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File: 1510636997559.jpg–(115.80KB, 1136x635, pedocassy.jpg)
When did 99chan come back?
What in the hell happened to this place?
Is this idiot still around?
¨ No.297
Cas is in federal prison.
¨ No.302
¨ No.303
Cas was picked up in a federal raid while he was staying in a hotel with other men who abduct teenage girls. He claims it was just a coincidence and that he didn't know that they were being sold. He can't afford his own attorney, so we tried to raise funds, but we fell short. He hasn't been heard from in months.
¨ No.316
The last communication from Cas:

"Am I guilty? Would I be guilty if I exchanged money with Hassan? Who knows why I did what I did. My mind is filled with nightmares and children every day. I hold these children in my arms as I dream. I place my body close to children. Hassan merely provided a means to an end. We spoke lovingly over the bodies of children. Am I guilty? That's only between me and Hassan."
¨ No.318
I want a straight answer you dilapidated assholes.
¨ No.319
I want a straight answer you dilapidated assholes.
¨ No.320
I want a gay answer you sensually puckered assholes.
¨ No.321
Cas, I miss you, my partner in love. We made beautiful music together and the children all enjoyed your soft touch so bad. They yearned for your kiss on their supple bodies. You worked effortlessly and it was so sexy to watch. May you live forever, my beautiful, beautiful Cas.
¨ No.330
Email from Cas, about three weeks before his arrest:

"Bestowed upon me is a powerful force that I cannot explain. It is almost as if I can see into the souls of children and, looking back at me, they smile and beckon my touch. Is this a dream, I ask myself every day. I met a most wonderful man by the name of Hasssan, most wonderful, who has helped me make sense of my soul. My soul, Hassan tells me, is a godly window into children and when I see the faces of children, my soul reflects their beauty onto the world. Am I going too far? I cannot say. If you do not hear from me for some time, worry not, for I am safe. I am safe."
¨ No.338
1511190179911.jpg–(291.95KB, 1280x960, 4795FA74-7358-4C75-8F60-64F2019A79E1.jpeg)
Wat fk
¨ No.339
You ain't wearing anything from the waist down, are you? That fleshy Vienna sausage of yours standing at attention like a lighthouse beacon, signaling to all of dangerous waters?

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