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File: 1517106640426.jpg–(55.59KB, 380x380, 0007008503645_A.jpg)
So, is 99chan ever going to be fixed or are we just going to be a broken memory of what we used to be?
¨ No.746
why not both?
¨ No.747
well it aint going back to kusaba, so multiboard will only return when someone makes a new board system
¨ No.749
What's wrong with kusaba?
¨ No.800
it sucks nigger dick thats what
¨ No.801
tee himself has said to not use it since before 99 even existed; we couldnt get the shit to even work anyway, so its new system or nothin'
¨ No.806
I'd like whatever system it is that shows the post when you mouse over a reply link. That shits cash.
¨ No.810
We don't even have enough activity for one board let alone multiple. Though there was something I loved about have 50 ghost-town boards that were totally useless and took up memory.
¨ No.812
are all of the old posts completely lost forever too?
¨ No.815
We would have the activity if this place didn't go offline for 200 years and delete every single post and all boards.

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