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File: 1528067264965.jpg–(149.65KB, 800x542, 1241340 - Harry_Potter James_Potter Lily_Evans Sev)
How come Lily Evans never snogged Severus Snape?
¨ No.1516
Because no decent girl is into beta goth weirdos. That's why they have to find weirdo goth girls to do drugs and have sex with until they're both adults and have to get a job at a bank.
¨ No.1517
it's against plot development laws
¨ No.1545
1528395016958.jpg–(52.31KB, 600x562, kajipaabp.jpg)
He would've been so much sweeter and devoted than Cucko Potter, though.
¨ No.1550
that's what all friendzoneds beta onions say
¨ No.1608
1529274136241.jpg–(86.87KB, 700x769, 771aa2eff69e6fbbd4a268c43176cde6--harry-potter-ani)
It's true though. You just know that nigger would have mad pussy eating skillz.
¨ No.1615
I don't remember much about HP but the "evil" wizard dude did nothing wrong. It's basically a series about a bunch of brits who virtue signal themselves literally to death to prove how tolerant and inclusive they are.

What do they think will happen when the non-magic people's technology advances sufficiently enough as to become indistinguishable from magic, AND they find out that there's a worldwide shadowy cabal of magic users who've been manipulating things from behind the scenes and hiding in plain sight for centuries? That the medieval witch trials weren't just paranoid xenophobic mania but based in actual reality and there really were witches hiding among ordinary people? If there were magical bloodlines it would only make sense for people to be extremely protective of them. Imagine a Hogwarts where every year, students with less and less magical blood are admitted in the name of inclusiveness, lowering the standards of the entire institution until finally a day comes when most of the students can't even conjure a rabbit from a hat.

In her hamfisted attempt to make a "NAZIS = BAD!" brick to beat people over the head with, Rowling the hack has created one of the most convincing pro-eugenics arguments to exist in fictional form.
¨ No.1617
and nothing else, like all good cucks
¨ No.1621
Honestly, if the wizards would get off of their high horse about assimilating Muggle culture they'd have the benefits of both technology and wizardry. Imagine if Hogwarts offered a meme magic class.
¨ No.1622
1529351752153.png–(726.58KB, 884x753, 75a04ba4f4b5172d9391a13e7b45e6ec.png)
As someone who is a sorta-kinda fan, I can tell you that nothing about Harry Potter's worldbuilding makes much sense when you think about it for more than a minute with an adult brain. Thing is, the series wasn't really dependent at all on its worldbuilding until late in the series, and when it had nothing but "magic WWIII" to make things interesting it just fucking sucked and the ending was one of the worst in pop-lit/fantasy history.

The Magic Nazi stuff doesn't totally fall apart though. While "magic blood" is a thing it's repeatedly stated that no one is really pureblood and there's no real evidence to suggest that purebloods are any better at magic. Muggles just randomly get magic and all the purer blood characters are just moody inbreds.

Voldy's mistake was the same as Hitler's though in the end, which rather than trying to prove that whatever societal order he thought was ideal was actually a good idea and try to convince those around him of it, he just went on a murder spree and immediately turned most people against him. Imagine if Hitler stopped at the Sudetenland and focused on making Germany the envy of the world.

Like most things, the Japanese did Harry Potter much better with Little Witch Academia.

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