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File: 1527638655123.jpg–(142.85KB, 756x1133, 1479108139561.jpg)
Would you consider this a site of virgins and robots or is this place mostly for average people who hate life?
¨ No.1480
average life-hating virgin robots
¨ No.1481
1527712300727.jpg–(834.38KB, 2048x1458, 7794a6950d51b8553b905b5f3babd709.jpg)
when I first went to 78chan I was a loser high school virgin who liked the irreverent, cynical vibe but hated the brainless tryhard memeing. Now I've been out of college for a few years, have a decent-paying tech job and have a couple of nice plump escorts I get to do weird stuff. I keep going here because it's just sitting in my bookmarks and frequently viewed sites and I'll be here until it's gone for good. I'm not sure what that says about me or 99chan.
¨ No.1482
neither faggot
¨ No.1483
I always felt like this place was designed for older cyborgs and synthetic normies. Even before this place devolved into whatever the hell this is, the boards tended to feel like they were populated by oldboys
¨ No.1487
I hate most things
¨ No.1554
¨ No.1557
OP I love you for posting this image.
This is my job. This is my life.
This is most people's life, but they just don't know it.
¨ No.1558
They do, you special snowflake
¨ No.1560
guy's some army grunt
it's a pretty common practice there to make you do something stupid and pointless like raking sand or dying for israel as punishment for fucking up
¨ No.1579
I'm really interested in this. This isn't the same 99chan it was in in 2009 is it? I forget when it was. There were a lot of boards, lots of media, /gent/ was funny, I'm really forgetting. Sun-something was an admin, are they still around? I've been away for... awhile. So who hangs out here?
¨ No.1586
>This isn't the same 99chan it was in in 2009 is it?
No doy you bag of dung
¨ No.1596
It is, but something happened probably a few years ago now, and now it's shit-tier single board
¨ No.1599
Clearly you've no idea what you're talking about as this is a very very new development and we've died and come back to life several times over the past "few years"

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