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File: 1523562510116.png–(261.31KB, 491x710, 1477811295960.png)
Do we even want new people here? I would try to bring new people here, but I get the feeling 99chan prisoners would rather die in peace.
¨ No.1151
Bring nude people here. I want to know your junk is rubbing up on a nasty old chair when you post. I want to know.
¨ No.1157
Would a pic of my ass be fine?
¨ No.1159
most of the OGs arent around anymore, so new blood aint going to hurt anything
¨ No.1160
Canadian McChicken sauce:

Water, vegetable oil, sugar, spirit vinegar, modified maize starch, egg yolk, stabiliser E415 (xanthan gum), lemon juice, salt, mustard seed, preservative E202 (potassium sorbate), onion concentrate (onion extractives (96%), human semen, glycerides, soya lecithin, lactic acid), garlic powder, white pepper, colour (curcumin), and spice extract.

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