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File: 1494102142268.jpg–(162.15KB, 1280x852, Comfy3.jpg)
This thread is my cabin. I'll be back every now and then when I need time off. You can come in if you want, but keep off my bed!
¨ No.96
1494181642451.jpg–(249.91KB, 830x663, look at these disrespectful loud annoying fuckers.)
I brought my annoying toddlers, hope you don't mind
¨ No.98
NO KIDS ALLOWED! They can play out back but stay out of my room!
¨ No.102
What's that smell coming from under the floorboards? And why is the basement door locked?
¨ No.105
I'll be over by the window.
¨ No.107
I was a kid when I came over and fucked your mom on that bed. Then I hopped on pop, if you know what I mean. It wouldn't be surprising if I was your dad, then again your mom was doing it with all the kids in town, taking Pac-Man quarters to pay her crack bills.

Addiction is so cruel.
¨ No.110
Don't worry about it!!

Don't remind me of mother here please, my cabin's a safe space from my dark and troubled past.
¨ No.123
You making my big, cavernous pussy dripping wet.
¨ No.130
1494445661543.jpg–(450.39KB, 1280x852, loli_cabin.jpg)
dude there's a loli on your bed wtf
¨ No.131
I'm just gonna lie down here for a little while. Sleep it off. Will try leave some booze for you.

Cosy in here. Cosy cosy. Like death.

¨ No.150
1494594540169.jpg–(63.82KB, 550x733, linen.jpg)
Can you cavernously drip out back and not on my floor?

Shit--!! (Loli get the fuck back downstairs!!)

There's some blankets in the closet if you want to wrap up in one.
¨ No.151
1494599038252.png–(950.67KB, 1280x852, OUTPUT.png)
It's a little late for that sir. Why don't you have a seat over here?
¨ No.154
*closes the window and locks it*
Now get the hell off my bed, Loli! This is some kind of a setup in my own home!
¨ No.157
1494617741618.jpg–(432.17KB, 1280x852, output.jpg)
he's still out there dude
¨ No.165
1494679247454.png–(0.99MB, 1280x853, prettiest_present_of_them_all.png)
Oh look, someone left you a present!
¨ No.167
Shit, this was supposed to be a safe space... If I give up the loli can I live in peace?!

*opens the present carefully*
¨ No.186
1494792641848.png–(4.17MB, 1280x853, pedobear saves the day.png)
¨ No.200
1494855093234.png–(916.49KB, 1280x851, fuccubus.png)
Move, pedobear, you're hoarding the screen.

I am a cute succubus loli from hell. Thank you for freeing me from that present box, anon-kun!
¨ No.204
1494868807379.jpg–(32.92KB, 400x285, gun.jpg)
What the fuck is going on?!!! Succubus loli I ban you from this cabin, pedobear you can stay, the rest of you either get out or grab a gun because I'm not letting anyone in my basement!!
¨ No.205
1494868954980.jpg–(204.67KB, 1280x851, output.jpg)
why would you do this to me
¨ No.213
I want my cabin demon- and cop-free, all I wanted was a comfy home away from home for me and my loli. It's nothing personal, but this is all just too wild for me!
¨ No.575
1499932089563.jpg–(14.88KB, 300x300, 1425098753081.jpg)
hai gaiz am i late to the party?
¨ No.577
1499955487655.gif–(346.48KB, 400x300, Comfy32.gif)
Mailbox! It's good to see you, I had the craziest time last time I came up to my cabin. I leave my door open one time, and hell literally breaks loose...
¨ No.578
1499956169378.jpg–(395.92KB, 1280x852, output.jpg)
Oh you're back? What time is it? I don't have legs for some reason.
¨ No.586
1499974425817.jpg–(88.57KB, 736x1104, sip.jpg)
Yeah, I'm back. Have you been on my bed this whole time?! Whatever...it's around 3:30 now. Has the heat died down? Things got out of hand last time...
¨ No.590
1500009369831.png–(179.42KB, 300x300, mailbox_uhoh.png)
hay gaiz there's these people in suits and stuff and they have guns and i'm scared what do i do
¨ No.597
Tell them we're not home! Goddammit, what do I have to do to have a day of peace out here?!
¨ No.611
move to canada
¨ No.614
That's not an option. In exchange for legalized cannabis, they made loli illegal in Canada.
¨ No.615
just fuck dogs lol
¨ No.616
That's gross. If you're stopping by my cabin, maybe you should leave your dog outside...
¨ No.618
Fine, fine. You're surprisingly a fussy host, you know that? I'll just make do with your dog, I guess.
¨ No.620
1500268144102.jpg–(100.27KB, 625x505, beerdog.jpg)
You keep away from Gray! He hasn't felt frisky since he fell into depression.
¨ No.621
he's depressed because i totally fucked his bitch
¨ No.622
Get out of my cabin, homewrecker! You don't understand the pain he's gone through since that day!
¨ No.623
He's about to know the pain of me going through him today if you don't let my bring my canine escort in.
¨ No.626
Fine, fine! But keep it in the basement, and stay off the back porch!

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