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File: 1523847479980.jpg–(105.20KB, 1000x562, Anna-and-Elsa-At-the-Coronation-in-Frozen.jpg)
Why are they awesome?
¨ No.1179
They're smart, funny, and beautiful
¨ No.1180
1523847667613.jpg–(301.98KB, 1920x856, frozen-disneyscreencaps.com-3942.jpg)
Elsa is so good-looking
¨ No.1181
they're the skinny sisters. Seriously, they're arms and bodies are paper thin. How do they survive?
¨ No.1182
1523848094995.jpg–(164.53KB, 1920x856, frozen-disneyscreencaps.com-1883.jpg)
Eh, Elsa is pretty, but Anna is beautiful
¨ No.1183
Elsa is smart. Anna not so much.
¨ No.1184
Both of them have beautiful hair, faces, bodies and personalities.
¨ No.1186
1523874231575.jpg–(237.00KB, 680x925, InfoboxTheSnowQueen.jpg)
Did you ever see them eat during the movie? Elsa literally moves to an ice castle with no obvious source of food. Pretty sure they subsist off the blood of their subjects, which is why the Snow Queen was accurately portrayed as naturally evil by Andersen. Lewis also ripped that shit off, the sophomoric cockhead.
¨ No.1192
Good-looking isn't a good enough term. I'd say Elsa is sexy
¨ No.1193
she'd look and feel better in the nude
¨ No.1194
If only Anna was laying in that boat naked
¨ No.1201
1523932002037.jpg–(75.11KB, 1059x863, maxresdefault.jpg)
They look so adorable when they're holding hands :) Friendship rules!
¨ No.1203
Scene would have been better if Elsa was standing there naked
¨ No.1204
Anna should have taken her sisters clothes off
¨ No.1206
Anna is thinking: What does she look like naked?
¨ No.1207
1523949049837.jpg–(206.28KB, 1920x856, frozen-disneyscreencaps.com-6444.jpg)
Elsa is one hot mama
¨ No.1208
1523949341719.jpg–(155.23KB, 1920x856, Frozen-disneyscreencaps.com-10057.jpg)
she looks more beautiful when she's sad
¨ No.1209
1523949397243.jpg–(135.59KB, 446x708, 1519665076679.jpg)
she's pretty there, she looks better with her eyes closed
¨ No.1216
She would look better in the buff
¨ No.1257
Such a beautiful lady :) She's perfect
¨ No.1258
If only they were bare
¨ No.1260
1524314402403.png–(1.16MB, 892x2429, dbc991bcb29b8239fbd4fc7568e5b06b.png)
what would you do if they took off their clothes and they had no nipples or genitals like a doll. You ask them why and she's like, "you wanted us to be bare."
¨ No.1262
I can work with that
¨ No.1264
She still has a mouth and a thigh gap, I can manage.
¨ No.1267
Anna wishes Elsa was a nudist
¨ No.1270
1524450083131.gif–(1.71MB, 500x600, 894.gif)
Giggling Elsa is the best.
¨ No.1271
Anna should strip Elsa naked

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