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File: 1511405480831.png–(104.17KB, 600x600, bg2.png)
I'm giving thanks for all the dead indians.
¨ No.361
1511422485019.gif–(0.97MB, 500x213, tipping my hat.gif)
I killed every last one too. And I'd do it again. Now about that daughter of yours. No not the ugly one, the blind one....
¨ No.363
That's my son, you monster.
¨ No.407
Can you wear a hat like that without looking like a big gay???? please respond
¨ No.432
Clit Eastwood, you're a pus-pus. Come here and give me a big snail trail.
¨ No.438
Pous pous
Cous cous
Put yourself in a
Nous nous
¨ No.446
Make my cunny runny
Take your thing out, honey
Do me in the sunny
Ass up, head down in my bummy

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