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File: 1517212598340.png–(269.52KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-01-28-22-55-59.png)
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¨ No.832
From a chan with pepes and wojacks and phoneposterd
Hahahahhaah lmfao
¨ No.1094
I was the one replying to you, OP.

File: 1517058792338.jpg–(1.35MB, 2576x1932, 8c2fd80d9524f71af1f0a0323c882b4f015a33c7d24c853221)
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(Stumbled on this site looking for forums/image boards that might have helpful people)

Hey guys. This is my first post here and I was wondering if I could get some advice. I'd also like to mention that before this project my mechanical experience was pretty much limited to very basic maintainence, so I (basically) have no idea what I'm doing here.

(A little backstory)

I threw a rod a few weeks ago and have been working on swapping my engine. (93 Honda Civic, D15B6 to B2.) I'm halfway through the swap right now, have my old motor out and new motor almost ready to install. (Working on changing seals and putting on old tranny/clutch atm)

I got the new (used) motor from a scrap yard, 45 day warrenty, and they said leak down test was good. However, when draining the oil pan the oil looks a little milky. (Will post pics below.) My coworker who is good with cars told me (when looking under the valve cover) that the oil looked okay and that it should look like a coffee w/ cream color if it had been run with coolant/water leaking from the head. He also said the leak-down would have been bad if the head gasket was broken, so there's that.

I live in Washington State, lots of humidity in the air and the engine was likely sitting for a while before I bought it so the "milky" color I'm seeing could very easily be from condensation over time.

So my main question here is should I be worried? If it's not the head gasket or condensation, what else could it be? And how bad would this something else be? What do you think is most likely?

The guys at the yard seemed very nice and genuinely interested in helping me, extending my warrenty and dropping the price when I said I was breaking the bank just to get the engine and that I don't have a lot of free time to work on the swap, so I doubt they would be knowingly fucking me over.
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¨ No.809
Not sure if I should be glad or disturbed that people who never heard of this place still find it serendipitously. Also didn't you read any of the threads before you posted? This isn't really the place you're looking for but hey stay if you want.
¨ No.813
I agree with buying a gasket set just for peace of mind. That being said, if the engine sat for a while, the oil looking a little strange isn't a for sure sign. As you said, the leak down test should've showed any head gasket problems.

What were the numbers for each cylinder following the leakdown test?
¨ No.814
1517672532217.jpg–(6.98KB, 242x208, like tears in the rain scoob.jpg)
>couldn't find a link to a "rules" page or a more appropriate board (or any boards for that matter.

Embed: Tomb - KillianHaze–(YouTube)
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File: 1516694246151.jpg–(734.25KB, 2048x1536, its a blanket.jpg)
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I enjoy photos where the thumbnail makes it looks like something else is happening. Any one else collect them?
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¨ No.718
1516694715836.jpg–(168.26KB, 716x960, its his head and shoulder.jpg)

¨ No.720
yeah, the entiere internet does
¨ No.748
Anus face>>718

File: 1516758968043.jpg–(51.05KB, 720x960, BedBug.jpg)
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My crush rejected me a few months ago… Feeling depressed, anybody wanna subscribe to my youtube channel and watch me inject Dr. pepper into my hand?

Because that's what I'm about to do right now. I'm going to inject Dr. Pepper in my hand.

Anyway, check out my video while I get this picture taken.

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¨ No.724
1516759141708.png–(113.25KB, 480x854, img1122222222.png)
Feeling really sick… Starting to sweat… Defiantly not dead though…
¨ No.725
Everybody makes fun of me and all I want to do is make videos for people…

It's so hot in here…

I absolutely gotta get naked.
¨ No.726
no one gives a shit, attention whore

File: 1516625056272.gif–(0.99MB, 360x360, 1DE06B23-9C64-43AD-AF50-E943D0A13CF4.gif)
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Negative. D1 denied. RO ASAP
¨ No.713
I like to eat ass

File: 1514495960547.jpg–(38.87KB, 780x731, jpg.jpg)
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which os and browser do you use?
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¨ No.607
¨ No.666
1515657362021.png–(34.15KB, 716x405, 2018-01-11-025441_716x405_scrot.png)
everybody posts, nobody reads
¨ No.696
1516249006036.png–(25.65KB, 615x419, Screenshot-2018-1-17 What version is my browser .p)

File: 1511068507267.jpg–(45.07KB, 580x557, IMG_3232.JPG)
No.331  [Reply]
Where do I find girls with short hair? Is there a place or self-description that associates with short-haired girls who aren't lesbians or fucked in the head? I live in a pretty populated area and they are still a vast minority even in circles of artsy people.
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¨ No.664
1515645340185.jpg–(888.32KB, 2340x3094, c8e203a145ccc426ef1827d518a47bec.jpg)
You're onto something. Metal mouthpieces are more likely to feature designs that lend themselves to commercial music--bright and shiny, almost one-dimensionally so, not unlike the girls that would get marketed as idols. There's a lot more variety in the hard rubber world, of design, of music, and of players.
¨ No.671
1515717862101.jpg–(143.96KB, 567x800, c68d1697a13067a925cbed6361747e2c.jpg)
Finally someone who understands my vision.
¨ No.687
You are correct in your assumption. Also its been like a week and no one has mentioned /r/bois?>>620

File: 1516047173224.webm–(10.74MB, 11:24, 99_(9-28-2009,1;54PM).webm)
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in case your media players are broken for some reason or another, here's the full 99chan theme as a webm

File: 1515689403271.gif–(106.52KB, 320x240, fronkherpderp.gif)
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¨ No.673
Show me that penis.

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