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File: 1520221305638.png–(288.97KB, 540x960, dcfce5849c5da1c2fe1c43cfb376b9a80db8f39b.png)
is it gay to have sex with another male?
¨ No.937
Yes, and that's the point.
¨ No.939
Only if he pees in your butt.
¨ No.957
it's not gay if the dicks don't touch
¨ No.959
only for the bottom
¨ No.973
Not as gay as sex with the same male.

Remember: Everytime you jack off, you're giving a guy a handjob.
¨ No.976
For free? That's a ripoff. I need to start charging myself.
¨ No.982
It's not gay unless his semen attaches to your scalp and embeds its mandibles in your central nervous system.

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