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File: 1528752739056.png–(307.49KB, 366x488, scarjo.png)
I was particularly fond of the way they casted this Jewess for Ghost in the Shell thus causing a ton of faggots to complain to whitey about cultural appropriation and white-washing of Asian culture.

Smooth move, Shlomo.
¨ No.1575
1528832634024.png–(399.89KB, 480x1080, b1b6e8cec72b433d24d481db741e3202.png)
Did you try to post this in 2016 and it just popped up now?

The whole point behind the Major was that her body was some mass-produced robot sex doll for ronery salarymen and she used its common-looking nature to blend in when she needed to. In the end she was put into a child robot sex doll and that was supposed to mean something probably.

An obvious honky in a jet black wig doesn't exactly blend in anywhere in Asia but otherwise ScarJo does kinda look the part, in the sense that the salarymen might like to have a rounder-eye sex doll. Still her facial features are far too white. The movie was always going to be shit because western jew producers don't know what makes anime good. Who cares its just cartoons

And yes, jews are just honkies with an acute sense of self-preservation, stop being jealous.
¨ No.1610
1529299766932.jpg–(65.24KB, 540x300, 23512871._SX540_.jpg)
The manga handled the end scene slightly differently, as you can see. It's just more of the same theme of exploring what it means to be human when personalities are relatively easy to transfer to different cyborg bodies.

I kind of wanted the movie to be a massive critical success just to shut up the accusations of whitewashing, but I already got burned with that by The Last Airbender and didn't expect much.

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