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File: 1493544349015.jpg–(23.92KB, 300x277, 1465717170670.jpg)
This thread is its own board called /0/ where we talk about nihilistic shit like the non-existence of everything, the meaningless futility of said non-existence, and how we'll eventually kill ourselves.

Also how we're gonna have a couple of yukks in the meantime.

*Fart noises*

¨ No.23
1493544473744.gif–(1.83MB, 320x240, 1466545647164.gif)
inb4 this shit gets deleted

¨ No.24
1493544939284.gif–(685.01KB, 473x205, 1465434827895.gif)
>pointless additional post
¨ No.26
1493546535993.jpg–(19.75KB, 479x355, 1464848315880.jpg)
well I've wrapped up my night's programming (including my episode of Scooby-Doo Where Are You?!)

So night to you all bitches.
¨ No.27
The religion I follow is dichotomous to the idea of non-existence. Pic related.
¨ No.31
The existence of this thread is an exercise in futility in the same way that life itself is. No matter what we do, we'll never escape that.
¨ No.37
1493617299860.jpg–(68.53KB, 640x480, 1441338412894.jpg)
>operating off of dichotomies/binaries
what're you a pleb ass faggotron bitch nigga?
get outta here ma'fukka, "everything"/"nothing" operates off of the deconstructive implosion of the simulacrum of binaries bitch

of course everything [including this thread] is futile, but that's the fun part of Godel's incompleteness theorem/second order cybernetic feedback loop shit sir
¨ No.38
1493618396017.jpg–(51.05KB, 535x564, 1445035183248.jpg)
>A random list of nihilistic "novels":

Travels in Nihilon - Alan Sillitoe
American Psycho - Bret Easton Ellis
Les Chants de Maldoror - Comte de Lautréamont
Crash - J. G. Ballard
Notes from Underground - Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Fathers and Sons - Ivan Turgenev
I'm Not Stiller - Max Frisch
If on a winter's night a traveler - Italo Calvino
At Swim-Two-Birds - Flann O'Brien
Slaughterhouse-Five - Kurt Vonnegut
Stories and Texts for Nothing - Samuel Beckett
Life a User's Manual - Georges Perec
Infinite Jest - David Foster Wallace
¨ No.39
>>37 Your view reminds me of a talk by Alan Watts. My view reminds me that non-existence is impossible, but if you want to get to the grit of my view I actually do believe in non-existence. As something between zero, yes this is me, anyways I think that total non-existence can exist but was mostly making a joke/inciting dialogue, absolute non-existence though is something of which no one in existence has ever experienced.
¨ No.40
1493621883494.jpg–(33.28KB, 400x400, 1444169641830.jpg)

Ok allow "me" to say, as an opener, that the subject/object dialectic is an arbitrary simulacra like all dialectics/binaries, so "I'm" not an "I", so this isn't a play "viewpoints" or "world-views" or "beliefs" or their negation, all of that shit is far too onto-theological and hence plays into metaphysics (of presence) [this goes for Zen Buddhism's ontologies as well]

>check this shit out as a further opening to these positions https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deconstruction

We could continue, alongside this trolling, on how the distinction between existence/non-existence is "illusory" and can't be articulated as a referent of any kind let alone a mathematical figure/metaphor/ontology/referent like "between zero" much like the metaphysical demarcation between possible/impossible. So this remains not merely a play of an -ism such as nihilism, but the play of nihility as playing out the chain(s) of deconstructive signifiers (emptied of referents/referentiality)...

I'll list some of the texts situating these (con)texts in a bit, I'm watching MST3k
¨ No.42
1493631341636.gif–(338.87KB, 300x225, 1493506948000.gif)
A sampling of said "theoretical" texts as follows:

Speech and Phenomena: And Other Essays on Husserl's Theory of Signs - Jacques Derrida
Of Grammatology - Jacques Derrida
Writing and Difference - Jacques Derrida
Spurs: Nietzsche's Styles - Jacques Derrida

(amongst more Jacques Derrida texts)

Simulacra and Simulation - Jean Baudrillard
Impossible Exchange - Jean Baudrillard

(amongst more Jean Baudrillard texts)

The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge - Jean-François Lyotard
Just Gaming - Jean-François Lyotard
The Differend: Phrases in Dispute - Jean-François Lyotard
Driftworks - Jean-François Lyotard

(amongst more Jean-François Lyotard texts)

Postmodern Nihilism: Theory and Literature - Will Slocombe
The Will to Technology and the Culture of Nihilism: Heidegger, Nietzsche and Marx - Arthur Kroker

(amongst more Arthur Kroker texts)

The Self-Overcoming of Nihilism - Keiji Nishitani

(for a more extended relationship between nihility and zen)

Exploits and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician - Alfred Jarry
Alfred Jarry: Nihilism and the Theater of the Absurd - Maurice Marc LaBelle
Mind Invaders: A Reader in Psychic Warfare, Cultural Sabotage and Semiotic Terrorism - Stewart Home

(all of the "above" would situate the positions between nihility, postmodernism and deconstruction even further that's operating "here")
¨ No.43
But what is the point of philosophy?
¨ No.45
1493672229153.jpg–(74.73KB, 600x404, 1446500105633.jpg)

There is no point (which implies a teleology) to anything, especially philosophy, but the play of deconstruction visa vi the play of the hyperreal and the postmodern as well as 'Pataphysics and Neoism (as plays of nihility) aren't philosophy (which remains a metaphysical outing always) rather they transverse philosophy (deconstruction inhabits the structures that are deconstructed) but aren't restricted to "it". By operating deconstructively "operators" further play out this game of disappearance/dissemination to further these simulacrums deconstruction opening up and embellishing all structures as merely the mise en abyme of feedback loops that all structures remain. As a zero-sum game there remains no winning, no losing, and no point.
¨ No.46
1493697589318.jpg–(172.97KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Alice to Zouroku - 03 [1080p].mkv_s)
I think you're right but I'm not sure. I like certainty and something to believe in and what you're saying is uncomfortable so I'm going to say you're wrong and should die shitbag.
¨ No.48
1493701178487.gif–(898.69KB, 500x375, 1458701828138.gif)

certainty is for pussies, uncertainty is where its at, also we're beyond true and false btws

but go fuck yourself anyways
¨ No.49
1493701283271.png–(353.95KB, 675x273, 1444917710859.png)

also this
¨ No.50
1493701426264.jpg–(62.09KB, 640x360, 1456723105332.jpg)

here's some shit for your troubles bitch lol
¨ No.53
1493738225506.png–(407.98KB, 506x720, Lotte.png)
I get the distinct impression that you're trying to hurt my feelings. But I'm to believe that it is some sort of friendly custom here, so it is an acceptable arrangement.

Also am I an idiot for liking Zizek? He seems like the Stephen King of whatever he does.
¨ No.54
1493753862078.gif–(344.36KB, 300x193, 1454231335081.gif)

Eh Zizek is ok i don't entirely have the patience for him, i've read one or two of his texts (still putting off reading Welcome to the Desert of the Real) its basically an attempt at reifying the postmodern and hyperreal into a pop post-Marxist dialectical metaphysics, but in an even more annoying way than Kroker (who's also kinda tedious).

Zizek is sometimes considered the "Elvis" of postmodernism whatever that means. Reading Zizek is only strategic to deploy at deconstructing this attempt of the post-Marxo-Freudian community to reappropriate deconstruction/deconstructive facets into a critical metaphysics.
¨ No.64
1493860776782.png–(2.04MB, 1246x666, the dance of reality midget jesus.png)
While Notes from Underground certainly talks about nihilism, it's very clearly against it. Dostoyevsky fucking despised nihilism, socialism, and utilitarianism. He makes it pretty clear in almost every single thing he's ever written.

Everyone in this board/thread should read Brothers Karamazov and get y'all some Jesus.
¨ No.66
1493875707723.gif–(2.87MB, 375x250, 1440793001870.gif)

The main character is a nihilist in Notes, still need to read it again its been a while, while the Brothers Karamazov is still on my list.

>Regardless, acting like you knew what Dostoyevsky thought or that author intentionalism matters. Bwaaaaahahahahahaaaaa

Go double fuck yourself and your derp god bitch boy!
¨ No.68
1493889013851.gif–(3.59MB, 437x246, 1460509063768.gif)
>A random assortment of nihilistic TV shows

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Law & Order: SVU
True Detective
Mad Men
Breaking Bad
The Sopranos
Twin Peaks
The Day Today
Brass Eye
Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!
The Eric Andre Show
Nathan Barley
Snuff Box
Peep Show
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
12 Oz Mouse
Tom Goes to the Mayor
Family Guy
Cowboy Bebop
Welcome To The NHK
Code Geass
¨ No.72
This thread is soooo post-modern. Get with the times, bros, it ain't 1960 anymore.
¨ No.73
1493963799028.jpg–(27.54KB, 311x311, 1295665814562.jpg)

You wanna talk post-postmodernism, digi-moderism, hypermodernism, or metamodernism etc. ask away bitch.
I read François Laruelle's non-philosophy (which is still metaphysically problematic cloned ontologies or not), you ain't got shit nigga.
¨ No.75
The current paradigm doesn't end with "modernism"
¨ No.76
1494020394390.jpg–(483.01KB, 989x742, 1285563215331.jpg)

Lay it on me then honky, dazzle me. I bet you it, since it's a paradigm at all, that it doesn't overcome the postmodern problematic of the crisis of legitimation for meta-narratives. Meta-modernism doesn't. So please, elaborate, humor us all.
¨ No.77
More buzzwords than Tumblr, toss them 'round like a midget
but the alternative' sure to make a motherfucker fidget:
Your elaborate vocabulary only serves to conceal
that nothing you've said is in any way real.
It's not keeping it real, nor is there any connection
to anything but manhandling your mental erection.
It appears that your emperor has no clothes
but prove me wrong and explain this shit concisely, hoes.
¨ No.78
1494028893999.jpg–(18.45KB, 301x292, 1296794374599.jpg)

Hermeneutics is for faggots, i keeps it hyperrealist.

>Here's one for you
There was a young man from Peru
Whose limericks all stopped at line two


Go fuck yourself.
¨ No.83
You're clearly dying for a chance to show us all how big your philosophy penis is, so by all means, don't wait for me to fire the gun and yell "go"
¨ No.85
1494107008975.gif–(933.34KB, 200x200, 1345874228608.gif)

No sir, on the contrary, you're confusing my utter hatred and indifference for you and everything (including everything anyone believes) for some kind of giving a shit, i don't do phonophallogocentrism (aka philosophy), i merely despise people even more who think they "know" what they're talking about. I don't know shit but neither do you or anyone else you dumb motherfucker. So if you think you have the or a answer go for it. Otherwise i could care less and you can fuck off.
¨ No.89
>>85 Alright you fucking faggot I am so fucking tired of you making bullshit up in this thread and your goddamned lies your cunt ass face creating ass-blasted replies just to make us all seem like fools when literally like none of the shit you're even talking about exists and I know you're so fucking bullshit that I am not even going to even bother to look any of it up. You cunt face. I don't hate you but stop being the biggest piece of shit on the planet enough to allow 99chan to be a place of true discussion of ideas? Like I fucking care and literally did you even justify your position what so ever in any way or did you just create some fucking bullshit just to TRY to mislead those who visit this site into thinking you're smart at all? Seriously I am so fed up with your shit I didn't reply in the other posts but if you're going to be a huge fucking cunt just fuck off and never return, from anywhere.
¨ No.93
1494142096718.jpg–(74.83KB, 750x563, 1291921552177.jpg)

Ok nigga lets play, I'll humor you and engage further I'm bored enough... What (under your "subjective" or a supposed "objective" definition(s)) are the following?

>exist(tence) [p.s. need help? Go read Parmenides, Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, Husserl or Heidegger maybe? Or perhaps Russell, Davidson, Chomsky, Popper, Putnam, Dawkins or Searle?] [Those are a selection of writers from the history of the western metaphysics of presence, i.e, the ways in which Being or beings have attempted to prove, verify and legitimize the existence of Existence or as the term Dasein metonymically embellishes the "being-there of Being", aka the "presence" (existence) verses absence (non-existence) of the capacity for Existence and its dialectic structure that is merely the tautology of logic as Logos (aka circular logic) thereby embellishing the simulation of the "illusion" of existence} {P.s. read Derrida mafffaka]


{Might wanna go read some Freud, Roland Barthes, some J.L. Austin, or some Wittgenstein, to prepare you for the problematic of "language games", semiotics and their performativity; the way in which the play if communication/language/systems operates off of arbitrary game-like structured rules for their legitimation of "master narratives" like Truth, Justice, Existence, Being, etc.and the incommensurability of said games-structures (Lyotard); the relationships/structures of words/symbols (signifiers) their meanings (signifieds) and what they refer to objectively (referents) and their arbitration of the distinction between their exchange/use value (Marx) of said referents and how they too are "illusory" (Baudrillard) through the expansion/blurring lines of said demarcation into the simulation of their existence/performative capacity again Derrida)

I could go on and on, on the futility of the vocabulary/paradigm as criticism of deconstruction, which by the way deconstructs the capacity of a revisionary paradigm (critical or otherwise) or any paradigm whatsoever. I didn't come on here to "act smart" or wave my dick around but rather to have a fun casual conversation on the nihilistic futility/meaninglessness/non-existence of anything and everything anyone can think of. But if you wanna press me i can further undermine you or anyone else and trace all of the clear inadequacies, aporia and uninformed aspects of yours or anyone else's metaphysical paradigm or ideology around these or any "other" issue(s) (that was a deconstructive joke btw, so riddle me that bitch) in the meantime go fuck yourself. If you're a mod then same goes, with the addition that i like this site and I have been coming here since '09 at least and i don't see how you're effected enough to attempt to marginalize me on a pointless thread of no consequence and sheer bemusement.
¨ No.95
Look at how much you don't care, man. Holy shit.
¨ No.97

...you didn't say anything at all in that post...
¨ No.99
1494182312393.png–(228.63KB, 399x598, there is no such thing as the girl who hate homose)
Did you quote all of that off the dust jacket of your freshman philosophy textbook?
¨ No.101
1494195157053.png–(221.92KB, 512x512, 1494006630411.png)
>huge thread of philosophical arguing right after the boards are wiped clean of content

never change, 99
¨ No.103
1494215408528.gif–(331.18KB, 540x304, 1451611050422.gif)
Yes indeed, I don't. That was merely some humorous deconstructive (Faus)trolling sir. haha As this >>99 operator put it, easy enough for a pleb to follow (part of the joke there sir i"m glad you picked up on it haha) but still saying nothing like this
>>97 gent put it. It was quiet a feedback loop playing out the poster's logocentrism. But this brings us to a fine question what is the most nihilistic shit you can do? Mutism? If there is no such thing as absolute/true silence or absolute/true absence (quantum voids etc.), and if nihility entails no rules/prescriptives (the whole nothings true so everything's permitted schtick) then what do? Hatred and indifference aren't mutually exclusive as long as the hatred remains irreferential (i.e. (in)different). This is a question nihilist friends of mine and I trace occasionally.

With the eternal return/rerun of 99chan of course we gonna get nihilistic up in this bitch brah.
¨ No.104
1494215534805.gif–(803.27KB, 540x304, 1451611130746.gif)

¨ No.117
1494326272329.gif–(499.58KB, 500x235, 1444262706921.gif)
>A random assortment of nihilistic films

Reservoir Dogs
Pulp Fiction
Cape Fear
Pierrot le fou
The 400 Blows
Shoot the Piano Player
Synecdoche, New York
Blow Out
Blow Up
Body Double
City Of God
Menace II Society
Deconstructing Harry
Full Metal Jacket
A Clockwork Orange
American Psycho
I Heart Huckabees
Kiss Me Deadly
La Haine
Leaving Las Vegas
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
The Following
Mulholland Drive
War Is Menstrual Envy
Office Space
Party Monster
Rollerball (1975 & 2002)
Andrei Rublev
The Seventh Seal
Winter Light
Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles
Au Hasard Balthazar
Ali: Fear Eats the Soul
Nosferatu the Vampyre
Late Spring
Early Summer
Tokyo Drifter
Branded to Kill
The Idiots
The Big Lebowski
No Country for Old Men
¨ No.118
1494331074991.png–(381.73KB, 500x375, nothing really matress.png)
debate this
¨ No.119
That's not how you spell mattress you unbelievably nubile cuckling.
¨ No.120
1494359335836.gif–(684.87KB, 200x152, whips out dick.gif)
debate THIS
¨ No.125
1494412611438.gif–(2.42MB, 476x341, 1419059097181.jpg.gif)
¨ No.127
1494423195593.jpg–(23.14KB, 433x389, FB_IMG_1493946188690.jpg)
My Twitter feed has fedoras.
¨ No.132
>It was quiet a feedback loop playing out the poster's logocentrism. But this brings us to a fine question what is the most nihilistic shit you can do? Mutism? If there is no such thing as absolute/true silence or absolute/true absence (quantum voids etc.), and if nihility entails no rules/prescriptives (the whole nothings true so everything's permitted schtick) then what do?

Enact compassion as a means of rebellion against meaninglessness.
¨ No.133
1494449464465.jpg–(63.65KB, 720x638, 1440231827321.jpg)

Dialectic revolution as critical revisionism remains metaphysical, this is the problem with metamodernists, so no. Next troll please.
¨ No.145
Doing nothig, but doing it not with the purpose of doing nothing. So, I guess Zen is a form of tranquile nihilism.
¨ No.148
1494565755753.png–(93.83KB, 458x732, Ubu-Jarry.png)

>doing nothing (here lies the problematics of the metaphysics of performance and the distinction of what is doing nothing since the distinction between nothing and something is a simulated binary.)

This interlinks to the fatal strategy I play out, I might as well iterate the pataphysical solution i've interlinked together between hyperrealist, postmodern and deconstructive texts. For instance Baudrillard in one text plays the play of differance/nothing as secret into further secrecy and obscurity thereby making the incomprehensible even more incomprehensible, the play of deconstruction as always deconstructions (this comes together in various Derrida texts) and deconstructively drifting between the aporiatic gaps between incommensurable phrase regimes/language games in postmodern texts such as Lyotard's Driftworks, Just Gaming and The Differend. Interlinked to this fine text of Baudrillard's Pataphysics (2007).

"He proves the impossible of thinking pataphysically without killing yourself. He is, if you will, the ray of an unknown spherical gidouille whose only limits are the imbecility of the sphere, but who becomes infinite like humor once it explodes. From this explosion of the Palotins comes humor, from their naive and fawning manner to return to nature under the form of farts, which believe themselves to be quite conscientious beings, and not just gas, and they give the spark to an incommensurable humor that will shine until the end of the world -- the explosion of Ubu himself. Thus pataphysics is impossible. Must one kill oneself to prove it? Indeed, since it is not serious. But it is exactly this which is its seriousness. Finally, to exalt Pataphysics is to be a pataphysician without knowing it, which is what we are all. Because humor wants humor in regards to humor, etc. Pataphysics is science... On the contrary, Pataphysics is ex-sangue and doesn't get itself wet, evolving in a universe of parody, being the reabsorption itself of the spirit, without a trace of blood. And, moreover, all Pataphysical procedures are a vicious circle where, maddening forms, without believing in each other, devour each other like crabs at the edge of a cliff, digesting themselves like stucco buddhas and renders nothing in all its cris-crossing but the fecal sound of a pumice rock and dried ennui.

This is because Pataphysics has reached such a perfection of the game and because it accords little importance to everything that it finally has little of. In themselves, all solennal nullity, all figures of nullites come to fail and petrify themselves before the gorgonal eye of Ubu. In it all things become artificial, venomous, and lead to schizophrenia, by the angels of pink stucco whose limbs rejoin in a curbed mirror. Loyola -- may the world be avarice, provided that I reign over it. If a soul doesn't resist the emprise of volute, of spirals of imprinted vertigo, fixed at the moment of paroxystical tartufferie, when it is delivered to the sumptuous Ubu, whose smile renders everything to its sulfurous inutility and the freshness of latrines...

Such is the unique imaginary solution to the absence of problems."

Tldr; I play out the further deconstruction of everything, making it all even more incomprehensible, in the meantime i do basically nothing akin to Bartleby the Scrivner drifting along meaninglessly trolling, and then at some arbitrary point I'll "kill myself". Even though the distinction between life and death doesn't exist, we're already dead in slow motion so its more so attempting to perform a hyperrealist disappearing act like 9/11-esq suicidal terrorism on the Code (aka the illusory rules of metaphysics, etc.)

Basically who gives a fuck, fuck you all, and "thats" "how" "you" "do" (hyper-)nothing (sans -thing).
¨ No.161
1494670197078.jpg–(127.09KB, 950x942, 1465889033259.jpg)
Don't mind me I'm just deriving through...
¨ No.163
1494677673222.jpg–(92.43KB, 540x540, nonesavesyou.jpg)
What is there to say? It's futile to discuss the futility of everything.
¨ No.187
1494793882278.jpg–(42.18KB, 716x535, 1455840291919.jpg)

Yes and it's a bitch to deconstruct the play of discourse through verbal reification.>>163
¨ No.219

Your metaphysics still leads to the issue of how "physical" "reality" and matter even distinguished itself from "nothing" as "something" when the issue of quantum uncertainty is still at large.

>see this whole thread you cosmological dick
¨ No.248
1495080692427.jpg–(81.98KB, 415x305, 1251066785725.jpg)
>A random assortment of nihilistic (sub)genres/acts

Ambient (Brian Eno, Vektordrum, Oneohtrix Point Never)

Ambient House (The Orb, The KLF, Boards of Canada, Yellow Magic Orchestra)

Ambient Industrial (The Halfer Trio, Nocturnal Emissions, Zoviet France)

Ambient Noise (Arcane Device, Aube, PGR)

Beach Goth (The Growlers, The Hiya Dunes, Dr. Devito)

Blackgaze (Alcest, Bosse-De-Nage, Deafhaven)

Bummer Punk (GME, Toner, Planet Death)

Chill Out (Blank & Jones, Thievery Corporation, Nightmares On Wax)

Cold Wave (Kas Product, Asylum Party, Trisomie 21, Die Form)

Dark Ambient (Haxan Cloak, Midnight Syndicate)

Dark Wave (Clan of Xymox, Psyche, The Frozen Autumn)

Death Ambient (Endura, Bagman, Theologian)

Death Industrial (Atrax Morgue, Brighter Death Now, Genocide Organ)

Death Metal (Nihilist)

Deathrock (Burning Image, Christian Death, 45 Grave, Kommunity FK, Samhain)

Ethereal Wave (Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Lycia)

Free Improvisation (Derek Bailey, Nihilist Spasm Band, Fat)

G-funk (DJ Quik, 2pac, Snoop Dogg, Warren G)

Goth (The Cure, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Bauhaus, The Glove, Southern Death Cult, The Horrors)

Gothabilly (Cult of the Psychic Fetus, Ghoultown, Zombie Ghost Train)

Gravewave (Cursewords, DEATHH CVLT, WIK▲N)

Grunge (Nirvana, Failure, Stone Temple Pilots, Green River, Mudhoney, The U-Men)

Hardcore Punk (Bad Religion, Dead Kennedys, Negative Approach)

Horror Punk (The Misfits, Rosemary's Babies, Zombina & The Skeletones)

Illbient (DJ Olive, DJ Spooky, We™)

... [TBC]
¨ No.290
1495493385447.gif–(0.95MB, 350x350, 1456715463402.gif)
>A arbitrary assortment of nihilistic plays

Three Sisters - Chekhov

Long Day's Journey Into Night - O'Neil

Six Characters in Search of an Author - Pirandello

The Birthday Party - Pinter

Waiting For Godot - Beckett

Ubu Roi - Jarry

Delete Post