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File: 1528163043553.jpg–(101.05KB, 1200x799, kinopoisk.ru-Iron-Man-2-1245795.jpg)
Why is she so perfect? Is it her pretty hair? Is it Scarlett's gorgeous face? Is it her perfect body? Is it her spy skills? or is it her strong personality? What is it?
¨ No.1533
she's hot and badass
¨ No.1535
still the hottest girl in the MCU.
¨ No.1546
She's so painfully okay. Stock movie actress, her ""perfect"" face and body are far from looking like what I find attractive in a woman.
¨ No.1555
can't she fight crime naked?
¨ No.1562
The best female superhero to date.
¨ No.1565
what's the deal with americans making extremely exaggerated expressions of lust toward average-at-best women online? OMG CHLOE MORETZ IS SO HOT I WANT TO EAT HER SHIT like dude no, she looks like a man

is it because the only women they're used to seeing are 200kg orcs in yoga pants towing around a bunch of half-black babies so when they see someone with a symmetrical face and a reasonable body weight they view her as some kind of literal goddess?
¨ No.1568
¨ No.1571
Pretty much. When perusing a bunch of amateur porn sites I'm always amazed at how many places have a bunch of European whores do the videos. Sure, their body is nice but they speak English like a bunch of drunken retarded children (Melania Trump basically) and it's a total turnoff. Or they don't talk at all, making it easier for you to notice their fucked up teeth. It's always nice when you find one willing to subtitle and they can actually speak naturally and comfortably.

At first I thought it was just something about money but now I think it's because all the slender American women are snatched up and never have to do porn unless they're drug addicts. I like fat chicks sometimes but not when it's all either fat chicks or cunts who paint themselves orange and I hate it.
¨ No.1572
I'm saying literally the exact opposite, champ, but keep trying.
¨ No.1574
>literally the exact opposite
¨ No.1577
love her body
¨ No.1585
Can't she be the nudist superhero?
¨ No.1587
I only consider women who are over 300lbs to be attractive.
¨ No.1593
Is she unzipped that suit would she be naked?
¨ No.1606
Would love her to be naked as the day she was born

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