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File: 1514784685034.jpg–(8.51KB, 228x251, strawburry.jpg)
Happy new year! I care about all 8 or 9 of you greatly, and I hope you had a good time. This thread will probably still be around to wish you all good luck in 2019 as well, assuming the site doesn't implode again.
¨ No.606
And let 2018, if anything, be a year of post-apocalyptic rebuilding. For the site, for each of us as individuals. We can't realistically hope for a better tomorrow, but at least let's hope for a more yesteryear-like year, for something that will somewhat resemble where we were before all these disasters started becoming all too common, Jewlion.

Merry 365th spin, my boys.
¨ No.611
shut up
¨ No.612
No, you
¨ No.615
I appreciated it
¨ No.616
Fuck off
¨ No.660
1515586920822.jpg–(8.17KB, 384x288, 125741577629.jpg)
Thanks, you fucking nigger.

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