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File: 1493804416077.png–(652.22KB, 967x674, 2015-08-26-151402_967x674_scrot.png)
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what mangoes are you guys reading
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¨ No.23
I'm trying really hard to get through Gravity's Rainbow and I'm finding it hard. Some parts I can breeze through but it get's really slow and technical at others. It's not that I don't like it, it just feels like the book doesn't want to be read. Or maybe I just have to rewire my brain to assimilate it better. How would you suggest I make it easier to read Gravity's Rainbow?
¨ No.24
Its about persistence honestly. There are parts of reading it that get very dense and packed. But its worth it, you just have to basically train yourself to ignore the fact of how brain slamming parts of it can be. A lot of the best stuff can do that, hammer you repeatedly with sections so dense that it makes your brain hurt. But once you get used to it you'll ease yourself in. Get in the right mindset when you read it, some relaxing music or even some quiet. The end feeling is really satisfying to hammer your way through difficult books. Don't let it beat you.
¨ No.31
I finally got through it and I'm glad I did. I really wish I knew someone in real life I could talk to about it though. I have cobbled together some vague way to make sense of it but I want to test it against another person's understanding of the text. I have decided it's about two archetyple and esoteric narratives struggling against each other in the minds of the characters. The "Them" (corpoations/war/psychologists) against the "We" (slothrop who literally becomes a narrative/paranoia/freaks and fuckups). I could go on forever about it but I want someone to talk to about it in real life.

It was weird though I really did start to get used to the book and it became much easier to read and understand. It operates by a kind of obsessive, paranoid, relating of metaphors and symbols in some secret language the book is constantly trying to teach you. It's retroactive too I should really reread it because some symbols don't become known until the end (immortal light bulbs are secretly controlling the entire story and you don't learn immortal light bulbs are a thing until the end)

File: 1498586339749.jpg–(302.97KB, 650x365, Mango-650x365.jpg)
No.28  [Reply]
What in the fuck have i stumbled upon?

File: 1498420058471.gif–(1.54MB, 402x227, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_7fv10w2cq18os0cgocc04g)
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File: 1493501424739.jpg–(7.22KB, 281x179, download (3).jpg)
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This is now a bongo thread
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¨ No.18
1494296735651.png–(627.02KB, 640x503, mango-1218147_640.png)
Allergic to mangos? That's too bad..

Here, have a mango!
¨ No.21
that's a good looking mangolio
¨ No.26
1498084930047.jpg–(117.65KB, 600x846, 1033019.jpg)
Bongo hijack this is now a tonto thread so post some native white supremacy or get out.jpg

File: 1497286261000.gif–(6.09KB, 329x302, 90d.gif)
No.25  [Reply]
Since there is now a mango board, we need to get the best mango ever made in here

File: 1494800539593.jpg–(98.83KB, 943x750, Air Gear 120-003.jpg)
No.22  [Reply]
The epitome of all mangos, the story which drive both japanese schoolboys and anonymous otaku mad with confusion, I give you: Air Gear.

File: 1494046613456.jpg–(5.71MB, 2976x1994, 60s_wallpaper (1).jpg)
No.14  [Reply]
What store sells the best mangos?
¨ No.20
The mango store

File: 1493500988126.jpg–(123.47KB, 682x370, choosing.jpg)
No.1  [Reply]
by popular demand, we now have a mango board
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¨ No.8
How can you tell when a mango is ripe? Do you usually just squeeze it or is there other characteristics that help? I tend to either eat them too young or too old but can never seem to find that sweet spot where it's hard but not too hard so that it's delicious.
¨ No.9
How to Tell If a Mango is Ripe–(YouTube)
¨ No.16
I demand that the default name on this board should be Django. Django loves mangos

File: 1493501578523.jpg–(33.44KB, 546x430, 1469013983284.jpg)
No.3  [Reply]
redpilled waifu thread
¨ No.6
the fuke is this shit, foh
¨ No.10
I wonder what she'd think if she actually came across this.If you had any sense of humor you'd probably laugh about these things, but it seems a lot of celebrities don't have much of one.
¨ No.13
Being a bit of a sociopath is kind of a requirement for fame.

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