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File: 1510971480607.webm–(5.64MB, 640x360, 2:16, Duh Kangz History of Zimbabwe n sheeit.webm)
¨ No.326
It's funny when white and/or rich people pretend like building schools and hospitals for themselves automatically means everyone gets them.
¨ No.367
¨ No.370
1511479519164.webm–(6.38MB, 640x360, 2:41, Asian tells Dindus they are stupid for destroying)

¨ No.374
1511492025810.gif–(1.68MB, 450x200, uow05zA.gif)
The Chinese really are the best for Africa. All the white people just wanted their shiny fucking rocks and to have who-owns-more pissing contests while making fundamental mistakes of leadership, the the Asians know how to go from 0 to 60 real quick.
¨ No.388
1511684052493.webm–(955.87KB, 1254x524, 0:08, he hates it.webm)
gonna ignore the "I FUCKING HATE NIGGERS" vs "I FUCKING LOVE NIGGERS" screeching contest brewing in this thread and post entertaining(to me, fuck you if you don't like it) webms
¨ No.389
1511684277146.webm–(2.16MB, 480x480, 0:28, chemtrails WOO HOO.webm)

¨ No.390
1511684391560.webm–(3.82MB, 176x238, 4:24, night of tim allen.webm)

¨ No.391
1511684763758.webm–(4.00MB, 500x374, 2:53, bus of the rising sun.webm)

¨ No.426
1512228070730.webm–(2.84MB, 480x270, 1:26, Catalina.webm)

¨ No.1308
1525071509212.webm–(2.73MB, the good old days.webm)

¨ No.1309
1525074005239.webm–(3.85MB, whirlybird.webm)

¨ No.1314
1525128148433.webm–(2.30MB, chinese gardener.webm)
what happened to the webm thumbnails

julian you nigger did you break the site again
¨ No.1315
1525145543935.png–(1.99MB, 2560x1421, guy dogs.png)

Warning: getimagesize(thumb/1525145132741s.jpg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/www/99chan.org/imgboard.php on line 200

Sorry, your video appears to be corrupt.

fuck does that mean? fix it jules
¨ No.1316

aaaaa i realized we had been lacking a package for the webm thumbs to work, and now that error ; _ ;
¨ No.1331
1525403157704.webm–(677.35KB, 1280x720, 0:04, cat eating bananas.webm)

¨ No.1332
1525403301123.webm–(2.06MB, 640x360, 0:56, yang_wenli_gondola.webm)

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