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File: 1506625526873.jpg–(14.20KB, 324x451, 1504384702245.jpg)
Julian here again. I'm sorry ; _ ;
¨ No.3
1506627007871.png–(9.30KB, 100x100, 311065564867067904.png)
to the nig whomstv posted on not99 during the 5 minute span where i had fucked up the config, i'm impressed that you happened to visit during that time
¨ No.4
1506631854495.jpg–(579.08KB, 1062x1193, 64907562_p0.jpg)
Are you even Israeli broseffo?
¨ No.5

why would i be a real israel
¨ No.8
Just sort of was in the right place in the right time I guess.
¨ No.403
1512030272500.jpg–(73.19KB, 598x477, Duckroll.jpg)

¨ No.427
Can't we rebuild her? I miss seeing my boards at the top of the screen.
¨ No.430
1512255823651.jpg–(73.15KB, 1080x1349, 1509923905519.jpg)
whenever someone makes a sane modern board system, sure, though hardly anybody is actually visiting so idk if it would be any better; even before the kusaba board got fucked up some boards hadn't gotten real activity for years.

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