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File: 1520041119016.jpg–(90.91KB, 478x640, mvKvCTor4WA.jpg)
Once, I made this place great. I will make it great once again.

Awake, fleet of the 99th, your admiral has returned.

Let's liven this board up. Tell me about your troubles and your joys as of late!
¨ No.915
1520048179860.jpg–(81.01KB, 960x720, bright please.jpg)
Fuck off, old man. We've changed since you've been gone. *I* run this ship now, and if you're here to try taking over I'll ""correct"" you and throw you in the brig!
¨ No.919
Sometimes when my dog is sleeping, I sneak over to him, pull down my sweatpants and underwear, spread my cheeks, and put my bare butt hole right next to his nose and fart. He always jumps up very startled and begins barking before he realizes what's going on by sniffing the air around him. He then occasionally gets in real close to my bare butt hole and sniffs it real good to truly see what's going on. If I'm very lucky, and ate something particularly special recently, he gives my bare butt hole a few cautious licks.
¨ No.921
1520109688578.gif–(493.75KB, 249x146, inflatable boat.gif)
shut up you fucking nigger no one runs this ship
Even if they did it wouldn't matter; we've no mainsail, no rigging, not even a ship's cat. heck we barely have any crew either
got rum though
¨ No.926
1520134773663.gif–(3.89MB, 750x512, correction.gif)
How dare you?! Come to the bridge now for ""correction!""

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