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File: 1516831631227.jpg–(546.42KB, 1800x2697, tide-pods-2.jpg)
tide pods up inside my body
what i do with tide pods' naughty
delicious chemical concoction
eat a few and then go boxing
beat my opponent with one punch
then im off for tide pod lunch
just one crunch and im in bliss
until the burning tide pod piss
¨ No.729
why would you eat those
¨ No.732
What are ya, a chicken? Baw-bawkah.
¨ No.733
lol OP you're so cool and with the times xD
¨ No.735
back to reddit
¨ No.811
1517639974658.jpg–(65.47KB, 680x663, tide pod chan.jpg)
Things like this make me wish I was rich or had influence. I think Tide could really nail this shit if they hired the original artist who drew Tide Pod Chan to be like, their head of marketting. Or at least hire him to do art for a new ad campaign. It might seem like a bad idea but I think it would work out really well. As an example there was that stupid furry video about what the fox said that blew the fuck up. My god damn aunt would sing it and became obssessed with foxes. That video took a piece of pretty weird internet culture and normalized it. I think the same thing could happen. I wanna see Tide Pod Chan on tv and billboards. It would be a wildly successful ad campaign AND it would make Tide look like they really care without making poor business decisions.
¨ No.816
The fact that corporation's marketing hasn't tried to use cute mascots for all sorts of things kinda confuses me. They do it in Japan, where people are stuffy and formal and serious and it works like gangbusters, for some reason companies still think that any cartoon depiction will come off as too kiddy. Unless they're an insurance company, which for some reason are the only companies allowed to have cartoony fun with their commercials.

I'm not sure if having a cartoon girl on TV telling people not to eat the pods would actually help or make the problem worse, but I would agree that having more fun with their marketing campaigns would be good for a lot of companies.
¨ No.819
>Do not eat
I would totally "eat" podchan.

By "eat" I mean fuck. I would fuck that cartoon girl.
¨ No.830

Funny thing. In the Yanomamo tribe they call sex "nawai" which literally translates as "to eat vagina". If a girl gets dragged out into the bushes and gang-raped the women scream "they are eating her vagina!".

Little boys often get sodomised and they call this "bohsi nawai" which literal translates as "anus to eat vagina".
¨ No.834
1518102124456.jpg–(267.01KB, 1440x1440, cover.jpg)
I listened to two hours of field recordings of their religious chants and shamanistic rituals and couldn't enjoy two notes in a row because people kept making LOUD snorting, gargling and spitting noises throughout. Never felt so disappointed. I think it actually made me a little bit racist against them.
¨ No.1405
You try snorting cocaine cut with wood ash and see how quiet you are
¨ No.1432

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