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/pol/ is a great place and to keep it great (like America) we must have law and order.

Here are the rules:

1) Politics can be very contentious. Debates and even arguments are expected and encouraged. The following picture is a guide to the sort of discussion we want here. You won't necessarily be banned for any of the behaviors listed there, but if your posts have little to no valuable content you're likely to get the hammer.

2) This isn't /b/, so don't troll.

3) Enjoy yourself! If you aren't having fun, you're not bickering right.

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Sup guys. I have fond memories of browsing the 99chan politics board back in 2008. The chan political boards in general were so much better back then, wtf the happened!? How can we stop this board from turning into 4chan /pol/? should all the nazis be banished to /riech/?
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>How can we stop this board from turning into 4chan /pol/?
Where do you think you are?


>wtf the happened!?

During the Obama years the left developed a belief that it was absolutely unfailing morally superior, so open minded, and so self aware of their own failings that there was no possible way they could be wrong. Discussion ended and they did not even notice that the right was becoming increasingly moderate, but they could not be possibly be wrong, the right is nothing but self serving nazis.

And here we are.

Just because someone thinks you should be killed because you have 14 more hairs in your left eyebrow than your right does not mean they are completely wrong in everything that they believe, it only means they have a stupid idea. Until the left begins to see this blind spot and resumes speaking to the right we are at a stand still.

Trump unfortunately made things worse, but luckily he also had the side effect of pushing even more of the right towards the middle, but the left fixates on the 20 nazis that show up in DC and act like they represent everyone right of center.


You would be right, if you said the opposite of everything you just said.

There is a small kernel of truth there, in the sense that Democrats basically stopped caring about politics once Obama got elected, and this was due to haughtiness. This allowed the Republicans to sweep pretty much everything below him. Then when 2016 came around, the same dipshit Democrats that cared nothing for the midterm elections and let Republicans obstruct for 6 years howled like the political retards they were that Obama wasn't left enough and didn't get enough done about a host of issues. Many of these same dipshits aren't old enough to remember Bush, let alone anything that came before him.

So while the right was demonizing Obama/Hillary as some communist cabal that hates America, the left was demonizing them as Democrats who were basically Republicans. And this was sort of true, Obama was the most centrist President we've had in the modern era except for maybe Clinton, and Republicans had to run far-right to the point where they were basically just anarcho-capitalists who want to hand over the keys to banks and corporations to solve all our problems. Trump's rhetoric was a bit more centrist at times, talking about infastructure and vaguely promising people more healthcare, but those also happen to be the platforms Republicans oppose him on and haven't done shit about (Trump would be the most popular President in recent history if he actually managed to follow through).

Even then, Trump only pulled it out because he made wild promises to people in the midwest, that they would all have their old manufacturing jobs back, that everyone was going to have healthcare and no one was going to have to pay for it, that they were going to build up the infastructure, yadda yadda. But even then, the only way he was able to eke it out is because of a new thing where whoever wins the last major news cycle of the season wins the election, Comey handed the close election to Trump by making the last news cycle all about Hillary's emails for the seventh time.

Republicans have been getting slaughtered in down-ballot special elections, particularly in the midwest, and every news cycle is fucking terrible for Trump. Democrats are still dipshits but now they're motivated dipshits who aren't going to binge-watch transgender documentaries instead of voting.

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>You would be right, if you said the opposite of everything you just said.

I think you meant to say "I would agree with you if you said the opposite of everything you said."

You seem to be filtering your reason through your ideology.

The middle decides the election, not the bases, a president either moves to the middle or does not get a second term. The opposing side never sees this move to the middle, they focus on those few issues that are to feed and maintain the base, these also serve to make sure the middle stays put and helps solidify the base on the other side as well. Only one or two of these issues are serious, the rest never have a chance to go anywhere, they are just to stir the pot. The base is always outraged by the move to middle and generally stop caring, but they stay put and still do a party vote, they are the base after all.

The right still bitches about being betrayed by Jr when he turned moderate, they see Bill as a socialist and Obama as a communist.

Calling the other side 'obstructionist' is bullshit, they were elected to stop certain legislation, they are doing the job they were elected to do. Talk like this is essentially advocating for a single party system or a monarchy, not democracy. One side is always 'obstructing' the other, but it is only on those few issues that are there to feed the bases, the rest of the time they work fairly well together with the exception of those select representatives/senators that are safe for the next election or not running and willing to play the game. These are the Hatchet Men and Woman and anything they say should just be ignored.

Also, the manufacturing sector in the midwest largely died in the 80s/90s, what remains is small scale and industrial, both of which are fairly safe and stable, even through the recession. It still is cheaper to build that massive tractor in farm country than ship it after all. You are playing politics here and clearly have spent little time in the midwest and any you have spent was likely in the big cities. But this is another discussion, you just brought it up to rant, not further an idea.

The bases are only worth considering if they become unbalanced or show signs of a split. Trump will have repaired most of the split on the left caused by Bernie, fear will unify them, just as Obama anPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The radicalization of the right is a direct result of the cultural marxism we are currently all up to our necks in at work, school, and in the home.

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Any of the old /reich/ guard still around? What are you guys up to nowadays?

Also, /nsg/ thread i guess


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yes I am mr. whiteman and I am one of you. you're just the best. plz vote republican


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'Sup. Still on the chans.
What are we going to do with /reich/ back AND a /pol/?



We're going to make some magic happen

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I consider myself a practicalist. If you're looking for a clear-headed, practical solution to a political issue I probably have something for you. I know a good bit about political science and history and I'll answer any question you have seriously.
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The idea of having one person with almost no day-to-day power but appoints all the people who do does interest me. The various gaelic and celtic tribes had a number of interesting ideas about government.

I have toyed around with the idea of a technocratic government where there is only one election every so often, say two years or so, to elect one person, let's call them the Tanist to stay on theme, and then have them appoint officials to head various parts of the government. Unlike the President however, they wouldn't be a commander-in-chief (that would be one of the roles they could appoint), they wouldn't have power to start or stop internal policy, and the power would extend beyond the executive branch. They can hire, fire, and create new departments as they see fit, and in a situation like the US where the states run their own election systems, you can protect the integrity of the vote. It basically gives a new leader broad latitude to enact new changes through his appointees, and 2 years is long enough if you don't have to fucking worry about parliamentary procedure that takes an eternity. But they also can't just make impulsive changes based on uninformed whims. The Tanist would be able to be able to focus on being more a figurehead, rather than having all the day-to-day responsibility of a President or Prime Minister.



How can I get the section 8 housing out of my side of town. It's just one apt complex but they're really shitting up the place.


Agitate for a socialist or national socialist revolution in your town, seize the means of production and introduce some kind of central planning and wealth redistribution. Once poverty is functionally eliminated, you will be able to justify using police to modify criminal and uncivilized behavior.

Or you could call your pussy town council. Or tweet at Trump. Or move. Or shoot them. Or mind your own business. The choices are literally endless.


It is also easily controlled by groups, likely more so than individuals, corporations, unions, political parties, etc.

The people are also easy to control since they can be made to believe they have more control than they actually have or that they are loosing control they never had.

The balancing act of the democratic two party system is somewhat mind boggling.


> Just do whatever man

That was the opposite of a clear-headed, practical solution.

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