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/pol/ is a great place and to keep it great (like America) we must have law and order.

Here are the rules:

1) Politics can be very contentious. Debates and even arguments are expected and encouraged. The following picture is a guide to the sort of discussion we want here. You won't necessarily be banned for any of the behaviors listed there, but if your posts have little to no valuable content you're likely to get the hammer.

2) This isn't /b/, so don't troll.

3) Enjoy yourself! If you aren't having fun, you're not bickering right.

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Sup guys. I have fond memories of browsing the 99chan politics board back in 2008. The chan political boards in general were so much better back then, wtf the happened!? How can we stop this board from turning into 4chan /pol/? should all the nazis be banished to /riech/?
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The center does not exist, it's a fictional place that belongs to the left and the right. It's defined by where the two poles are.

The reason politics has become so radical is because the policies the left brought in during the 60s and 70s are starting to become evident to the average person. The conservatives who lived out in the middle of no where are now being touched by the immigration acts. They're seeing their communities destroyed and crimes rising. They responded by wanting to know why it was happening and figured out all the racial stuff.

In the current climate no one sets out to be a nazi. They're literally Hitler. What happens is they have something they care about shit on by the left and start trying to understand why. Why is feminism destroying gaming? Why are movies now diversity fests with no plot? Why does the economy keep collapsing and fucking everyone over? These things act as the spark which wakes them up. They start to investigate and end up sooner or later at the Jewish question. Then it just becomes a matter of survival instinct to reject the current system and become radical.

The difference in politics boards now as opposed to the past is a two fold problem. The first problem (if you want to call it that) is that we have a massive political divide due to the extreme nature of our environment. The left want to push trannies and the right wants all the left dead for denying reality. You can't have both co existing because they are enemies and realize it. You cannot have the genderfluid shit co existing with people who see that as a disease trying to infect their children. It's that extreme.

The second issue is imageboards in general have shit the bed. Any one functional has left to go some where else for multiple reasons I won't go into. What is left is people who save images but don't understand why the image is true. It's like shooting a gun VS making a bullet. You know it goes bang but you don't know about the gun powder making it go bang. They're not intellectuals, they don't wish to know more, they just know the right answer without knowing why it's right. And that's your political population of image boards. Any one else is hidden away to escape those people.


>The center does not exist.
I guess you can say the center does not exist in the sense that you are either left or right of center, but center is just the way this society lumps everyone who does not fit into the RNC or DNC and their offshoot parties. This is just semantics, most people in this country do not align with either the DNC or RNC or any of their spawn.

>They responded by wanting to know why it was happening and figured out all the racial stuff.

You should probably visit some of these communities in the middle of nowhere, I am sure there are some like this, but they are in the minority from everything I see in the world. The major media outlets just love to find the outlier and make it out to be the norm.

>They're literally Hitler.

This entire paragraph is non-sense, you are making a massive over simplification and reducing things way to far.

>The difference in politics boards.

Politics boards have nothing to do with reality and are mainly entertainment, even in the old days. Sure folks who bother to learn about government and politics happen in and have some good conversations, but it still was primarily /pol/ bullshit. No one remembers the endless pile of garbage threads but there were enough of them that /reich/ was born and even getting them out of pol did not decrease the crap fest that is/was /pol/.

>The second issue is imageboards in general have shit the bed.

Meh, they have a slightly worse signal to noise ratio these days, but outside of 4chan things are pretty good and there are some fairly great small imageboards out there. The big boards imploded and the small ones proliferated, you may not be able to get a one stop shop, but they each have their own strengths and very little noise.


>The reason politics has become so radical is because the policies the left brought in during the 60s and 70s are starting to become evident to the average person.

What specific policies were those? What specific laws were passed during the "60s and 70s" that caused the current immigration issues? The truth is, you can't answer these questions, because it has nothing to do with "the left" or even the 60s-70s, it has to do with the 80s when Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to a shitload of illegal immigrants as part of a plan to kick the can down the road. This sent the message that if you come here illegally and just wait a while, America will make you legal just to be done with the problem. Of course, the agricultural industry loved the idea of unlimited illegals. And the Republicans successfully crafted a false version of reality where instead of blaming Reagan or Big Ag for mass migration, they blamed liberals, who literally had nothing to do with it. True leftists throughout the 20th century and today support overhauling the system to actually fit the needs of the modern era. No version of Marxism can survive with uncontrolled mass immigration. Leftists and everyone with half a brain opposes the current situation because it's literal chaos at the border with kids being thrown in cages, all as part of a political game to get a wall, instead of overhauling the underlying system.

That's the thing, the right can only survive when they can convince angry rural people that something false is true. And rather than trying to actually fix any problems, they just look to make their uneducated "base" more rabid and spiteful and afraid. The fact that you're using video games and movies as the source of grievance is a time-tested strategy to make sure social conservatives (of the more middle-class or privileged variety) never consider leftist policies no matter how much it would help them. The old right-wing did it with modern art and movies back in the 20s-30s.



Reagan granted a blanket deferral of deportation for children under 18 who were living with a parent who was legalizing under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. That law (created by congress, not Reagan) was a compromise law which did the following:

- required employers to attest to their employees' citizenship status;
- made it illegal to hire or recruit illegal aliens knowingly;
- legalized certain seasonal agricultural illegal aliens, and;
- legalized illegal aliens who entered the United States before January 1, 1982 and had resided there continuously with the penalty of a fine, back taxes due, and admission of guilt; candidates were required to prove that they were not guilty of crimes, that they were in the country before January 1, 1982, and that they possessed at least a minimal knowledge about U.S. history, government, and the English language.

The part where illegal aliens were allowed citizenship was a compromise, due to pressure by leftist civil rights groups who were working towards keeping illegal aliens in the country and changing the laws to allow more in. As they do today, they were only working towards the rights of non-white immigrants. The executive action by Reagan was to avoid the obvious bad press that would come from "OMG the evil racists are splitting up FAMILIES" that we've incidentally seen in recent months.


So now the goalposts have moved from "leftist policies of the 60s and 70s" to "leftist activist groups" operating in the 80s. Which still isn't true, illegal immigration activism was almost nonexistent back then, and people like Cesar Chavez opposed illegal immigration. There were a number of compromises made during the bill, but the idea of mass deportation and a border wall was never on the table to compromised away. All sides recognized there was a problem, and all sides recognized that it had to be addressed in a practical way that wouldn't make us look worse than the Soviet Union.

In any case, the Republicans controlled part if not all of Congress for the vast majority of the time since 1986. They've owned trifectas for 10 of those years. Yet they still refuse to do anything substantial on the issue. It's pretty easy to see why. One, actually enforcing the laws would mean throwing white business owners in jail for years and years, as well as aggressively ensuring that everyone employed in any capacity in the US is doing so legally. Which means every Trumpy Republican will need to show proof their house cleaners and landscapers are legal residents, on an official payroll, and are paying taxes. LOL NOT HAPPENING.

But the other part is that immigration is more useful as a wedge issue. Actually fixing the issue and letting some time pass would mean that Republicans would no longer be able to use it to stoke fear. They're doing the same thing on abortion and healthcare. Roe v. Wade and Obamacare are worth infinitely more alive than dead, and despite all the crowing on the left, there's no way a court with even 9 conservatives on it are going to overturn Roe. And it's also the reason you'll never see substantial immigration reform until Dems take the Senate again and compromise with post-Trump Republicans.

File: 1531427728405.jpg (42.77 KB, 500x352, 51IUtFn4LqL.jpg)


I consider myself a practicalist. If you're looking for a clear-headed, practical solution to a political issue I probably have something for you. I know a good bit about political science and history and I'll answer any question you have seriously.
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File: 1538366420852.jpg (930.99 KB, 803x1155, Heydrich-Endlosung.jpg)

What solution to the Jewish question can you offer that is sufficiently final without lacking in practicality?
The last one turned out to be so impractical that it's hard to believe it actually (((happened))).


The social and economic influence of Jews could easily be limited and minimized if white goyim would stop being so fucking shitty and lazy. Stop intoxicating yourself, stop shoveling shitty food into your mouth, stop watching reality TV that glorifies ignorance and degeneracy, stop blaming the government for everything while taking your fraudulent disability checks, quit the superstitious nonsense about sky fairies, stop treating things like education, science, and reason like brain poison that offends Jeebus, and stop pretending like you're sooo much better than the niggers with the same exact fucking problems.

The Jews win because their whole culture is built around self-preservation and advancement of their people. Fascies then declare supremacy and vast conspiracies by using a bunch of self-indulgent, retarded, degenerate, drud-addled, and barely-literate white people as their political army. It's a joke, and it's why you lose.


You're mostly wrong, but you have a point or two in there.


What are we gonna do about these goddamn jews?


lol heiled

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Any of the old /reich/ guard still around? What are you guys up to nowadays?

Also, /nsg/ thread i guess


File: 1531588831511.jpg (133.51 KB, 600x500, mister whiteman.jpg)

yes I am mr. whiteman and I am one of you. you're just the best. plz vote republican


File: 1536804163206.jpg (105.53 KB, 900x849, 1533605890549.jpg)

'Sup. Still on the chans.
What are we going to do with /reich/ back AND a /pol/?



We're going to make some magic happen


dunno, I made this thread before mods remade reich, so i guess we just have a home-country now and pol is our foreign embassy.

I was surprised reich got remade with the new board minimalism of 99chan 4.0, but we were of course the best board in our heyday so it makes sense.

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