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File: 1506864849902.jpg–(405.78KB, 1765x1352, 013.jpg)
In this thread we are drunk and post art.
¨ No.35
1507234253007.jpg–(10.66KB, 259x194, art.jpg)
no need to be shy

all you need is to be inebriated and then post something that is beautiful to you

also enter the captcha

¨ No.51
1507399105279.jpg–(270.77KB, 1440x900, 463.jpg)

also fuck the fucking captcha
¨ No.70
1507750298785.png–(84.33KB, 350x435, talking-on-the-phone-clipart-friends-talking-on-ph)
¨ No.75
I'm too drink to do the fucking captcha. This is my fifth attempt.
¨ No.80
1507934050912.jpg–(136.05KB, 900x778, 558.jpg)
Certainly, hard work is required in order to make a post in the thread.

First the ingestion, then the selection, and finallly

the motherfucking captcha

fuck the fucking captcha
¨ No.87
is the google recaptcha preferrable?
¨ No.90
1508031306862.jpg–(130.91KB, 1200x944, weegee-photographs.jpg)
Oh boy my favorite kind of thread
¨ No.93
1508073778849.jpg–(82.49KB, 900x706, 068.jpg)

¨ No.106
I don't drink
¨ No.107
1508187481145.jpg–(269.98KB, 829x1167, 64810684_p0.jpg)
everyone knows that's bullshit, mr. president
¨ No.113
1508265353505.jpg–(103.59KB, 712x599, Castration_(medieval_miniature).jpg)
Drunk before noon.
¨ No.115
1508283175895.jpg–(91.69KB, 640x640, 51328d95bd4dbc5c38c4a1e86f2acaa2f3a55f6f28c617bc1c)
I'm high can I post?
¨ No.131
1508447377180.jpg–(411.24KB, 2124x1317, 171.jpg)
I had something profound to mention, but I have forgotten it for the moment

Incorrect CAPTCHA text entered. Please try again.
Click the image to retrieve a new CAPTCHA.

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¨ No.144
1508537528156.jpg–(268.62KB, 751x900, 000.jpg)
Yes, it is what you think it is, but it can also be something removed from that. A piece of art in its own right. Let's forget about everything and just look at this as a work of art in its own right.
¨ No.145
Man, have I ever, have I ever told you how much you mean to me? Because you're very good to me.
¨ No.204
1509389767623.jpg–(444.61KB, 1080x1920, IMG_6076.JPG)
here's a lil doodle

goddamn potato servers
¨ No.211
1509647889622.jpg–(1.68MB, 2560x1600, 251.jpg)
That makes me feel all warm inside.
¨ No.222
1509828808317.jpg–(481.93KB, 1920x1098, 447.jpg)

¨ No.242
1510001834138.jpg–(134.30KB, 834x578, 5-12-04.jpg)

¨ No.257
1510173532821.png–(807.11KB, 719x573, 000.png)
Actually I intended to upload sopmething else but got lost in those old alleys of my harddrives and bumped into this thing and half wondered if it is possible to upload .bmp, which isn't possible

so then I wondered if I'd manage to turn this image into a viable format while being this drunk

because it felt important that this image should be posted

and yes it is fucking art
¨ No.261
Your instinct was right; this may very well be the most important thing I've seen all week. I'm sure other users would agree.>>257
¨ No.264
1510461772332.jpg–(113.62KB, 648x643, girl-with-balloons.jpg)
I've always loved the work of Margaret Keane. People seem to hate her stuff because it's kitsch or whatever but my mom had a print of "Girl with Balloons" hanging in her bedroom and I always loved her stuff since. I kinda hate kitsch in general, nothing against those who do like it but most of it is just boring.

While I like a few of her paintings I still find this one captivating. It feels like the eyes get smaller the more you look at them. I guess they have it for sale on her website, but you have to contact them for price. I filled out their little email form but they haven't gotten back to me. Part of me wants to call them directly and at least pretend to be serious buyer with money to eke a price out of them. I wanna talk to whatever snooty art asshole handles these things.

I'm drunk because I'm doing a taste comparison between a new bottle of whiskey, Suntory Toki, and Johnnie Walker's Blade Runner bottle. They're both similar as they both claim to be mixes of other whiskies from their distilleries. The Blade Runner bottle is cool which is why you buy it but the taste is also there, Toki is a much more lighter fare that is a good bottle to share with friends, not the deepest experience.
¨ No.268
1510496570224.jpg–(1.13MB, 2240x1400, 749.jpg)
Those despicable females.
¨ No.272
1510598876330.png–(705.68KB, 1280x800, 020.png)

¨ No.298
1510768855525.jpg–(295.02KB, 1600x1200, 13857607214.jpg)

¨ No.301
1510772676777.gif–(1.41MB, 256x216, abd-89.gif)
¨ No.317
1510865560182.jpg–(195.10KB, 589x594, 281.jpg)

¨ No.355
1511379796539.jpg–(911.80KB, 2245x1300, 277.jpg)

¨ No.393
1511710895394.jpg–(2.13MB, 3391x2360, 904.jpg)

I can only feel pain

when trying

to type




Incorrect CAPTCHA text entered. Please try again.
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¨ No.394
1511714697621.jpg–(91.95KB, 541x600, Durer_Young_Hare.jpg)
The asking price for the painting is 38k. Part of me wants to make it my short-term life goal to buy this painting. It's suck if some asshole who just wanted to laugh at kitsch bought it.

Many Christmases ago 99chan did a secret santa thing and someone gave me a print of a bunny rabbit by Durer. If that person is still here I wanted to let you know I still have it along with the note you sent with it and still regret sending nothing in return.
¨ No.397
1511816971189.jpg–(264.14KB, 1456x1028, white.jpeg)

¨ No.602
1514753788211.jpg–(759.38KB, 2000x2000, 1444421384372.jpg)
You brought this bump upon yourselves.

Fuck you all for your lack of class and understanding of anything.

¨ No.629
1515213435219.jpg–(308.32KB, 1920x1200, f73a9088677cf64b2b6b9f4b54a612fcb334e29782804ff6e8)
Revisiting the novel these days and relating to it a lot more. Someone actually fucking made an audiobook out of that. You can find it on youtube. The maker offers it for free to download.

Be warned, it is read in the most monotone voice you will ever hear.
¨ No.1388
1526144664459.jpg–(1.72MB, 1920x1079, 848.jpg)
Well that's how I feel about this whole thing.

Go fuck yourself.

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