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File: 1507175551473.jpg–(101.45KB, 793x1008, worm___the_simurgh_by_sandara-d9nzjkl.jpg)
Hey guys, I'm creating a card game.
I need some pure creative inspiration. I'm looking for niche and unique art concepts.
The fantasy is as broad as Yugioh* but more strategic like magic. The scale of game goes from particles to gods. There's dynamically generated content of course.

*minus the bubble heroes

This is what I need inspiration for:
-Lands, areas, environments
-Forms and expressions of energy
-Vehicles, buildings (inside and outside is okay)
-Tactics and skills
-Events and expressions
-objects and creatures
¨ No.29
a golem made of petrified cum
¨ No.32
1507212347248.jpg–(138.21KB, 574x1100, tumblr_n9u847qfzr1r6javto1_1280_by_thienbao-d7ttc5)

¨ No.33
1507219902684.jpg–(130.61KB, 520x746, 1-tree-life-colossus-rift.jpg)

¨ No.42
kobold tribals w/ lands relevant to their main mechanic: defending their warren, getting bigger defenses w/ multiple kobolds on the field

they way they kill is with burn spells that count the amount of kobolds on the field. "Warren Assault! - 5 mana, put 2 1/1 kobold warriors into play and deal x damage to the target creature or player, where x is the amount of kobolds you control."

also "Scouting Party - 1 mana: Reveal any number of kobold cards in your hand, deal x damage to target player or creature where x is the amount of kobolds in your hand"

can use a
¨ No.45
Actually, that would be fun to see an aggressively pornographic trading card game. The built-in controversy about the subject matter almost guarantees you media exposure, and as we all know, there's no such thing as bad publicity.
¨ No.77
The loser gets fucked!!
¨ No.78
Does anybody want to play Uno?

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