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File: 1525653586995.jpg–(35.41KB, 418x420, 1523982605843.jpg)
you fucking SHITHEADS did it, moderation is now required before any post displays, due to this schizophrenic HORESHIT FUCKIN SPAM FUK IM SO MAD
¨ No.1360
Who the fuck did what the fuck
¨ No.1363
russians mostly
¨ No.1372
Dangerous move. I haven't seen the spam you are talking about, only slightly original shitposting. You can't blame these fuckheads here for posting irrelevant shit when there are no containment boards. I am that pretty scumbag that posted his ass a few weeks ago because I had no corresponding boards for gay stuff. If this shit is moderated then it might as well be reddit.
¨ No.1373
CP photoshopped to have the faces of kim jong un, donald trump, etc along with walls of text involving at various points the korean war, scatology, george w bush, etc.

This place gets the most oblique fucking spam, everyone else just gets goo.gl ransomware links. You should be proud, 99chan.
¨ No.1379

the only reason you haven't seen it is because of us busting ass to keep it wiped, but i aint got all day to keep f5ing to see new posts
¨ No.1380
Then I applaud you. I was unaware of the joy being funneled into this place, and a bit curious. Why don't you find a way to spread the responsibility to some of the regulars here? Also, what is the risk if some of this shit gets through?
¨ No.1381
All of the regulars are already mods, Butch

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