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File: 1500143127154.jpg–(2.34MB, 3000x2119, 813.jpg)
whenever i check 99 and there are no new threads and not even any new posts worth interest

i feel like this ship right here


i wonder

why is it like this?

i know you fuckheads have a shitton of stuff to post
¨ No.602
It's don't
¨ No.603
so post more, nerd
¨ No.604
I just don't feel like we have very much common ground anymore. Sometimes I feel like the site's only up so the feds can identify whenever one of us gets new devices, since we have a few people of interest.
¨ No.605

actually i was mostly really drunk and wanted to post that ship
¨ No.606
1500187224964.jpg–(74.01KB, 590x390, mature condiments for mature people.jpg)
I can only offer you a couple of smirk-worthy images and a vague, empty assurance that everything's going to work out somehow.
¨ No.610
I'm really bad at starting threads, so I don't
I wish I felt able to
¨ No.612
1500244578661.jpg–(228.36KB, 750x1334, IMG_5064.JPG)
Here's a doodle!!
¨ No.613
1500244689465.jpg–(371.88KB, 1080x1920, IMG_5100.JPG)

Here's another!!! Fuck your potato servers and RIP my goddamn /art/thread I kept going since like 2008!!
¨ No.619

>tfw i recognize this

;-; ripperoni
¨ No.627
1500331286239.jpg–(131.86KB, 750x733, IMG_5145.PNG)

im trying to get back into it. This older couple is giving me 500 eur up front if I use it to buy supplies, then 500 more as long as they get to pick out whatever painting they like the most, which made me real happy.>>619
¨ No.628
1500331394382.jpg–(79.58KB, 738x929, IMG_5146.PNG)
¨ No.681
which made me real happy?
If this had happened to Vincent, he wouldn't have shot himself.
If you waste this, you are the hugest faggot that ever walked the face of the earth.
WTF are you doing posting on the chans?
spend all your free time every day making those people a 500 thousand euro picture for their 500 euros.
These people believe in you, which is 2000 times more than most real painters ever get.
This could be remembered in art history as the beginning of something, or it could be forgotten as a lazy, half-assed, wanker bilking some people out of a few euros.
Your choice.
¨ No.688
>the chans?
Do you know where you are, and who this person is?
¨ No.692
He got a small commission, dink. It's super cool but it's not a world historical event for someone to be given $1000 for a painting. There's probably a hipster on your street who has sold a painting or a photograph print or whatever to a bougie artsy retired couple for like $500.

That said, I remember >>627 and that's fucking awesome. I actually think of you every so often and hope that you are doing well and selling hella paintings.

Please post more pictures (Pretty please start a thread here?)
¨ No.707
1500922122495.jpg–(148.90KB, 640x860, 02.jpg)
i just decided i am going to post a work of art in this thread every time i am drunk
¨ No.710
1500937990199.jpg–(429.60KB, 761x1280, 38a069a42d7f32b1b15a5da18713f86fd8c527a7c8dca23383)
before long we'll have a gallery
¨ No.711
1500939588892.jpg–(195.14KB, 800x747, Edward_Hopper_Ds-Ap_056.jpg)
oh I can help. I am drinking tequila

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