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99chan is back baby! — by Krumpf at 07/15/18 (Sun) 22:17:39

At long last, lest the world be deprived of 99chan, we are back!

We're still creating boards by demand / per request both on IRC and on /tttm/. The goal is to create as many boards of which will be enjoyed and used by our community in a productive (or not) and beneficial way.

Please bare with us on the random bugs that you may stumble upon whilst perusing the site as our primary focus is security first, aesthetics second and third - appeasing Hitler posthumously.

Please report any and all illegal content, shit posting, illegal immigration and other imagery that may violate our rules, the laws of the United States or your conscious.

Reconstruction — by rickb at 07/12/18 (Thu) 01:04:34

Thank you for performing your yearly lurk in order to verify what new shenanigans, death defying drama or just to see if we've totally dropped the ball yet, we haven't and we're back with a fly layout (Paisley is God), better hardware and TWO fulltime devs/unpaid servants who mutually have the shared vision to:

Make 99chan Great Again.

But to answer some possible questions here, we did move from TinyIB to a Tinyboard+vichan abomination (beauty) called NPFchan which brought with it many long awaited, handy features like coherent administration, native webm/gifsicle support and a bunch of neat shit only imagined in dreams.

Please join us on IRC, it's fun and you can talk to a well rounded citizenry that offers an overrepresented gay community, strict policies governing anal sex as well as it is a live chat with real nerds you can poke!

Thanks for coming back, whatever your purpose, culture, gender identity or rapability - we are an equal opportunity skill fuckery factory of which exists a unique group of individuals who, together, create the chan of 99.


RickB & Israeli_Jaguar

IRC: irc[dot]99chan[dot]org port 6697 (SSL)

Welcome to the newer [older] 99chan — by rickb at 06/27/18 (Wed) 22:15:23

This website serves to be a beacon in the darkness, kind of like a tumbleweed but without the thorny part, you know what I'm talking about.

aaaaaaaaaa — by israeli_jaguar at 06/26/18 (Tue) 21:59:08