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File: 1526079943677.png–(3.54KB, 64x64, photo[1].png)
I remember back when everyone here was called shitcabinet. This place has not aged well, in fact it hasn't aged at all, it just sort of broke. Maybe that's a correspondence to what happened with the team that kept it together though. I miss this place as it was.
¨ No.1387
Someone slap jewlion on his lady butt and pour some ketchup on their testicles so we can invade 0chan and hack the masses into fearing us for condom distribution
¨ No.1389
Nobody gives a shit about you or your shit opinions
¨ No.1400
shut up quinch
¨ No.1408
what the fuck is a quinch
¨ No.1412
¨ No.1421
i dont know ask quinch

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