
File 133488359630.jpg - (275.14KB , 600x2000 , 12.jpg )
>> No. 14988
File 133488360741.jpg - (97.32KB , 475x712 , 13.jpg )

File 133453662247.jpg - (7.50KB , 265x190 , guns.jpg )
14971 No. 14971 hide quickreply [Reply]

fun fun

File 131813055385.jpg - (419.28KB , 1205x2197 , Surivival Game!.jpg )
14753 No. 14753 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Pick 3 and why would you choose them?

What would you do?
12 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 14800
I'd probably go Alyona, Micheal, and Shaniqua.

Alyona for her gun, training, connections and pussy. I'm more then okay with some mysterious russian chick fucking me to try to get me to do what she wants.

Micheal for his medical training and supplies. Don't really mind him having HIV as I don't plan on having sex with him or sharing needles. Sure if I get his blood in an open wound I might catch it but well I'm already going to be doing my best to avoid blood getting near open wounds anyway and while HIV sucks I'd prefer it over catching the zombie virus. If his HIV is too bad to the point he is a liability from being too weak or near death, I'd switch him out for Kim. She may not have as much supplies or training but she does have a non-AIDS infected pussy.

Shaniqua for her to lighten the situation and possible other fuck buddy if she is decent looking. Also to have a black person to sacrifice themselves when the group is in danger.

Runner up would be Pedro. Having a nice guy who isn't a racist or utter dick is always good and his mexican tools skills would be very, very useful if we have to fortify a location.
>> No. 14801
I'm thinking Maria, Mimi, Fatima amd Pedro.
Maria kicks ass when necessary.
Pedro getting anything non-combat related done allowing fighters to focus on fighting also, having lost his kids to the Zombies should be naturally inclined to look after Mimi and keep her out of trouble.
Fatima should pick up weapon skills from Maria and possibly also bond with Mimi if maternal instincts kick in.
First order of business would be heading for Tokyo to hook up with Mimi's grandfather and load up on guns and spend time getting everyone at least some basic combat training and possibly securing some kind of transportation for everyone.

Major problems would be initial transportation and medical treatments for anyone who gets hurt

Possible variations would be Ali instead of Maria. Pros, more guns and has a truck for transportation.
Cons, May not be entirely reliable due to radical beliefs, though a Zombie apocalypse may just straighten some of his priorities and lessen his radical tendencies.
I would be betting on Ali getting protective about Mimi and Fatima if going with him.
>> No. 14816
Pedro, Bobby, and Shaniqua.

Pedro and Bobby will keep us moving, and Shaniqua will keep us happy with her humorous banter. I'll shoot things. Seems like the best idea.
>> No. 14818
Michael, because medicine is essential.
Barry because I plan to get my ass out to sea as soon as possible, and there'd be a mutual respect what with me being bisexual and getting ready to go into the navy.
Daniel because even if he hates the gaysecks he'll shut the fuck up because he knows he can't survive on his own.
He'll probably be killed for his guns. I'm okay with this.
>> No. 14958
Does anyone have the original image lying around?

File 12918453207.png - (2.43MB , 1680x945 , they would be gods amongst men.png )
13572 No. 13572 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Let's compile a list of people who we think would survive the apocalypse.

If these guys and their helpers were in their workshop, you bet your ass that they would hold out.
19 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 14096
Just think how many zombies you could take out with a chicken gun full of grape shot.
>> No. 14945
Super Mario (with 1-up mushrooms of course)

Samus Aran (without suit = still a piece of cake)

Will Smith/ I am Legend

Denzel Washington/ Book of Eli

Cartman - southpark (he's a cunning little bastard)

John Travolta (Broken Arrow)

Brad Pitt (Fight Club)

Britney Spears (She survived life.and Kevin...)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 14946
You know what? If we're taking guys from shows, give me that crazy-haired old guy from "The Colony". Likeable, ingenious and at least somewhat able to deal with discomfort and such.
>> No. 14953
Charlie sheen - the fact that he isn't dead yet tells me he will survive damn near anything.
ozzy osbourne for the same reason.
And the doctor.
>> No. 14956
Probably people like Jason Statham, the Rock, you know, action movie stars. They are physically supreme, and have lots of random skills and fighting training picked up throughout their acting careers.

File 132440033313.jpg - (42.15KB , 211x239 , Crawler.jpg )
14882 No. 14882 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Alright guys I have a small theory,

After the human body shuts down and becomes said zombie the flesh, muscles, organs ect. still continue to deteriorate at a constant speed right? Well if this is true eventually muscles in the legs are going to be nothing anymore and said zombies won't be able to walk/run/hobble any longer.It would then make zombies weak and inferior. This seems to make sense but would kinda ruin the apocalypse for me as I was hoping for a full force slaughter fest. Any opinions on this?
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 14924
Most people don't seem to realize exactly how much damage the human body takes daily. In areas that get a great deal of sunlight a 28 Days Later style zombie could have exposed musculature from the constant sunburn destroying skin.
>> No. 14930
Where a Atmospheric diving suit with blades in the hands. Done.


Thousands of zombies could stand on you with no problem. Just need sharp to get the brain.
>> No. 14931
Helps that I live near the cost and know where to get an ADS. Planned the best way to to it.
>> No. 14954
I suppose zombies are inferior to humans in most ways... they're slow, unintelligent, and fall apart from decay. Although, I belive a certain number of zombies could start a pandemec, like in 'the Crazies', where they would need to destroy the whole area, ridding humanity of the sickness. (My inexperienced thoughts.) :p
>> No. 14955
I suppose it the decomposition rate would depend on what kind of zombie we are talking about. If it's viral, the they would most likely decay just as fast (if not faster due to moving against rigor mortis) then a regular body. However, if zombification is due to parasites (a la' Slither) then I would count on them having chemical buffers against decomposition, even going so far as to horribly mutate the host.

File 131892733450.png - (193.96KB , 624x354 , The_Walking_Dead_2010_Intertitle.png )
14814 No. 14814 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
So, season two premiere, Carl gets shot

I get the feeling they're not going to follow the comics anymore.
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 14823
No, that's if it were written by 2 people from /zom/.
>> No. 14825
>> No. 14864
I liked the finale but feel like the whole 2nd season is a little dry with them at the barn the whOle time. Ive rewatched the 1st season many times, and its always exciting.
>> No. 14874
I've stopped watching after the 4th episode of season 2, when Shane shaved his head.
There are only like, 4 zombies an episode, and the characters are all incredibly unlikable.
Rick's a whiny bitch.
Lori's a heartless slut who doesn't know what she wants.
Andrea's psychotic and depressing
Dale's just annoying.
Shane has too much emotional investment and It's easy to swing between liking him too much for who is supposed to be a prick and thinking he's too shallow a prick for me to actually care.
T-Dog is just a betrayal waiting to happen.
The only actual enjoyable character was Daryl.
Last I heard they're still at the friggin farm.

The first season was fantastic. The show still has potential, but... eh.
I blame them firing they whole writing team from the first season.
>> No. 14923
lol dis nigga srs? the first season's finale was so RANDUMB XD and forced, and the characters who died were definitely the most uninteresting. the core cast now is definitely better than the first season. i for one am pumped for the third season.

File 132182713620.jpg - (97.61KB , 1280x800 , 1318187180892.jpg )
14832 No. 14832 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
So, we've all had discussions about our shelters, weapons, groups, etc. but one thing we haven't really covered: How would you keep yourself sane in the Zombie World and its aftermath? Surely you can't spend all of your time running around capping headshots, gathering supplies, and such; so what would you do in your downtime to keep yourself entertained, and ultimately retain some of your sanity? It's not like you can watch TV or surf the web any more.
Picture somewhat related but still pretty cool
9 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 14903
Exercise is crucial. It makes you feel better, increases discipline, and creates routine. Drastic increase in your mental health. Oh, and physical health.
>> No. 14904
File 132558250239.jpg - (7.99KB , 210x230 , woman228.jpg )
Solar powered generater.
3tb of every retro game and more.
12 tb of movies and music.
100 pounds of mio water enhancer.

Im ready for some downtime
>> No. 14917
exercise kills bored-housewife level depression. I whole heartedly agree with the bookstore idea. energy efficient way to stay sane and you could gain some knowledge along the way.
>> No. 14919
reading books is already my favorite hobby, so it won't be a problem for me to adapt to the post apocalyptic paradigm.
>> No. 14922
Exercise is recommended for hostages and prisoners of war as a way to fight off depression. Not just for housewife level shit.

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