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File: 1494677374180.jpg–(48.37KB, 500x362, emoprom.jpg)
If you're here, chances are you've been browsing imageboards since you were a teen. So, 99chan, how has adulthood been treating you? What's your life like?
¨ No.164
I have to admit that the most unsettling thing is how people I don't know on the Internet are always trying to mine my data.
¨ No.169
Just let us mine you you little shit, it makes it easier to make money.
¨ No.193
Finished college and as per quota got a job not in my field. Should be able to move out without starving though, which I'm into. Excited about that element of the future, outside of that, emotionally in shambles and crushed by the inevitably of any satisfaction I derive from life being fleeting and my existence being basically cosmic shit reproducing itself ad infinitium to no conceivable ends.
¨ No.228
I have grown into an alcoholic, insane, occasionally drug abusing, deviant. I dropped out of university after three years, didn't get any certificates or anything. I have lots of friends whom I'm close to, but I feel very alone and isolated and don't even think I ever want to be intimate with anyone. I purchased an apartment a few months ago, make mortgage payments now. I am able to support myself with a part time job, it's union and has great benefits and pays well. Since I make a high wage at a part time job this leaves me lots of time to pursue my true calling: being a confused loser stumbling around hurting myself because nothing else feels meaningful.

A few weeks ago I did mushrooms for the first time with this guy and his girlfriend, I had invited them over to my new apartment from the bar. I'd only met them once before. I ended up having to call the cops on the guy at about 4am because he refused to leave me house, threatened me, then barricaded himself in my bathroom to fuck his unconscious girlfriend. This is my life.
¨ No.239
My life sucks and I want to die. I work a dead end minimum wage job, I show up late to most days and leave early. I recently stopped smoking cigarettes and weed and its only made me realized how little patience I have for a decent chunk of people.

I rarely bother to hang out with anyone I prefer to be alone. I'm not a whiny bitch or anything I just don't see the point in doing literally anything. I could go to school get into debt get a better job and just dick around but honestly what is the point in life? its just a series of events most of which you just kind of settle for, spending most of your life working so you can spend ten to 20 years doing fuck all while your body grows more decrepit.

The entire living thing just seems like a lack luster experience. I think people just hang on to it because they figure its all you will ever have. The more I study quantum physics, psychology, world religions and spirituality the more I think consciousness survives death so I'm not convinced this is all there is. I mostly stay alive to see if things change in society to a degree it becomes interesting and worth while also I don't want to upset others. If things don't get interesting by this October I'm probably gunna call it quits. I feel like I'm just wasting time and nothing feels worth while putting effort or energy into.
¨ No.242
Dropped out of college, started working in the culinary industry, making enough to survive and save a small amount, became complete alcoholic, lost everything to drinking, met rich junkie, started working again and stopped drinking steel reserve and she stopped heroin, now about to start school and take out loans, its looking up after a long time of shittiness.
¨ No.256
1495178327520.png–(333.64KB, 725x483, mature.png)
Finished college with no debt and a Master's degree. Just moved to a new town after landing a good union job with healthcare and benefits. Make a comfortable middle class salary, and live alone in a clean two bedroom apartment.

I am almost certainly not a serial killer.
¨ No.257
I am a NEET for now, thanks to my rich family. I've never worked a day of my life though, which will probably only make my inevitable ejection all the more painful. I'm just enjoying it while it lasts I guess.
¨ No.258
I'm losing all my friends to cocaine and transexuals, but other than that, I guess I'm doing fine. I'm gonna become a certified RN at the end of this year hopefully.
¨ No.262
Coked out transsexuals are the only friends one needs.
¨ No.263
I'm pretty much a NEET, though I have a pretty solid savings from the work I have done in the past, I'm just still not sure about the future though. I'd really like to hopefully set up an etsy shop and take private commissions for some artistic things I like making (scifi props and historical arms and armor), but I'm probably being naive if I think that'll ever give anything more than a side income. If at all possible in life I'd like to avoid the 9-5 job thing, every one I've had so far has been incredibly soul crushing to the point of suicidal thoughts, but maybe I'm just being a spoiled little millennial fuck and need to accept it.

As for social life, it's ok, I'm happy enough. Nearly all my friends are just old high school buddies though, I just don't get out enough to make new ones. Also one of them that I thought I was really close with recently just completely stabbed me in the back and pretty much told me I'm nothing but trash to him, so there's that. Also, no gf, but that's my own fault for just not meeting people. Generally I like smaller social circles, though admitting it is a bit smaller than I prefer right now.

All in all, usual story of a millennial shut-in who never applied himself much, but I'm not depressed or nothing. Life is generally alright for now, just the future is kinda scary. If all goes to shit though, I love the outdoors at least, so living in the woods wouldn't be so bad.

Damn. Sorry to hear that guys. Don't kill yourselves though, the ability to exist and experience is a precious gift you only receive once. Take a walk in some woods, or look at some good art, there's meaning there.
¨ No.264
Found cassanova
¨ No.273
Follow your dreams my man, you seem like an honest dude. Just be kind and work hard, and you should land in a good spot.

And if you fail, you can always become an alcoholic and shitpost here.
¨ No.289
1495487813956.png–(111.30KB, 1070x625, pastcam.png)
I finished university (2 years later than most people), fell for a beautiful damaged girl harder than I even knew was possible (it ended badly), moved to a shitty town (where I know nobody), and got a respectable job (which I quite enjoy). I don't think I've posted here in about 5 years but here I am again. Good to see the place is still around and we've not all killed ourselves!!
¨ No.293
Somehow it all works out. Except when it doesn't of course.
¨ No.301
¨ No.303
My life is quite wonderful (but I still find a few things to bitch about).

I have a job as a math tutor at the school I go to, and it pays minimum wage but it is very easy and I enjoy it a lot. I've met a lot of people that I really liked and I've had some personal growth while working here.

One of my friends is this girl who's also worked here, longer than anyone. She's very cute and plays around and says some funny shit. She's moving soon to a new job and new town with her long term boyfriend who moved there last quarter. I'm really sad that she's leaving! Now that my friend is leaving I wish I'd spent more time talking to her. I've have always been introverted and practically never make plans with friends, which is something I should change.

I fucked up my friendship with a girl who I REALLY liked by asking her out. I don't regret doing that but I _do_ wish I hadn't messed up our friendship (which I knew could happen). I really enjoyed talking to her and now when I see her at school sometimes things are a bit awkward. I definitely learned a lot from this though. I gained more self awareness.

I really thought I was going to turn into an adult at some point. What I need to do in my life is get out there and do more of the things I'm afraid to do. I think most of my growth in life isn't being held back by lack of opportunities, it's lack of will / effort on my part.

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