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File: 1507246074506.jpg–(6.46KB, 200x150, 128497415927s.jpg)
So I just asked my mom to give me a blow job. I'm leaving the country for a long time, possibly forever, and she's been trying to do as much stuff with me as she can before I leave. For the past week or so, she's asked me over and over: "is there ANYTHING else you can think of that you want to do?". I knew she wasn't subtly asking if I wanted to mess around, but I've kinda had the hots for her since I was a kid. If she does it, I will still think of her the same way, and I doubt this will become a habit, which is fine.

Anyway, her response was "let me think about it", with a a tilt of her head and a slight smirk. And that's her in my pic.
¨ No.44
I can't wait to be able to ban again
¨ No.53
this is pretty hot, I would fuck your mom
¨ No.54
Where TF is you niggas from
¨ No.79
Whatever happened to mombjguy?
¨ No.84
I archived both threads but the recordings were from megaupload :(
¨ No.92
literally the only interesting thing to have ever happened on this godforsaken backwater.

i'll upload the recording later if i can find it. it's somewhere on my desktop.
¨ No.94
Fuck you homo, fronk at night, hoegaarden the sugar glider, that time OH fucked everything up, all the threads that cracked.com stole and made into articles, and even more I've forgotten due to years of rampant alcohol abuse. >>92
¨ No.95

my nibba. other notable things include the centipede video, prison guy, and hospital guy

(rip fronk @large, rip fridey nite fronk)
¨ No.96
And the absolute lolcow that was LoPan
¨ No.98
1508086553998.png–(3.92MB, 1232x1279, 596836ism.png)
Our Lord forgives you
¨ No.99
fuck i looked at fridey nite frank again and man its cringe as hell why did this ever happen

¨ No.110
I've got a copy of the video/audio.
¨ No.1134
1523320282772.jpg–(87.58KB, 980x980, C8zNO4BWAAQ-eBS.jpg)

¨ No.1141
donald HUSSEIN trump
¨ No.1147
You should post it somewhere if you can, I want to have a nostalgia fap.
¨ No.1163
Meh, I tried. Mods got pissy and deleted it/banned me for some reason. >>1147
¨ No.1164
They made his mom a mod.
¨ No.1168
1523760714977.jpg–(74.06KB, 370x540, 1522203500371.jpg)
what was hoegaarden the sugar glider, again? i was here for mom bj guy, but not for hoegaarden.
¨ No.1169
what was the password? I got the zip but didnt record the password
¨ No.1171
File name of OP's jpg.
¨ No.1190
Here he is now.


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