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File: 1494369207706.jpg–(23.39KB, 257x181, 1494209071165.jpg)
No.121 Stickied
hey shitheads, come on the irc

irc.tiny.bepis.org / ports 11303 +11304
¨ No.128
I'm fucking stupid how do I use this
¨ No.134
1494462747077.png–(10.22KB, 400x400, meme.png)
¨ No.137
but hackers will get my ip :o
¨ No.138

boi only the admins can peek at what u'rare IP is and none of them give a shit
¨ No.140
nigger I know what IRC is but I don't know how to use tiny.bepis
when I go to the link it just says "hi"
¨ No.142
1494519878392.png–(10.71KB, 400x400, meme.png)

>when I go to the link it just says "hi"
>when I go to the link
>go to the link

nigger you dont load it in chrome holy shit
¨ No.143
just kill me
¨ No.158
¨ No.170
After that image that got posted earlier I'm not surprised that you put a captcha in place. At least its not the google one.
¨ No.171

if anyone notices such spam pls come yell at us on irc
¨ No.189
>the google one
fucking hell that thing pisses me the fuck off I just wanted to shitpost and now I have to click through fifty fucking pages of bullshit trying to workout whether the back of a mobile scooter counts as a fucking car or not
¨ No.230

God bless America and god bless Donald Trump.

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