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File: 1494369207706.jpg–(23.39KB, 257x181, 1494209071165.jpg)
No.121 Stickied
hey shitheads, come on the irc

irc.tiny.bepis.org / ports 11303 +11304
¨ No.128
I'm fucking stupid how do I use this
¨ No.134
1494462747077.png–(10.22KB, 400x400, meme.png)
¨ No.137
but hackers will get my ip :o
¨ No.138

boi only the admins can peek at what u'rare IP is and none of them give a shit
¨ No.140
nigger I know what IRC is but I don't know how to use tiny.bepis
when I go to the link it just says "hi"
¨ No.142
1494519878392.png–(10.71KB, 400x400, meme.png)

>when I go to the link it just says "hi"
>when I go to the link
>go to the link

nigger you dont load it in chrome holy shit
¨ No.143
just kill me
¨ No.158
¨ No.170
After that image that got posted earlier I'm not surprised that you put a captcha in place. At least its not the google one.
¨ No.171

if anyone notices such spam pls come yell at us on irc
¨ No.189
>the google one
fucking hell that thing pisses me the fuck off I just wanted to shitpost and now I have to click through fifty fucking pages of bullshit trying to workout whether the back of a mobile scooter counts as a fucking car or not
¨ No.230

God bless America and god bless Donald Trump.
¨ No.341
Anyway to get unbanned from irc? I forgot to read the rules
¨ No.385

suck the cum out of my gaping anus
¨ No.399
1496795591264.png–(10.33KB, 400x400, meme.png)
for some raisin the 99 irc node is fukin down (rick pls fix it) so uhhhh join sage.7chan.org i guess

bepis is online but it aint linked to anything with 99 being down.
¨ No.406
I'm absolutely horrible at that too. The google catchpa is quite frustrating for me. I sit there, and manage to fuck it for a good 10 minutes or so normally. So many many many websites have it slapped in there too. Hell I can even get asked to use it while on tor.
¨ No.407

fuck im stupid its sage.7chan.io
¨ No.422
I would probably actually suck the cum out of someones anus to get unbanned
¨ No.433
1497455051851.jpg–(55.41KB, 904x731, 0t26rd1r8izy.jpg)
welp, irc.99chan.org is now back and relinked with bepis.. but its not linked to 7chan now

¨ No.434

i'm fucking gay its relinked now
¨ No.549
1499562763122.png–(196.31KB, 500x329, 1499280448767.png)
shit is broken yet again.
¨ No.565
Have you considered changing the chatting medium to Discord? It would get rid of any budding privacy/technical concerns for one, and from my experience, it's more user-friendly than IRC. There's also the perk of having avatars so that those of us who so choose to can pretend to be the little anime girls.

Pretty please with cherry on top, give this suggestion a thought.
¨ No.568
I'm so sick of Discord even infecting my favorite boards, avoid this please.
¨ No.569

there already was a 99 discord and nobody used it or gave a shit; not unlike the 99/not99 mumble.

irc.99chan.org is still fukken down (god damn it rickb) so pls use sage.7chan.io
¨ No.639
I've got inside information about what happened there. it boils down to dicks. (but it could be back at aaaany time now.)
¨ No.650
why do people hate on discord so much its better in everyway
¨ No.654

were you born after the year 2000 or something
¨ No.662
No its just that irc is one of the most overrated chat clients in the fucking history of earth
¨ No.666
1500655517780.png–(12.81KB, 128x128, 1499405998391.png)
>irc >overrated >client
¨ No.667
Wow couldn't even find an actual pic of suicide to insuiate that I should commit suicide.
¨ No.679
1500770930366.jpg–(19.89KB, 280x210, robert crumb suicide.jpg)

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