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File: 1509767031415.png–(89.92KB, 801x481, 1pdbvtl5b1urc0kg4cs.png)
Christ, what happened to this place? I leave for a couple of years and the entire site has gone to shit. Where are all of the boards? Where's the camwhores? Where's my robot with a top hat?
¨ No.217
Degenerative brain disorders in the admins due to prolonged methamphetamine abuse.
¨ No.241
Yeah, five or six years ago there used to be a lot more traffic and some really unique boards. I remember the 99chan radio they had, it was awesome. Partially our fault for leaving for so long. I bet they pulled it all into one board to make up for how slow the 30 were.
¨ No.244
There's a few similar threads like this here, including one of my own, which begs the question...what called us back here?
¨ No.246
not exactly, kusaba got borked months back and then someone broke the sql database. tinyib was picked just to get something back. (then it went down for months) the hella slow post rate is the main reason nobody has felt like making any more boards since then.
¨ No.248
The slow post rate is because you keep fucking everything up and causing people to leave.
¨ No.255
These are the best times. The end of the internet road. Janky sites that fall down more than they stand up. All posts lost to the wind. It's better this way.

99 is dead, long live 99!
¨ No.287
Why should sites like this die off while fucking 4chan continues to exist? How is that fair and why is it happening?
¨ No.289
There was a collective kink in our neural networks I guess.

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