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File: 1511499145147.png–(237.28KB, 2560x1440, 1511490498500.png)
Which countries do you pick?
¨ No.377
All 54 African countries, UK, and Sweden.
¨ No.380
This is a pretty solid pick.

Why the fuck does Canada cost $20 though our military is god-fucking awful.
¨ No.387
5 indias

the world shall drown in our poo
¨ No.442
I would much rather have two swedens than one Norway.

I take Germany, India, Sweden, Brazil, and my change in African countries (hoping i end up with Tanzania and Nigeria instead of Sierra Leone).

Is that red and white $20 country Poland or Indonesia? Can it be our choice? If so I trade in my africans and Sweden for Indonesia.
¨ No.478
¨ No.487
That's $105
¨ No.492
two japans and the rest are african countries
¨ No.567
1514346629260.jpg–(27.52KB, 349x347, 2.JPG)
¨ No.942
Russia, Israel, North Korea

German military is shit, 40$ are too much
¨ No.964
African countries.
¨ No.979
$70 would already win easily
¨ No.980
1521007318247.png–(661.10KB, 500x723, next time without italy.png)
North Korea
Nigeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco
¨ No.981
1521009176866.png–(280.92KB, 720x480, dont-cry-because-its-over-famous-quote-cb27bec4ec4)
I eliminate South Korea first, with Japan and North Korea staging a combined land-sea invasion and solidifying my control over the whole peninsula. While that's going on, the Nigerians invade Togo, Ghana, and Ivory Coast, overrunning them with numbers and getting a solid foothold in West Africa. Egypt and the North-West African states invade Libya from two sides, it falls easily due to the ongoing internal strife there. Nigeria begins pushing north-westward through Sierra Leone, Mali, Mauritania, until the African front is consolidated and they can begin a united concerted push to the southeast. Germany anschlusses Austria again and begins either picking off or enticing to our side the minor European countries, especially those that have historical grievances against Russia or are needed to create a united land front.

North Korea lays siege to Dandong, and starts a land invasion of the surrounding area with a few "ghost brigades", hopefully drawing a few Chinese regiments away from Beijing and the Bohai Sea area. Japan and the newly annexed South Korea launch a sea invasion of Qingdao with the goal being to establish a beachhead for a push northward toward Beijing, cutting off the Chinese capital and many of the most populous and developed cities from the rest of the relatively backwards Chinese mainland. Eventually, Japanese-Korean control over north-eastern China and Manchuria is solidified and if the Germans have done their job in creating a contiguous front in Europe and eliminating Poland and most of the other European minors we can now start the invasion of Russia from both coasts. All that remains is the more or less isolated USA, France, and the UK, the royal navy being a shell of its former self. It should be possible to simply fend off any attempted attacks from them until their supplies and morale are exhausted and then eliminate them one by one.

There, Endsieg.
¨ No.1003
I feel like you're really overestimating modern Germany. Angela Merkel would be garbage in a war and Germany is mostly innundated with smelly, rowdy reffugees which would contribute more to internal strife than to the war effort. Germany would get wrecked by the combined force of the the EU countries. Also you totally forgot about Oceania and that uh, former British subject alliance, what's it called again? Anyway that. I think you're right that you'd get all of Africa and east Asian pretty easy though.
¨ No.1016
If all the other countries are united against the few that can be picked, this isn't winnable, at least in the sense that they could actually invade and control the rest of the planet.

usa/india/(whatever) would be the best choice but there is no combination available that could occupy 2/3 of the $70 options
¨ No.1034
it's more that I'm figuring that I can ASSUME DIRECT CONTROL as if it were an IRL 4x/grand strategy game

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