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File: 1499269060134.png–(122.80KB, 500x581, when-you-perfectly-calculated-your-money-to-last-u)
why do i always act like having a Facebook is a good idea
¨ No.513
because it is, as long as you use it properly

I joined a bunch of local buy-sell groups and bought a bike for about a third of the price a new one would cost me, including the cost of minor repairs I had to do to get it in proper shape. I've bought instruments and tools and was able to attend fun, small-time shows that would have gone completely under my radar had I not been in one of those groups. You can get a lot out of facebook as long as you don't go there for the whole "hurr soshel netwurk" aspect of it.
¨ No.514
yeah this is what i get for joining a bunch of meme groups. Because theres nothing like being suicidal for the lols and for the meme
¨ No.515
All that stuff you bought was probably stolen.
¨ No.517
who cares?
¨ No.522
Also how tf do you know?
¨ No.527

are you a suburban kid or something; do the math
¨ No.529
Like I give a shit
¨ No.530
>do the math
...what math?
¨ No.531
The things you listed, such as bikes and tools, are things that are often stolen from people's driveways in the summer. They then sell it for a third of the price through an intermediary or directly through a small facebook group that is more difficult to monitor than on Craigslist or Ebay.

It's like being in the 80s and saying "I just bought a car radio from some guy on the street for dirt cheap! I wonder where it came from?" Then again "bike" and "tools" are somewhat ambiguous. Did you buy a bicycle, or motorbike? A toolbox full of assorted tools, or a specific tool you needed?
¨ No.533
that's not math
¨ No.534
It's math, just a higher order of non-Newtonian calculus lesser life forms cannot understand. There's 2 numbers and hundreds of letters, figure it out.
¨ No.536
oh my god he used big words guys he must be so much better than us. Get of your high horse arrogant cunt. there no abbreviations for you.
¨ No.537
It's not math
¨ No.538
What is math?
¨ No.539
math is the stuff you use to figure out how to make meth. they call it mathamphetamine.
¨ No.584
¨ No.591
baby don't limx→∞(1+1x)x me

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