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File: 1522245199379.png–(147.13KB, 500x463, 1505770612181.png)
You niggers better fix this shitheap sometime quick

Why does this place go to shit so often? Wasn't this the "superior" board?
¨ No.1077
Dead boards have neither newfags nor cancer.
¨ No.1078
we just need more boards and a newsfeed full of memes tbh
¨ No.1103
Bad is good
¨ No.1149
1523559511100.jpg–(39.48KB, 600x449, 1519663655154.jpg)
I just found this place.

I went to infinity and lainchan after the exodus. is it always so dead around here?
¨ No.1165
There used to be people here, but they all left or died. Casanova was our patron saint, but he's serving a lengthy prison sentence now due to his love for sexy children.
¨ No.1167
I remember a thread with a guy who had terminal cancer or something years ago. I wonder if he died full of regret. The only thing I treat my AIDS with is Dr. Pepper so I think I might die soon as well.
¨ No.1199
That might have been me. I lied all the time here. I have cancer now even. >>1167
¨ No.1233
I was about to say, 99% of the humans who have identified themselves to the 99chan community in the past decade, irc or otherwise, have turned out to be schizo heroin addict con artists. It's a pretty bad (good) ratio.
¨ No.1256
memes suck and so do you faggot
¨ No.1265
1524378511240.jpg–(54.01KB, 348x520, 05.jpg)

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