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File: 1494710627625.jpg–(1.73MB, 3424x1972, penis surgery.jpg)
R8 my penis self-surgery.

I got circumcised about a month ago but the surgeon didn't remove all the frenulum so I decided to do it myself.
¨ No.173
Why did you use comic sans and also why did you mutilate your penis?
¨ No.174
Self mutilation is never the answer.
¨ No.177
What will it take to convince sjws that white people are culturally appropriating circumcision and for this reason the practice should be stopped?
¨ No.178
1494770397146.jpg–(313.82KB, 1482x1014, Watch for zebras.jpg)
>I got circumcised about a month ago
¨ No.179
1494775041399.webm–(4.42MB, 640x480, 0:34, dick test.webm)

¨ No.182
1494779234103.png–(38.00KB, 640x550, C4A5c6PVYAA75q5.png)
please wait while the authorities arrive to take you away; the fuk is wrong with you
¨ No.190
1494802631145.jpg–(31.06KB, 637x474, special mike.jpg)
¨ No.191
1494816392764.jpg–(404.97KB, 993x1200, 62437425_p1_master1200.jpg)
In Japanese, the glans of the penis is often referred to as 亀頭 (kitou), which literally means "turtle head". The corona of the glans is referred to as 雁首 (gankubi) which is literally "goose neck".

I just thought that would be an interesting addition to this conversation. I have a picture of a bunch of nurses brandishing and snipping scissors at a boy and taunting him by threatening to cut his cock and balls off, but I can't post it due to puritan rules against such things. So I posed this picture instead.
¨ No.198
1494852255838.png–(602.86KB, 597x593, circumsizing.png)
is it this picture
¨ No.208
1494869046545.jpg–(1.02MB, 3200x1235, yuk.jpg)
No it's a cartoon picture. I got this picture and it has nothing to do with the one I was talking about before, it was made like this. The grown man barely in the picture is the OP and he did this as some sort of weird fetish thing for his cool girlfriend. He then soliloquizes for many pages about the philosophical implications of losing his penis so it's not pornography at all really.
¨ No.310
There's a reason the doctor kept that, its the most sensitive part of the penis.

you fucking retard you just broke your penis lol

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