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File: 1494982951584.jpg–(142.09KB, 506x750, Riff_Raff.jpg)
Maybe it's better this way. We had our time in the sun, and now we are going back to how we used to be.
¨ No.234
For me, everything is so unexplored outside of the internet that I've been able to put a silver lining on just about everything that I do, even if it's failure time after time. I'm growing and it feels good. Maybe I got a head start. It really is stunning the opportunity for things. It's surreal how my hobby has infected the world and that almost makes the numbness melt away again. It's a good thing not to have fun all the time. Makes it easier to wholly experience the realms outside of instant gratification. Anyway, enough grief blogging for now
¨ No.252
grief blogging is good my friend. It gives us something to read.
¨ No.255
So where'd all the /hor/s end up after the bombs dropped?
¨ No.274
1495418597822.jpg–(197.30KB, 1280x960, 132047101510.jpg)
Right here, papi.
¨ No.278
Speaking of /hor/, anyone know where I can tap an archive of lola's stuff? I neglected to save her last batch before the bombs dropped.
¨ No.283
I would want this too, I remember there was some girl on there that was my 3d waifu back in the day. I never saved all her shit because I assumed I'd always be able to just go back on the board and see her stuff...
¨ No.311

rip ish
¨ No.318
Thirding the interest in backups or archives
¨ No.320
the board failed to keep up with the web 3.0 intuitiveness
even 420chan links responses
¨ No.324
1495895197412.jpg–(10.12KB, 480x640, innocuousarm.jpg)
Do male hors count? If so, check out my guns.
¨ No.327
1495917302762.jpg–(43.71KB, 446x400, Laughing girls.jpg)
¨ No.329
That looks eerily like my own right arm and shoulder, are you that clone of myself I was talking to a few months ago in a cyborg/transhumanism thread?
¨ No.330
Archive.org has snapshots of the website, if you know the dates you can go trolling through there. But I agree that 99chan having its own archival system would be pretty great.
¨ No.336
Not really conducive since I don't recall any of the images being saved in those archives.
¨ No.390
1496606063452.jpg–(64.00KB, 513x768, ballsack.jpg)

What are you talking about? Back when we were a 3 digit chan we still had tons of boards.

The admins can chortle my Balzac.
¨ No.501
saw the arm and thought you were amy for a second>>324

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