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File: 1514176427673.jpg–(1.72MB, 2448x3264, s138668113300500106_p94_i1_w2448.jpeg)
>book with infinite number of pages
>contains everything that can ever be written
>all possible combinations of letters
>somewhere in the book is the explanation of the origin of the universe
>and consciousness
>and how to manipulate spacetime
>lose your page and you'll never find it again
¨ No.543
Yes yes, we've all read Borges
¨ No.851
Similarly, the real number Pi, being a infinite random series, contains encoded within it, all the information in the universe.
¨ No.854
That's not unique to pi
¨ No.863
1518653061547.jpg–(52.38KB, 484x252, 144.jpg)
that is actually phi the fib sequence >>851
¨ No.865
books r gay lol
¨ No.867
Fuck that book, write over it. Change it, Play in the chaos.>>541
¨ No.878
I don't read books. I fuck 'em.
¨ No.893
Don't you fear that by attempting to mess with Infinite Monkeys On Infinite Typewriters vol. MMMDCCXLII or the hojillionth digit of the square root of 2 you've actually made each one less random by inserting imposing the order of your will regardless of how superficially chaotic it appears to be? This is exactly how order gets put upon chaos for a while without chaos realizing it.

...but I don't need to tell you about that. You've already seen what happens when a penguin of doom holds up a spork.
¨ No.913
1520018285901.jpg–(3.17MB, 4208x2368, WP_20180216_21_55_20_Pro.jpg)
It's not just a story, it actually exists.


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