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File: 1507510385428.jpg–(594.84KB, 1920x1080, ss_19e001c38309a504ff39ebd557eccfff5ed1c3be.1920x1)
How can I find a private tracker for programming books?
¨ No.64
There are numerous trackers for books and the like but I doubt there's one that specific. I hate to give out names cause everytime I seem to it feels like site get shut down.
¨ No.74
books don't have a keyboard. they don't even have cpu's.
¨ No.164
Names Ridgeley. I'm a Private Tracker. Hell of a racket, tracking. It'll ruin your life, torpedo your marriage... Just ask my ex wife.

So when this same walks into the office saying she needs me to find a book, I was happy for the distraction. I don't normally hunt books; mostly men. But I've got alimony to pay and more importantly I'm almost completely out of whiskey.

I take the case
¨ No.177
I'm trying to throw a three picture deal with Touchstone at you through my screen, but it ain't working.
¨ No.290
What do you want to learn?
Have you looked at programming-motherfucker.com ?
There's really not much more you can learn, at an entry level, from a book than a website.
¨ No.307
Torrents are shit for books.

Google #bookz, IRC channel that has pretty much everything ever made into an epub.

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