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Discuss the affects of your favorite substances on your mind and enlightening your third eye, maaaan.
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I like weed mostly for the smell and taste. Wish it wasn't illegal over here. Regarding the effects of caffeine, I can get high from it. Have to be really careful at work, the second coffee sometimes makes me talk weird shit and be happy all over the place. At least I'm not so self conscious about what I say, compared to alcohol.


That's interesting. I've always felt the opposite, namely that alcohol makes me less self-conscious and more talkative while caffeine makes it easy for me to feel relatively quiet and introspective, like a far milder version of the laser focus that Adderall can provide.

Everyone's different and everyone reacts differently to various substances. The variety of effects of caffeine on people explain how coffee and tea can be used as social drinks in places and settings where alcohol is considered inappropriate, even if it makes me more likely to be quiet and lost in myself.


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I am hungover. Everything hurts. Why did I drink last night again?


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>I like weed mostly for the smell and taste.

Somehow I really doubt that.


I have a cup of deep dark black coffee and some tobacco after breakfast everyday, than I pop and feel better about the world because I am not one of the angry constipated masses.

I have a drink or two most days as well, sometimes a shot first thing, I can not deal with society unless I drink it turns out. Did the better part of a year with just the occasional beer or glass of wine with a meal, probably had two bottles of wine and a 12 pack total in that year, did not see a single person in a social context for the last 6 months of it and only spoke to cashiers and the like, probably averaged speaking a dozen words a week.

>Somehow I really doubt that.

Your probably right about that anon, I only like it for the taste and smell, used to like being stoned as well but stoners ruined it for me, the fear of ending up like them has taken all the joy out of being stoned for me. I miss drugs.

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