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File: 1515935836424.webm–(7.96MB, 1280x720, 0:31, Epic_Twerk_FAIL_Poop.webm)
No.678  [Reply]

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¨ No.844
why upload that to the wider internet?
Unless it was deliberate
¨ No.845
I think you might be on to the greatest conspiracy of our time.
¨ No.910
I live in a pretty constant state of fear that, at any given moment, I will shit myself. It consumes my life.

File: 1520041119016.jpg–(90.91KB, 478x640, mvKvCTor4WA.jpg)
No.914  [Reply]
Once, I made this place great. I will make it great once again.

Awake, fleet of the 99th, your admiral has returned.

Let's liven this board up. Tell me about your troubles and your joys as of late!
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¨ No.919
Sometimes when my dog is sleeping, I sneak over to him, pull down my sweatpants and underwear, spread my cheeks, and put my bare butt hole right next to his nose and fart. He always jumps up very startled and begins barking before he realizes what's going on by sniffing the air around him. He then occasionally gets in real close to my bare butt hole and sniffs it real good to truly see what's going on. If I'm very lucky, and ate something particularly special recently, he gives my bare butt hole a few cautious licks.
¨ No.921
1520109688578.gif–(493.75KB, 249x146, inflatable boat.gif)
shut up you fucking nigger no one runs this ship
Even if they did it wouldn't matter; we've no mainsail, no rigging, not even a ship's cat. heck we barely have any crew either
got rum though
¨ No.926
1520134773663.gif–(3.89MB, 750x512, correction.gif)
How dare you?! Come to the bridge now for ""correction!""

File: 1514176427673.jpg–(1.72MB, 2448x3264, s138668113300500106_p94_i1_w2448.jpeg)
No.541  [Reply]
>book with infinite number of pages
>contains everything that can ever be written
>all possible combinations of letters
>somewhere in the book is the explanation of the origin of the universe
>and consciousness
>and how to manipulate spacetime
>lose your page and you'll never find it again
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¨ No.878
I don't read books. I fuck 'em.
¨ No.893
Don't you fear that by attempting to mess with Infinite Monkeys On Infinite Typewriters vol. MMMDCCXLII or the hojillionth digit of the square root of 2 you've actually made each one less random by inserting imposing the order of your will regardless of how superficially chaotic it appears to be? This is exactly how order gets put upon chaos for a while without chaos realizing it.

...but I don't need to tell you about that. You've already seen what happens when a penguin of doom holds up a spork.
¨ No.913
1520018285901.jpg–(3.17MB, 4208x2368, WP_20180216_21_55_20_Pro.jpg)
It's not just a story, it actually exists.


File: 1518725497514.jpg–(26.39KB, 450x292, jaundice.jpg)
No.866  [Reply]
im a yellow looking faggot
and I don'[t give a hoots
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¨ No.904
1519859129309.jpg–(46.25KB, 960x590, 2jz.jpg)
well I've never had sex so it clearly worked on me
¨ No.909
Sex is kind of overrated. And messy.. at least the way I do it, right?
¨ No.911
Hell yes it's messy. That's neither inherently bad nor good; only your perception makes it one or the other.

Overrated? Only if you compare it to the idealized version of sex portrayed in mass media, both pornographic and non-pornographic, as though that's somehow less fake than everything else you take for granted as artistic license.

File: 1519409208543.jpg–(51.08KB, 700x616, 1519155529724.jpg)
No.894  [Reply]
will all of you spammers pls fuck off already, we get like zero h*cking traffic, how many losers are clicking on the shit holy fuck im so angery
¨ No.898
maybe you should check the board more than once a fuckin month then nigger
¨ No.900
1519684856369.png–(5.08KB, 341x293, 1519338777871.png)
i check every h*ckin day nerd

File: 1519183686126.png–(2.62KB, 343x543, Hung.png)
No.880  [Reply]
Comfy /gon/dola thread!
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¨ No.883
1519183797770.png–(519.59KB, 900x600, Gondola in the wheat.png)

¨ No.888
I don't know what that even is.
¨ No.891
1519364569557.jpg–(51.56KB, 1024x768, 1516080902332.jpg)

File: 1517766844942.jpg–(369.61KB, 917x2018, 2018owlinvite.jpg)
No.818  [Reply]
come watch the owl. lets have some fun niggas. legit, the 3 or 4 of you who see this should come by. no cucktachpas no hotpockets just pure shitposting baby.
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¨ No.850
Dan Marino should die of gonorrhea and rot in hell.
¨ No.852


Love, Dan M.~
¨ No.879
No, mom, run! Set, hike!

File: 1510636997559.jpg–(115.80KB, 1136x635, pedocassy.jpg)
No.288  [Reply]
When did 99chan come back?
What in the hell happened to this place?
Is this idiot still around?
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¨ No.861
1518633448782.jpg–(3.52MB, 5312x2988, 20170418_101307.jpg)
Where did the hive go?
¨ No.862
When I was a kid, there was this multi-story "fun zone" that had two levels of arcade games, one of those virtual reality rollercoasters, bumper cars, laser tag, one of the early 4d movie theaters (sat only about a dozen people), eight batting cages, three miniture golf courses, and one of those hamster-tube playgrounds that spanned the whole complex and went up to the spirelet at the very top of the building.

When I last went about three years ago, it was a single room building with maybe 20 machines and one mini-golf course that wasn't quite in ruins yet.

I mention this because I'm basically feeling the same thing about this gay site.
¨ No.868
So you're mildly bummed at how downhill it's all gone, but the real victims here are the younger generations that don't have a glorious resource to enhance their lives. It's not that we wanted to screw them all over, but larger economic and social trends happen.

File: 1514863535135.jpg–(57.98KB, 600x450, 151484573418.jpg)
No.610  [Reply]
me on the right
¨ No.622
1515099488141.jpg–(278.04KB, 1521x2000, ir.jpg)
me in the middle
¨ No.625
1515150951364.jpg–(159.52KB, 800x1200, ncb.jpg)
me on the right
¨ No.685
1516044973979.jpg–(9.38KB, 480x360, POLIS.jpg)

File: 1518198198778.jpg–(4.74MB, 5984x3366, DSC_4937.JPG)
No.839  [Reply]
This thing is literally "hal"
¨ No.843

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