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File: 1500049673288.png–(43.97KB, 500x148, 1452328944222.png)
Who's still here? Are you guys still in town? I never figured out who any of you were, and you'll probably never guess who I am.
¨ No.596
Am I speaking to Fat Fuck Fronk, the Famed 99 Fenom?
¨ No.598
op aint but I am. been acquiring more mass and playing wow and working. sup wit u, fam?
¨ No.599
1500069479008.jpg–(27.11KB, 474x600, how to become a human t-rex.jpg)
Nothing much. Been trying to follow suit on your efforts to shed weight like 7 years ago on /fit/ and saw some moderate success. Whittling away my life on some dead end manual labor job, but am thinking of creating a video game in my spare time and hope the addition to my resume helps me net a job that's less shite. Obscure doujin release J-pop and MintJam pretty much used to be all I've been listening to, but lately I'm getting into stuff by Daniel Knox. The man writes some beautiful songs with beautiful lyrics.

Partly sad and partly relieved that 99chan got nuked. It's a bunch of old memories I'll never get to look back and smile at, but it's also a bunch of cringy shit I wrote all over the site back when I was obsessed with making everything verbose and grammatically immaculate, so yeah. Wonder what's going on with that guy who started working out to lift his wife.

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