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File: 1523587781953.jpg–(501.15KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)
Is Supper's Ready a Christian rock song?
¨ No.1155
yes, protestant
¨ No.1158
what makes it non-catholic or orthodox? huh punk?
¨ No.1162
priests can marry
¨ No.1166
1523758287464.jpg–(249.99KB, 1920x1080, 3fb4c52cc4dc9e0b42bae58bb7adf25a.jpg)
I bet you think Court is the best King Crimson album when it's obviously Islands. People don't like Islands as much as they should even though it's the best. I also like Lizard a lot sometimes I think it's better too.
¨ No.1174
the best album is Lark's you total dilettante
¨ No.1175
My favorite King Crimson album is Red.
¨ No.1177
That shit's barely even King Crimson, it's just Robert Fripp wanking in his own face and accidentally inventing modern heavy metal. I guess it has some value.
¨ No.1189
You ignorant slut, go play your mellotron while sucking mad gay cock, see if you can get some music theory thrusted into you by gay BBC along with some AIDS, which will make this a win/win situation in which you will either learn not to run your mouth off on matters you clearly don't understand, or DIE.
¨ No.1202
Listen nigger, Islands doesn't even fucking have mellotron, that was played out even in 1971. They didn't need it because they had actual string instruments they played beautifully. Sinfield actually had unique vision, Fripp could play but his themes were inane and had no edge. It's also ironic you take some kind of musical high ground when jazzy Crimson was way more complex than Frippy Crimson.
¨ No.1205
Fripp couldn't masturbate without gazing into his own eyes in a mirror without blinking.
¨ No.1212
ignorant slut
¨ No.1228
fucking weebs

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