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File: 1511068507267.jpg–(45.07KB, 580x557, IMG_3232.JPG)
Where do I find girls with short hair? Is there a place or self-description that associates with short-haired girls who aren't lesbians or fucked in the head? I live in a pretty populated area and they are still a vast minority even in circles of artsy people.
¨ No.332
Shave them yourself after you capture them.
¨ No.333
1511101622707.jpg–(98.39KB, 960x720, [Coalgirls]_Cardcaptor_Sakura_10_(960x720_Blu-ray_)
You could always look for alopecia support groups for women but I imagine there's a bunch of bald-head fetishists perving on them. I once met a woman who seemed politically anti-hair and shaved her head by choice, and she was straight and was fairly normal otherwise.

Depends on what you mean by short hair, I guess. That has different meaning depending on who you talk to, but short hair is pretty in fashion right now even if most women can't pull it off without looking butch or cancerous. If they have short hair but no visible tattoos, then you're in business.
¨ No.334
How about you suck on my clock, OP? Then kiss me and I'll drink myself from your stupid face hole. Then I'll force you to bang my blowhole until I faint from heat exhaustion and die. Then you can have my fishy carcass to ravage with your pretty little pecker.
¨ No.613
¨ No.614
1514999664995.png–(938.33KB, 834x861, casca gf.png)
Look to the hipster types first. I think the term the cool kids are using lately is "art hoe" for them. Maybe to some local art shows or concerts, most populated places have a solid art scene underneath them. Like >>333 said it's becoming pretty trendy lately, so get em while it's hot.
¨ No.617
I call short haired girls tabbies
¨ No.618
Hospital cancer wards.
¨ No.620
1515075818031.png–(334.71KB, 450x684, d295330feaa806158cd4b70550107bd3.png)
That's a very jazzy thing to do. You sound like one hep cat.
¨ No.621
1515099071606.jpg–(48.62KB, 600x800, jazz.jpg)
This one goes out to all y'all tabbies hanging 'round in the back of the audience. Love ya, girls....
¨ No.627
1515211085232.jpg–(745.70KB, 1013x1100, fc9508af2b10bb3b642c9ec98df2b94c.jpg)
If it weren't for jazzy nonsense words I would have killed myself in 2013.
¨ No.638
1515287002691.jpg–(243.14KB, 595x842, 74e8f98922d80f4069f29cf8bef9c1f4.jpeg)
You rarely see anime saxophonists using metal mouthpieces. Mostly you just see plastic or hard rubber.
¨ No.646
1515474062449.jpg–(122.14KB, 640x800, 1eeb9cfefb723e51ce765a37179b48c4.jpg)
That's because they are school-issued. Only idol girls can afford the good jazz.
¨ No.652
Just find a girl with long hair and seduce her into chopping it short, you beta.
¨ No.664
1515645340185.jpg–(888.32KB, 2340x3094, c8e203a145ccc426ef1827d518a47bec.jpg)
You're onto something. Metal mouthpieces are more likely to feature designs that lend themselves to commercial music--bright and shiny, almost one-dimensionally so, not unlike the girls that would get marketed as idols. There's a lot more variety in the hard rubber world, of design, of music, and of players.
¨ No.671
1515717862101.jpg–(143.96KB, 567x800, c68d1697a13067a925cbed6361747e2c.jpg)
Finally someone who understands my vision.
¨ No.687
You are correct in your assumption. Also its been like a week and no one has mentioned /r/bois?>>620

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